I absolutely LOVE Chloe/Alek. I hated the promo for the next episode "Rode Trip" so here is my version of that so called kiss between Chloe and Brian. ;)

Chloe POV

He was leaning over me, right in my face.

I looked to his eyes, deep brown, but not the brown I wished for.

His hair, not blonde.

His lips, not his.

But, I had to do this, to protect them. I had to. So I leaned in to kiss him, resigning myself to the fact that he will die tonight. And just as I was about to make contact with him, his father, Whitney, comes out of nowhere and attacks me along with four other's of the Order, all dressed in black. I rear up and start to counter attack him. Block, punch, dodge, kick, sweep, spin, lash out at the other's, I pull all of Alek and Jasmine's lesson's to the front of my mind, wishing they were here, helping. Especially Alek, I can't help but think of when we were saving Vanessa, how well we worked together, in tandem. I am jolted out of my thoughts by a knife sweeping down the side of my face. My eyes squint, all of my Mai instincts coming out full force as I look into the face of Brian's father.

"So not cool old man," I hiss at him.

"You will be dead by the end of the night and I will be the one to take you ninth and final life, look into your eyes as the light fades away from them, satisfaction deep in my bones," he replies back to me, looking proud. I quickly attack the last of his men, knowing that there is more hiding in the shadows of this mansion. I sweep the room with my eyes, still in Mai mode; I come upon the figure of Brian, still on the stairs looking absolutely shocked. I continue to look at him as he stutters, trying to come up with something, all the while aware of Whitney still staring at me.

"What theā€¦ What's going on here? Dad why did you attack Chloe, what are you doing here?" Brian asked, still looking confused, my heart swelled slightly, but then Alek came to mind and the feelings that Brian was making me feel was double, quadrupled, growing until the feelings that Brian made me feel were all but gone. He was my first love, but Alek is my future, the one who will be there for me always, my true soul mate, my mind, heart, and soul said so, along with my Mai instincts that were screaming that he was mine.

Brian looked back and forth between his father and me before settling on his father as he answered him.

"This is me killing off the most important Mai in all of history, she is the reason why your mother is dead, she is Mai and all Mai need to be killed off," he finished saying with a snap of his fingers. Almost like a signal. It was. Four men completely cloaked in black and VERY muscular came out of the shadow holding four figures and one by one they all pulled the sacks off their captive's head. Valentina, Jasmine, my Mom, Alek. I gasped quietly as I saw them, my eyes watered slightly. My eyes became bone dry after looking back to Mr. Rezza. I growled quietly, getting into his face.

"Why are they here, I am all alone in this mansion in the middle of NOWHERE and yet you still bring them! Why?" I ask, my voice going higher and then trailing off as I end my small speech quickly looking back at four of the most important people in my life, at least they don't have Paul or Amy I think to myself. I quickly scan over each of them, looking for injuries or anything.

Valentina looks alright, some bruises and her eyes have bags underneath them, but OK. Jasmine looks like she put up more of a fight, a shiner showing on her face, her eyes looks so hurt, so venerable. My Mom, she looks so scared, so confused, she has no idea about what is going on. My eyes lastly rest upon Alek, he looks the worst out of them all and my heart breaks to see his beautiful face marred but bruises and blood, one of his eyes swollen shut, I choke slightly on my tears as he looks into my eyes. They look blank, devoid of any emotion. I knew that I caused this, he loved me and I broke his heart. It's for the better I tell myself, trying to convince myself so. As I continue to look into his eyes I can't bring myself to think such thing true.

I gasp as Mr. Rezza grabs me and holds me tight, what is use of these powers if they cannot fight off a human? He hugs me tighter to him, cutting off some of my air supply.

"You may have tried to cut off your bonds with them to try to make us think that you do not care, but you did not fool us, I am surprised that they were fooled with your act, even your Mate was so insecure not to believe in you. It's funny what love will do to you," he tells me in a matter-of-fact voice that got on my nerves. I look at my love one's and they all look so surprised, especially Alek. Brian starts talking again.

"What is a Mai, the Uniter, why do you say Alek is Chloe's Mate, she was about to kiss me," Brian yells at his father.

"You stupid boy, if she kissed you then you would die. It's a curse that the Mai have, they cannot have human relationships. Your precious Chloe was trying to kill you," Mr. Rezza sneers at his son. Brian looks appalled and looks to me for reassurance that I cannot give. I look away before I could see the disgust on his face. "These are the people that killed your mother Brian and they deserve to die before they kill others, join me." Whitney continues, staring down at his son, a malicious gleam on his face.

"I think I will," Brian states, anger clear in his face.

I guess this is the end.

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