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I was bored, so this is Behind The Scenes! Review! I do NOT accept cats from anonymous reviews because I can't communicate on how to improve your cat. Anonymous reviews CAN send in dares.

This is how the show works:

We pick 4 cats to come on a show. One cat becomes Contestant of the Night. All the cats get two dares. The Contestant of the Night cat gets four and has to do all of them. For the other three remaining cats, the audience gets to pick which dares the cat does. If somehow they survive a dare, the lucky cats get a medicine cat for a whole moon to heal them/bring them back to life. The cats that do not survive get nothing. This is practically a torture dare show, but I will squeeze a couple truths in. Send cool/disgusting dares like fight a shark; eat a bucket of spiders, or something.

Disclaimer: I don't own Warriors, Nightthorn, Gingerpaw, or Pebblepaw. THANK YOU Dawnfrost10, Milltail, and SilverWolf1499!

Truth or Dare for Warrior Cats!



-Different from the book. Looks the same, acts the same, NOT DEAD! Warrior. Her mate is Stormstripe. Calm sometimes, annoyed at Firestar for being too perfect for a kittypet. Gets crazy when cats have to blow up or she just is. She is annoyed at Whitepelt for hitting on her. Willowpelt and Diamondheart are her BFFs.


-Gray cat w/ black stripes. Spottedleaf's mate. Warrior. He is like Spottedleaf in SOO many ways! He hates Crowfeather for being a player. He also hates Whitepelt for hitting on his mate.


-Orange cat w/ three stripes on her pelt. Spottedleaf and Willowpelt are her BFFs. Stormstripe is one of her friends. On/Off relationship w/ Scourge. Crazy ALL the time. Gags at sight of cats swimming in their own pool of blood, which will happen a lot. Hates Mudspots for liking blood.

Replacement Hosts:


-Leader of SkyClan. White/tortoiseshell fur. Black tipped tail. Green eyes. She is one of the SANE cats in the studio. She calms everyone down. She can BARELY stop Stormstripe and Whitepelt while they're fighting.


Name: Nightthorn

A white she-cat with an orange paw, tail tip, and splotch on her chest. She has brown eyes. She's very stubborn but quite funny. She has a crush on Hawkfrost, and sometimes draws pictures of him. But her crafty mind finds ways to draw them without getting caught.

Security Guards:


-He is a warrior from ShadowClan. Psycho, no wait, TOO psycho. Hides his weapons throughout the studio. His fave weapon is the chainsaw hidden in the "supply closet." Loves sight of blood. Argus w/ Diamondheart and Willowpelt too much.


Med. Cats;


-Med. Cat of ThunderClan. Friends w/ ALMOST everyone. She almost always finds Mudspots' weapons on accident. Attempted to kill Mudspots, but she was reminded that she herself will have to heal him.




Sleek she-cat with pale silver fur and sky blue eyes. She is very cute. She has a huge crush on Jayfeather, but it's more like a fangirlish crush. She is kind but a bit empty-headed and ditzy at some times. Only
sometimes though


Gingerpaw/whisker is a small ginger she cat with white tabby stripes and paws and blue eyes. She is a levelheaded she-cat that always has a plan then 3 backup plans, the 4 backup plans for the 3 back up plans, for the plan. She always carries a pen with her and a note pad. She notes ever single damage to the studio, everyone's medical record, dares, changing room supplies, herb storages, audience records, security damages, animal supply, poison supply, parachute storage, jet rental records, janitor paychecks, camera damages, light supply, votes, stage setup, food storage, death records, to-do lists, schedules, interviews, complaints, Storm. vs. White battles, Diamondheart and Mudspots fights, gun trading, telephone bills, electricity bills, police holdups, trap door malfunctions, roof damages, chainsaw rentals, baseball bat rentals, death license renewal, studio renewals, nail polish, damage costs, broken glass repairs, and bets. She also wears a sparkly green bluetooth in her ear all the time and is saying
stuff like "Two please.", "Blue not pink.", I wanted KILLER sharks, not MILLING sharks", "She DID NOT!", "NO WAY!" and stuff like that. She also won't talk to you and make shooing motions with her paws until her conversation is done. She can have a love life with a tom, but it would be a kiss on the muzzle and a "Love ya'" mouthed out before she has to go and organize something.

Camera Cat:


-White fur. Green eyes w/ gold flecks. Is MADLY IN LOVE w/ Spottedleaf. She declines ALL THE TIME! He and Stormstripe hate each other. A lot. So much hate that they fought in an episode or two. Or all of them. A VERY unlucky cat. *evil grin*


3rd Person POV:

It was an ordinary day. Spottedleaf and Stormstripe were sitting on directors' chairs, figuring out the cats they will bring. Whitepelt was testing out his camera. SpottedXStorm4ever, Starblaze, and Rosepetal were in the Producers' Room, thinking up of torturous dares. Featherstar and Nightthorn were in the dressing rooms, sharing a mouse. Pebblepaw was gathering metal for all the rooms she will have to build. Gingerpaw was screaming into her sparkly green bluetooth. Diamondheart and Mudspots were fighting, StarClan knows why. Finally, Willowpelt was going to the craft services table to get some water-soaked moss.

Willowpelt's POV:

As I was getting some water-soaked moss from the craft services table, I saw a brown shape underneath the table, with a dark and shiny metal thing with it/him. Mudspots, WITH A MACHINE GUN? As I oh-so-casually stepped on his tail by "accident", I heard a, "YEEEOOOUCCH!" from underneath the table. Yep, that's Mudspots.

I confronted him and said, "Where is Diamondheart?" Mudspots replied,"Oh, I locked her in a closet." Oh no, he DID NOT just say that. No one can lock Diamondheart in a closet, not even if StarClan themselves did it. I just looked at him with pity and said, "Oh, Mudspots. NO ONE locks Diamondheart in a closet. We were supposed to start this show a moon ago. Exactly a moon ago, all the cast members decided to trick Diamondheart into a closet. Well, it did not end well."

Just as I finished speaking, there was a crash on the floor above us. Oh no. Diamondheart must've broken the door. I heard her scream, "MUDSPOTS, COME HERE RIGHT NOW AND APOLOGIZE OR GET THE WHUPPIN' OF A LIFETIME!" in almost a heartbeat, there were two spinning cats, heated in battle. I heard someone yell Featherstar's name. Must be Gingerpaw. Before I knew it, there were two battered cats in my den.

Spottedleaf's POV:

As Stormstripe and I were finishing our discussion, a voice popped up. "Hey, cutie. Want to go on a date with me?" I rolled my eyes, Whitepelt. Sadly, I wasn't the only on who heard that. Stormstripe said, "Back off, mouse-brain. She doesn't like you." Whitepelt sneered back, "Well, this is none of your business." Stormstripe spat back, "I have a part in this, fox-dung." In a heartbeat I saw claws and fur. Well, white and dark gray fur. Whitepelt and Stormstripe were biting and clawing at each other. I called Featherstar, Gingerpaw, and Willowpelt and tried to break apart the two fighting toms.

10 Minutes Later…

In the clearing, almost everyone was scratched. Well, except for Willowpelt. Even Nightthorn and Pebblepaw have SOMEHOW gotten in the fight. The whole studio smelled like chewed-up marigold. Every cat that was hurt went in the medicine den. Because Stormstripe and I were the ones treated first, we were sitting on the stage, sharing tongues; well, mainly licking the blood from our pelts. As I was licking Stormstripe, I was also giving him a stern lecture. After I finished speaking, Stormstripe licked my cheek and we slept for an hour on the stage.