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Chloe's POV

Then there was light. A loud roar that shook my bones and yet made me feel so protected and safe.


My Mate was in pain. That thought was enough to make me shoot up from my position in his arms. I gasped for air, taking in deep breaths and looking at the world around me. What I saw was oh so surprising.

One of the black cloaked body builder's was lying on the floor with blood pooled around him. Mr. Rezza is moaning on the floor, seeming as though he just woke up and Brian is off to the side looking like he just peed his pant. He probably did, my lovely thoughts sneered. I looked back over to the body builder's to see Valentina, Jasmine and my Mom looking sad, angry, surprised and slightly frightened. I finally looked up at Alek to see him looking absolutely ferocious and in pain, he then looks down at me and smiles a smile that was like the sun shining on a new day (oh, yeah, I'm poetic).

"Chloe," Alek whispers to me. "You're okay."

"I'm alive and I got seven more lives to live, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon," I speak to him. His face goes dark and his eyes squint as he goes slightly into Mai mode. He growls quietly while looking at Mr. Rezza who is getting up slowly. I stoke his cheek slightly and he nuzzles into my hand, his body shaking slightly and a grumbling noise starts in the back of his throat. I smirk at him and ask,

"Did you just purr?" He blushes oh so slightly and mumbles 'No' into my hand. I laugh quietly at his answer before grinning at him. I hear a grunt as Whitney get's up slowly. Alek quickly drags me to my feet and moves in front of me and growls at Mr. Rezza.

"Oh how sweet," Whitney sneers at us. "The two loves cats are reunited."

I quickly tap Alek on his shoulder and he looks at me slightly while keeping his eyes on out surroundings looking for potential danger. I whisper in his ear,

"Freight boat." He looks slightly confused before a look of recognition crosses his face just before Mr. Rezza yells,


Alek grabs my arms and twirls me around, my feet flying and knocking into the first black cloaked man throwing him across the room. Alek pulls me back in and I balance him as he side-kicks the next man, knocking him out. He then flips me around and my right foot front-kicks a man in the throat probably damaging his air ways. We part for a second only to come back together seconds later grabbing hands and kicking out at the men coming towards us. Soon, they were all down and only the three body builders, Mr. Rezza and Brian were left looking at us gob-smack, definitely not knowing we could do what we did.

Alek and I looked at each other and we jolted forward grabbing onto Whitney holding onto him tight, Alek looked at me and I nodded, seeming to know exactly what he was thinking. I quickly patted down Whitney's body checking for any dangerous weapons. Finding none I nodded to Alek and he tied Mr. Rezza to the chair of death. Brian was standing still as a statue looking at me in disgust, but I did not really care at this point. Whitney killed me and he was going to pay.

I looked over to the others to see how they were holding up and they were looking alright but I wanted to get them out of their binds. I ran over behind Jasmine's body builder for he seemed the largest and I dug my claws into his back, killing him instantly. He dropped Jasmine and she clawed out of her binds going over to get her mom free while I freed my Mom. I fought off the body builders lame attempts at hurting me and I quickly killed him and freed my Mom. She hugged me tight and was slightly hysterical. I gently freed her arms from my shoulders. I gave her a smile and quickly went over to check on Valentina and Jasmine before rushing back over to my Mate.

He was glaring at Whitney, so threateningly that I could see fear in Whitney's eyes. I wrapped my arms around Alek and he relaxed slightly throwing his arm around my shoulder protectively, bringing me into his side even more. I felt more than saw Valentina and Jasmine come over with my Mom standing in between them. I turned to Valentina.

"What should we do with them," I ask her quietly glancing over at Whitney and Brian every few seconds.

"Should we kill him now or should we let the suspense rise?" Valentina smirks slightly and we all look at her in surprise.

"I think we should just kill him now," Alek growls while stroking my hair.

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