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The stage was brightly lit. Three cats were standing on it: Spottedleaf, Stormstripe, and Diamondheart. They knew it was time for them to shine. Whitepelt shouted, "In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" The show starts.

The three cats greeted, "Welcome to I Dare You, where everyone dies…" Whitepelt coughs, "Ahem!" The three exclaimed, "We mean where everyone gets a dare!" Stormstripe continued, "Our contestants for tonight are Feathertail, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and our very own camera cat, Whitepelt!"

Spottedleaf said, "A few days ago, all our contestants were competing for "Contestant for the Night", and the winner was…drumroll please… All three cats shouted, "WHITEPELT!"

Upon hearing his name, Whitepelt leapt onto the stage and exclaimed, "Yay! What did I win?" Diamondheart replied, "You won… The four most horrible dares thought up by our evil-minded producers!" Whitepelt shouted, "What?" and fainted.

Willowpelt shows up and drags Whitepelt to her den. Stormstripe cried out, "And that was our medicine cat, Willowpelt! Oh yeah, Pebblepaw will run the camera while Whitepelt is gone." Willowpelt waves, but she accidentally drops Whitepelt down the stairs that she was conveniently standing next to. Spottedleaf said, "Okay, let's start the show!"

Diamondheart said, "Our first two dares are for Feathertail! Everyone gets to pick which dares she will do. Nightthorn, the dare bowl, please." Nightthorn waves and pulls out two papers from the bowl. She said, "Feathertail, your dares are to either swim with jellyfish or jump in a tank filled with piranhas!"

Feathertail meows with a confident voice, "I pick the jellyfishes." Stormstripe butts in, "Oh wait, the AUDIENCE gets to pick!" He gestures to the audience and they shout, "PIRAHNAS!" Feathertail stares at the audience with disbelief. Nightthorn pushes the piranha tank in with a ragged Mudspots and Gingerpaw, STILL shouting into the bluetooth. Nightthorn then says, "Here, now jump!" Feathertail exclaims, "I hate my life." Spottedleaf replies, "Don't worry, Whitepelt will hate his life more!" Feathertail exclaims, "Oh well." and jumps into the tank.

This scene was too gruesome that it was deleted from the show.

Diamondheart says, "Okay, leaving Feathertail there until she dies…" Pebblepaw coughs, "Ahem. Again." Stormstripe corrects her, "She means we will take her out in like, 30 minutes." The audience gets impatient and screams, "WHO'S NEXT?" Gingerpaw shouts back, "SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTHS!" and walked away. Spottedleaf mutters, "Okay, moving on. Impatient audience, aren't we?"

Stormstripe continues, yet again, "Our next contestant is… Drumroll again please… Hollyleaf!" Hollyleaf walks in slowly and says, "Oh no, not THIS place!" Diamondheart ignores her and says, "And her dares are…" Nightthorn hears her cue and says, "Your dares are to either put on underwear and dance like you're from the 80's or you have to fight an army of rats that the Navy, Marines, AND the Army have trained. Audience please pick."

The audience starts shouting different answers. Spottedleaf calms the audience down and says, "Raise your paw if you want the underwear dare." Half of the cats raise their paws. Spottedleaf mutters, "Wow, do we have a lot of disco fans or perverts?" Stormstripe raises his voice and says, "Now for the cats who would like the rats dare." The other half of the cats raises their paws. Diamondheart replies, "It's half and half, so Hollyleaf has to do both dares."

Hollyleaf protests, "What? You are the WORST audience ever!" In a heartbeat, all the cats in the audience have I hate Hollyleaf posters. Spottedleaf says, "We really don't care! Now go in the metal room." as she gestures to the door. Hollyleaf says a string of "wonderful" words as Nightthorn pushes her inside.

Pebblepaw says impatiently, "How about Feathertail?" The three hosts answer, 'Who's Feathertail?" When she heard the hosts' answer, Pebblepaw did a facepaw. Diamondheart pipes up, "Oh, the cat in the tank!" She opens the door.

This scene is STILL too gruesome for viewers to see.

Spottedleaf cries out, "Oh, my eyes!" At that moment, the three hosts shout, "WILLOWPELT!" In two heartbeats, Willowpelt rushes in with a just-awaken Whitepelt and shouts annoyingly, "WHAT NOW?" Stormstripe motions to Feathertail. The two cats that just came from the medicine den turn to the direction of Stormstripe's paw and Whitepelt faints. Again.

Willowpelt, keeping her calm and cool head says, "Okay, I'll work on it now." Diamondheart says, "Oops, we forgot… This show is NOT for the faint of heart. Spottedleaf and Stormstripe picked him because it's hilarious when he faints." Willowpelt groans, "Uugh, now I have to be STUCK with him AGAIN? I hate this. P. S: NO ONE likes seeing a cat heart outside the cat." Spottedleaf mutters, "Moving on."

Stormstripe says, "The next dare is for… Lionblaze!" Lionblaze walks in looking calm and greets, "What's up?" Nightthorn says, "You either have to fight a room full of rabid ferrets or eat a bucket of spiders. Audience pick." The cats shout, "SPIDERS!"

Diamondheart says, "Gingerpaw? Metal room and bucket of spiders, ASAP!" Gingerpaw pushes a random button on the wall, and instantly, a bucket of dead spiders inside a metal room show up. Gingerpaw purrs, "Come on, Lionblaze. It's this way." while guiding Lionblaze with her tail. She then pushes him in the room. Pebblepaw pipes up, "Hollyleaf, please."

