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"Daddy" I heard Tori whine tugging on his suit sleeve "yes Tori" he muttered sipping his black coffee while trying to count the money we had.

"Well since Simon and Derek are always together and I really want a friend to with us moving all around so much, I was wondering…." She trailed off smirking slightly when she caught Dad's interest

"Wondering…?" He said, Tori took a deep breath and put on her best puppy eyes ever "can I get a pet?" she asked. Dad sighed and stared at her than at us "What do you guys think?" he asked.

Simon fumed "what do I think!" he shouted "I think that she stole my idea for getting a ferret so she could rub it in my face!" he snarled at her.

Tori gasped "I steal your idea. I would never…I mean that's absurd to steal my poor" she walked towards us "innocent" Tori put her arm around Simon's shoulder "brother's idea don't you think daddy" she said.

"Fine Tori you can get a pet" Dad said smiling when she squealed and skipped towards him and gave dad a huge bear hug a kiss on the cheek.

Simon stared at them in shock his mouth opened wide his eyes nearly popping out of his head, then he sucked in a breath and puffed out his chest "if she gets a pet I get to chose where we go next!" he yelled.

I grumbled thinking this is going to start a huge fight "I'll be in my room" I muttered, Dad nodded trying to calm down Simon and Tori who were again arguing.

I went to my room and laid down hoping that she won't chose such an expensive animal or a cat that will come and scratch off my face.

The next moment Simon came in the room with a satisfied smile, frowning I turned to him "what's happened?" I asked.

He grinned "we're going to Greece...hell ya baby!" he shouted pumping his fist in the air. I smiled "What did she say" I asked getting up to change.

Simon stripped off his shirt and smirked "she was pissed, because she planned on going to Florida" he said laughing.

I laughed and ruffled his hair "thanks finally we don't get to where she wants to go" he agreed with me "uh Derek" he whispered. I glanced at him "yeah" I said pulling on my clean boxers before getting into bed.

"Do you think…" he trailed off "think what?" I asked shutting off the lamp. I heard him get underneath the covers "think that Dad actually likes Tori better than us" he whispered. I froze for a moment thinking about it

Dad did do things that Tori said when we say something he argued with us before one of us would win; he let Tori have parties while we have to accept permission and have rules for it, curfews.

Then we would have to clean up after Tori's parties because she had hangover to do it "Derek say something" I heard Simon plead "I don't know but I know he loves us both…okay don't worry about it" I whispered.

"Okay" he said in a small voice before shutting off his lamp and the room was surrounded by darkness.

"The only thing we should worry about is what Tori is getting for her pet" I muttered and Simon gasped "Oh my god what if she gets a snake and makes it try to eat me!" he exclaimed.

"Simon I sometimes wonders where you get these thoughts" I muttered rolling my eyes at him. "That was mean" I heard him mutter "night Simon" I said. "Night D" he whispered.


"Hurry up!" Tori shouted dragging us to the pet store; "alright" I muttered getting out of the car. Dad got out of the car wearing, jeans and a plain red t shirt.

Simon was wearing faded jeans with a white t-shirt with some weird black designs all around the shirt, Tori was wearing a loose shirt that was coming off one of her shoulders and skinny jeans with flats.

I was wearing dark jeans with black combat boots with chains going from one side of the shoe the other, and a t-shirt with gray jacket over it.

We got in the store and I resisted the urge to gag at the nasty stench, "alright go choose whatever you want" dad said. Tori grinned and skipped over to the bunnies, she cooed and petted them.

"What we're getting a flimsy bunny" Simon hissed glaring at Tori who just smirked and picked up the small black bunny with white ears and brown paws.

She looked up, and gasped. She even dropped the bunny in shock which thankfully landed back in the glass cage.

We followed Tori to another class cage but this time this cage was built in the wall so you could only see not touch.

Our eyes followed Tori's gaze to see a beautiful white kitten sleeping peacefully, the kitten knew she was being watched. She opened her eyes and we saw a pair of innocent blue eyes.

She sat up and watched us swinging her fluffy tail back and forth; the kitten was fluffy and white but not a Persian kitten but still was fluffy.

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The kitten turned her gaze to me. She watched me as I watched her; the kitten placed her front paws on the window and meowed.

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