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Rolling over I noticed that it was 7pm, I groaned. This weekend was so boring…I really want school to start already. Thank god today is Sunday after that one more day and school starts.

There was a knock on the door "yeah" I grunted. Tori opened it "I'm going to the Dionysus festival" she said. I sat up straight "No!" I growled at her.

"Whyyyy" she whined "Milois taking Simon" she said, I growled at her. "You could get drunk" I growled at her. She pouted, "I want to show Chloe around" Tori said.

I froze at the name "fine," I whispered. She squealed and ran off. I got up and trudged out of my room then outside. I reached the forest and got down on all fours, after a few minuets of agony I was finally a wolf. I yawned and stretched slightly shaking my head. I just jogged around the forest for some exercise.

I went towards the lake for a quick swim, but skidded to a stop when I saw Chloe just lying on the ground, her flat, one of her paws in the water.

Sure she wanted to show Chloe around what a fat lie I thought what Tori said earlier

Wait a minuet I thought, Chloe's mad at me in human form but not in wolf form she doesn't even know who I am smirking mentally I take a few steps towards her.

I stopped when she yawned then walked back towards her, I stood above her. Chloe rolled over and stared at me, I was shocked to see her eyes not shinning with happiness; the usual spark in them was lost. I knelt down and nudged my nose with her.

She stood up and sat down next to me, her ears still flat on her head. Frowning I reached forward and licked the side of her head.

Chloe just stared at me; I leaned in closer so our noses were touching and whined. She leaned forward and nuzzled her body against my chest and that was it. She didn't do anything else, frowning I gently picked her up by the scruff of the neck.

She didn't protest just let herself hang there; I walked out of the forest onto a sidewalk. I put her down; I walked down towards the city. She followed me close; people were parting all over the streets. I heard her stomach growl then mentally slapped Tori for got feeding her.

I looked around and noticed a little den, I nudged Chloe towards it. We crossed the street with out the getting our tails stepped on. No joke there was drunken people everywhere and it was only in the afternoon

I walked in through the back way... A.N/ (Okay it's like Lady and the tramp area here okay ;) just a better way to visual this) A.N/ and scratched on the door.

A person walked up behind the door and screeched. I whined and lowered myself on my belly. I swear this better cheer her up. I'm acting like a freaking puppy for her The guy stared at me in shock.

"Oh my Achilles heels" the guy said "there's a pooch behind my door" I growled. "Uh hehe a wolf" he corrected himself. I grunted and stood back up again. "Alexander!" the guy called.

Another guy came up he looked to around 20 or something. With brown hair that was mixed with a brighter brown, light blue eyes with an olive tone skin.

He smiled at me "well what do you know a wolf with his girl" he said chuckling stepping out and kneeling down. He put his hand out towards Chloe who walked towards him and nuzzled her nose into his hand.

"Looks like this wolf took his girl on a dinner date" he said smirking at me. I grunted, he stood up "Aric" Alexander said standing up on full height. "Get this wolf a meal" he said walking back inside. Aric nodded and walked back in the kitchen with Alexander.

Aric came back out with a small table, a dark purple cloth covering it, a vase with a simple rose and a basket of fresh warm rolls.

I was already drooling, Alexander came out with two plates full of smoked rabbit, and lamb chops. I licked my lips and stood up barking loudly.

Aric laughed "look he's so hungry" he said patting Chloe on the head and walked back into the kitchen with Alexander. I immediately dug into my rabbit.

Once I was finished I looked over at Chloe who only had eaten the leg of the rabbit, I lapped up some water from the bowl that was next to me. I had no idea where that came from probably I was too busy eating the rabbit.

Once I was finished I whined and nudged her nibbling on her ear. She purred and licked my cold wet nose. I snorted and moved away, I started chewing lamb chops

I looked at Chloe but she was just looking off at distance, I went back to nibbling her ear, this time she let me. I pulled away and she caught my ear giving it a tug.

I snorted a laugh and tugged my ear out of her mouth and licked her cheek. She looked at my plate then back at me; I looked back too and whined.

My food was all gone and I was still hungry. I looked back at Chloe who had one of her chops in her mouth and handed it to me. I snorted and pushed it back at her. Chloe put it down near my feet and meowed at me.

