Dad: we'll talk later.

your dad said to greyson. greyson didn't say anything back.


you frowned at your dad, then whispered in greysons ear.

You: what does he mean?

Greyson: uh, nothing?

You: tell me!

Greyson: (whispers) he knows.

You: (whispers back) never again.

greyson shot you a disappointed look.

You: (whispers again) no, not like... never have it again. never have it again while parents home. ya know?

greyson nodded at you and your dad was standing there staring at you and greyson whisper back and forth to each other.

Dad: it's not nice to whisper.

you chuckled and then tyler and your mom walked up.

Mom: let's get going.

you all walked outside to the car, got in, buckled up and drove off to red lobster.

greyson was in the middle of you and tyler in the car.

You: mm! ders dat endless shrimp goin on! imma challenge you tyler.

Tyler: no one can possibly eat as much shrimp as me. sorry.

Greyson: i want in on this competition.

You: ha! okay. y'all are gonna feel weird when a girl beats you both in a eating competition.

Tyler: Mom!

Mom: what?

Tyler: who do you thinks gonna win in the shrimp contest? me, _ _ _ _ or greyson?

Mom: i am.

Tyler: ...seriously...? you're entering the contest?

Mom: yeah! why not?

everyone fell silence.

mom turned around to look at you guys, sitting there with awkward faces.

Mom: well okay. fine then! i wont enter.

you, greyson and tyler started laughing in relief.

Greyson: got me there for a second.

Tyler: yeah mom i thought you were serious. hahaha

mom sat there, silent.

Mom: i... was serious.

You: it doesn't matter who enters. im beating everyone.

after arguing forever, about who was gonna win. you finally pulled into red lobsters parking lot.

you all got out and walked in. got a table, and started deciding what yall were going to eat.

you sipped some of your root beer.

You: i want the alefrado stuff.

Greyson: me too...

Tyler: shrimp scampi.

once yall all figured out what yall wanted, you told the waiter and he walked off to place your order in.

you and greyson sat by each other, your mom and dad sat across from yall and then tyler sat at the end of the table.

you leaned over on greyson and kissed him.

Tyler: please. no pda. ...please?

you pulled away and laughed.

You: you know i only did that to disgust you.

Mom: not here. not now. do that shit when you're alone. thank you.

Dad: (jumping in) or not at all. you know, just a suggestion.

you looked at your dad and raised an eyebrow.

greyson sat there uncomfortably.

You: we're going out though?

Mom: that's why i said, do it when you're alone.

You: i wouldn't plan on 'doing it' in front of you.

Mom: _ _ _ _ ! you know that is not what i meant.

You: (laughing) i know! im just giving you a hard time.

Greyson: um...

Tyler: im with greyson.

Dad: so am i.

You: too.

Mom: HUH?

you all started laughing, except for your mom. she was confused.

after waiting awhile, they brought out your first course.

You: round one. i bet you a dollar imma win.

Tyler: i bet everyone 10 dollars each that im going to win.

Greyson: haha, okay! that lit my fire! i have to win.

Tyler: my 40 dollars will remain in my wallet. just watch.

Mom: 10 dollars each is a little much...

Tyler: im not gonna give away any money mom-

Greyson & You: WHAT?

Tyler: because im not going to lose.

tyler winked and you and greyson rolled your eyes.

greyson and tyler were shoveling it down. you took your time, because the faster you eat, the faster you get full. so you took your time.

Tyler: HA! im already done-

Greyson: im done too!

you sat there, eating slowly.

Tyler: wow, you're never going to win. look how slow you're eating.

You: i know what im doing, doofus.

yall order for a second round. when that arrived, tyler and greyson started shoveling it down again.

you ate slowly of course.

greyson and tyler finished up after too long. tyler started rubbing his belly and moaning.

You: aww, is tyler getting fu-

Tyler: NO! tyler is just making room for more food.

You: how is tyler making room for more food by rubbing his belly and moaning?

Tyler: im not just rubbing my belly, im moving things around inside. making room.

you laughed loud.

You: oh my god! hahah

Greyson: you do realize that if you lose. you lose 40 dollars.

Mom: no, he'll lose 30. im not taking my kids money.

Dad: PSHT! i am!

everyone laughed at your dad.

on the 3rd round. tyler made it halfway through his dish when he stopped and pushed his bowl foward.

Tyler: oh... my god... so... full!

Greyson: oh my jesus. yall are gonna have to roll me out of here.

You: aw! guys! whats wrong? im up for round 4! anyone? anyone up for a fourth round?

Tyler: how. do. you. do it?

You: skill. you take your time when you're in a eating contest.

Greyson: i thought it was all about speed?

You: no. not at all.

you finished your 3rd bowl and pushed it foward.

You: cough up that 10 dollars.

Greyson: heck yeah! i lose and still get money!

Tyler: i aint givin nobody shit.

Dad: WHAT! ? aw man!

Tyler: you'll survive dad.

dad paid for the bill and yall all left.

you were now at home, you and greyson were sitting on the couch in the living room. dad was sitting in the recliner.

You: i have to go up to my room for a sec, be right back.

greyson eyed your dad.

Greyson: may i come?

You: no it'll be fast! i promise.

Greyson: haha, okay then...

you got up and ran upstairs.

your dad looked at greyson and chuckled.

Dad: im not going to hurt you.

Greyson: i know, i just-

Dad: all i want to tell you is, if you ever. hurt my daughter, i WILL hurt you. no, i won't just hurt you... i'll KILL you. one of my wishes for my kids was to wait until marriage for sex... i made an exception that if they were to have sex before marriage, it was going to be with the one they were for sure going to marry later. so, if you leave my daughter. i'll shoot y-

he was saying, before you walked back down stairs.

You: whatcha talkin bout?

you asked, sitting back down on the couch.

Greyson hesitated to say something.

Dad: we were talking about how, if he fucks you and leaves you, i'll kill him.

greysons face got really red.

Greyson: oh... my god! im not going to have sex with her, and then leave her. okay?

your dad nodded and then looked back to the TV.

you sat there shocked.

You: DAD! EW!

you stood up, took greysons hand, helping him stand up and then you ran off upstairs.

Dad: (yelling) I WAS JUST SAYING.

You: (yelling back) BUT STILL! EW!

you and greyson walked into your room, shutting the door behind you.

you both walked over to your bed and plopped down on it. you stared at each other for a long while before you finally kissed.

the kiss lasted for about 8 seconds.

Greyson: i have something to tell you...

You: what is it?

Greyson: you're probably not going to like it, but...

You: what! ?

Author Note: lurv you guys ;] xoxo