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Chapter 75: A Vilanious Split

Roxas and the rest of his team had just arrived on the Falcon and were ready to leave New Orleans. However, before they could leave, Kyra noticed a flashing red button on the dashboard.

"A video call?" Kyra questioned as she took her position at the pilot's seat. Her teammates immediately gathered around her, curious about the video call as well.

"Who could be calling us? Sora's team?" Roxas asked with a hint of hope in his voice, wanting to hear from Lea and Sora.

"Maybe Cid?" Lydia said. "Maybe there's some news about the portal they're working on."

"Guess we'll find out." Kyra shrugged as she pushed the button. Immediately, an image of Mickey and the interior of the Highwind appeared.

Mickey smiled and waved to the team. "Hi fellas! Did I catch ya at a bad time?"

"We actually just finished up with a world so this is perfect timing." Said Naminé. "Why did you call us?"

"We just finished up on a world ourselves when Cid contacted us and told us the portal was complete." Mickey exclaimed.

"That's great news!" Xion exclaimed happily. "So we can go through it and save Aqua now?"

"Yup. All we need is two of some kind of dark, rare materials to have the portal lead us there." Mickey nodded. "At least that's what Cid said when he contacted us."

"You mean like this?" Dragon asked as he held out the Yami crystal he picked up from the fight with Dr. Facilier. "I thought it looked a little too important."

"A Yami Crystal?!" Mickey exclaimed. "Oh boy! That's perfect! We got one just like that when we defeated Mother Gothel!"

"Sounds like we're on our way to Radiant Garden, then." Said Roxas. "We'll see you guys later!" At that moment the communication was cut and the team had a new destination to head towards. No one voiced any objections as Kyra plugged in the coordinates to Radiant Garden and the Falcon took off. At the same time, the Highwind containing Sora's team was reaching the same destination.


Tidus sat alone on the play island's beach, staring silently at the water. It had been weeks since Sora, Riku and Kairi left the islands this time though to the young Blitzball player it felt like years. Somewhere beyond the spakling peaceful waters of Destiny Islands his friends were out there most likely fighting for their lives and the wellbeing of all the worlds. Tidus hated that he was left behind; he'd known the three of them for as long as he could remember and yet there wasn't a thing he could do to help them.

"Hey Brudda." A familiar voice said as he felt the presence of two friendly people sit on the sand on either side of him. On one side was Wakka and on the other was Selphie.

"Hey guys." Tidus mumbled without looking at either of them.

Selphie released a sigh. "Let me guess, you guys are worried about Sora, Riku and Kairi too?"

"Yeah it's been weeks since they left and we still haven't heard anything." Tidus said. "I'm a little worried."

"Yeah they have been gone for a long while." Agreed Wakka.

Selphie gave another nod. "I really hope they're doing okay. I just want them to come back."

"Same here." Tidus agreed as he stood up to his feet and continued to look out to the water. "I want to go out there and help them somehow but we don't have any way to go out there."

"Actually, we do." Smirked Wakka. Both Tidus and Selphie looked at him with confusion written across their faces. "Ya know that star shard thingy we used ta travel around when the islands first got destroyed? Well, I sorta kept it." Wakka laughed sheepishly as he rubbed the back of her neck.

Tidus and Selphie's jaws both dropped in surprise but a moment after the initial shock wore off, smiles spread across their faces.

"All right!" Tidus jumped to his feet and pumped his fist into the air. "Then let's grab our weapons and go help them!"

Selphie released a small giggle. "Well it's a good thing I kept those nunchucks. I'm assuming you guys still have yours?"

"Of course!" Tidus said excitedly. "I had to keep Brotherhood; it's a sword made out of water for crying out loud!"

"And ya know I always hold on to a blitzball even before our journey started." Laughed Wakka.

"Alright. Then let's grab our weapons and some potions and meet right back at the beach." Selphie said as she jumped up to her feet and started rushing towards her tiny boat with Wakka following closely behind.

