Hi, it is I, formally known as futuramafreak, I changed cause I realized I should write more stories than just about futurama. So. This is my just something that is filling in while I think on my other stories, and I wanted to write before I lost it.

I had always wondered how I'd die. I always hoped it would be as an old man, in my bed, holding hands with my beautiful wife when the reaper came. I guess that was not to be. I'm lying here, on some alien planet far from home, blood leaking out of the massive hole in my chest. The bastard who shot me lies not to far away, his head completely obliterated. All I can see if the red velour of his uniform. There are voices. I can't really make them out, my hearing was acting up for some reason. It was like I had it in a seashell, you know? Where you hear the ocean. I briefly wondered if someone had taped two shells to my ears. Or maybe there was an explosion? That made more sense, but I couldn't remember what blew up. All I knew was that I got shot. And that I was dying. Those were the facts.

Strangely, it didn't bother me like I thought it would have. I suppose it's because of how it came to be. The bullet that hit me wasn't meant for me, you know. Oh, yes, people have tried to give me a jump start in a career as Swiss cheese, but not this time. No, this time the bullet was meant for her. It was meant for her, and I stepped in front of it. So, here I am, bleeding, and feeling oddly ok with it all. Yes if my life is what it costed to keep her safe, I would gladly pay again.

Suddenly she comes into view. I can see tears in her one eye, her long purple hair is somewhat a mess. She's saying something and I struggle to make it out, but I can feel myself slipping. No! Not yet! I fight it and suddenly I hear her voice, the most beautiful voice in all the universe.

'Fry? FRY!' she's yelling.

I chuckle a little at this. She must like me, she always yells my name.

'No-' I pause and cough. I can feel some blood come up my throat. I can taste it in my mouth. I swallow and try again. 'No need to shout Leela, I'm right here.'

I see a small amount of relief enter her face when she sees that I'm not lost yet.

'Don't worry Fry, we'll get you help. We'll get you outta here.' she says.

'Are you ok, Leela?' I ask.

But she wasn't listening. 'BENDER!' she called.

I heard my metallic friend answer her. 'I'm coming big boots, I'm coming. I just saw...' he trailed off. He must of missed the part where I got shot. Good old' Bender.

'Help me get him on board! He's seriously injured!'

The clomp of metallic feet come to ears, and I can now see Bender on the other side of me looking at my chest.

'Umm...Leela?' he says hesitantly. 'I don't think he's going to make it.'

'Shut up!' she yelled. 'Of course he's gonna make it. He has to.'

I listen to the panic in her voice. It just proves a fact I had been aware of for years. She did care about me. As more than a friend.

'Leela.' I mummer. Tears are coming from her eyes now, the dam having burst. She looked down at me. 'Leela, I'm not going to make it.'

'Yes Fry you are.' she says. She's being stubborn as usual. 'You've got to hang on. Dammit I'm your captain. I order you to hang on.'

I chuckle a little t that. 'I guess you'll have to put me in the brig Mam cause I don't think I'm going to be able to follow that order.'

She looked at me. 'Please don't say that Fry. You can't die. We need you. I...I need you.'

Despite the fact I was in pain, I smiled. Called that.

I can feel myself slipping again. I don't have long now. Suddenly Leela slammed her fist into the ground next t me. 'Why?' she asked. 'Why did you do that? That wasn't meant for you!'

I looked her in the eye. 'Have you not figured it out?' I asked. 'It's cause I love you.'

I saw her eye widen slightly at this. I've told her before, I guess now she realized I was serious. That hurt a little, that she thought I was just toying with her.

'You...you do?' she asks. I manage a nod. 'That's why I took the bullet. I wasn't about to stand around and just let that tub of lard shoot you. I willingly gave my life for yours. Hell, I'd walk up to the devil himself and spit in his eye for you.'

She managed a weak smile, and before I could do anything, she leaned in and kissed me. Everything froze. I forgot I was injured, forgot I was dying. One thought was running through my mind.

Leela's kissing me!

I lost my self in the her sent. It was like strawberries and roses. An odd combination, but I did'nt care. It was probably just my dying mind imaging it. She broke the kiss and said 'Fry, I love you '

And that is how the day I died became the happiest day of my life. Leela loved me. Nothing else mattered anymore.

'I love you too, Leela. Always have. Always will.'

Those were my final words. Suddenly darkness clouded my vision, and I was apart of this world no more.

But I will always be glad I gave my life for hers.

And there you have it. Its sad but then again, not heart wrenching. This is my first attempt at trajedy. So tell me what you think. Give me pointers, you know, the whole nine yards.

This is Johns Left Hand saying goodnight.