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God the whether was changing so much, first it's cold, and then it's raining; now it's hot. I groaned and I lowered the temperature. "Why don't you go for a swim" Dad asked.

It was hot and I just took a cold shower "Fine," I muttered getting up. Tori and Simon had already left "Chloe!" I called. A moment later she came downstairs with my towel in her mouth, halfway down she tripped and rolled down the stairs with the towel wrapping around her.

I sighed and picked up the messy towel ball from the ground and peeled it off of her, Chloe popped her head out and shook it as if coming out of a daze. I laughed walked upstairs; I opened the door to my room.

I put Chloe down on my bed; I left her alone as she played with the towel. Going towards my closet, I changed into my swimming shorts which were black and green plaid. Then I put on a black wife beater on. "Damn" I cursed when I noticed it was smaller and tighter than usual.

I grabbed the towel and Chloe rolled out of it, she landed on her back. Chloe rolled back over and wobbled towards me.

Scooping her up from her belly, I placed her on my chest and she licked my cheek. I smiled at her then placed her back down on the ground. "Oh and you need to put this on" I muttered kneeling back down and putting on a light blue collar around her neck.

I tapped her nose and she nipped my finger affectionately. "Come on let's go now," I said getting up with the towel around my neck. When we reached the stairs, I picked up Chloe just in case she tripped and fell down the stairs.

Once we were done I put her on the ground "dad we're leaving!" I called. "Take this" he said throwing me a bottle of sunscreen. I grumbled and threw it back "I don't need it." He sighed and walked off "fine" he muttered.

We walked out of the house and I saw a few other people walking towards the beach also. On the way down the narrow stone pathway, we stopped and got a cold bottle of water. I knelt down and cupped my hand pouring some water in my hand.

I held it out to Chloe who drank some eagerly, once it was all gone by falling to the floor or to her. I patted her head and stood up.

Once we reached the beach….it was beautiful, it didn't have like brownish yellow sand or dirty brown water. It was actually white sand beaches, and clear blue waters. The water was so clear near the bay you could actually underneath the waves and see the bottom.

And of course the beach was packed; I rented a beach chair an umbrella. I set my large towel on the ground next to my chair and let Chloe lay down on it while I set up the umbrella so it shaded both of us perfectly.

I sat down on the chair and looked around trying to find Tori and Simon. I spotted Simon's head of spiky blonde hair easily.

His arms around two blonde bimbos who laughed at everything he did. "Hey!" a voice called, I looked up to see another blonde bimbo running towards me.

I ignored her "hey" she said in a flirty tone sitting down on the sand next to me. I ignored her and kept on looking for Tori wondering where she was. "Soo…"she trailed off holding out a bottle of sunscreen "could you rub that on my back?" she asked in a suggestive tone.

She sighed and moved closer sitting down on the arm of the chair and touched my arm, I heard a hiss and suddenly Chloe jumped on my chest.

The bimbo screamed in shock and fell off the arm, I couldn't help it. I busted out laughing. The bimbo blushed bright red in anger and humiliation.

"at least help me up" she asked holding out a hand, I smirked "sorry I don't touch trash." The bimbo gasped, then got up and stomped off.

I leaned back against the chair with Chloe purring softly on my chest. When ever a girl would come near us, Chloe would hiss or scratch their hand that would try to touch me.

I looked down at her who looked around then leaned against me when she didn't see anyone else approaching me. I couldn't help it "Jealous much" I taunted with a smirk. She let out a weak growl and scratched my hand that was petting her.

"Ow!" I hissed pulling the bleeding finger to my lips. I glared at her and she meowed softly, I sighed "fine I did deserve that…not really" I muttered to myself.

"Hey bro" I looked up to see Simon with two different bimbo on his arm and one behind him massaging his shoulders.

"Hey?" I grumbled "wanna go for a swim?" he asked. I looked at Chloe "aw come on just leave her…she'll be fine" he whined. The girls giggled at him, I grunted and picked up Chloe and got up putting her down on the chair.

She stared up at me confused "you go I'm coming" I said to Simon who nodded and ran off with the girls giggling running after him.

I knelt down next to Chloe and petted her head "I got to go. I'm promise I'll be back okay" I said. She yawned and laid down on the chair closing her eyes "I'll take that as a yes" I said patting her head before jogging after Simon.

"Hey" I said once I shoulder deep in the water "hey so finally she let you go" he said smirking "yeah…" I grumbled running a hand through my wet hair. "She was tired I think so she just wanted to rest" I said taking a dive then coming back up for hair.

The cold water on my warm skin felt so good. "Derek" he said swimming up to me wrapping an arm around my shoulder. "What you need. Are friends or just to get laid" he said. "How about that –" I cut him off "really so what about your girlfriend back home…why are you hanging around with these bimbo?" I asked him with a glare.

Simon shut up and a dark looked passed his face. He mumbled something that I couldn't even hear "Simon please louder" I said.

Pain held his eyes and my face soften up. "Shebrokeupwithme" he said so quickly.

"Slower" I said taking hold of his shoulders. He took a deep breath "she broke up with me" he whispered, pressing his palms in his eyes as if to stop the tears.

"I l-loved her" he chocked out with his teeth clenched.

My heart broke and I wanted to kill that bitch for what she did to him. That's when I got really pissed when I saw a single tear that had escaped and run down his sun kissed cheek. "I t-thought she w-was the o-o-one" he mumbled and more tears fell.

"Simon" I whispered hugging him. The bimbo's around us were 'awwed' or 'I'll be the 'one' for you' Simon chuckled weakly against my shoulder. "Bro you making me look like a pussy" he mumbled.

