Red-Headed League

Kim Possible Ben 10 cross Over

Summary: Ron is acting strange, strange things are happening all over the world and it some how it involves Kim and Ron. Someone is pulling all the strings putting everyone in danger. Kim with Gwen Tennyson's help intends on figuring whose behind everything. In the end this leads to a revelation that will change Kim life. (KimXRon)

Authors Note: Timeline wise this story takes place for Kim Possible after Graduation and for Gwen takes place during Ben 10 Ultimate Alien.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or any elements from that show or Ben 10 or any elements from that show.

Chapter 1:

The town was Middleton and it had been three years since aliens had sent their tripod machine nearly wrecked the entire town. But now most of the buildings had been repaired and things were peaceful. In the Middleton High School gym two red haired girls were sparing. Kim snuck in to the gym with her friend Gwen just so they could spar on the soft pad the cheerleaders practiced their routines on. When Kim graduated High school the principal told Kim she would always allowed to her to use the facilities if she was back in town. Kim Possible was a tall red head with bright green eyes. Gwen Tennyson was shorter than Kim and also had red hair and green eyes but both were darker shades. Both girls were very similar in appearance and in personality both were smart and strong headed. Gwen had come to visit Kim, she had traveled a long way to visit her, a whole different universe. A while ago a crisis had brought people together to stop it, Kim and Gwen were apart of that group. They figured out there were orthogonal universe that were connected, rules of the universe were different and so were people. Though traveling across those universes were not easy it could be done if you knew what to do it could be done, in Gwen's case she just needed the right spell. Gwen's grandmother was an alien that could manipulate energy and that skill was inherited by Gwen, it meant she could manipulate energy and cast spells. Since then they had become friends and sparing partners from time to time. Both were in their gym clothes.

Kim just managed to dodge a punch sent by Gwen. As Kim threw a punch towards Gwen, Gwen raised a purple wall of energy in front of her to block the punch.

Kim's punch landed on the wall "Ouch!"

"You said I could use my powers " Gwen reminded her.

Kim had indeed told her to use her power saying that she was used to women throwing energy at her. The second Gwen dropped the wall Kim sent a kick towards Gwen's feet but she managed to jump before it landed and created a step for her to land on. The step start to lift Gwen into the air.

"Running is not like you."

"Ever read Sun Tzun. Who has the high ground has victory." Gwen jumped off turning the jump into a jump kick straight as Kim

Kim held her ground and just before the kick landed Kim grabbed Gwen's leg and turned it forcing Gwen to the ground. Hitting the ground rolling Gwen used the momentum to get away from Kim and spun out landing on her feet. Kim was already running at her giving Gwen only enough time to block her punches. Kim expected this and when Gwen blocked her attacks she moved her leg behind Gwen. Hooking her leg around Gwen's she pulled and Gwen fell backwards. She looked up to see Kim fist head straight to her face, she closed her eyes. When the attack did not make contact Gwen opened her eyes to see Kim's fist turned to an open hand.

Kim smiled at her "Need a hand up."

The girls went to sit on the nearby benches and drink water from the bottles they brought.

Gwen asked "Since when did you start using leg hooks?"

"I learned it from Ron." Kim told her

Gwen noticed that Kim smiled when Kim said his name. After High school Kim and Ron went to college together around the world, each semester in a different country. Kim was going for a degree in world politics. Ron was actually studying everything, he still hadn't decided what he wanted to be though he did seem to have an idea. Traveling around the world for school helped Kim in the long run she was learning how to speak a new language each half year, a skill she would use when she entered world politics. Ron just wanted to be near Kim, honestly getting in to the same school from a lot of good will from helping end the alien invasion. Apparently video of you glowing blue mystic energies and throwing two invading aliens towards their spaces ships helps get you into any college.

"So how is Ron?" Gwen asked

Kim looked a little nervous "He-he's okay"

Gwen noticed something in Kim's voice that was never in her voice uncertainty. "Somethings wrong?"

"Oh no nothing." Kim told her.

Kim was terrible lier, she really was her eyes twitched and there was slight change in her voice. "Kim come on you can talk to me."

"It's just that Ron seemed a little distant lately."

"You have nothing to worry about Kim." Gwen explained "Anyone that spend two minutes with you two know you love each other. Ron practically worships the ground you walk on. You've been together for what for years."

"Four Years" Kim corrected "Since the summer before senior year."

"You see Ron's loyal he's just probably been busy with deciding his class next year. Where are you two going next?"

"Venice, Italy"

"I thought it was Tokyo."

"No, Tokyo was last semester." Kim corrected

Kim hopped Gwen was right but wasn't so sure about her when it came to boys. She was dating Kevin Levin and he was a former criminal. Kim could get past the criminal part but he absorbed energy and he would go crazy and Gwen was full of mana energy, she worried for Gwen. But she knew Gwen would have to make her own mistakes, so she could learn from them. Plus the subject had been brought up before it just lead to an argument.

Kim told Gwen "Let's go to my house and get something to eat before you head back home."

