Nightmare or Reality

Chapter 1: Times Ten:

The night was still young and it sung in his veins. The laughter below, the hollering above. Chaos as they say is it's own art.

And Kaito was a master of chaos. The confetti still clung to the unfortunate officers of the law as they chased after him. It made him laugh in that manic way as Kid. It had been awhile since he really cut loose on a heist. And no one was spared his attentions tonight.

Looking at his smallest critic Conan Edogawa better known as Shinichi Kudou. Had feathers sticking up from odd places on his person. Kaito was a little sad Tantei-kun had missed the full blast of chicken feathers and tar. Nakamouri however, Kaito thought looking up into the red faced man, looked delightful covered in it.

Laughing again Kaito raced up the stairs. Tantei-kun yet again missing a trap as Nakamouri was lifted up by his feet and hung upside down.

Kaito rather enjoyed as the man yelled things that could turn the air around him blue. Kaito heard the almost invisible sound of the darts Tantei-kun was fond of carrying around. Kaito jumped and ran up the stairs hearing a muffled curse from the young form.

"Tsk, tsk Tantei-kun that's no way to talk." Kaito told the boy and got a growl in response.

This was getting fun. Kaito thought as he threw open the roof door and ran into the endless night. The full moon above him.

Kaito quickly took out the Briolette of India that had been sent to Japan to be displayed by a European family. This gem was the oldest known diamond on record. He couldn't exactly see through even though it was colorless.

This gem had caught his eye as it had disappeared for long amounts of time though it's history. It was known as the purest of the pure. It really did look beautiful. He turned to look as Tantei-kun joined him on the roof. Was there no end to tonight's games.

Kaito lifted the diamond up to the moonlight where it shined like a star. Kaito was shocked as his arm went numb. The diamond got brighter and brighter. Tantei-kun lifted his arm to shield his face.

Kaito yelled as the light overcame him. Conan lower his arm and looked over the rooftop. It was empty. Conan ran to the side and looked out. There was no white hand glider flying away.

Conan looked back at where the thief had been with shock clear on his face. Kaitou Kid was gone.


Kaito hit the ground hard. He looked up he was in a park. A park. This wasn't right. Where was Tantei-kun? Kaito slowly got up it shouldn't be like this.

Kaito sighed and took in his surroundings. The park in which he found himself in was quite large. He didn't recognize the place of the large trees or the state of the grass.

The sound of children laughing got him moving to a playground. The slides looked new. And he was pretty sure he had never seen one of those things before. Kaito thought looking at the strange new addition.

It looked like something from a sci-fi convention. He saw parents looking at him then dismissing him like wearing a white suit was complexly normal.

What the hell was going on!

"Onii-san what are you doing wearing that?" A small dark haired boy asked.

Kaito looked down at him He reminded him a little of that Okasan detective Tantei-kun ran around with.

"I normally wear this boya." Kaito said.

The small boy smiled. And took Kaito's hand and put a toy in it

"Here you need it more than I do onii-san." The boy said before running off.

Kaito turned over the toy in his hand it was a small cat. Now why would he need this? Looking back for the boy to explain what he meant. The playground was empty. Parents pulling their children away.

Kaito didn't understand this at all. Why were people just leaving him alone. Normally his suit gained attention from Kid fans. But no one came near. What the hell happened to make this change?

Kaito sighed then noticed a newspaper in a trash bin close by. Kaito pulled it out hoping it would explain why everyone in the park was acting so weird.

Kaito froze looking at the newspaper heading. He blinked it didn't disappear or change its words. Looking at a picture that would match his face in a mirror. A pair of tainted blue eyes stared behind a pair of black glasses.

The heading had Kaito chocking.

'Conan Edogawa, Detective of the East. Solves another impossible crime.'

Kaito opened the newspaper to read more of the caption.

'Conan Edogawa, 17 year old high school student. Has been said to be a detective prodigy since he was 10 years old. Trained by other world-class detectives like the 'Sleeping Kogorou' and Heiji Hattori. Conan was an upcoming star and solved his first case, which was sadly the murder of Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya 10 year old member of the Detective Boys. When asked to comment on the separation of the Detective Boys. Conan had this to say. "Haibara was murdered years before when we were 7. Mitsuhiko was never the same after that. Mitsuhiko was shot and killed when we were 10. Genta hung himself last year. Ayumi.. Ayumi moved to America. The deaths caused us to go apart. Do I miss them. Of course, they were my friends. But times change." And Conan was right times do change. What will this amazing detective do next?'

Kaito threw down the paper determined to find Tantei-kun.

The adult/teenager needed a friend right now. He was all alone.

As Kaito thought that, he wondered what happened to Mouri-chan.


Conan threw his coat on the floor of his old house. He had requested to stay here after the accident.

He couldn't live there anymore anyway. Looking around here gave him good memories.

Some were so faded he couldn't even recall. Conan sighed and made his way to the kitchen. Taking off his glasses as he did so.

When he was home, he could feel like Shinichi again even though at most times he wanted to forget Shinichi ever existed.

Conan smiled to himself life wasn't any easier than it had been back then. Fingering the new change in his glasses. He wondered why Agasa still made him things. The man was getting to old to be messing with such chemicals.

Conan laughed to himself. He guessed Agasa still liked to think things were back to normal. Things would never be normal.

Conan stopped himself from throwing his glasses. Agasa had said he was getting tired of fixing them.

Sighing and stopping himself from curling into a ball like most days after school. He had to keep himself strong. If for no other reason than to know it would have made her happy.

He got himself a cup from his cupboard. A ring the door tore him from his depressed musings.

He wondered if Hattori came over. He usually visited once a month. Opening the door.

The cup fell from his hand to crash to the floor.

"Is that how you say hello to an old friend, Tantei-kun?" The person asked.


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