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The sun was high above the sky as it shined down on the Telmarine castle. Glozelle and his men rode back across the bridge. On one of the horses, you could see a body lying on top of the horse with a huge cloth covering the body. Miraz was standing on a balcony with his wife Prunaprismia and with the new born baby boy in his arms. He smiled happily at his son. Miraz smile dropped as he spied Glozelle and his men returning in the courtyard. Miraz turned to his wife and handed the baby to her. Glozelle hopped off of his horse when he saw Miraz walk into the stables. Miraz went to the horse with the body, and was about to pull the cloth off, when Glozelle stopped him.

"Wait, my lord! It is not what you think," whispered Glozelle.

Miraz looked very irritated and asked, "Then what is it?"

Glozelle looked a little nervous as he said, "We're not exactly sure."

Miraz looked confused at what Glozelle was implying. Glozelle nodded to one of the soldiers, who then removed the cloth on a horse. Miraz's eyes widen with disbelief.

"Impossible," murmured Miraz.

Miraz and Glozelle exchanged glances with each other. It wasn't his nephew, but the capture of this person might even be better. Especially since this would help Miraz to get the crown. In the Great Hall, the Telmarine Lords were debating on the disappearance of their young Prince. Everyone was worried, but Lord Sopespian had a feeling that Miraz had something to do with Prince Caspian's disappearance.

"I warned the council when it put its trust in Miraz… there would be consequences," argued Sopespian.

One of the Council Members stood up from his chair and yelled at Sopespian. "No, no. We cannot accuse the Lord Protector without proof!"

The Council Member who was next to Sopespain was annoyed and angry at the other Lord and asked, "How long are we going to continue to hide behind that excuse? Until every seat in this chamber is empty?"

They continued arguing, when the doors of the Great Hall opened up. All of the Lords eyes looked at the doors as Miraz entered in the room all high and proud. The Lords kept quiet as Miraz walked right to his chair. Miraz kept on glancing at the empty chair that stood in the middle and center of the Lords' chairs. The empty chair was the King Caspian the 9th's chair. Miraz has been eyeing that chair for a long time.

Miraz attention was back to the Lords as he said, "Lords of the council, my apologies for being late. I was not aware we were in session."

Sopespian silently snorted as he said to Miraz, "No doubt you were otherwise occupied."

Miraz looked surprised at Sopespain when he heard what he had said. "My lord?"

One of the Council Members agreed with Sopespain as he said to Miraz, "Ever since the death of Caspian the ninth, your brother, you have behaved as if you were king. And now it seems behind these walls, even Prince Caspian has gone missing."

"My deepest condolences, Lord Miraz. Imagine losing your nephew, the rightful heir to the throne, on the very night your wife has blessed you with a son," said Sopespian very smugly.

Miraz looked at Sopespain while he grimly smiled at him, "Thank you, Lord Sopespian. Your compassion is a boon in such troubled times."

Sopespian looked at Miraz with suspicion as he said, "I trust you can tell us how such a tragedy could have occurred."

Miraz looked at Sopespian before smirking at him. "This is the most disturbing news of all. Our beloved Caspian was abducted… by Narnians!"

One of the Council Membersstood up and yelled at Miraz saying, "You have gone too far, Miraz! You expect us to stand by, while you blame such a blatant crime on fairytales?"

Miraz looked at the Lord that just spoken and smirked at him. Oh, how wrong you are. He turned to the doors and he signaled to Glozelle to open the doors. Glozelle nodded his head as he turned around and opened the doors allowing two soldiers to bring in Trumpkin. Trumpkin was a mess. His hair was unkempt, he had a scratch under his left eye, and he was very dirty. His hands were bounded and he was gagged with a cloth over his mouth. When the Council Men saw Trumpkin, they gasped. Some even stood up from their chairs in shock. Going around the Council Men's head were thoughts like what is that thing? A Narnian, but I thought they didn't exist. How on Earth can that creature be real? Miraz smiled wickedly, as he realized that his plan was working perfectly.

Miraz smirked at the Council, as he said, "Sometimes, we forget, my lords… Narnia was once a savage land. Fearsome creatures roamed free. Much of our forefather's blood was shed to exterminate this vermin. … Or so we thought. But while we've been bickering amongst ourselves, they've been breeding, like cockroaches under a rock. Growing stronger. Watching us. Waiting to STRIKE!"

Miraz, without hesitation, hit Trumpkin so hard that the gag that was on Trumpkin's mouth fell off. Some of the Council Men gasped at the rash display that Miraz did to the poor dwarf. Even Glozelle turned his head away from the site in front of him. Trumpkin slowly turned his head to Miraz and glared at him.

"And you wonder why we don't like you," said Trumpkin coolly.

Miraz glared at Trumpkin, as he said, "Well, I intend to strike back. Even, if I have to cut down the entire forest. I assure you. I will find Prince Caspian, and finish what our ancestors began."

My eyes suddenly opened when I heard something snap. I looked up to see Lucy grabbing another apple from the tree. I realized I must have fallen asleep again. As I rubbed my eyes, I couldn't help but think about that dream I just had. I remember that the man and the dwarf was from my last dream, but why them? I shivered as I remembered when I saw that horrible man strike that poor dwarf. To tell you the truth, I actually felt like I was there. I kept asking myself, are these dreams real? If so, then why do these dreams come to me? I looked up to see Edmund bending down to look at something. His eyes widen in realization.


Peter took my hand as we walked to Edmund. Peter looked confused as he asked, "What?"

