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Chapter Two:

Three hours and four different apartments later. Severus was headed to a store to pick up some things he figured Hermione might like then to head back over. Walking into the store he headed for the cookie isle, then the ice cream freezer and to the movie section where he picked out a few at random, before heading to the check-out where he ran into Harry, Ginny and her half-wit brother Ronald.

"Professor what are you doing here?" Harry asked surprised.

"I'm no longer a professor, nor do I believe it is any of your concern, but I live in this neighbourhood now." He said coolly.

"How long have you been here then?" Ginny asked.

"Since about 6:30 this evening."

"What've you done with Spinner's end?" Harry asked.

"I'm going to renovate it, but it's going to take about a year or more, so I've rented an apartment."

"Sounds fun." Harry said.

"Indeed, I really must be off now, I have important business to attend to."

"With ice cream, cookies and movies?" Ron said skeptically.

"Yes actually, as I said very important person." Severus told him simply turning to leave but was stopped once again by Ron.

"What've you done with Hermione!" He snarled.

Severus spun around and sneered. "I have no idea what you're talking about Weasley, I haven't seen her since I broke up with her, lose her have you?"

"Bullshit, you have her favorite cookies and ice-cream."

"Maybe I like cookies and ice-cream." With that he swept out of the store leaving three gaping people staring after him.

Twenty minutes later Severus pulled into the Granger's driveway, unaware that he was followed. He got out of the car with the bag and walked up to the door, knocking twice and waited for someone to open it, not even a minute later the door was flung open by a smiling Hermione in her dressing gown and slippers.


"Hello, I've brought a couple movies, if your interested that is?" Severus asked, feeling nervous all of a sudden.

"That sounds wonderful."

"Excellent, now could I come in, it's getting a bit chilly out here."

"Oh yes of course, sorry about that." Hermione apologized.

"That's fine." He told her smiling.

Leading him into the living room, gesturing for him to sit while she went to get some bowls and some tea.

"What kind of movies did you get?" She asked sitting down and handing him a bowl.

"A comedy and a romance."

"Sounds like a strange combination." She giggled smiling.

"Perhaps, Where are your parents?"

"Oh they went out for awhile."

"Ah, I see." Severus said settling back into the couch with a sigh.


"Yes actually this couch is quite comfortable, more so since I've been looking at apartments for the last three hours."

"Yes I had meant to ask you about that, what happened to Spinner's end?"

"I still own it, but I'm renovating and it's going to take about a year or so and I can't live there during that time so I'm renting an apartment"

"Ah, what exactly are you doing with it?"

"Enlarging the rooms, updating appliances and wiring, knocking out walls and fixing them, that sort of thing."

"Well I'd say that's a good idea, especially from the condition it was in the last time I was there."

"Yes I agree with you, and it's much easier now that there's no evil psychopathic megalomaniacs to spy on and try to fool." Severus said with a half smile. Hermione smiled at him and leaned back against him and sighed. Settling in to wath their first movie.

"Did you see that Harry? It was Hermione, why's she here?" Ron exclaimed.

"Oh I don't know maybe because she lives here!" He snapped.

"But why?"

"Because she wants to I'd say."

"Well I'm going to tell her it's time to come home, it's time we settle down." Ron told them angrily.

"Ronald for the last time, Hermione doesn't like you, she's in love with Snape, and obviously she didn't want to be found." Harry told him.

"I don't care, she's meant to be my wife, that slimy git has no right."

"Ronald shut-up, after everything you've done to her, you honestly think she'd want to be anywhere near you, let alone marry you. You're out of your mind!" Ginny told her brother.

"Oh shut-up Ginny you don't know what you're talking about."

"Ron if you get out of this car, I'll leave and make you walk back to Grimmauld Place I swear." Harry said.

"I don't care."

"Fine, I hope she spits in your face."

"She won't she loves me." Ron said condescendingly.

"Get out."


Ron got out of the car and as soon as he closed the door Harry aped off down the road angrily. Ron walked to the front door and swiftly knocked on the door, after about a minute of waiting the door opened revealing a very angry Severus, and a equally angry Hermione behind him.

"What do you want Weasley?" Severus snarled.

"I want to speak with Hermione, not that, that's any of your business you great bat!"

"Ronald I suggest you leave, Now!"

"No, you're supposed to be my wife, not this stupid git's, your supposed to stay home with the kids and clean and cook all day."

"Get the hell off my property! NOW!" Before I call the police and have you arrested." Hermione snapped.

