Welcome to my newest story! This one totaly came to me out of left field so... derp! I just noticed that there isn't a whole lot of Federico love out there, so well here comes me and my randomness! Part one is finished and will be updated alot faster than Hands of Time... which was started before this o_O... And just little tidbit, alot of the first few chapters consists of alot of Italian, The main character can't speak a word of it so I didn't translate anything.(rather than just saying 'so and so said something again and again etc) If you'd like to know what they're saying just copy the chapter and put it in google translate! But if to many people don't like the way my mind had worked, let me know and i'll translate it myself. Enjoy!

~Lost in Translation~

Part 1:


Playful banter between my brother and myself was cut short. I could hear nothing save for the scream of the breaks. My brother in the passenger seat beside me holding onto the door and console of the truck. Control of my vehicle was lost as we slid on the road spinning in circles. The heavy truck plowed into a stop against the guard of the bridge. The windows on my brothers side of the truck cracked and shattered, glass being thrown all over.


"...ugh..." He shook his head and groaned over the loud clicking of the engine. He coughed and looked out the broken windshield. "... S-... sis!" I raised my head up from leaning it against my arms. Two bright headlights shined in our eyes as they spun side to side, the semi they were attached to began honking. The trailer behind swung to the side locked in place as the truck slid down the bridge.

"Sis!" Was all I could hear from beside me. The locked breaks of the semi as they drew nearer. The side of the bridge broke from the force sending both my truck and most of the semi over the edge...

"AAHHH!" I shot up straight from the bed holding the front of my shirt in a death grip over my heart. I broke out into cold sweat and panted heavily as tears flowed from my eyes. A touch on my shoulder caused me to jump and stare with wide eyes.

"Va tutto bene?" The young woman asked. Her voice came out quiet and slightly afraid. "Un brutto sogno?"

I swallowed roughly and stared at her. "Huh?"

"Lei non parla italiano?"

"I can't understand you..." The shaking started to subside as I slid farther away and against the headboard of the bed. She tilted her head slightly, her lips set into a line.

She reached her hand out to place it on my forehead. "Hai la febbre..." Came her soft whisper of a voice again.

"Va tutto bene qui? Ho sentito urlare." The door to the room was thrown open and slammed into the wall. "Claudia, cosa c'è di sbagliato?"

The man that spoke walked into the room, another younger man stood in the doorway. His head tilted up peeking in on what was going on. I don't know why I screamed at the man, and then proceeded to throw anything that wasn't nailed down and in my reach at him. "Calmati è solo mio fratello." The woman grabbed onto my arms and gently rubbed my shoulders, coaxing me to hand her the tiny, but heavy, little sculpture.

"Lasciatela riposare, Federico. Lei non è ben." She stood and began pushing the man to the open door. "E che significa anche, Ezio."

"Cosa ti fa pensare che stavo per fare qualcosa!" The door was slammed in the two men's faces, and the young woman sighed and shook her head.

She came back and sat down on the edge of the bed folding her hands in her lap. "Riposo e sentirsi meglio."

"I don't know what you are saying..." I was beginning to feel a little upset about this. "Can't you speak English?"

Her eyebrows drew together in silent thought. "No, non posso parlare inglese, ma mio padre sì." She cleared her throat and pat the bed. "Sonno." She pat the bed again giving a little smile. Sliding down under the covers I began feeling tired again. As soon as my head hit the soft pillows, I was out, in a dreamless sleep.

I woke up sometime late that night, my throat dry and scratchy. I sat up and rubbed my palms into my eyes. The room was pitch black, the thick curtains blocking out almost all moonlight. I threw the blankets from myself and slid to the edge of the bed. Looking down I could barely tell that was wearing a flimsy night gown that looked like it came from several decades ago. Come to think of it the woman and that man were dressed like they had just came from a Renaissance Fare.

I slid off the poofy bed and my feet made light taps against the carpet under the bed. I wiggled my toes in the soft fabric before taking a few steps and jumping back as my bare skin met cold stone. Taking a tentative step I walked, well more like sprinted on the tips of my toes, across the room. I ran into the closed door giving a little 'oof'. As I went to turn the handle I found that I had been locked into the room. Apparently, I wasn't trusted. After that fit I threw I wouldn't trust me either I suppose.

Heaving a sigh I slammed my back against the door and slid down holding my head. I can't remember why I'm here, or how I even got here. The harder I think about it the frighting image of those headlights and the screeching of tires comes and then nothing. I looked up finding my hands shaking. Clenching them into fists was the only way to still them, coupled with holding my arms tightly against my stomach.

I brought one hand up to my temple to try and soothe away the coming migraine. It didn't help, so I stood up and walked to the window. It took both hands to move the heavy curtain back far enough so that I could see outside. And what I saw caused my mouth to drop open. I defiantly wasn't in Kansas anymore...

"What the..." I whispered shaking my head. I pressed my face against the window staring past my reflection at the stone buildings spanning across several football fields until my vision couldn't pick any other details out. The streets were wide and the roves tiled in red. Tiny street lamps dotted along into specks.

The horizon began to light up slowly, and the black gave way to a slight orange-red. I let go of the curtain and my hands became the next to be glued to the window watching as the city was brought into light. The street lamps being put out one by one as people snuffed out the flames.