I let him go and he wiped his tears again. "You going to be okay alone" he said. I shrugged "I'm good, I'm just worried about you" I said smiling.

He grinned and patted my shoulder "thanks Derek but I'll be good" and swam off with his bimbos. I swim around for a while. Until my arms are soar, so I swim back towards shore. I trudge towards my chair. Chloe is sitting on the ground.

I sit down on the chair and grabbed my towel, Chloe jumps off it. I dry my hair with the towel and my body until I'm almost dry.

I lay the towel back down and Chloe sprawls on it comfortably "what you been doing since I was gone?" I ask. She just stared at me then rolled over the damp towel as if trying to cool her. I laughed and she kept on rolling around.

Suddenly I feel a force it my chair, I turn around swiftly to see a volleyball near my feet. "Hey could you pass that?" a guy said. I stand up and toss him the ball "thanks" he said. He turned around and walks a few steps before turning back around.

"Do you want to join? We do need another person" he said smiling. I looked at Chloe who stares at the guy then she walks over to me an purrs, rubbing her body against my legs.

The guys stares at me in disbelief, I laugh nervously "sorry just some random cat that followed me here" I lied.

This is my one shot of finally making friends. I know pathetic right, but like Simon said I need some friends. "Riiight" he drawled "that cat as a collar around her neck" he said smirking. I flushed and glared at Chloe who stared up at me innocently.

"Dude you know what never mind…fucking gay ass" he muttered the last part but of course I heard that. His friends laughed at me.

I glared at them and sat down. Chloe jumped on my thigh and I urge to just shove her off. My fist clenched "There you are" I heard a snobbish voice say above me. I looked up at Tori "come on we're leaving" she said "it's already 6."

I stood up with out picking up Chloe. So she had to jump off before she fell. Simon jogged in later once we were done packing "here you go return these" I said. He nodded and held the umbrella while Tori helped with the chair.

I walked back out of the beach then up the wooden steps and down the road. Once we were isolated I swiftly turned around and glared at Chloe. She stopped and sat down on her rear. I grabbed her by the stomach and ignored her squirming.

Ripping open the wooden/broken door, I stepped in and slammed the door. There were bottles of different colors of salve in here. I placed her on an empty shelve.

She stared at me but I held her by the ears making her hiss in surprise and shock. "What the hell is your problem" I snarled. "Why can't you just leave me alone, you know what leave me alone and go back to Tori, I don't want to see you again near me" I punched the wall next to her leaving a huge dent. Chloe was shaking and she knelt down on her belly. I could see the fear in her eyes and that made me half satisfied and half filled with guilt.

I slammed open the door and grabbed her by the ears and let her go, I put her down and walked off. I didn't hear her following me until I was a good 2 feet away.

Good she understood me and I was going to keep it that way.

Tori and Simon caught up with us "Aww are you sad" Tori cooed at Chloe "its okay we'll go to the beach next time it's hot okay" she said kissing Chloe on the forehead.

I resisted the urge to look at her but my temptation grew, and I glanced at Chloe. Her ears were folded and flat against her head with her tail hanging limp. I couldn't only see the back of her body as Tori cuddled Chloe into her body.

I looked away and we walked home quietly...

Lunch was quite too quite, Simon was eating to get over his heartbreak. Milo would glance at Simon once in a while then blush. Tori was in a daze and it sort of scared me so I didn't even bother asking what's going on with her.

Dad just kept on glancing at me a bit worried "what" I mouthed at him, he shrugged and looked away. Steve glanced at Milo the same way dad was looking at me. I gulped down the last scoop of my pasta in my mouth and got up mumbling "I'm done"

Dad and Steven nodded, I put my plate in the sink then walked towards the stairs. I froze and looked down, Chloe looked up at me. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever but was really a few seconds.

Chloe walked towards me, well I thought she walked towards me but she actually when past me. I followed her with my eyes, her ears flat against her head, tail limp and dragging on the floor. I sighed and walked upstairs.

I pulled out a book and started to read hoping that will get my mind off of things...


stupid whore I thought as I read the text message over again.

Simon. Im sry bt this relationship

wnt work out. w r ovr.


AN/ okay I read my story and I accidentally used the name serenity in the last chapter but just in case Simon's ex name is Serena AN/
Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes but I held back and threw my phone against the wall, I wiped my eyes. "Simon" I heard a masculine voice come from the door. Confused I walked towards the door and opened it.

"M-milo!" I stammered in shock, he gave me a sheepish smile and rubbed the back of his neck. "Hey" he said grinning. I didn't know he had dimples I thought "Sup" I said trying to keep my cool.

"Nothing, I heard a band and was wondering what it was" he said. I blushed slightly "uh sorry I threw my phone" I mumbled. Milo raised an eyebrow and looked at me in an amused expression.

I opened the door, he walked in and went to sit down on my bed. "So" he said clapping his hand on his thighs "wanna hang out today" he said. "Sure" I said grinning. He smiled and walked over to tap my nose "then get dressed. I'll be waiting downstairs" he said and left.

I rubbed my nose trying to ignore the sparks that ran through my body. I put on a pair of dark jeans, a yellow and black plaid shirt, I mussed up my hair and walked outside.

Milo as he said was waiting for me downstairs, he smiled and opened the door for me "today is the Dionysian festival" he said as we walked down the path towards the city. "Dionysian?" I asked.

He smirked and leaned down towards me "the god of wine" he whispered and kept on walking leaving me a bit flustered. I quickly caught up with him and for some reason I think this is going to be a hell lot of trouble.

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