Spottedleaf speaks up, "Oh, yeah! Stormstripe will go with Lionblaze to watch him do the dare. Diamondheart and I will continue hosting." Stormstripe follows Lionblaze and the show continues. Diamondheart shouts, "Nightthorn, Get Hollyleaf!" Nightthorn goes to Hollyleaf's door and opens it. She sees Hollyleaf and starts laughing, taking pictures, and sending them to every cat she knows. Hollyleaf yells, "Very Important Rats only!"

Spottedleaf and Diamondheart must've heard her because they asked, "What the FREAK did she just SAY?"

Nightthorn tilts her head just a little bit and asks, "What does that mean?" Hollyleaf steps out of the room and says, "When I started dancing, the rats started laughing their heads off, so I kept dancing. They didn't even harm me!" Spottedleaf says, "Oh my gosh… WHO PICKED THE RATS?" Her neck fur is bristling in anger. Gingerpaw steps out from the shadows and meekly replies, "I did." Spottedleaf screams, "I TOLD YOU TO TAKE THE NON-LAUGHING RATS!" Gingerpaw starts talking really fast, "I'm SOO sorry! Some calls distracted me. Well, my BFF Amberpaw called me and just said the funniest thing. It was a joke. Then, my OTHER BFF Fawnpaw called me because her crush, Darkpaw betrayed her for that mangy flea-bag, Streampaw, so I just HAD to help her, you know? And then, my-"

Diamondheart breaks her off and meows, 'Stormstripe has signaled that Lionblaze is done!" Stormstripe pads in and says, "Lionblaze made it!" Spottedleaf sighed and continued, "Hollyleaf and Lionblaze, go join Feathertail in your dressing rooms and wait there. We will call you in a while."

The three hosts then shout, "Now, the part you have all been waiting for… CONTESTANT OF THE NIGHT, WHITEPELT!" Willowpelt's voice comes from the side of the stage, "I've got him, but he has claws on a pole! Stormstripe, Mudspots, HELP!"

In a few heartbeats, Stormstripe, Mudspots, and Willowpelt dragged him to the stage. Whitepelt cries out, "NOO! You are dragging me to my death!" Spottedleaf purrs with satisfaction, "No, it's actually 4 deaths." Gingerpaw reads the first dare, "First, You will have to jump off a 1,000 foot building!" Willowpelt speaks up, "I will have to heal you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!" Whitepelt meows, "Oh, whatever."

30 minutes later…

Whitepelt asks, "Is it possible to break every bone in my body? Because I think I did." Nightthorn ignores him and says, "Second, you have to be locked in a metal room with our own psycho cat/security guard, Mudspots, while he has his favorite blood-stained chainsaw!"

Inside the metal room…

Mudspots looks at Whitepelt with a crazed look on his face and picks up his chainsaw. Whitepelt notices Mudspots' paws moving towards him and says with a scared mew, "Mudspots calm down. It's me, Whitepelt, your fellow worker. We work together." But, sadly, Mudspots did not hear him.

The roar of a chainsaw and Mudspots' evil cackling are the only things heard. Diamondheart says, "Man, Whitepelt is getting PWNED in there!" Spottedleaf and Stormstripe just nod and go back to grooming each other's pelts. Diamondheart just shrugged and continued to share a blackbird with Willowpelt.

10 minutes later…

Spottedleaf opens the door and shouts, "WILLOWPELT! Medicine powers, ASAP!" A weirdly calm Mudspots walks out of the blood-stained room and started taking a nap. Willowpelt comes in and comments, 'Awesome…" While Willowpelt is bringing Whitepelt back to his old self, Spottedleaf told him, "Third, you have to fight a shark."

5 minutes later, in a pier hanging over the ocean…

Whitepelt cries to StarClan, "They didn't even bother to give me WEAPONS?" At the same time he finished his pathetic cry for help, a shark comes and bites madly and hungrily at the pier Whitepelt is standing on. The white-colored tom tries to run, but he trips on a bent nail.

15 minutes later, Inside the studio…

While Willowpelt was healing Whitepelt, the medicine cat joined a conversation with the hosts. Spottedleaf purrs contentedly, "I am SOO enjoying this." Stormstripe, Diamondheart, and Willowpelt chimed in, "Us, too!" Whitepelt overheard them and replied, "Shut up." Diamondheart pipes up, "Finally, you have to be buried a live for one day.

1 day later…

Stormstripe says, "That was the last dare… AND HE MADE IT OUT ALIVE?" The two hostesses reply, "Oh. My. Gosh." Spottedleaf calls out, "Gingerpaw, call, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Feathertail!" Gingerpaw barges in the dressing room and drags the three cats on the stage with Whitepelt.

Diamondheart meows, "All of you who have survived a dare, step forward." Spottedleaf continues, "Because you have survived 1 dare, your prize is… Fresh-kill for a moon for your own desires and a medicine cat to heal you/bring you back from the dead for a whole moon!" Whitepelt, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze squeal and/or yell in delight. Stormstripe says, "Feathertail, step up. You didn't survive on your dare, so you get fresh-kill for a half-moon to your own desires!" Feathertail shouts, "Awesome!"

The three hosts meow, 'And that was our first show! See you next week in…" All the cats on stage shout, "I DARE YOU!" Pebblepaw yells, "That's a wrap!" and stops taping.