I grumbled and leaned down starting chewing on the meat, thinking it was supposed to be the opposite way. I know Chloe loved the movie "Lady and the Tramp" I saw her and Tori watching it once so I decided to do something like that.

Looking over at Chloe who was stood up to do cat stretch with a yawn, my eyes softened at the sight of that. My ear swiveled to the sound of footsteps, we both looked towards Alexander walking towards us.

He knelt down and patted Chloe on the head, his friend came over and picked up the dirty dishes and ran back inside. Alexander stood up "go on and carry on with your date" he said and walked back inside.

A date! He thought this was a date! Grumbling I stood up and nudged Chloe out of the area, we both walked around for a while until I saw something I didn't want to see. I quickly grabbed Chloe from the nape of the neck and ran the other direction as fast as I could.

The guy behind me yelled and ran faster, I grunted and picked up my legs to go faster and harder, he was a freaking dog catcher.

I want to turn around and yell 'Do I look like a freaking dog and does this white ball of fur look like a dog'

But of course I couldn't so I just ran and turned the corner the last second bumping into a steamy kiss between to lovers.

My jaw dropped and I accidentally dropped Chloe to the floor who hissed up at me. Right there in front of me wasMiloand Simon in a passionate kiss.

Milo had his arms wrapped around Simon's neck while Simon had his arms wrapped aroundMilo's waist. Simon was taller than Milo but leaner, while asMilowas a half foot shorter and a bit more muscular than Simon.

They both were dry humping together while Simon's back was pressed against the wall, then I felt something between on my tail, looking over my shoulder I saw Chloe pawing at my swishing tail as if it was a toy to play around with.

I inwardly smiled as she attached herself onto to my tail.

I wanted to laugh as I raised my tail with Chloe still stuck on it, my tail was over my back and she let go.

Her nails digging into my shoulders, I turned around and walked around them towards the party.

We both just walked around watching people getting drunk making themselves look like fools. I looked up to see the sun was setting, Chloe jumped off my back and watched as a couple were singing and dancing.

She still looked sad though, I grumbled and looked around for something to make her feel happy.

My eyes traveled around the area when I saw something interesting, a lady selling single yellow roses, she had a little girl with her who was giving out the flowers to the people who wanted one.

I walked up to her and whined lowering myself on to my belly; the girl giggled taking the last yellow flower from her basket handing it to me. I stood up quickly snapping my teeth around the tripped stem.

The girl patted my head then walked off after her who I guess what her mother. I ran the other direction to find Chloe but she wasn't there where I left her.

In panic, I searched for her through the streets. Weaving through people's feet with a yellow rose in my mouth.

A guy blew a whistle and everyone rushed towards the beach, I yelped and almost dropped my rose when somebody stepped on my tail. I growled at the snobbish looking girl who freaked out that there was a wolf on the street but was to drunk to say anything.

Once the street was cleared and everyone was down near the beach, I followed them shortly afterwards wondering what was going on. I stopped when I saw a large grassy slop and on top of that was a white ball of fur, rolling my eyes I jogged over behind her, and then dropped the rose in front of her.

Chloe jumped obviously startled by my sudden action, she looked up at me with her big blue eyes then down at the yellow rose. She leaned down to sniff it then wrinkled her nose sneezing gently, I barked out a laugh at this and then again she sneezed.

A sudden gust of wind blew and the rose flew off towards the ocean, Chloe mewed softly then jumped when a crack was heard above us.

We both looked to see everyone clapping and cheering at the fireworks down at the beach, a few bone fires were lit up and people were dancing around them drinking lots and lots of wine while the fireworks rang above us. A few people dressed in little clothes were doing flame throwers for a show, some even twirled flamed up sticks, flipping them in the air while catching them in a weird pose.

I settled down on my belly and was about to place my head between my front legs when Chloe jumped right in between them snuggling up into my chest a soft purr rang through her body vibrating off of mine.

I inwardly smirked and placed my hand down on my left paw watching the fireworks blast into colorful colors before our eyes. After a few minuets, I looked down to see Chloe sleeping peacefully curled up against my chest.

