Chapter 8:

The next two weeks passed fairly quickly. Plans for the wedding were made, Severus made the decision to buy a house next door instead of the apartment he'd originally planned on, he was content to sell the house in Spinner's end to whomever would want to buy it. He'd gotten all his minor possessions boxed up and in the basement of the Granger's until he was sure the lease for the house was his, the elder couple who owned it had decided to move someplace a little warmer and closer to family. Jane and Basil were pleased their daughter and grand babies would be closer. From Spinner's end he moved the newer furniture he had bought and had it in the house. He planned to surprise Hermione with a decorated home and more open backyard than they would've had before.

Two days before the wedding, they drove up to the waterfront town and checked into their hotel to await their guests. A few hours after everyone arrived, Hermione was exhausted and decided to go lie down for a bit, Severus stayed and finished greeting people, shock evident on his face when his mother arrived with Sophie, after greeting them both and pulling his baby sister into a bone crushing hug he showed them Basil and Jane.

Once finished at the lobby counter and making sure everything was as it should be he went to check on Hermione and found her sleeping quite soundly. With and smile he crawled in beside her and slept soundly himself for a few hours.

Between rehearsals and last minute preparations, fixes and picking up forgotten things, everyone in the wedding party was exhausted. Jane and Basil had crashed hours before, Hermione was falling asleep on her feet again, and Severus had seemed to run himself ragged checking the appetizer samples and the main course samples as well as checking the vows and alters before he finally sat down himself. He chatted with his mother and sister for awhile, and noticed Hermione was out like a light in her chair and didn't have the heart to move her considering she actually looked like she was resting for once in the past week or so. A hour or so past when people began to come back downstairs to await the evening meal and discuss the wedding and the babies some more.

Hermione left that night cheerful and excited for the next day to come, despite the silliness of not sleeping next to her groom until the wedding she still joined her parents in their suite, while Severus joined his mother and sister in theirs for a bit of parental/sibling bonding time, and some much needed sleep before the big day arrived.

Luckily for everyone the next day dawned bright and sunny. Remus, Luna, Katie, Jane, and Tonks decorated the sectioned off area that would hold the nuptials. Josephine, Narcissa, Eileen, Susan and Sophie decorated the tent that would hold the dancing later in the evening while Neville, Lucius, Draco and Basil with a little help from a excited Teddy.

After Hermione had gotten up, she saw a note telling her to bathe thoroughly and use all the potions in the order they were numbered on top before she used her shampoo and conditioner, following these directions; Hermione found she had a lovely, relaxing bath before she got out and pulled some of her things out when her mother and the other ladies bustled in.

"Good you listened to the notes, Narcissa and Eileen said it might help to fix your hair a bit easier so it doesn't frizz in the heat." Jane said.

"Yes, now who will actually be doing my hair for me?"

"Myself and Narcissa will be doing your hair." Josephine said.

"And then we'll get you into your dress. So sit." Katie said pushing a chair under her legs forcing her to sit.

"The rest of us will be getting into our own dresses and doing our hair while you're getting ready we have limited time and everyone knows how long it takes to make us ladies truly irresistible." Jane winked leading the rest of the girls out of the bathroom while Narcissa and Josephine got started on her hair, drying it without using too much heat lest it defy the potions and actually frizz out as Hermione warned them might happen. Once dry they began to tidy her curls and twist it up and into a coif with small curls hanging down and framing her face.

As soon as the others were dressed, Jane reappeared to help Hermione into her wedding gown and wait for Basil to come signalling that it was time.

"Are you nervous at all?" Susan asked.

"Not really no, Severus and I really love each other very much, I know we'll be happy." Hermione said smiling.

"That's wonderful and soon you will two beautiful babies as well." Luna said dreamily as usual. Basil arrived laughing hysterically.

"Basil, why are you laughing?" Jane scolded.

