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The night sky was clear with bright stars above in Narnia. Narnia was so peaceful tonight, that is until you hear Lady Prunaprismia screaming in her bed chambers. Tonight, she was giving birth to her first born. The maids were trying to calm her down as she still screamed in pain. Hours later, one of the maids handed her the baby, her first baby. Lady Prunaprismia was smiling happily at her new born as the baby cried in her arms.

General Glozelle walked down a narrow hall and entered the room. Lord Miraz stood looking out the window. Lord Miraz is the Uncle of Prince Caspian the 10th and brother of the late King Caspian the 9th. Miraz secretly wanted the thrown, however his only nephew stood in the way. If only he had a son who can become the next in line after he's King.

General Glozelle cleared his throat and said, "Lord Miraz, you have a son."

Miraz smiled as he said, "The heavens have blessed us. … You know your orders, General Glozelle."

Glozelle grimly acknowledged him as he said, "Yes, my lord."

Glozelle left the room while Miraz smirked to himself. It's only a matter of time, before I take the crown, and nobody will stand in my way.

As a Telmarine soldier walked the hallway, a cloaked figure quietly sneaked into a room. He pulled away the drapes that were hanging down beside the bed to reveal someone sleeping peacefully. That person was Prince Caspian. The figure knelt down and placed his hand over Caspian's mouth. Caspian woke up startled, realizing that someone's hand was over his mouth. He relaxed to see that the professor had awakened him up for his study of the stars.

"Five more minutes," asked Caspian as he turned his head to go back to sleep.

Doctor Cornelius looked behind him making sure the soldiers weren't there. "You won't be watching the stars tonight, my prince. Come, we must hurry."

Caspian was fully wake, but confused too. Cornelius pulled Caspian out of his bed and pulled him into a wardrobe in the corner of his room. In the wardrobe there was a secret door that led to a stairway.

"Professor, what is going on," Caspian asked as he now was scared.

"You're aunt has given birth… to a son."

Caspian eyes widen as he remembered his professor's warnings about what would happen, if his Uncle had a son. Cornelius opened the door to the wardrobe and stepped into it as Caspian followed him. Caspian left the door opened a crack to see what the heck was going on. His bedroom door opened as Glozelle and his men walked in slowly trying not to make a sound. He and his men surrounded Caspian's bed, and began firing arrows at the bed. Caspian's eyes widen when he saw Glozelle, who he considered his friend, and the other soliders firing their arrows at his bed. When the firing stopped, they looked to see that the bed was empty. Glozelle looked both concerned and relived that Caspian was gone. Caspian and Doctor Cornelius ran down the winding stairway to the stables. Caspian found a sword and got onto his horse, Destier.

"You must make for the woods," said Doctor Cornelius

Caspian looked frighten when he heard his professor say,"The woods?"

Doctor Cornelius nodded his head to confirm what he said. "They won't follow you there."

Before Caspian galloped away, Cornelius reached into his bag and handed Caspian a wrapped object. Caspian looked at it curiously before putting it in his bag.

"It has taken me many years to find it. Do not use it except at your greatest need," said Cornelius.

Caspian looked at his professor like this was the last time he would see him. "Will I ever see you again?"

Doctor Cornelius smiled at the young prince and said, "I hope so, my dear prince. There is so much I meant to tell you. Everything you know is about to change." Before Caspian could respond, they heard something coming down the stairs. "Now go and promise me you will be safe!"

"I promise," said Caspian.

After Caspian looked at his professor one more time, he galloped away. Cornelius looked up at the sky and prayed to Aslan to keep Caspian safe from harm. Caspian rode through the courtyard as the soldiers looked up to see him riding by. One of the soldiers tried to stop him, but Caspian knocked him over and threw a spear in the fire. The fire rose up so high that the soldiers covered their eyes so they could see. As Caspian crossed the bridge, his horse reared up and galloped faster.

He saw fireworks going up and he could hear the Telmarine Crier yelling, "A son, a son. Lady Prunaprismia has blessed Lord Miraz with a son!"

Telmarine soldiers on cavalry chased Caspian, as the prince looked back while he rode into the woods. Glozelle was about to enter the woods, but the others hesitated, staring up at the trees. They have heard tales about the dangers in these woods. They knew their orders, but they were also afraid for their lives. Glozelle looked back at them seeing that they were not moving any closer to the woods.

"Which of you superstitious old women would like to spend the night in a cell," he asked the soldiers.

Glozelle looked at the woods as he heard a howl. He and other soldiers entered the woods without looking back. Caspian safely crossed a river, but when the soldiers crossed the river, one of them fell of his horse and was washed away. Caspian looked back, but didn't see them. He looked happy that he had lost them. When he turned around, he saw a branch. It hit his head and Caspian was knocked off his horse and dragged away with his foot stuck in one of the stirrups. After a struggle, he managed to get his foot out of the stirrup. He laid on the ground as his horse galloped away. He heard something behind him. Suddenly, a door in the tree opened up. Two dwarfs named Trumpkin and Nikabrik stepped out and noticed Caspian.

Nikabrik looked at Trumpkin and said, "He has seen us!"

Trumpkin drew out his sword and ran toward Caspian. Caspian backed away, until Trumpkin stopped and he saw Susan's horn lying on the ground. Trumpkin looked at Caspian all shocked, while Caspian looked confused. They then heard something. They looked over to see the Telmarine soldiers approaching.

Trumpkin turned to Nikabrik and said, "Take care of him!"

Trumpkin turned and rushed towards the Telmarines with his sword drawn. Nikabrik glared at Caspian as he slowly approached him. Caspian looked scared, but he remembered what his professor had said about the horn. Without hesitation, he grabbed the horn.

Nikabrik looked scared as he screamed, "No!"

Caspian ignored him and blew Susan's horn. Nikabrik used the back of his sword and hit the back of it at Caspian's head. Suddenly everything turned black.

I woke up from a deep sleep. I realized I was sitting on the bench in the train station. I must have fallen asleep while waiting for Peter to bring me a drink of water. My name is Katherine Elizabeth Laken, but I liked to be called Katie. Normally, when you look at me, you see an ordinary girl in her school uniform waiting for her train. However, you might not know that I am a High Queen in a kingdom called Narnia. That's right; I am High Queen Katherine, the Protector. Peter is High King, who is my husband… well now my boyfriend. I think it would be weird to go back home and tell everyone that two 15 year olds are now husband and wife. He and I are happy that we are still in a great relationship.

I was still thinking about that dream I had. Who was that boy? Why were those guards trying to kill him? Was it real or just a dream? I've been having these dreams about Narnia ever since I got my locket back from the wardrobe. My locket. I smiled as I touched my locket that Father Christmas gave to me the last time when I was in Narnia. It was my gift from my Dad who was the last Protector of Narnia before me. He died in a car accident on the day before my 13th birthday. Every time I touch my locket, I feel my Dad's presences around me. Besides feeling my Dad near me, I've been having those dreams of Narnia for a year now. For some reason, I felt like I was seeing what was happening in Narnia right now. My thoughts were interrupted when I saw a boy who was wearing the same school clothes that Peter and Edmund wore, walk up to me. He placed his hand on the wall near my head and leaned into me.

"Hey gorgeous, why are you by yourself? Do you want me to keep you company," he asked me.

I just smiled at him sweetly and said, "Sorry, not interested, and besides I have a boyfriend."

"I don't see him here, so why don't you let me be your boyfriend for right now. I'll make you have an amazing time, so you would dump him," he said to me with a smirk.

Now I was getting pissed off. I hate it when smug boys like him try to make me break-up with Peter. "Look, I already said I'm not interested. Please get out of my face before you'll regret it."

He chuckled a little as he lend closer to my face so I could smell his disgusting breath. I had a bad feeling like he was going to kiss me. I tried so hard not to cringe or show how uncomfortable I am with his face close to mine.

"Ok, but I'll see you around beautiful," he said.

He touched my cheek as he walked away from me to his friends waiting for him. I could tell he was bragging because he friends whistled and looked at me. I felt like I was going to throw up as I wiped my cheek. I really needed to wash my face soon. I looked up to see Peter walking to me with my water. He must have heard those boys talking about me because Peter glared at the boy who was flirting with me. As Peter was about to pass him, when that jerk purposely bumped into him.

"Hey, excuse me you bumped me. Apologize," said the jerk to my boyfriend.

Peter looked back all shocked, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me wimp, apology now."

Peter looked mad as he asked, "Why should I? You bumped me."

I knew this wasn't going to end well. I got up from the bench and grabbed Peter's arm. "Peter, it's ok. He's not worth it."

Peter looked at me as he tried to calm down. I squeezed his arm and I grabbed the water out of his hand. I looked at the jerk as he smirked at me.

"Oh so this is your boyfriend. I was right; you should break up with him and come join me gorgeous," he said.

All of the sudden, Peter punched the jerk in his face and they started to fight. I tried to stop them, but two of those jerk's friends held me. I tried to pull to get away from them to help Peter, but they were too strong. All of the sudden I felt one of them touched my back side. I was beyond pissed off. I stepped on one of the jerk's foot as he loosened my arm. I used this distraction to punch him in the face. He screamed like a little girl and held his nose. His nose was broken because it was bleeding. I kicked the other boy in the groin and ran to help Peter. I jumped on that jerk's back to try to get him off of Peter. He threw me off of him and grabbed my hair. I screamed as I tried to get him to let go of me. Through my tears I looked up to see two familiar faces in the crowd looking at us. One looked scared while one looked disappointed. They were Susan and Lucy, Peter's two sisters. Someone pushed pass Lucy to help us out.

Lucy looked shocked as she screamed, "Edmund!"

Edmund ran up to the jerk and punch him in the jaw. The jerk let go of my hair as I fell to the ground. As Edmund helped me up, I heard someone blowing a whistle. I looked up to see two soldiers run up to Peter and the bullies to break it up. Edmund grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the scene.

We all sat back on the bench I was sitting earlier. Lucy looked at me to see if I was hurt.

"I'm ok Lucy, it's just a scratch," I said. I looked up at Peter to see he was staring at me all concerned. I got up from the bench and hugged him. "Are you ok Peter?"

"I'm fine, they didn't hurt you did they," he whispered to me.

"No, like I said, it was just a scratch."

I sat back down next to Lucy as Edmund set down his luggage.

Edmund looked at Peter and murmured, "You're welcome."

Peter glared at him brother and said, "I had it sorted.

Susan sighed and asked, "What was it this time?

"He bumped me," he said.

"So you hit him," asked Lucy.

Peter turned to Lucy looking all stressed out. "No. After he bumped me, he tried to get to apologize. Then he told Katie she should break up with me for him. That's when I hit him."

"He was flirting with me. I told him that I have a boyfriend, but he kept on pushing it. I think Peter saw it," I whispered to Lucy. Her eyes widen and she nodded her head to confirm she understood what I said.

"Why can't you just walk away," asked Susan as she rolled her eyes.

Peter glared at her as he said, "I shouldn't have to! Don't you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?"

"Uh, we are kids," said Edmund as he chuckled.

"Well I wasn't always." We all looked at each other looking all depressed. We knew what he was talking about, and we were upset about it, too. "It has been a year. How long does he expect us to wait?"

"I think it's time to accept the fact that we live here. It's no use pretending any different," said Susan.

"I still feel like we will go back soon, I just know we will," I said.

Susan looked at me like I hit my head on a wall. "Katie, I know you've been having those dreams, but you have to come to your senses. You can't wait for the rest of your life."

"I can dream can't I," I murmured.

Susan rolled her eyes at me and looked up. Her eyes widen as she saw a nerdy boy looking for her.

"Oh no. … Pretend like you're talking to me," she whispered to us.

"We are talking to you," Edmund whispered back.

Susan glared at him until Lucy jumped up from the bench.


Susan looked at her as she was trying to not get the boy's attention, "Be quiet, Lucy."

"Something pinched me," she complained.

I looked at her until I felt pinched my back too. "Ouch!"

"Katie, what's wrong," asked Peter.

"Katie please be quiet, he will see you," hissed Susan.

"I'm sorry, but I was pinched too," I said.

Peter jumped up and looked at his brother accusingly. "Hey, stop pulling!"

Edmund looked shocked and said, "I'm not touching you!"

"Will you two just…What is that," asked Susan.

I looked at the train that was moving as the wind started to pick up.

"It feels like magic," Lucy said all excited.

Susan looked at us and said, "Quick, everybody hold hands."

Susan grabbed Lucy's hand while I grabbed Lucy's and Peter's hand. Edmund looked disgusted at Peter.

"I'm not holding your hand," screamed Edmund.

Peter ignored his brother as he grabbed Edmund's hand. The wind was blowing harder as Lucy's hat blew off her head. My ribbon that held my bun fell off and my long brown hair was blowing in the wind. The train was moving very fast as the bricks were being pulled away. Our luggage, the benches, the platform, and the station were completely vanished. The people in the station disappeared too. I felt Peter's hand squeeze tighter on mine as I squeezed back. The train vanished down the tunnel and we realized we were not in the train station anymore. I let go of Peter's and Lucy's hand as I walked out of the tunnel with the others following me. I looked around to realize we were standing on a beach. Susan and Lucy smiled at each other, and ran off. Edmund followed them as Peter walked up to me and gave me a side hug.

I smiled at him and said, "We're back Peter. We're back in Narnia!"

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