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As Chloe wandered down the halls shaking her hips in the way that she knows makes me horny. "Derek I need to ask you something." She knew anything she asked me was hers, but the one thing I would not take from her is what she wanted. GRRRR! As we stood in my room she was yelling at me for not taking it from her.

"God Chloe I will not under any thing have sex with you, you mean too much to me."

"So if you would do it we could be real close closer than we are." She said stubborn making me more pissed.

She stormed out yet knowing that she wouldn't give up.


I don't know why but he wouldn't take my virginity I knew he wanted to his inter wolf did to just ready to burst out and rip my clothes off! But he wouldn't not yet I would first I would get the summer off then I would treat him to slutty clothes ahhh the magic women's clothing could do. Later on that night I snuck into his room and Simon said he had a journal of what Derek though the perfect outfit for a slut he couldn't even try to resist and I know it bad but for his inter wolf to take over I had to on my period. I made sure he had a condom and had been taking birth control for a good two months. It was her turn to shine! I look like…like…a slu... Tori! How could he resist! An evil smirk on my face, so Simon new about my plan and left me alone for the night chasing up some more skirts. My flow was heavy so it would make him mad with horny boy thoughts! As I crepe into the room he was still taking a shower I could wait for him sneak in and only leave his underwear and socks no, not the socks. My face grinned I fell to his bed grinning just waiting.


I thought I heard someone in the bathroom when I was in the shower but it was probably just Simon getting another condom from the drawer. I didn't have my condoms because I and Chloe didn't have sex yet! But I was glad. I got out of the shower with just my underwear I could have sworn I got the rest of my clothes but whatever. I walked out of the bathroom and saw a small blonde sexy slut oh my god I think that's Chloe!


Right before he came out I was thinking about if I had got the right size I mean I could be too small or too big you know it can't be to big it's just can't be I had seen his lovely "work" by complete and utter mistake but it was a lot bigger than I would have imagined. I walked in on him changing, Simon was outside so I figured that Derek was too but boy was I wrong. But that was a few weeks ago. "Chloe is that you?" he said in disbelief. "Yea I was just looking around and though that we could talk" his nose quivered I knew he smelt me. "Chloe it is probably better is you just leave."

"But" I said getting up and feeling his biceps to his peaks to his gloryful abs (I know it's not a word but it's all I could think of) my face now steaming up I wanted to go lower but his hand stopped me from doing so.

"Chloe I can smell you and my inter wolf is telling me too… well you know" he murmured

"I know trust me he is working just fine" I said pining him to the bed. I was kissing him to making out to passionate kissing to full flee out frenchy! He took me and flipped me over and did the same his inter wolf kicked in and he himself enjoyed it. He somehow in the mix but on a condom and his leg split mine and moaning in unison he lifts me up pulls me up and takes off my dirty little skank outfit off and him his boxer's. He didn't hesitate to jump back on and the sharp pain only lasted for a few times and turned into pleasure he was absolutely wonderful the full on pulling hurt a bit before it was a perfect melody it lasted about and an hour when Simon thought we were done and walked in on us we weren't even have way done but he opened it up thinking so a shrieked in horror seeing his brother making love to his mate 3. We broke apart not wanting to but we got dressed in silence and I walked out saying he was all that I knew it would be. When I got down to my room Rea opened it up and said how was it? I look horrified "H-h-how do y-you know that?"

"Oh please everyone heard you couldn't be any louder… so how was it"

"Umm I had a really good time"


I can't believe that I didn't want to at first but it was the most beautiful thing that could have happen then I rembered Simon. I walked out.

"Simon, Simon"

He was in the living room scared for life.

"Look bro I didn't mean to scar you."

"Was it fun"

"Dude" I growled.

"I'm joking but I know it was good you could hear you in the backyard but I thought you were in her room be glad that Dad and Lauren are out for supplies"

"Simon the condom broke" His face stood there in horror.

"Dude you did tell her right"

"I am afraid and she was on her period and I know that I was ya know"

"Oh my god Derek she could be pregnant!"