I gave out a small yawn as well, I was so tired and it was around 9 and I had to sleep to wake up to for school. Picking her up with my teeth and walked back towards the house. It was a really long walk and I couldn't walk any further, but I had to. What if I woke up and see a naked teenage boy sleeping with a kitten. Yeah that's a sight you never see

I finally reached the house and climbed on the back stairs jumping through on of the hallway arch windows. I walked until I reached my door, thankfully I didn't close it shut and walked right in then closed it when my back leg. I gently placed Chloe on my bed then went into my closet and changed back into human form. I quickly put on a pair of clean boxers and went to bed falling straight asleep once my head hit the pillow.

Earlier before when Derek saw Milo and Simon kissing! ~~~~~ SPOV (Simon's)

We were walking down the street, laughing at the horribly drunk people "so uh can I ask you a question" he said looking up at me, I nodded "why'd you through your phone at the wall?" he asked.

I sighed and knew this question was going to come up anyways might as well get rid of it. "My girlfriend from New York broke up with me cause she can't handle a long distant relationship" I said.

"Oh" Milo murmured "That's horrible...she's a bitch then" he said bluntly, I laughed a bit "yeah she didn't satisfied me" I said walking into a that had little ocean style theme. "Like in sex" he again in blunt tone while fingering a shell bracelet.

I blushed fiercely and turned away from his piercing gaze and nodded. He gave a small 'ah' I turned to look at him then noticed that there was a tiny smirk on his face. My eyes narrowed at him but didn't say anything.

A loud crash was heard behind us and a girl yell "stupid bitch" We turned to see a girl around my age and a college looking girl who looked pissed off. "What it's not my fault you're boyfriend likes me!" the little girl said to the older girl.

The older one jumped the little one and scratched the pull on her hair. I smirked a perfect cat fight I thought. The little one however grabbed the older one's hair and kicked her in the shine who yelled out in pain.

The little one immeditetly straddled the older one and started to chock her. "Hey ladies!" Milo yelled going in between them. I pouted and crossed my arms glaring at him, "Milo!" the little one yelled jumping off the older one and hugged him.

I glared harder if I could "hey Pixie" he said examining the long scratch on her face "you know this bitch!" the older one said pointing to Pixie who stuck her tongue out at the college girl.

Milo nodded "and you might want to leave, I can call the police on you" he said giving the girl a hard glare. She huff and stomped off then grabbed a cup of whine and drowned that down.

"Thank god you're here, I would have killed her" Pixie said in a joking way. Milo laughed "well what happened" he asked.

"Okay so I was helping with my grandma over here, when a couple walks in. The boy starts checking me out and starts openly flirting with me, while his girlfriend standing right there. I however don't flirt back and he thinks it's somehow 'cute' but I easily tell him to back off. So then he makes these stupid lines like 'have I seen you before' or like 'you're eyes remind me of someone...someone special' I'll tell you boys these days are so stupid" she huffed. "So while the girl buys her little charm bracelet. The guy walks off saying that he's going to get some ice-cream. Then this bitch is all over my face saying that I flirted with her boyfriend and called me a 'stupid bitch'...and yeah well you know what happened" she said finishing taking a deep breath.

Milo smirked and ruffled her midnight blue hair "well you take care okay and if you need anything, I'll help okay" he said then the girl's dark green eyes trained to me and narrowed "who's he" she hissed.

"He's been listening to our conversation this whole time" she shrieked. I winced "he's my friend, his name is Simon" Milo said quickly before the girl could jump me. "Oh" she murmured then looked me up and down. "He's cute in a lost little boy type of way" she said and patted Milo on his cheek "anyways did you guys need anything" she said putting a cap back on her head and walked behind the counter of the store.

"Uh no I was just looking around" I murmured then my eyes trained on a old style book behind her on a stand, it was brown with and in the middle was a little weird looking shape and in the shape of a tiny mermaid sitting on a rock. "What's that?" I asked pointing behind her, she looked over her shoulder and smirked "that my friend is what you call a book...maybe you have heard of them" she said sarcastically.

Picture of book on my profile and yes the mermaid isn't on the book but I felt like putting it on

I gave her a glower to which she smirked at "I know it's a book but what kind of book" I said. She sighed and looking very uncomfortable "it's about uh m-m-mer-people" she said fiddling with a pencil in her hand.