"Everything is ready, but poor Severus is pacing like he's terrified. Remus is ready to rip his own hair out and Teddy is jumping around excited and his hair keeps changing colors and he's been changing his face features, I think the lad means to try and calm Severus but it isn't working and Remus has been telling Teddy he needs to like himself today, the lad doesn't understand."

"Oh just let Teddy be, I don't care if he has rainbow hair and cat ears." Hermione said smiling.

"Alright, the groomsmen have all gone down with Severus, you ladies should join them I've got something to give to my baby girl and we'll be along then." Basil said. Everyone except Jane all left to join the others downstairs.

"Are you okay love, you look a little peaky?" Jane asked.

"Yes mum I'm fine just nerves I suppose, you don't think he'll change his mind do you?" She asked fearfully.

"No love, Severus loves you with his entire heart even a small child could see it." Basil said.

"Thank you daddy." Hermione said hugging him as Jane adjusted her hairpiece.

"Ready doll?" He asked.

"Yes." she said. Jane smiled proudly at her daughter hooking her arm through Hermione's other arm as the trio made their way downstairs to the alter that was set up on the beach.

"Are you wearing your slipper flats?" Jane asked.


"Good let's get started poor Severus looks ready to pass out from nerves." Basil laughed as the music began and Teddy and Hermione's small cousin Jasmine began walking down as ring bearer and flower girl. They were followed by Katie and Lucius, Tonks and Remus, Susan and Neville and finally Luna and Draco. Once they took their places, The music changed slightly to announce Hermione's turn to walk down the aisle with her parents right beside her, as Severus came into her line of vision she couldn't help but to gasp at how wonderful he looked in his robes, smiling brightly she became sure then that this man was the only one she wished to be with for the rest of her life and that he too was truly serious when he said he wanted no one but her for the rest of his days, Once she reached Kingsley he began speaking.

"Who brings this woman to this man?"

"Her mother and I do." Basil said.

"Is she here of her own free will?"

"Yes." Basil said placing Hermione's hand in Severus' before returning to their seats beside Eileen and Narcissa.

Kingsley turned and began the ceremony.

"Marriage isn't a commitment to be entered into lightly, it is lifelong, a bonding of two souls, a love between two people and love between two souls."

Turning to Severus he said "Do you take Hermione Jane Granger to be your wife, partner and above all love of your life?"

"I do."

"Will you hurt her?"

"I may."

"Is that your intent?"


"Do you promise to be patient, loving, giving and caring?"

"I do."

"Will you take her for richer, poorer and in health and sickness?"

"I do."

"So I say it, so mote it be." Kingsley said with a flick of his wand a silver ribbon spread from the tip of his wand and wrapped around the pairs wrists connecting them. Turning then to Hermione he said "Do you take Severus Tobias Snape, partner and above all love of your life?"

"I do."

"Will you hurt him?"

"I may."

"Is that your intent?"


"Do you promise to be patient, loving, giving and caring?"

"I do."

"Will you take him for richer, poorer and in health and sickness?"

"I do."

"So I say it, so mote it be." Kingsley said with a flick of his wand a second golden ribbon spread from the tip of his wand and wrapped around the pairs wrists connecting them once and for all in marriage. Then Kingley asked for the rings. "This is a symbol of eternity in the muggle world for a circle is never ending, it has no opening and no catch." Handing Severus his ring for Hermione he instructed Severus to finish his vows.

"With this ring I thee wed, till death do us part." Severus said placing the ring on Hermione's finger placing a kiss on the finger once he was done.

Gesturing to Hermione Kingley gave her, her ring as well.

"With this ring I thee wed, till death do us part." Hermione finished placing the ring on Severus finger, placing a kiss on his finger as well.

"I am proud to pronounce you husband and wife, Severus you may kiss your lovely bride now." Kingsley said clapping with the rest of the guests.

Severus swooped down and gave his new bride a very passionate kiss before they both turned to the guests brilliant smiles lighting their faces.

