Finn made his way into the locker room to meet with Coach Beiste. He just wanted to make sure he would be quarterback next year and not some junior who thought he could steal it from under him.

"Hey there, Hudson, go ahead and take a seat." Shannon Beiste smiled lightly at her quarterback.

"Thanks, Coach Beiste. So you scheduled this meeting to talk about my position next year?" Finn asked sitting down in the red plush chair.

"You're right. Finn, you're the best quarterback I've seen in a long time. Granted, the Titans weren't the greatest team before I showed up at this school but that's not your fault. You just didn't have the support of your team. This year, you've really proven to me that you're a leader and that's why next year I would love for you to be my starting quarterback of the varsity squad and also the team captain, which means that you will have partial control on who is allowed onto all of the teams. There is one condition though, since Johnson transferred we have no kicker this year, if you want to be my captain, you'll have to get me a kicker."

"Really? Thank you Coach! Actually I do have someone in mind for that position."

"Who would that be, Hudson?"

"My step-brother, Kurt Hummel, he's the best kicker I've ever seen. In our sophomore year he was in for a few games, but quit once Tanaka made us choose between glee and football. I'll try and talk to him about it."

"Hummel's your brother? He was in my gym class last semester, great kid, a little fruity, but who knew he had it in him to play football? Make me proud Hudson. You just give me a call as soon as you've found our kicker, Kurt or not, and we'll set up a try-out. See you then."

"Thanks Coach Beiste! I'll get back to you real soon. See you later." Finn left the office overjoyed. He couldn't believe it. All he had to do was get Kurt to agree to be the kicker and he would have his senior year football career set. He needed all the advantages he could get for colleges if he wanted to go to school in New York to be with Rachel.

Kurt and Rachel were sitting on the floor of Kurt's room storyboarding Kurt's plans for his Pippa Middleton musical when they heard Finn come in the front door and throw his bags on the ground. Rachel and Kurt immediately sprang up and ran to greet him.

"Hello Finn, how was your football meeting?" Kurt questioned.

"It was great. I actually have to talk to you about that. Can we talk in the kitchen?" Finn watched as his brother nodded his head in agreement walking towards the kitchen before turning his attention to the small brunette.

"Hey babe." He smiled his half grin and watched as a blush rose to Rachel's cheeks before he kissed her lightly and pulled her towards the kitchen.

"So Coach Beiste said next year she wants me as starting varsity quarterback and to be team captain which means I have some say in who gets to be on the team and who gets cut, but there is a condition."

"Which would be?" Kurt raised an eyebrow as his face scrunched in confusion.

"I have to find a kicker. Of course you were the best kicker I've ever had, so I was wondering if you would do it. You're really great Kurt and it would mean more brotherly bonding." He smiled and nudged him on the shoulder.

"Fine, I'll do it, but I have a condition as well."

"What?" Finn knew this was going to be interesting, it was Kurt after all.

"I'll only do it if Coach Sylvester approves me being on the team. I want to be on the Cheerios again next year, so I could just see if I can only cheer during the seasons in which football does not take place. If she agrees you have yourself a kicker, otherwise, you'll have to find someone else."

"That's cool. Thank you so much Kurt! This is going to be awesome!" Finn grinned widely at his brother as his mom walked in the kitchen.

"Hey kids, where's Quinn?" Carole questioned looking around and not seeing the blonde cheerleader anywhere.

"Oh, she ended up not being able to make it. A shame really." Kurt covered quickly looking over to Finn. "Well, I actually have plans to meet Blaine at the Lima Bean. I'll see you later Finn, Rachel." Kurt stood up and grabbed his sweater.

"Later, bro." "Bye Kurtie." Finn and Rachel spoke simultaneously before turning to the now confused Carole Hudson-Hummel.

"Well that was slightly rude of Kurt. He just leaves you here Rachel when he had made plans with you first?"

"Oh, Carole, don't worry about it. I don't mind spending time with Finn." Rachel giggled as Finn smiled down at her.

"Yeah, Kurt shouldn't be able to keep Rachel all to himself anyway. She was my friend first. Plus, she's way more important to me than she is to Kurt." He said winking at Rachel.

