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Jazz woke up the next morning, wondering why she thought she should call a mental hospital and tell them that her family is crazy.

…Well, crazier than usual, anyway.

She then remembered that Danny had acted weird the day before, when he mentioned something about not being mutated. While it's a relief to know that her little brother probably wasn't part fish or something, it still bothered her—why the heck did he feel the need to state the obvious? After pondering for a while, she eventually shrugged, going off to wake him instead. Danny always slept in too late without her there.

She knocked on his door, and, understandably, got no response. Jazz opened the door and reached her little brother's bed, ready to shake him awake, but was rather surprised to find no one occupying his room.

Huh. He must have gotten up earlier.

Shrugging, she left, thinking nothing of it.

Hearing a slamming door and the retreating of footsteps, Danny opened his eyes from his comfortable sleep to find himself staring at the bottom of his mattress. He briefly wondered how old his bed was upon seeing the slightly ripped bottom spilling mattress blood and the moldy scent of mildew, but soon realized that it was in his best interests to get out from under his bed. Danny proceeded to do so, tripping over his own feet every so often, which in itself was strange; sure he was a bit clumsy, but never this clumsy. Plus, it almost felt as though the ground was trying to eat his feet. That was certainly not normal.

He went on to his regular morning schedule: go take shower, get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, eat breakfast. The usual. All the while, he was tripping most of the time, and he started wondering why. Then he remembered waking up under his bed, and started wondering how he got down there in the first place. He was sure he went to sleep on top of it. Time to retrace his steps…

Okay, so he got up yesterday, went to school, came back home and went to his room, then Sam and Tucker apparently visited and were immediately dragged down to the lab by his parents, he went down to ask them a question, his dad had him go into the portal, said portal came on… and…

Danny smacked his face. How could he forget something as important as that? Now he knew why everybody called him clueless. Well, he guessed that's why, anyway.

Okay. So, apparently, he could use his newfound ghost powers as a human, to some extent. When he thought his foot felt like it was being swallowed by the floor, it really was. And when he couldn't see himself in the mirror after taking a shower, blaming it on the fog, he really was invisible.

Well. That's gonna be a problem in school. …And that definitely wasn't poorly concealed foreshadowing.

~~~~~ (Gotta love that at sign. And this is a line break, if you must know.)

Danny cursed for the umpteenth time, asking the God of Unneeded Ghost Powers and Other Useless Things to stop giving him so much trouble because honestly he really didn't need to trip every other step especially in front of Dash thank you very much.

"Hey, Fen-toenail," Dash sneered after witnessing Danny's graceful (coughnotcough) trip to the floor, "what do you think you're doing, getting your face under my foot?" (A/N: Trip to the floor? Ha… Unintended pun right there, people.)

Danny looked up, seeing Dash's blonde face staring at the floor where he was. The only problem was the Jock's foot wasn't in his face, thankfully. Being the idiot he was, Danny stated that out loud. "Um, Dash, your foot isn't in my face, if you didn't notice."

Dash smirked and stepped on Danny. "Well, now it is, Fent-erincess. Say, what flavor is that piece of gum I stepped on earlier?" Obviously, everybody who was deemed popular laughed at the "joke." It was then the minute bell rang.

"Well, see you later Fenton. Don't wanna be late for Lancer's," Dash sneered, and he and the other kids in the A-list turned a corner into another hallway.

"…Well, that sucked," Tucker deadpanned. Sam rolled her eyes.

"Well duh, Captain Obvious," Sam said. Danny stared as the two started bickering.

"I find it funny that I was on the receiving end yet you guys are the ones complaining," he said. They turned to him.

"So are you saying you don't care about the fact that Dash had you taste his sneaker?" Tucker asked.

"Well, no, it's just-"

"Hey, guys," Sam said, grabbing their attention, "hate to say it, but Dash was right about getting to Lancer's if we wanna be on time. Let's go if we don't want him after our butts." The two others quickly agreed in fear of the overweight teacher giving them detention and left for the classroom.

Of course, that had to be when the first ghost attacked.

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