After all the congratulations were given, and the reception held with dinner dancing, picture taking and copious amounts of alcohol imbibed. The group who were not yet ready for bed stayed downstairs in the rented room and celebrated some more, Severus and Hermione however were more than ready to head to their room for the rest of the night, to spend some quiet time as husband and wife relaxing. Exhausted they barely managed to change before they fell into bed, the excitement and nerves of the day wearing them down more than they thought they slept soundly until 9 am the next morning when they were awoke by a pounding on the door.

Severus started when he woke to hear the pounding on the outer door of their suite, getting up he answered it revealing Basil on the other side.

"Good morning! Did you sleep well?" Basil asked jovially.

"Indeed we were barely able to get out of our wedding clothes before we dropped." Severus said.

"Ah, the nerves and adrenaline wore off did they?"

"Yes, normal people tend to consummate their marriage the night of, not afterwards." Severus scowled.

"Sevv..!" Hermione yelled from inside the bedroom panicked.

"What's wrong?"

"I think my water has broken!"

"You think, how can you think your water has broken?"

"Well there's alot of water on the floor by my feet!"

"Oh dear I'd better go get Jane she'll be angry if I don't." Basil said opening the door revealing a horde of Weasley's just as one was about to knock.

"What the hell do the lot of you want?" Basil said angrily.

"We want to speak to Hermione!" Ginny snapped angrily.

"Well that's just too bad because she doesn't want to speak to you so i suggest you leave immediately before the police are called."

"You have no right to tell us what to do you're only a muggle!" Molly sneered.

"Now you listen here Molly, you don't speak to my father that way!" Hermione snapped grabbing the door away from her father.

"Why are you even in this place it's ratty." Ginny said scowling as if something disgusting were under her nose.

"Ratty huh, compared to what, this happens to be were my mum and dad were married and now Severus and myself as well."

"You married that awful man?" Molly said unaware that Kingsley had just stepped off an elevator with Jane, Josephine, Narcissa, Lucius and the rest of the wedding party including Hermione's grandmother Evelyn, after receiving Severus' patronus stating Hermione had gone into labour and that the Weasley's were there aggravating them.

"Molly I suggest you shut your mouth immediately, you're better than this and your manners lately have been appalling, Ginerva's too, do any of the rest of you have a problem with Hermione's decisions she has made?" Kingsley said. Receiving no's from the rest of the Weasley men there, Kingsley nodded his head to them in approval. "There see you and Ginerva seem to be the only ones with the issue in this now leave or I will be forced to call the aurors in.

"She's obviously brainwashed!" Ginny shouted before spotting Luna, Tonks and Remus. "Why the hell are they here!"

"They were part of my wedding as they are my friends." Hermione said before a contraction shot through and she doubled over slightly.

"Hermione oh my goodness girl, let's get you back in to bed. Severus did you floo or send one of those patronus thingys to your friend?" Jane asked.

"Oh I forgot, I'll do that now, yes, Hermione you go get comfortable I'm contacting Xavier and Poppy Pomfrey." Severus said.

"Oh you'll let other people speak to you, thought you left the wizarding world" Ginny shouted after her.

Spinning around Hermione seethed. "No Ginerva just you and your mother and Ronald. I'm perfectly happy to keep in touch with people who respect me and my decisions, not people who seem to think treating me as if I were a naughty child or stupid. As far as I'm concerned if I never see you or your mother again it'll be too soon. You treated me like a nobody. For one thing Molly believed the stupid lies that rat Skeeter wrote about me, all of them and you aren't much better, I gave Harry a hug after a class one day and you screamed at me for hours after. So do us all a favour and sod off!" With her say done she turned and let her mother help her to the room as another contraction overcame her. Settling into the chair while Jane took the blankets off so they wouldn't be ruined she felt like bursting into tears over the treatment she had received from Molly, Ginny and Ron over the years, but didn't because being upset anymore herself would only do harm to her precious babies.

