Author's Note:This story is a semi-pseudo crossover fic. If you know where to look and squint you'll see what I'm talking about. I was rereading TRC earlier in the summer and then I went to sleep while thinking about both Bleach and TRC and dreamt really strange dreams about this idea. I was so excited by it that I decided to go with it and just write it. This story actually has a plot and I plan to actually keep writing it unlike my other stories that I will eventually go back and work on. ENJOY!

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, I am not Tite Kubo. Nor do I own the amazing plot of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and xxxHolic, that belongs to the master mind that is CLAMP. So for this prologue I only own the plot.

A Dream To Come

His wish was to remain in this place that had bound her at one time as well. Many, many years had come to past since, and those that he loved grew old and soon pasted. He was numb to it by the time the fourth or fifth replica who was nothing like the one he originally knew walked into his life. Even so, the one person he wished to see again was never there.

How many years had come to pass, he was not sure. "You are not the dimensional witch." Came a voice in one of his dreams where he stood among the darkness. He could not place a face to the voice, so he tried calling out. "No I am not, I am her successor. Is there something I can help you with?"

He frowned when he did not receive an answer right away, he did not see a change in the darkness. "Do you have a wish?" He saw something shift in the darkness as the nearly glowing woman came toward him. He felt his back stiffen and he stood a bit straighter, nerves suddenly pulled taunt. Something in the back of his mind told him that his person was important. His heterochromatic eyes looked over the strawberry haired woman with hazel colored eyes.

"I do, but granting my wish would be impossible." The fair-haired woman crossed her arms, a serious expression on her face. "It would create a rift, but you need one don't you."

He raised a brow at her. Obviously this woman was far more intelligent and powerful than she seemed. He watched her silently for a few moments before exhaling slowly. "Yes, I have been waiting a very long time." He understood creating such could be potentially a very, very bad thing.

"Leaving fate as it were set now your desire to grant that wish would be completely pointless."

He nodded in agreement, because he knew there were no other options. "Half of your payment will be the rift your wish creates and also the falsetto of your 'death'. The other half will be whatever he chooses when the time comes since you have nothing else of value to pay with."

When he awoke from the dream world he found himself lying flat on the cold wooden floor of the shop. Yet the chill didn't seem to register on his skin. "Seven years till that event and then how many more till I can grant your wish..."