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Prologue: Awakening

"My friends are my power! And I'm theirs!"

"Aqua, Ven, one day I'll set things right."

"My name is Master Aqua! Now return my friend's heart or pay the price!"

"This world has been connected; tied to the darkness, soon to be completely eclipsed."

"All for one and one for all!"

"That's not true! I know now, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts is light!"

"In this place, to find is to loose and to loose is to find, that is the way, in Castle Oblivion."

"If his memories become her memories... she will never survive it."

"I belong with Sora. And now, I am going back... to be with him."

"Sora... you're lucky, looks like my summer vacation is... over."

"Think I'll pass, my heart just wouldn't be in it you know; haven't got one."

"There is one advantage to being me, something you could never imitate; having you for a friend."

"In fact, I'd like to believe maybe he can set things right. A boy like him who touches so many hearts. He could open the right door and save all those lives I've managed to ruin."

He was falling, slowly through darkness. It was a sweet, relaxing feeling he hadn't felt in over two years. He didn't want it to end. His hair was light brown and styled into multiple spikes, while his body was garbed in a detailed black and navy outfit with multiple buckles and straps.

Sora slowly opened his eyes as the voices he had heard in his head silenced. Some he had heard before, while others were foreign to him. The feeling of floating left him as he landed on an equally black ground. Almost positive about what was going to happen next, Sora stepped forward. And as he did, a flock of snow white doves flew out from under his feet, revealing circular platform at least 30 feet in diameter and appeared to be made out of stained glass. Sora watched the doves fly out into the distance until a voice brought his attention back to the present.

"Soon, their suffering will finally end. Soon, you will depart on your final journey."

Sora glanced down at the picture on the station. It was golden orange in color with a blond-haired boy around his age with his eyes closed. He was dressed in black and white checkered clothing and holding a silver and yellow key-shaped weapon. Surrounding the boy's head and feet were small pictures of other people. But, it was the way his hair was styled that gave away his identity to Sora, it was his nobody; Roxas. The people in the smaller pictures surrounding Roxas's head were Axel, Naminé, Sora himself and a girl with short black hair Sora didn't recognize. While the pictures surrounding his feet were Hayner, Pence and Olette. The background was Twilight Town.

Suddenly a horde of black shadow heartless appeared out of the ground and lunged at Sora. Sora raised his hand and in a flash of white light, the Kingdom Key Keyblade appeared in his hand as it always had. Sora just barely ducked out of the way of a shadow jumping towards him, and sliced through two who had almost clawed him. Then slashed at one in mid-air. He ran a fair distance from the remaining heartless, and then threw Kingdom Key at them. Once the heartless were reduced to nothing but wisps of fading darkness, the Keyblade returned to Sora's hand. Then, a staircase of multicoloured stained glass materialized in front of Sora. Knowing no other way to go, Sora took his time walking up them.

The staircase led him to yet another station. This one was golden yellow in color and revolving around the same unrecognizable black-haired girl from Roxas's station. She was dressed in the familiar black coat from the former Organization XIII and she was holding the Kingdom Key Keyblade. The pictures surrounding her head were Axel, Naminé, himself, and to Sora's surprise, there seemed to be two pictures of Roxas. Like Roxas's station, the background was Twilight Town.

As soon as Sora stepped onto the new station, the staircase that had led him there vanished and he was instantly surrounded by a dozen dusks. Holding out his hand, Kingdom Key appeared. The dusks swarmed towards him, but Sora dodged out of the way and dashed out of sight of the dusks, temporarily confusing them. Sora took advantage of this by sending multiple blows to the dusks; eliminating many of them. Sora repeated this strategy with the remaining dusks until all the dusks vanished. As soon as Sora had destroyed the last nobody, there was a flash of white light in front of him and a glowing, majestic rose pink door appeared in front of him.

"Hold on, beyond that door lies a completely different world. You will learn things that may change you forever. But don't be afraid; you have friends who care for you."

Sora doubted the voice could see him, but nodded his head in understanding. He grasped Kingdom Key in both hands and pointed it at the door. A beam of white light appeared from the tip of the Keyblade and unlocked the door, revealing an intense amount of light. Sora shielded his eyes as he walked through. When Sora opened his eyes again he was standing on another station. This one was emerald green in color and revolving around a boy who looked identical to Roxas. The only differences Sora took notice of were a metallic green piece of armour attacked to his shoulder, matching metal shoes, a silver symbol on his chest and he was holding an oddly shaped grey and gold Keyblade being held in reverse. The pictures surrounding his head were a young woman with short blue hair, a young man with dark brown hair, Sora and King Mickey. The background appeared to be some kind of wasteland.

"Is that Roxas?" Sora whispered without intending to.

"No," a familiar feminine voice spoke, "He's someone you share a special connection with, someone who's hurting." Sora looked ahead to find that he was not alone. Standing in front of him with her back to him was a girl his age dressed in a short white dress, blue sandals with little yellow flowers on them, while her pale blonde hair was casually draped over one shoulder.

"Naminé?" Sora asked. The nobody of one of his best friends turned to face him. She appeared to have a sad look in her blue eyes. "What do you mean? I've never met anyone who looks like that, well other than Roxas."

"You've only met him briefly. I don't expect you to remember, you were only four at the time," Naminé said quietly.

"Does this have anything to do with the King's letter?" Sora asked remembering the letter he, Riku and Kairi had received a fair few months ago.

"Yes," Naminé nodded, "There are so many people who are hurting now. It's time for you to awaken the memories inside of you and end their hurt."

"Are you?"

"We're hurting, but there are people who are hurting more than us, longer than us. You need to make them your first priority." A new voice said from behind Sora. Sora turned around to find a boy standing behind him. He recognized him from the first station.

"Roxas?" Sora asked. His nobody nodded. Sora turned for a final time to find a figure in a long, black Organization XIII coat, the hood covering their face. The hooded figure was standing next to a figure in metallic green armour with blue plates, their helmet covering their face. "You've all suffered for a long time, haven't you?" the cloaked figure nodded.

"I've wanted to meet you for a long time, Sora." The figure spoke in a feminine voice. Roxas raised an eyebrow at her.

"Do I know you? Your voice sounds familiar." He asked. The figure turned its head towards Naminé.

"It's your choice if you want to tell them. I understand if you're not ready," Naminé told her.

"Naminé?" Roxas asked, "Do you know something we don't?"

"It's not my place to say," Naminé replied. Sora turned to the figure in armour.

"Who are you?" he asked. The armoured figure stepped forward and spoke,

"I've been connected to your heart for years. But, my friends, they've suffered a long time."

"You... when I came here two years ago, you're the voice that guided me!" Sora realized. The armoured figure nodded.

"I've tried to help you in what little way I could. I know I haven't been able to do much, when you've done so much for me. I hate asking you this, Sora, but the hurt has gone on long enough. You need to end it once and for all."

Sora nodded his understanding and closed his eyes, the station of awakening begging to fade before him. It wouldn't be long now. Soon, he would leave on his final quest to end the hurt.