"Here doll have some water and calm down a bit, your young mans friends should arrive soon." Evelyn said to her handing her a cup of water to sip.

"Mrs. Granger do you need anything?" Charlie Weasley asked.

"Uh yes these sheets will get ruined do you know any spells so they won't" She asked.

"Oh yeah sure, the reserve teaches us lots of stuff like that so the blankets we use when healing the dragons don't get ruined. Saves on having buy more all the time." Charlie said. Flicking his wand a translucent film appeared over the bed and the pillows, but to touch them they felt the same.

"Thank you uh.." Jane fumbled.

"Charlie ma'am, happy to be of assistance, Hermione do you need help getting into the bed?" He asked.

"I don't think so. Mum can help me."

"Okay, well Severus is talking to Kingsley and I think Madame Pomfrey said Professor McGonagall would be joining her here to await you're bundle of joy." Charlie winked at her.

"Bundles Charlie I'm having twins." She laughed at the face he made before he left the room.

"Alright love up onto the bed then. I expect someone will be in to check on you momentarily." Jane said helping her into the bed and propping her up onto the pillows. Evelyn sat next to her and held her hand.

"Nana. What do think of me giving one your name as their middle name?" She asked.

"Why would you want to do such a foolish thing?" She asked her granddaught tenderly.

"Because I love you and I think its a good name for a child."

"Well if you're going to be foolish, I'd be honoured dear. Thank you."

"Your welcome Nana."

"Get a bit of rest once you start, you won't get a rest for awhile, I'm going to go speak with your father."

"Okay." Hermione yawned shifting a bit to get comfortable agreeing with her grandmother that resting wasn't going to be very easy in the next few hours.

"Ah Severus how have you been?" Xavier asked coming through the fireplace. Followed by Poppy and Minerva.

"I'm fine but my wife is in labour and needs to be checked." Severus scowled.

"Oh yes right, lead the way man." Xavier and Poppy followed Severus while Minerva went over to Jane.

"How is she?"

"Frightened but she won't admit it she's afraid they're too early she still had a month but like she was told, she's had it rough and they're twins so."

"They'll be fine, Hermione is a strong young woman as is Severus there's no reason they're children won't be as well." Minerva comforted her.

"Thank you, you always know how to make someone feel better don't you?" Jane laughed.

"I do try yes." Minerva smiled slightly as Severus came back out.

"Well?" Basil demanded.

"Everything is fine, they're developed well, and Hermione isn't in distress someone shall have to stay with her all the time though just to be safe, Poppy is rearranging things and demanded I go find something to put them in when they arrive, I've no idea what though."

"Incubators." Evelyn said.

"Where do i get those?"

"You've one of those wands don't you, make one."

"Oh, yes Severus I can make a transfiguration of two." Minerva told him.

"But a finite will make it collapse."

"I'll make it permanent. Just find me something sturdy."

Severus looked around and found a small chest on the writing table, after checking to make sure it wasn't Hermione's or his own or very important otherwise he handed it to her and told her to just make one big enough for two.

About six hours later, lots of screaming expletives at Severus, cursing him for getting her pregnant and other various threats, Their little girl joined the world, followed ten minutes later by her brother.

"What did we have?"

"A beautiful little girl and a handsome little boy." Severus told her kissing her gently on the forehead.

"They're okay?"

"They're perfect. Poppy says they're very well developed and they're very strong."

"That's wonderful, did you tell everyone?"

"Not yet, we need names for them first."

"Well I was thinking Adelaide for a girl and giving her Nana's name for her middle name."

"I like that it suits."

"What about you?"

"Well I like Ares, Aiden and Adrien."

"All A's?"

"Well his sister has a A and A's are strong."

"I like Adrien the best, but what about his middle name?"

"I've no idea. I'll go announce them shall I?"

"Yes, maybe someone will have a good idea for a middle name."

"Alright love you rest, they've fallen asleep Poppy is sitting by them, when I come in we'll hold them then okay."

