Okay well I can't say I remember how many years it's been since I've written an actual chapter for this crap but I think that after so long I should remind anyone who subscribed to unfollow this fanfic because 1) dear lord was I a bad writer at that age and 2) despite my continued love of danny phantom (some might say that I'm too old to like this cartoon but I was also told that when I was twelve so screw that) I doubt I'm ever going to write for it ever again. And if I did it wouldn't be here. , as I have discovered, is a crap website, and primarily serves as an entry into fanfic writing for the young'uns.

Also I really regret this username that mini me chose. Just really super regret it. But I'm not gonna change it. I need to live with my past mistakes.

Well that's that good night and good luck to all you folks who forgot that you ever had a account and followed this trash heap.

(for the curious apparently the last time anything was added to this was in July of 2012, but the last actual chapter was added sometime in 2011 because I deleted some stuff. speaking of which god damn did they change things since my time. hey kids, if you want me to talk to you about them good ol' days, just ask.)