Small Stuff

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He decided not to concentrate on the big stuff- the big stuff are too much, too complicated and leave him feeling bewildered and mixed. So he concentrated on the little things.


To be more precise, Steven liked the wide the selection of music. He liked the fact that he can still listen to what he listened to back in nineteen forty-five, and found that current musicians have revived it. He found that there were more genres- he may not always like the "pop" tunes, but he did like the folksy rock and jazz. Heavy metal seemed to be so angry and loud to his ears, but he does enjoy other sub-genres of alternative rock. He did wonder about the difference between regular rock and roll and alternative rock.

The main thing is that he can choose, and it was just a matter of finding it.

Cell phones

Whatever happened to talking to someone face to face? What is the point of all these buttons and having texting? And why does he always lose it?

That is what Steve first thought of his mobile phone. He and it were not the best of companions. Until he learned about the little camera, and then he could not help but take thousand of pictures with it. A little snapshot of his day. He learned how to download it onto the computer thanks to Stark. Even when he hated the thing, he did realize the necessity of it, to have the communication line open wherever he went.

Maybe he'll even learn how to text, since it seem a polite thing to when standing in line.


All it took was one episode of Ouran High School Host Club, and he was hooked. It was funny, and he liked Haruhi and Tamaki. He learned that anime was not a genre but a style of animation, and he appreciated that style. So he looked to what else he may enjoy. He liked the Ghost in the Shell series. And Cowboy Bebop was pretty neat.

Adobe Programs

When he finally got around to actually turning on a computer, a tech had to sit down with him to teach him on the basics. Still, it wasn't until he saw Ms. Lewis aimlessly making circles and rainbows on her monitor until he took a real interest on using the computer.

Maybe it was the art student in him, but he loved going on Photoshop and messing around the pictures he had taken earlier. And making perfect lines on Illustrator, and even though it was a bit tricky, he learned about shading (or gradients) on it.

But it got better when he learned that he could scan his old sketches and have them on the monitors as well.


He missed his old bike, he really does. His soul is soothed whenever he rides his new Harley Davidson Nightster. It really does help.

Energy and Sport Drinks

He does not like Gatorade. He does not like Red Bull. He does not like Powerade, or Vitamin Water, the 5 Hour stuff, or even those green concoctions Stark always gulping down. A lot of them tasted awful and with him and his body, served no purpose. He will go for a beer, whiskey or just plain water, please.

In his acceptance of these things, these small things that seem almost insignificant to everyone else, he found common ground and was able to go on.

Except for the sport drinks.

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