"Sounds fine, I don't want to wake them, they must be exhausted, going through birth like that." Hermione mumbled as Severus chuckled before going into the sitting room of the suite.

"Well?" Basil demanded.

"You say that an awful lot." Severus said looking at his finger nail leaving them in suspense.

"Severus! Tell us." Tonks said.

"A healthy 6 pound baby girl, her name is Adelaid Evelyn, and a healthy 6 pound 3 ounce baby boy his name will be Adrien, but we haven't chosen a middle name yet." Severus said smiling as he was clapped on the back by Kingsley, Remus, Lucius and Basil.

"How about Jacob?" Jane suggested.

"Why Jacob?" Severus asked.

"Well he was Hermione's favorite grandfather, just as Evelyn is her favourite grandmother." Jane explained.

"Girls still foolish, I told her as much too." Evelyn said from her rocking chair.

"So Jacob was your husband?" Severus guessed.

"Yes, he used to take Hermione everywhere, he died when she was fifteen." Evelyn told him.

"Then I think Jacob's a wonderful name for our son, I'll go tell her and then if she's feeling okay we'll bring them out for a visit with everyone." Severus re entered the room to see Hermione sitting straight up looking toward the children.

"Is everything okay love?"

"Huh, yes, I was just looking is all."

"Are you feeling up to going to the sitting room with them to introduce them properly?"

"Yes have you picked a middle name?"

"Yes I have, I chose Jacob."

"Grandpa's name?"

"Yes, i thought it was appropriate. Given that they're named after what appears to be two strong people that you love."

"Thank you Severus I appreciate that, and I love you so very much you know."

"I do know that, and I love you as well." Kissing his wife as he helped her up and after passing her a baby, they went to the sitting room.

"Oh darling they're beautiful." Jane gushed.

"They look like aliens." Fred said. Earning a glare from Charlie, Percy and Bill and a swat from Severus.

"What do you think you came out looking plump?" Bill asked.

"Well I don't know." Fred said sheepishly.

"Its fine guys, they'll plump up and the pinkish hue will go away it's just from the exertion of being born is all, they're perfectly fine." Hermione said fondly running her finger over Adrien's cheek causing him to quiet.

"Well they are very beautiful." Katie said while smiling down at Adelaide whose eyes were wide open.

"Darling when would you like to go home?" Jane asked.

"As soon as possible. I'd like to get them settled and maybe sit in a hot bath for a few hours." She said.

"Will you be using your wand to keep it heated?" Severus asked raising a eyebrow.

"Maybe I will, who knows, But can we just get ready to go now, I'd like to sleep at home tonight." Hermione yawned.

"Certainly love. We'll just get everything together and cleaned and then we can be off. I think Jane put the car seats in the trunks for a just in case." Severus told her.

" , I'm just going to sit here and rest a bit let me know when we leave."

"Alright love." Severus said knowing it fell on deaf ears as his wife was already asleep. Placing the twins in their incubators, he cast a protective bubble around them, alerting him if they woke, or someone other than himself or Hermione attempted to pick them up. He then went about fixing their suitcases and putting away the items they had bought and that were given to them.

A few hours later Hermione awoke while being carried inside a house, yawning she looked around wondering why it looked so familiar yet so different. Once placed on the couch she sat up a bit and looked around.

"Severus. Where are we?" She asked.

"We are in our home. I bought this house a few days ago." He told her sitting beside after observing the living room and the hall.

"Well why does it look so familiar?"

"Its next door to your parents I figured it'd be nice to be closer, and we can take down some of the fence and have a bigger backyard for the children, there are some differences, theres a extra room, and the basement was modified for me today by one of Kingsley's more intelligent aurors so I have a safe lab."

"Wow, you did all this for me?"

"I did it for our family, it'll be good for them to be close to the grandparents that are actually decent and upstanding people. It'll negate any of the tendencies I may have unconsciously inherited from my father."

