It was the year 2121, and Harry Potter was nearly 141 years old.

Everyone who Harry had once sacrificed himself for to save all those many years ago were now dead. Even his children were getting old now. They had children of their own, who intern had also had children, who were now starting up their own families.

Harry decided it was time to die.

He didn't want a big, fancy funeral; with loads of people there he didn't even know. He didn't want a special resting place, or large monument left of him. He didn't want another mark upon the world that said: "Harry Potter was here".

He just wanted to be laid down to rest in the quiet little graveyard of Godric's Hollow, so he could finally be re-united with the two people he loved the most; longed to see the most; and missed the most in the world!

A small white marble tomb was placed up next to that of Lily and James Potter's.

You did not have to bend down to read the inscription. You did not have to squint to read the letters. It just simply said:

Here lies Harry James Potter.

Born- 31st July 1980

Died- 2nd July 2121

"The Boy Who Lived."

A wise old Wizard once said- "To the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure."