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3rd POV

Sitting in front of the cracked Stone Table was a very confused and worried High King. Peter was staring at the carving of Aslan and sighed. He felt that he was losing more than he thought. In his hand, he was holding a golden wedding ring. The same ring that he and Katie pledged their love together with. He felt someone sitting beside him, but he knew who it was without looking at the person.

"You and Katie are lucky, you know," He murmured to Lucy.

Lucy looked confused as she asked him, "What do you mean?"

He turned to his sister and replied, "To have seen him. I wish he'd just give me some kind of proof."

Lucy slightly smiled and said, "Maybe we're the ones who need to prove ourselves to him." Peter sighed and looked down at his ring. Lucy could tell something else was bothering her brother. "Is something else wrong, Peter?"

Peter looked over to he and his eyes suddenly began to water up. "I'm losing her Lucy. I feel that Katie and I are falling apart and there is nothing I can do."

Lucy felt sorry for Peter. She placed her arm around his shoulder for support. Before she could say anything, Edmund suddenly ran into the room.

"Pete, you'd better come quickly," Edmund said.

Peter, Lucy, and Edmund ran outside to see what was going on. Peter's eyes landed on Katie, who was standing next to Susan and Caspian, to see her starting out of the field. Peter looked over and his eyes grew bigger than before. About 5 miles off, they could see in the distance, marching and riding across the field was the Telmarine. However, what shocked and slightly scared the Narnians was that the Telmarine army was twice the size OF the White Witch's army. Peter and Katie locked eyes and thought of the same thing. We need to find Aslan and fast!

Katie's POV

Once we were all gathered around the Stone Table, Peter announced what the plan was since the Telmarine Army was here. However, there was one person who was not accepting the plan at all.

"Cakes and kettledrums! That's your next big plan? Sending a little girl and a queen into the darkest parts of the forest alone," demanded a furious Trumpkin.

I could tell Lucy was trying not to be insulted for being called a little girl. She looked down at the ground and rubbed her arm.

Peter said sternly, "It's our only chance."

"And they won't be alone," added Susan.

"Susan is coming with us. Just in case something happens along the way," I explained to Trumpkin.

Trumpkin was worried for not only Lucy, but for me as well. He knew that I was hurt during the battle of the White Witch. Also, Lucy is just a kid and he really considered her as a friend.

Trumpkin looked right at Lucy and me as he asked very meekly,"Haven't enough of us died already?"

I sadly sighed and looked over at Lucy. She and I were thinking the same thing. It's hard to lose a friend that betrays you at the same time.

"Nikabrik was my friend too, but he lost hope." I looked over to see it was Trufflehunter who had spoken. "Queen Lucy and Queen Katie haven't. And neither have I."

I nodded my head to thank him for speaking up. The badger placed a small smile on his face as he nodded his head back.

Reepicheep, standing tall and proud said, "For Aslan."

"For Aslan!"

I nearly jumped in shock when I heard the Bulgy Bear speak those words.

Trumpkin looked right at Lucy and declared, "I'm going with you two."

It touched me that he was concerned for our safety. Lucy thought so too as she slightly smiled and placed her hand on the dwarf's shoulder. "No, we need you here."

"Besides, you are one of the best archers. They are going to need you while Susan is with us," I explained.

Trumpkin thought it over, before he nodded his head.

"We have to hold them off until Lucy, Katie and Susan get back," said Peter. I looked towards him and I knew we were thinking the same thing. The question is, how can we hold them back long enough for Lucy and me to find Aslan?

"If I may…" All the attention was turned to Prince Caspian. He looked over to the professor before Caspian stood up and continued his statement. "Miraz may be a tyrant and a murderer. But as king, he is subject to the traditions and expectations of his people. There is one in particular that may buy us some time."

"And what might that be," I asked him.

I have a bad feeling about this I thought as I tightened my cloak. Caspian just explained to us that it was important for the King of the Telemarines to show his people that he is a strong leader. Miraz would never want to show that he was a coward and his reputation was important to him. Both Caspian and Peter agreed that Peter, since he is still High King, should challenge Miraz to a combat battle. The loser of the combat battle would surrender and win the war.

Peter had the professor write the challenge on a scroll and he sent Edmund, Glenstorm, and Wimbleweather with the scroll to challenge Miraz. This would give the girls and I time to get ready to find Aslan. However, there were so many things going on in my mind and I was starting to get even more worried.

I was terrified for Peter! I'm supposed to be The Protector of Narnia, the Guardian of the Kings and Queens of Old. And here I am worried and losing my mind! He is facing Miraz in one-on-one combat and according to Caspian, Miraz is a very skillful swordsman. I'm not worried about Peter not doing well in the battle, but what if he gets hurt and I'm not here? What if… what if something happens to him and this is the last time I will ever see him again. Maybe I should stay with the others and let only Lucy and Susan go. But I can't because I know Aslan wants both Lucy and I to find him. What am I going to do?

I sighed as I headed over where Peter was. I stopped by the entrance to see Peter dressed in his armor and trying to tighten his cuirass. The cuirass was loose on his chest and he was trying to tie the laces.

"Here, let me help you," I said as I walked over to him.

Peter nearly jumped when he heard the sound of my voice. He looked over his shoulder as I placed my hands on the laces on his back. It felt like forever and neither one of us were speaking.

"How are you feeling," He finally asked.

"Fine… I guess. You?"

"Fine… I think," he replied.

And the silence continues on. As I finished lacing his cuirass, I felt that I was going to explode. I cannot stand this silence any longer.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."

I suddenly froze when I realized what has just happened. Not only did I apologize, but Peter did as well. Peter turned his head and he looked shocked as well. I believe he was shocked that I was apologizing to him.

"Peter, what are-"

He only raised his hand to stop me from talking. "Please, let me speak first." I closed my mouth and nodded my head for him to continue. "I want to personally ask you for forgiveness. Not only for how what I acted around Caspian, but for back at home. I guess the title of High King got to my head. I just despise that those other boys were flirting with you and I wanted to protect you from them. Also, when you were with Caspian, I was jealous and worried that I was going to lose you to him. I know I haven't been the best boyfriend and I hurt you terribly. I just don't want to lose you Katie."

My eyes began to water up and my heart melted. I felt his pain and remorse.

"Peter, you are not the only one at fault. I know I share the blame too. I guess I did not really understand where you were coming from. I never wanted you to think that I would leave you or if I was allowing those jerks to flirt with me. And I never should have snapped at you. That was inappropriate and childish of me. However, there is something you should know. It has been hard for me too, just as it's been hard for you. I'm the Protector of Narnia and High Queen of Narnia too. We were in our twenties when we were married and actually adults. I suppose the stress really got to us huh," I said.

Peter slightly smiled and chuckled. At least I got him to smile. Peter's smile slightly dropped when he saw how worried I was.

"There's something else bothering you, isn't there," He asked me.

I sighed and shook my head. I knew I needed to explain to him about my distress.

"I'm concerned something terrible is going to happen when I'm gone with the girls. I mean, I'm the Protector, Guardian of the Kings and Queens," I explained.

Peter looked confused for a moment. "Why does that worry you? You're going to be with Susan and Lucy to find Aslan. You're protecting them."

"It's not them I'm worried about. I'll be concerned about you!" Peter was stunned when he heard me. I ran my hands through my hair and continued to speak. "My title is The Protector of Narnia. What if I took your place and fought Miraz?"

Peter's eyes narrowed slightly before saying, "That's not going to happen Katie. Edmund already went to Miraz to say that I would be battling him. Plus, I want to be the one to fight him. I don't want you hurt."

I shook my head and said, "What if you are hurt and I am not there? What if Miraz ki…killed you and I never see you again?"

I did not realize that I was shaking until Peter pulled me into his arms and rubbed my back.

"Shh… Everything is going to be fine… You have to have faith in me and I will be alright. Miraz will be defeated and I will come back to you," He whispered in my ear.

I took a deep breath and placed my head on his chest. I do have faith in him. I knew he will defeat Miraz. I just don't want him to get hurt or die.

"I love you Katie," I heard him whispered in my ear.

I smiled and replied, "I love you too."

I wanted to stay like this forever. Sadly, our moment was ruined when I heard someone cleared their throat. I released Peter to see Susan and Lucy standing by the door, smiling and smirking at us.

"We are ready to go," said Susan.

I nodded my head and stared back at Peter. He grinned at me before placing his lips onto mine. I smiled and continued to kiss him.

"Do we have to watch this," I heard Lucy ask Susan.

I couldn't help but giggle at that comment, before Peter placed his forehead onto mine.

"Come back to me," He murmured.

"Always," I whispered back.

I slowly released him before I walked over to Susan and Lucy. I gave Peter one last look, before following the girls. When we reached where they held the horses, I was slightly shocked to see Caspian holding the reins of two of the horses. I walked over to a beautiful brown horse named Fraillia while Susan and Lucy walked over to Caspian's horse Destier. I easily climbed up Fraillia and looked over to see Caspian was helping Susan placing her foot in one of the stirrups.

"Destier has always served me well. You are in good hands," Caspian said to us.

"Or hooves," Lucy joked.

I couldn't help but giggle at the statement. Caspian looked over to me and smiled. My smile slightly dropped and I looked down at my reins. Caspian looked disappointed for a moment before looking at Susan. I was surprised to see Susan glaring at Caspian.

Caspian stared right into Susan's eyes and said softly, "Good luck."

Susan didn't even look at him as she just said, "Thanks."

I looked over to Lucy to see her staring right at me and shook her head. Something is defiantly up with Susan and Caspian. Suddenly, Caspian pulled something out of his pocket. In his hand was Susan's horn.

"Maybe it is time you had this back," He said.

Susan just gave him a weak smile and said, "Why don't you hold onto it? You might need to call me again."

With a swift kick, Destier began to gallop away.

I looked over to Caspian before saying, "Good luck."

I kicked Fraillia and she began to gallop to catch up with Destier.

I was able to catch up just in time to hear Lucy say,"You might need to call me again?"

I couldn't help but laugh as Susan groaned and said, "Oh, shut up."

I shook my head but continued to ride on. We had one thing to do. We are coming Aslan!

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