The characters

You: You have dark brown hair, hazelish eyes, you're not too fat and you're not too skinny. you're 13, going on 14 soon.. you're the perfect size. you stand up for what you believe, you're funny but you're a little ornery.

Dad: he's a really quiet man because whatever he says.. mom will find something she doesn't like about it.

Mom: it's always about her, she's annoying and she never lets dad have a say in anything you do.

Tyler: your brother who is one year younger than you, he helps you out alot...

Danni: your best friend who you hate, but love so much.. you couldn't even imagine life without her.

Greyson: the guy you fall madly in love with of course.

Cody: the friend, with benefits? ;)

[ you live in edmond oklahoma. ]