"Well I don't know about that, Finn, Kurt had to invite me over here, whereas you just agreed to meet me after I was previously invited."

Carole frowned at her son, "Finn, why don't you invite Rachel over anymore? It's always Kurt inviting her and you've told me numerous times she's your best friend."

Rachel looked at Finn with a shocked expression, "Really? I'm your best friend?"

"Of course. Who else would it be, Ben Israel?" Finn joked before looking up to his mom. "Well, I promised Rach I would teach her how to play Black Ops before we have a tournament with Kurt and Blaine this weekend, so we'll just be in my room."

"Alright kids, have fun." Carole smiled in the direction of her son and the girl she knew he belonged with before silently praying he would realize that soon.

Kurt got back from seeing Blaine but didn't feel like sitting alone in his room, so he decided to go watch some TV in the living room before dinner. Finn and Carole were already there watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

"Hey Finn, nice bite mark you've got there. Did you burn yourself with a curling iron?" Kurt chuckled as he noticed the purple bruise forming on his brother's neck.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about." Finn stammered while attempting to cover it before his mom saw.

Carole looked up to see what the two boys were talking about and noticed to what exactly her stepson had been referring to. "FINN HUDSON! You let that blonde harlot suck on your neck? When did you even have time to do that? You've been here all afternoon and you did NOT have that when you got home! Wait a minute, you snuck out so you could let some conceited girl suck on your neck? What exactly were you thinking? After everything that girl did to you last year and now you're making the same mistakes!"

"Mom! First of all, Quinn didn't give me this. Second of all, I WAS here all afternoon, so you can't yell at me!" Finn shouted in defense.

"Well the only person that was here this afternoon was…Finn! You cheated on Quinn with Rachel? What happened to the boy I raised?"

"Mom, seriously, stop jumping to conclusions! I didn't cheat on Quinn, because I'm not even dating Quinn!"

"What do you mean you aren't dating Quinn? You just said you were this morning!"

Finn shook his head. "No, I agreed that my girlfriend was coming home with Kurt after school and she did."

Carol looked stunned for a moment. "Wait, but that means—you're dating Rachel again! Oh honey, I am so proud of you! For how long?"

"Since we got back from Nationals, I broke up with Quinn after Jean's funeral, because in Sue's eulogy she said something that really got to me. She said she was tethered to Jean and now it's like there's no one pulling back on the tether and she's just going to fall into a pool of emptiness and that's when I realized I love Quinn, but only as a friend and that I never stopped loving Rachel and that she was, you know, the one on the other end of my tether." Finn looked up to see tears forming in both Kurt and his mom's eyes.

"Finny, that's the cutest thing I've ever heard." Carole smiled at her son before pulling him into her.

"Mooooooomm..." Finn whined and pulled away. "Kurt, if you tell Rachel what I just said, I'll kill you. She'll get mad at me if she thinks I broke up with Quinn for her. Now, before either of you can bother me anymore or turn me into a girl or something, I'm going to bed."

"Oh don't worry Finn, I'll just fill Carole in on all of the juicy details you failed to mention in pertinence to you and Rachel's reunion." Finn rolled his eyes before jogging up the stairs.

He sent a quick text to Rachel before shutting off his light.

[The dog's out of the box. My mom knows were dating again. –F]

[Finn, I think you mean the cat's out of the bag? What did she say? I don't want her to hate me! –R*]

[Oh yeah. Well, she only figured out because Kurt so nicely pointed out the hickey on my neck and then she freaked out because she thought it was from Quinn and then I told her it wasn't and then she told me I should be ashamed of myself for cheating. Once I told her everything though, she got really excited. My mom is crazy. –F]

[Oh, Finn! I'm so embarrassed! I give you permission to return the favor (; that's good though! Goodnight, Mr. Hudson, I have beauty sleep to catch (: -R*]

[I'll be taking you up on that offer (: You don't need beauty sleep though, you're beautiful. Goodnight Rach, I love you. –F xox]

[I love you too 3 –R*]