Tidus was just about to follow them but before he did, he looked out to the ocean. "Sora, Kairi, Riku, we're coming to help you! Yuna... I wonder if you're still out there too..." With that final thought, Tidus followed his friends.


Back at The World That Never Was, Maleficent was storming down the halls with an angry look on her face. The witch stormed past the black and white halls of the castle, spotting her target. The young version of Xehanort himself at the end of the hall, looking out at the dark cityscape.

He could feel the evil fairy approaching but still didn't turn around to face her. "Something wrong, Maleficent?" The young man questioned.

"Oh, you know full well what is wrong." Snarled the witch angrily. "Many of the forces I've assembled to help deal with the warriors of the light have been defeated. I just received word that both Dr. Facilier and Gothel met their end."

"Yes, and?" He asked, completely uninterested and not moving his gaze from the window.

"My forces are dwindling while yours are still here and most haven't even confronted the keyblade wielders!" Maleficent shouted. "You've always sent my forces out before yours. You consider my forces disposable."

Young Xehanort did nothing to respond to her as he continued looking out the window.

"You were so insistent on keeping the keyblade weilders alive."

"Once again, your point?"

"Why are you so insistent on throwing my forces out into the fray and keeping the keyblade weilders alive?!" Maleficent was really starting to loose her composure now.

"I don't recall that being any of your business." The boy finally turned around to face Maleficent. His amber eyes were like ice as he glared at her.

"So, you see no reason to share your plans with your ally?" The witch released a sudden gasp as she realized the truth. "Or, you don't see us as allies at all do you?"

"You catch on quickly." Young Xehanort quipped.

"Is see. You see me as expendable. Very well." Maleficent's eyes narrowed angrily. The anger behind her eyes was burning with a fury like none she'd ever felt. But, the witch soon calmed down and turned her back away from the dark boy. "Then I suppose it is time for us to part ways." She snarled as she turned to leave.

"Very well, but once you leave we will be enemies."

"Was that meant to be a threat, child?"

"Take it as you will." Young Xehanort said. "But we clearly do not have the same goals. I will not allow you to interfere with mine."

Maleficent was silent as she walked away from the boy and back to where her remaining, dwindling forces were waiting. Pete, Mortimer, Hope, Drakken, Shego and Doofinshmirtz immediately stood to attention the moment she arrived.

"So how'd it go with the squirt?" Mortimer asked.

"I'm afraid the news is not good." Maleficent snarled bitterly. "It seems we shall have to take matters into our own hands."

"What?! That little snot ditched us?!" Pete growled.

"But I was all ready to go with my new inators!" Wined Dr. Doofinshmirtz.

"How dare he!" Exclaimed Drakken. "Who does that brat think he is?!"

"He insists on bringing in the Keybearers alive." Maleficent continued. "And refuses to explain why. Well, I've waited long enough for my revenge. I say it's high time we attack Radiant Garden."

"I agree." Hope said quietly. "Radiant Garden is where he is, right?"

Maleficent smirked at the young boy. "Yes, you wish to have your revenge too do you not? On that Snow Villiers." She asked.

Shego's expression looked just as dark and sadistic as the dark fairy herself. "So, when do we get to leave and unleash evil on Radiant Garden?"

The witch chuckled deviously. "Immediately."


In the middle of the realm of darkness, sitting on the edge of an equally dark beach, a young blue-haired woman sat next to a man in a dark hood looking out at the water. She clutched a blue charm close to her heart, the thoughts of her friends and the boy who saved the worlds the only thing keeping her hopeful of her rescue.

"Mickey... Ven... Terra... Sora... please hurry." She murmured.

The man in the hood looked down at her, a worried look on his face. "She's trying so hard to keep the light in her heart alive. I don't know how much longer she can resist the hold Xehanort has on her. Sora, Mickey, Riku you must come quickly."

At that moment, Aqua's eyes briefly flashed gold.

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