"Oh" I said, nothing interesting but something kept on urging me to get it. "How much" I asked, from the corner of my eye I saw Milo stiffen and look at me in shock while Pixie paled "hehehe Um uh well you see it's not on sale" she said.

"Oh but then why does it sale clearance on the top of the shelve" True enough the word clearance was written on top of the shelve. "Uh um hehe sorry whoops it's um 30 Euros" she said.

I smirked "I'll take it" handing her the money. Pixie picked up the book as if it was a prize possession and wrapped it up softly in wrapping paper then placed it in a bag "here you go" she murmured taking the exact change from my hand while putting the back in other hand.

"Thank you" I said walking out of the store with a dazed Milo behind me. "You sure you want the book...merpeople are just a legend you know" he said looking hesitant.

"I'm sure" I smiled, a lady come up to me and handed me a bottle of whine "here take this...I too drunk" she slurred and collapsed on a drunken man who smile at her then whispered in her ear, she giggled as they ran into a small shed.

I gagged "that's just gross, I mean seriously they don't even know each other" I murmured then took a sip of whine "hmm this is not bad actually" I murmured taking another sip. Milo chuckled and grabbed the bottle from me and drank up easily "that's how you drink it not sip by sip" he said.

I frowned then grabbed the bottle and drank the whole thing...and that's how we ended up drunk near a small shed in a banded alleyway on the floor against the door. "You have nish hair" Milo slurred playing with my hair.

I chuckled "you have nish eyes" I slurred back petting his cheek with my hand, he giggled and moved in closer "I have a secrete" he whispered in my ear. "Hmmm what is it" enjoying the feeling of his lips brushing the shell of my ear as he talked. "I'm gay" he purred traveling his hand down my chest.

I groaned when he cupped lower regions which immeditetly hardened at his touch. I panted as he gave me long heavy strokes, I leaned against the shed my legs spread wide as Milo sat between them giving me even harder strokes. I cried out, my eyes rolling at the back of my head.

"Oh god" I murmured, He chuckled and stood up. I pouted and stared at him "stand up" I did and he stared at me then wrapped his arm around my neck and whispered "I'm going to kiss you" I nodded and kissed me hard.

NPOV (narrator)

Simon was too drunk to understand what was going on so he just went with it wrapping his own arms around Milo's waist. Pulling him closer, Milo groaned as their erection rubbed against each other.

Simon panted in his Milo's mouth while grinding there lower regions, Milo groaned then kissed Simon again. Simon's back was against the door and they were a hiss but were too distracted to see what was going on.

Milo's hand went down and cupped Simon's bottom, Simon hissed when Milo gave him a squeeze. The door suddenly opened behind them and they stumbled in. Quickly they discarded their clothes.

Again they were at with each other but this time naked, Simon moved Milo against the wall, "bend a little a bit" Simon whispered in Milo's ear.

Milo bend a bit so that his bottom was in the air, Simon grabbed his hips and spat on his hand lubricating the puckered hole. "Ready" he moaned, Milo just groaned and grabbed on to the shelve that was in front of him.

Milo cried out in pain as Simon slammed in to him. They both stilled for a few minutes relaxing into the position, then Milo moved a bit. Simon hissed, he pulled out then slammed back in.

Milo groaned as Simon pounded furiously in him. One of the hand that was on his hips moved down to grab his length and pump it as the same speed as Simon pounded into Milo.

"so close" Simon whispered as is breathing un evened as well as his speed. Simon ran his thumb across the slit of Milo's cock who shouted a curse as he came into Simon's hand. Simon bit into Milo's shoulder as he came in him.

They both rode each other's high off and slowed down. Simon immeditetly passed out once he pulled out of Milo.

Milo stared at Simon then pulled on his clothes, he wasn't drunk he acted drunk. He wanted to be fucked by Simon. He guess his urges got the best of him, all day he's been fighting off his hormonal urges against Simon.

Milo dressed up Simon and carried him back to the house, it was dark and everyone was probably asleep, only a few night drunkers were out near the beach. He walked towards the back and up the steps then into the house.

He walked as quietly as he could towards Simon's bedroom, opening it then placing Simon on the bed. Then ran off to his bedroom, he slept with a blush on his face and even more difficult urges to control

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