I pushed myself off the ground. My head was spinning and I growled in frustration as I tried to focus on my surroundings, which is much harder to do when you only have one eye. That bastard Branagin might still be alive. I had to be ready in case he took another pop shot at me. I looked around. The burning wreckage of the DOOP drop pod informed me that one of the bullets he fired had hit its fuel tank. That was what threw me through the air, causing my black out. Leave it to the DOOP to by space ships built by the lowest bidder. Beyond that is my ship, the PE Explorer. Still in one piece. Good. I remember I should be looking for Branagin. He fired two shots at me, and I could of swore that the first one was going to hit me. Must have just imagined it. I couldn't remember everything that happened. Just the shots then an explosion. My eye widened suddenly. My crew! Where were they?

I looked around again and noticed Bender was in the process of getting up. Good he was okay. Now to find Fry. I looked to the right and gasped. The body of the DOOP general Zapp Branagin is lying just a few feet away, his head missing. 'Eww...' I shudder. I definitely did not need to see his insides today. Oh well, the jerk deserved it. After what he did, kidnaping me. Or trying to anyway. It's a good thing Fry was...

I stop mid-thought and my eye widens in horror. There, just a bit farther than Branagin, was Fry. On the ground. Not moving. Memories flood my mind. Zapp pulling the trigger. The bullet. And suddenly, Fry jumping in front of me, talking the bullet.

I must have had a broken rib or two cause getting up was a very painful experience, but I didn't care. I had to get to Fry. There's a giant hole in his chest. He might be...NO! He's not dead! There's still a chance! He can't be dead!

As I get closer I call his name. He doesn't respond. I reach him and drop to my knees and look at his wound. My god. I can actually see his heart. But it's moving. Still beating. He's still alive! I see his eyes and they appear to see me but are not focused.

I call his name again. 'Fry? FRY!'

Suddenly he lets out a small chuckle. It took me be surprise. What was so funny? I didn't have time to ponder because he starts to speak. 'No-' He coughs and I see blood come up and a little trickles out of his mouth. I thought he passed out but he continues. 'No need to shout Leela. I'm right here.'

He's still with me. Thank god. 'Don't worry Fry, we'll get you help. We'll get you outta here.' I say.

He says something, but I didn't hear because I turned to get Bender, and realize he isn't there. Didn't that worthless piece of tin realize his best friend was lying here dying. 'BENDER!' I call.

I see him come around the burning wreckage of the pod. 'I'm coming big boots. I'm coming. I just saw...' What ever he saw was erased from his memory when he saw Fry. His eyes open to their full extent at the site of him.

'Help me get him on board. He's seriously injured!' I yell. He rushes over and looks at Fry.

'Uh...Leela? He said hesitantly, worrying me further. He used my real name and he was being hesitant. Bender was never hesitant. 'I don't think he's going to make it.'

The words hit me like a sledgehammer, and I refused to listen to him. 'Shut up! Of course he's going to make it. He has to.' I can feel myself panicking. I feel tears welling up in my eyes.

Fry spoke again. 'Leela.' he murmured. 'Leela I'm not going to make it.'

'Yes you are Fry.' I say. ''You've got to hang on. Dammit I'm your captain. I order you to hang on.'

He chuckle a little t that. I didn't think it was funny. H should obey his Captian my mind thought irrationally

'I guess you'll have to put me in the brig M'am cause I don't think I'm going to be able to follow that order.'

I look down at him. 'Please don't say that Fry. We need you. I...I need you.' I finally admit it. I need him. I'd been denying it to myself for years, and now I realized I was lying to myself. I really need him. I love him. God I'm pathetic. It has to take him lying on the ground slowly dying while I watched helplessly for me to realize it. I got angry. Not at him but at myself. It should be me lying there, not him. Not the sweet kind redhead who was a real blast from the past case. It should be me. He didn't deserve this. And I didn't deserve him.

Suddenly I slam my fist into the ground. 'Why?' I ask. 'Why did you do that? That wasn't meant for you.'

He stares at me. 'Have you not figured it out? It's because I love you.'

He floors me. My eye widens slightly at what he just said. He loves me. He loves me. I intelligently manage to say 'You...you do?'

He nods. 'That's why I took the bullet. I wasn't about to stand around and just let that tub of lard shoot you. I willingly gave my life for yours. Hell, I'd walk up to the devil himself and spit in his eye for you.'

I couldn't help but give a small smile at this. Only Fry could crack a joke in the face of certain death. At that point, I realized that he had told me he love me before. But I always shrugged it off as a lame attempt to get me to go on a date with him. Now he had just proved that he had meant it every time he said it. Guilt reared its monstrous head inside of me. So I did the only thing I could think of. I kisses him.

I felt him stiffen slightly before he relaxed into the kiss and started kissing back. I kiss him harder, putting everything I feel into that one single kiss, our first real kiss. Our last real kiss. Unfortunately we both needed air, so I pull back and cradled his head.

'Fry.' I said. 'I love you.'

Fry looked at me and his face shown brighter than all the stars of the night sky. 'I love you too, Leela. Always have. Always will.'

I pressed my forehead to his, crying. My tears splashed onto his handsome face. But he couldn't hear. I see his heart is no longer moving in his chest. He was gone, lost to me forever.

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