"No I'm not leaving unless you're with me." Ron sneered grabbing Hermione by the arm and pulling her closer.

"Weasley get your hands off her now!" Severus growled.

"Shut-up Snape, she's coming with me."

"Ronald if you don't let me go this instant, you'll regret it, I don't know how you can come here and tell me what to do after everything you've said and done to me."

"Because Mione' I love you and you love me." Ron said sounding very delusional.

"You're such a pompous arse, now let me GO!" She screamed pulling furiously away and in the process revealing her subtle but still noticeable baby bump.

"You're pregnant?"

"Yes Ronald, Severus and I are having a child, not that it's your concern."

"Your having a kid with this greasy bastard?" Ron said dangerously.

"As I said it is none of your concern, now LEAVE!"

"Hermione you've got to be kidding me! Get your coat you're coming with me now."

"I said no!"

"Excuse me but I believe my daughter has asked you to leave, as has Severus, so I suggest you go immediately and if you even put your hands on her again I'll make sure you have none left!"

Basil said menacingly stepping up behind Ron in the door-way.

"I'm not leaving without her, you may be alright with her being around a murderer but I am NOT!"

"Get off my property."

"Ronald Weasley, you get here this instant." A extremely angry Molly Weasley said from the lawn, beside Harry, Ginny, Jane, Arthur and Kingsley Shackleboat.

"But Mum, she's with a Death Eater!" Ron shouted.

"Shut-up Ron!" Harry said rubbing his brows. :She loves Severus, she has for a long time, get over it"

"No I won't, she's meant to be MINE!" Ron screamed in a blind rage, diving towards Hermione.

"Moblicorpus" Severus muttered lazily flicking his wand at Ron.

"Ron get it through your thick head, she doesn't want you at all you're a ass" Ginny said.

"I have a theory." Seveus exclaimed suddenly with narrowed eyes directed at Ronald.

"Severus what are you talking about?" Hermione said perplexed with his behaviour.

"Well like I told you earlier, when I was caught there was a leak within the Order, and we didn't know who or what it was, so my thoughts are that it was this stupid fool."

"Sev are you sure?" Hermione asked nervously wringing her hands.

"I'm almost one-hundred percent sure, like I said I remember a familiar voice then everything went black and I woke in the dungeons."

"And you think it was Ron?" Harry asked.

"Maybe but we won't know unless we question him now will we?"

"Sev why would Ron betray eveyone he loves?"

"For power and fame, and to be known, the things he's felt insecure about for his whole life." Severus told her.

"But how shall we question him? We have no Veritaserum to make sure he's telling the truth." Kingsley's booming voice echoed.

"I actually have some from earlier when I let Hermione question me" He told them.

"Why would Hermione want to question you?"

"She wasn't present during the hearing so I let her question me as much as she pleased." Severus explained.

"Ah, maybe we should go inside." Molly suggested looking around surreptitiously. "We don't want to attract any more attention than we already have."

"I agree." Jane said, ushering them all inside and into the living room. "Have a seat, um there aren't many seats but we could bring some chairs from the kitchen.

"That's fine dear, we can whip up some chairs." Molly said

Kingsley transfigured a chair to bind Ron to while Basil brought in a few, for everyone else. After Severus released Ronald from the spell, letting him fall with a thump, he landed heavily on the floor, pulling himself upright he dived at Severus, but Arthur flicked his wand sending his son into the chair where ropes flew around him.

"Dad!" He hollered.

"No Ron, I don't want to hear it."

"So, you're just going to side with him over your own son?"

"I'm not siding with anyone, but Severus wouldn't have said what he did if he didn't feel it the truth so I am inclined to agree with him he's proved himself enough." Arthur told Ron seriously.


"Ronald hush up, the Minister's going to question you under Veritaserum whether you like it or not and you will behave yourself." Molly said.

"I'm not taking anything that git has. How do I know he isn't planning on poisoning me?"

"Oh for goodness sake Ronald, you are such a child." Hermione snapped turning to Severus she said. "Does Veritaserum effect babies?"

"No but you shouldn't take it."

"I have nothing to hide, give me it."

"Alright I'll give you one drop, that's enough to last for 20 minutes."

"Fine." Hermione said sticking out her tongue, allowing a drop to fall on it.

"Alright then, What is your first name?"

And your last?"


"Alright Weasley satisfied?"

"No, everybody knows Hermione's name ask her something nobody should know." He sneered.

"Fine." Severus smirked turning to Hermione with a humorous gleam in his eye he asked. "One of your favorite things to do as a child besides reading."