"You are such a wonderful man you know that."

"Thank you I will never tire of hearing you say those kind things to me wife."

"And I shall never stop husband." She smiled.

"However I do have a very annoying person who will not go away despite my best efforts and Kingsley's and even Lucius' attempts failed."


"Mr. Potter. He is adamant that he speaks to you, Kingsley has informed me he burst into tears at one point, the boy claims he is sorry for being an 'arse' as he calls it and he wishes for your forgiveness, he also says he has broken his engagement to Miss Weasley, due to her turning into a 'Harpy/Banshee' combination and he does not wish to be tied to someone who is like that for the rest of his life."

"I guess so, but he starts harping on about me moving back into the wizarding world I'll punch him."

"Good enough, Adelaide and Adrien are hungry I think. They slept the whole way home, as did you, but Jane says they're definitely hungry now." Severus said.

"Well pass them here, and can you tell mum I might need her help."

"Of course she's in the kitchen making tea with Narcissa, mother Josephine and Sophie, the others I believe returned to their homes for the night and will return in the morning with 'gifts'." He said sardonically.

"Only you could make the word gifts sound like a naughty word." Hermione laughed, as he placed a baby in each arm with pillows under them, before he propped her feet up to make her feel more comfortable.

"I shall return in a moment."

"Alright." She murmured quietly, entranced with gazing at her two precious babies. "I can't believe you guys are really here, it seems like it was ages ago that I found out I was even pregnant, imagine my surprise when I found out it was with twins, you've both done more for me and your father in the last few months than I could ever ask for and I am so happy, you brought us back together when otherwise I'd have told him to sod off permanently. Blessings is all I can say you are." She finished telling them. A soft hiccup from the archway alerted her to the presence of other people, looking up she saw her mother and father, her Aunt Josephine, Eileen, Narcissa, Sophie, Severus and Harry, and a little ways behind them were Draco, Lucius and Katie, who actually had a hold of Draco.

"Darling that was the most amazing thing I have ever heard, even more so then when your mother spoke to you when you were born." Basil said tears in his eyes.

"I didn't realize that I had a audience." She smiled.

"Severus said you wanted some help." Jane said, her voice shaky with emotion.

"Yes, I'm not sure how to go about feeding them." She blushed.

"Alright well it's simple enough, you just point them in the right direction and they know what to do, it's natural." Jane said.

"Alright," Hermione did what her mother said, while all the men except Severus turned away. Instead he moved closer to his small family. Once everything settled, and she had them fed the men who all assured her they weren't embarrassed by something so natural all sat back down."

Harry sat down nervously afraid he'd be ejected from the house again. However Hermione started up the conversation, and the pair talked for hours and hours until Hermione began showing signs that she was getting tired again, and Harry decided he should excuse himself to go home.

"Potter, I thank you for apologizing to her, she's not been herself lately, I think this will help immensely." Severus said.

"Thank you, I've been a dolt. She didn't need me badgering her, who am I to begrudge her wanting to be close to her parents we went through hell for months and she didn't know if they were safe, if it were me, I'd do the same thing." Harry told Severus sincerely.

"Potter where exactly are you living?"

"Grimmauld, I've changed the wards, when I broke up with Ginny she took it badly, so I don't want her and Molly barging in."

"Good idea, I keyed our floo for you, so if anything happens just come through I will be alerted."

"Thank you Severus. I appreciate that." Harry said with a smile and then was gone.

"Sev, love, let's go to bed now, tomorrow's going to be another exciting day." Hermione said padding up behind him in her slippers.

"Good idea. Mother and Sophie are staying the night. Lucius and Narcissa left earlier, they hit it off with your parents and are probably over there instead of going home to the manor, Draco left with Katie, so yes its only us awake, let us rectify that immediately." Severus rumbled.

"Your such a wonderful man, and I do so love you and our beautiful babies." Hermione said as they laid down to go to sleep.