After cleaning a little and changing from their gym clothes back to their street clothes they headed to Possible residence in Kim's car. After a tripod smashed their house The Possibles rebuilt the house, there was still a room for Kim but it was mostly used for storage but there was a bed for Kim she visited. Meanwhile Ron was back with his folks during summer getting a chance to spend sometime with his sister. Their parents didn't know that Ron and Kim shared an apartment when they were in college and did what young couple in love tend to do when living together, that was just something they wanted to avoid explaining to their parents.

Just as they reached their destination to see Dr. Mrs. Possible rushing out.

"Hi Kim." she greeted her daughter "I've got to go, they need me at hospital. You're father has some emergency at work and the boys are with there friends. Oh hello." she noticed the 17 year old red head.

"Hello I'm Gwen" Gwen introduced herself.

"Nice to met you, I can't stay but there is pizza in the fridge if you want. Oh and Ron was here earlier."

"Ron was here?" Kim asked

"Yes, he was leaving when I arrived. He seemed a little more confused them usual. Alright I have to go."

Kim's mom quickly left to the hospital. The two girls heated up some of the pizza to eat.

Gwen could sense that Kim was tense and upset, it didn't take any super power or mind link to tell, Kim just wasn't herself "Don't tell me you're still worried about Ron?"

"It's just" Kim explained "me and Ron are always so in sync it's just so major if he's trying to hide something from me."

"I'm sure it's nothing" Gwen reassured her and then noticed a glimmer of something in Kim's eye "Kim you are not going to have Wade track Ron."

"No, of course not." Kim told her

"Kim you're lying again and badly. It's funny the only thing that makes you jealous is if you think you're loosing Ron."

"But I'm not loosing Ron," Kim tried to reassure herself

"Alright Kim if it will make you feel better let's go see Ron."

"We don't have to do that." Kim was already making her way to the door

"I did not expect to be the mature one here." Gwen said to herself as she followed the older girl

On their way to the Stoppable home, Gwen thought to herself about the situation, no one's perfect and right now if Kim's biggest flaws was that she was afraid of loosing the person she cared most then maybe it wasn't really a flaw but something else. Gwen thought back on how Kim knew Ron better than Gwen maybe there was something she wasn't seeing. Gwen shook her head clearing her mind like it was an etches sketch, it was like Kim was putting her concerns in Gwen head.

Gwen shook off the thought as they arrived at the Stoppable household. Kim went up to the door and knocked on the door.

Gwen reassured Kim. "You're going to see that Ron is here and you're just worrying over nothing."

Mrs. Stoppable answered the door. "Oh hello Kim."

"Hello Mrs. Stoppable." Kim greeted her. "I came to see Ron."

She looked a little confused. "Sorry Kim, Ron's not here. I actually thought he went to see you."


"Yes, he left early this morning, he left in such a hurry that he didn't even remember to take his cell phone."

"...tell him I came by. Please and Thank you."

"Sure thing Kim." With that Mrs. Stoppable closed the door.

Kim started to walk back to the car. Gwen admittedly didn't know Ron too well but she knew Ron spent just about every minute with Kim and he told her everything.

Then the blue watch like device on Kim's wrist beeped. Kim instantly pressed the button on the side.

On the small screen the image of the boy genius Wade appeared.

"Wade,what's the sitch?" Kim said but without her usual vigor.

"Kim," Wade began. "We got a hit on the site. There was a break in at the SETI satellite station in Australia, the scientist there are asking for your help."


"Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence." Gwen told her.

"How did-" Kim began.

"I fight aliens Kim, I have to know what places are actually calling them. They're broadcast a message using giant satellites hoping to send out a message to aliens, in hopes finding life out in the universe."

"Hey Gwen." Wade greeted the girl having been introduce by Kim before. "She's right they have been looking for aliens. But ever since the alien invasion on Graduation Day they been a little spooked. There's something about the break in that involves you and should come see it."

"All right, find Ron for me and we'll head for Australia." Kim told Wade.

"Right now Ron should be over the Sea of Japan."

"The Sea of Japan?" Kim asked. "How do you know?"

"He asked me to arrange a ride for him to Japan. He said he had something to take care of."

"Did he tell you what he was doing?"

"No, he said it was a secret. You don't know? I thought he would have told you."

To stop Kim from getting all concerned again at this admittedly suspicious situation Gwen spoke. "Since Ron is not here. Why don't I go with you Kim?"

"Sure, Wade send me the coordinates."

Soon enough the two were in the Sloth flying towards Australia.

Little did anyone know that someone was watching these events unfold. Someone who was keeping tabs on everyone involved.

Authors Notes: All right first chapter of this story a Ben 10 Kim Possible crossover. I like both characters and thought it would be fun to see them together in a fanfic. I do see some similarities but I do intend to highlight their differences in later chapters. Anyway review and tell me what you think so far. Also I am aware that the title is not the best but I couldn't figure a better one out at least I liked the Sherlock Holmes reference, I mean this story is a mystery so. If you have a better tittle feel free to tell me it and leave a review.