"Oh, sei sveglio." I felt the curtain being pulled from my back and I heard the voice but I didn't care.

I turned my head slightly to see the man from before standing behind me with a half grin. "What! Who! Where?" How and why, please thanks...

He cocked an eyebrow and watched me poke at the glass as I pointed outside. "Ah ... Firenze, bella non è vero?"

I turned my head back to the window so sharply I whapped my head on it. "Shit... ouch..." I rubbed the little red spot above my eyebrow flaying my lower lip to keep the rest of the string of curses from slipping.

The man behind me just chuckled and shook his head. "Mi scuso, che è stato maleducato." He let his laughter subside. I get the feeling he's either said something along the lines of 'god you're stupid' or he apologized. I glared at him either way, I didn't appreciate that he had laughed at my pain. But I do have to admit it was kind of funny and it made me giggle. "Um ... probabilmente si dovrebbe vestirsi."

I shook my head at him. "Still can't understand what you're sayin'." He cleared his throat, and a light stain of pink came across his cheeks. He plucked up the white of the night gown sleeve in between two of his fingers gesturing to what I was wearing and the frilly dress hanging on a manikin.

"Federico! Pervertito, vattene!" The woman from the other day said. Her hands were on her hips and a scowl on her face. She threw one arm down the hallway and continued to yell at the man. He chuckled and held his hands out coming to stand beside her.

"Perdonatemi sorella. Volevo dire niente."

"Stupido fratello maggiore, andare. Mi aspetto questo da Ezio non tu." She shut the door on the man again causing me to jump slightly. She waved me over to her as she began to take the dress off of the manikin. "Bene, spogliarsi."

She paused in her task and stared at me like I was stupid. She walked behind me before I could figure out what she was doing, she pulled a string on the gown, and it began to slide down. I caught it before anything could be shown off to the world. Somehow the girl wrestled me out of the night gown and into the other dress. I felt like a freaking Barbie doll...

"Now what are yo-Ack!" I gasped as she pulled the strings in the back of the dress tight and tried to remember how to breathe. I held my chest hoping it wouldn't pop out from the top of the dress and start saying 'hello' to everyone. She finally stopped pulling and tugging as she smoothed down the back of the dress and fluffed out the sides. She roughly brushed out my hair with an awkward looking comb, and let it hang down freely in little curls, god it needed a trimming...

She grabbed onto my hand and pulled me to the door, causing me to stumble about in the loose fitting shoes, more like slippers in my head though. "Mattina Padre, Madre, Fratelli." She stood at what looked like a dining room's door way. Me huffing and puffing behind her trying to catch my breath. That girl sure can move...

The entire table said something in reply all at once that I couldn't catch or understand period. The two older men stood up, although I'm sure there was another that I could barely see last night missing. The two pulled out chairs and the woman that lead me here released me and went to sit in the seat where the older of the two had stood, and he pushed her in.

He returned to his chair while the other stood silently waiting. "Sit child. Eat with us, you must be famished."

"Whoa you speak English!" I jumped slightly and smiled widely.

His grin spread even farther across his face. He nodded his head. "Of course. Join us, please." He waved his hand toward where the other man continued to stand. He nodded his head down at the seat keeping eye contact. I stood beside the chair on the other side and tried to sit down, but the poof ball dress made it a strange task. The girl beside me bit her lip and hung her head trying to keep from laughing. I finally just gave up and flopped down, bad choice. The entire dress decided that it would swallow me up and become even more of a frilly menace.

"Thanks..." I muttered as the chair was pushed in after I straightened the dress out.

"What is your name?" The older man asked.

"Alexis." He looked at me strangely asking me to repeat myself. After he shook his head and his smile came back.

"This is my wife, Maria." He smiled lovingly at the woman on the other end of the table. "I believe you have met my daughter, Claudia."

"Yeah." I looked at Claudia beside me and she smiled.

"And my sons, Federico and Petruccio. My other son has seemed to disappeared again..." He shook his head lightly. Federico gave a nod of his head as I looked up to see him relaxing in his chair, beside him his little brother fidgeted around as he swung his legs looking at me with curiosity. "I am Giovanni Auditore and this is my family. You are welcome to stay here, Alexis. As long as you need." Then he reverted to his native language and spoke to his family, they all bowed their heads in prayer. I watched them all as Giovanni lead their prayer his voice soft and comforting.

Was I supposed to bow my head as well, or just sit here like a bump on a log? They would probably think I was being rude if they suddenly looked up and seen me sitting her staring at all of them like a total creeper. Federico tilted his head up and opened one eye, an obvious grin on his face. He lowered his head back to his folded hands and continued with the prayer.

Claudia beside me nudged me with her ankle and nodded her head for me to do the same. So I followed her example. The prayer was ended with the familiar 'Amen' that I remembered from mostly T.V. With another word from Giovanni the family began to eat. It wasn't pancakes and sausage, but what ever it was, it was GOOD!

The family rose from the table leaving to do their own things. Federico came back to stand with me once again, holding his arm out. I stared at his upturned hand in confusion. I pushed the chair out and stood up and around on the other side of the chair. He straightened up and gave a little bow of his head.