Edmund looked at us as he explained, "This didn't just happen. Cair Paravel was attacked."

I was in complete shock as I asked, "But, who would attack our home?"

"I don't know, but I will find out who did this. If it is the last thing I'll do," said Peter as he let go of my hand and walked off.

Edmund smiled as he said to his brother, "That's a bit rash, don't you think?"

Susan and Lucy giggled as Peter rolled his eyes at his brother. The boys ran over to a wall where it was covered with vines and leaves. They looked at each other as they started moving the wall to reveal a door behind it. Lucy and I looked at each other with a surprised look on our faces. Peter and Edmund broke down the door to reveal a very dark tunnel. Lucy didn't want to admit it, but she was still little bit scared of the dark. Peter looked at Lucy before he tore off a piece of his shorts and wrapped it around a stick. He put his hands in his pockets for some matches, but he found none.

Peter looked at his brother and asked,"I don't suppose you have any matches in there, do you?"

Edmund smirked as he said, "No… but would this help?"

Peter looked up to see Ed hold out his flashlight. I put my hand over my mouth, so I wouldn't laugh out loud.

Peter smiled at Ed as he said to him,"You might've mentioned that a bit sooner!"

"You think," I asked as I laughed.

Edmund smiled at me as he turned on his flashlight and started walking in the tunnel. Lucy held my hand, as we continued to walk. Lucy and I both stopped, when we saw the treasure chamber, our treasure chamber. I smiled when I saw five chests below us. I grabbed Lucy's hand again as we ran down the stairs to our chests.

Peter looked happy and relieved when he saw the chests. "I can't believe it. It's all still here."

I touched his arm and said to him, "It's so lucky that whoever attacked Cair Paravel, didn't find this place."

He smiled at me as he kissed my forehead. I smiled right back at him, before I walked to my chest. Before I opened it, I looked at the statue behind it. The statue was me, the day after my wedding. I still can't believe my hair was so wavy, when I was married, but now, it was so straight. Not a curl in my hair. I opened my chest and smiled when I saw what was inside it. Inside my chest, was my sword from Father Christmas, my favorite dresses, those uncomfortable but stylish shoes, and more.

Lucy pulled out her favorite ruby red dress. The dress was practically on the ground as she held it up to her."I was so tall."

Susan smiled at her sister. "Well, you were older then."

"As opposed to hundreds of years later… when you're younger," I heard Edmund said.

I looked up from my chest to look at him. I laughed as I saw the helmet he was wearing. The helmet was so big, that it covered most of his face. I guess he did have a big head when we were last here.

Peter grabbed something big, but very dusty. He blew the dust away from the item in his hands, and in his hands was the image of a Lion on a large gold plate. He smiled as he looked at the lion. His smiled dropped as he looked up to see the statue standing behind his chest, and slowly walked towards it. I was still concerned about this. I knew for the past year he was trying to act more adult and trying to be the leader. I just hope it doesn't go to his head. I looked back in my chest and saw something shiny. I gasped as I picked it up.

"Oh my gosh, my wedding ring. I forgot I left it in here when we went riding," I said. I tried to put it on my finger, but it kept on slipping off. "I guess my finger is too small now."

Lucy frowned as she saw my sighing and looking at my ring. She looked in her chest and pulled something out. She looked at the item in her hand and looked back at me before she smiled. Lucy ran to Peter and handed him something. She whispered in his ear and he smiled at her. I looked up from my ring to see Peter slowly walk up to me as I gave him a confused look.

He smiled at me and whispered, "Turn around."

I still looked confused, but I obeyed what he said. I felt something hit my neck and my locket. I looked down to see my wedding ring lopped in a necklace as it smoothly touched my locket. I turned around and thanked Peter. He smirked at me as he slowly leaned into me. I closed my eyes, but instead of feeling Peter's smooth lips, I felt something cold and hard. I opened my eyes to see Edmund holding a silver plate between Peter and me.

"I said this before and I'll say it again. EWW! AND CAN YOU BOTH PLEASE GET A ROOM! I'm having nightmares, every time I see you kissing her Peter," said Edmund.

I was blushing red hot as Peter glared at his brother. I let go of Peter and walked back to my chest. I looked up to see Susan looked concerned.

I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't notice it, because Lucy asked her,"What is it?"

Susan turned to her and said, "My horn. I must've left it on my saddle the day we went back."

I looked at Peter to see him smiling at me before he slowly opened his chest. The first thing he took out of his chest was his sword for Father Christmas. The sword was glowing as Peter drew it out of its case.

Peter smiled as he read the inscription on his sword. "When Aslan bears his teeth, winter meets its death."

Lucy sadly smiled as she finished, "And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again."

I sat down on my closed chest as realization stuck me. "I can't believe it." Peter and the others looked at me with a concerned look in their eyes. My eyes were starting to water again, as I said to them. "Everyone we knew… Mr. Tumnus, Fox, and the Beavers… they're all gone. We never got to say goodbye to them."

Lucy walked right up to me and as she sat down next to me, she pulled me into a side hug. She started to cry too, because Mr. Tumnus was her best friend and now he was dead. He always comforted her or played her some music just to cheer her up. Peter looked at us and he knew what we needed to do.

"I think it's time we found out what's going on," he said.

We all looked at Peter and nodded our heads. Something happened to our beautiful Narnia and we needed to get to the bottom of it. I just had a feeling that those dreams I had might help us out. I just hope it would.

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