"Playing in the mud with my cousin and running away from Mum naked when it was bath time." She mumbled blushing. Severus looked to Jane and Basil who nodded, looking startled Severus turned back to see Hermione red as a tomato before once again turning to Ron, he said haughtily.

"Believe me now, or are you just afraid that the truth is going to come out and you'll be discovered?"

"Shove off Snape I'm not afraid of anything."

"Except spiders, and commitment." Said Ginny.

"If you aren't afraid of anything you'll submit to the Veritaserum." Harry finally snapped.

"Fine then." Ron shouted, pulling at the ropes binding him to the chair.

"Alright Severus administer it to him." Kingsley said.

"Alright then." Severus flicked his wand at Ron binding him so he'd behave himself.

"Now what is your name?" Kingsey asked.

"Ronald Weasley."

"How old are you?"

"Eighteen soon nineteen."

"Your occupation is?"

"Training to be a Auror."

"Alright and have you ever practised the Dark Arts?" He asked seriously.



"During the war." Ron said tonelessly.

"What exactly did you do during the war?"

"Spied on the Order for the Dark Lord."

"Who exactly were you spying on?"



"Fred, George, Harry, Hermione and you."

"Anyone else?"

"Lupin and Tonks."

"You bloody idiot!" Harry roared. "You're the reason you're the reason they almost died, did you think of Teddy at all! You're the reason Hermione left, You Almost killed good people. Including your own brother!"

"Now Harry dear that isn't fair." Molly said.

"No Mum, he's right Ronalds the reason George lost a ear, and he's the reason the reason Fred almost died, and the reason he's in the Hospital now. Leave him be." Ginny yelled at a shocked Molly, before rounding on her brother herself. "And you, you bloody idiot! What the hell were you thinking?"

"I don't know alright!" Ron exlaimed.

"That is not an excuse Weasley you almost killed Hermione and your brothers and, you almost brought down the Order!" Severus said angrily.

"Severus!" Molly exclaimed. Arthur looked at his wife incredulously before speaking.

"Molly you cannot seriously be defending his actions can you?" Ronald is practically the reason that one of our son's is in St. Mungos fighting to come back to us."

"But Arthur he was confused" Molly pleaded.

"No Molly, he wasn't." Severus said. "You don't go before Voldemort confused, You go to him confused and you die."

Molly glared darkly at Severus and huffed.

"Kingsley what are your plans?" Arthur asked.

"He'll have a trial and more than likely be convicted of whatever he's done and sentenced to Azkaban I suppose." Kingsley replied.

"But kingsley!" Molly shouted.

"Molly for the love of God let it go" Arthur snapped. Shocking everyone. "He is going to Azkaban."

Molly then turned towards Hermione glaring and told her. "This is all your fault. If you wouldn't have left him he wouldn't have done this."

"Oh for God's sake Mum, yesterday you were picking up for her and now you're blaming her for something she had nothing to do with, get over it they were never together anyways." Ginny screeched.

"I think I'd like it if you left now, Hermione's got enough to deal with without you blaming her for something she didn't do. And she needs to get some rest." Jane said.

"What are you on about, MY son is going to prison, she hasn't had to deal with half the strain as that." Molly seethed.

"And my daughter almost lost her child today!" Jane scowled. Molly reared back in shock then turned to Hermione again and narrowed her eyes. "You're pregnant."

"Yes I am and you'd know that if you heard me earlier when I asked Severus about the Veritaserum and it's effects on babies. Also I agree with my Mum I am tired and would like to go to bed. So you should all leave now." Hermione said, before looking at Severus and asking him to spend the night with her.

"Of course I'll stay with you."


"Mione' can I talk to you for a moment?" Harry asked.

"I guess but I really would like to go to bed I'm quite tired."

Going out into the hallway for privacy Harry began. "Why don't you come back with us?"

"For the last time Harry I said no, I'm happy here and I have a good job, I am not going back and I'd like you to leave it alone and leave now." She huffed.

"But Mione'."

"No Harry now get out."

Harry sighed before returning to the living room to get Ginny to leave.

"Where's Hermione, Potter?"

"Upstairs." He said glumly.

"She's probably gone up to go to bed, why don't you head up too?" Jane suggested.

"Do you need help clearing up?"

"No go join Hermione."

"Alright goodnight then." Severus said with a half smile that shocked everyone in the room.

"Uh I guess we'll eventually speak again." Harry sighed as everyone else filed out before leaving himself.

Jane and Basil sighed before plopping on the couch for a few minutes before going to bed themselves.

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