Chapter 7: Masks and Stories:

Kaito sighed leaning back in his couch. It was good to be home again. Ten minutes huh. From his end it was days. Tantei-kun even now had those shadows dancing in his eyes.

They didn't seem as bad as the older version of Conan. So dark. Kaito was going to fix this. He could now.

But back where everything began to go wrong. With Kaito's help there would be a better ending. For all of them.

Kaito sighed and wondered why time seemed to be going so slow lately.

Maybe because he had seen the future. Looking at the small cat toy the child from the future gave him.

This was his now. Kaito smiled remembering the boy. He never learned the child's name.

He sighed once again it was getting tiresome waiting for Kudou to come to his house. It didn't feel threatening like the last time he feared being discovered by the boy.

Maybe it was because now he knew for sure their goals were the same.

Or maybe it was because he had become a sort of friend to the older Conan.

Yes maybe that explained it away. He wanted to know the real detective behind those glasses. Before the shadows tore him up. Much like his father dyeing.

They each hid what they really were. Wither it be the cheerful face of a fool or the carefree smile of a child. They both had darkness creeping around them.

Those shadowy crows that wanted nothing more than to swallow them up into the darkness that made them.

Kaito jumped as the doorbell rang. Kaito was confused. It would take Kudou longer to get here by bus. Kaito shrugged and went to open the door.

Hakuba was standing on his doorstep. With want looked like schoolbooks.

Oi !

"Hey Kuroba, Nakamouri-chan says that you could help me with my Drama homework." Hakuba said sounding smug.

Kaito really couldn't tell him no, that would just give the bastard more reason to suspect him. But if he invited him in to 'help' him with 'homework' Hakuba might become suspicious of how he knew Conan.

Oh well no choice.

"Come on in than Hakuba. I'll get some snacks make yourself at home." You bastard. Kaito said.

Hakuba smiled and headed towards the living room. Kaito kept an eye on him to make sure he didn't stray into any other rooms.

Kaito got chips and a bowl and headed back into the living room. Hakuba was looking around from his spot. Kaito knew he wouldn't see anything incrementing until Conan arrived.

Kaito sighed as he heard someone knock at the door.

Did all detectives have really bad timing or did they do this to him on purpose ? They probably did it on purpose.

Kaito got up to get the door.

"Wait there Hakuba." Kaito said.

Well if he was going to be surrounded might as well set the playing field. Opening the door to the slightly shocked Conan Edogawa. Kaito flashed him a Kid grin.

"Kuroba." Conan whispered.

"Come on Hakuba is here too." Kaito said.

Conan nodded and like magic he was more childish.

"Kaito-nii-san is it true Hakuba-nii-san is here too. Does he live here?" Conan asked all bright eyes and childish tones.

Kaito was slightly freaked out. To know that was Shinichi Kudou and to see him look and sound like a child was kinda weird. Maybe this is what it looked to an outsider at his heists. Seeing him act as someone else.

Kaito sighed and lead the supposedly cheerful boy to the living room. Hakuba stared at Conan.

"Nice to see you again Hakuba-nii-san." Conan said coming over to Hakuba.

"I didn't know you knew the Mouris Kuroba." Hakuba said the look on his face said that Kaito had given him the best evidence ever.

"I saw Kaito-nii-san doing magic tricks at the park where me and my friends play. I wanted to know if he could help me learn more so I can catch Kid." Conan said.

Kaito was both grateful for the excuse on how they met and a little surprised at how quick he came up with it.

"Yeah those friends of yours are something." Kaito said smiling.

Hakuba looked put out. Score!

Conan smiled as well. It was like they were sharing some inside joke.

This was so fun! Kaito froze. Something felt wrong. It was like that feeling on the Queen Elizabeth went Tantei-kun found him out.

Something was really wrong. Conan seemed to freeze up as well. The sound of a door opening made all in the room freeze. There in the doorway to the living room a blonde woman stood a gun pointed at the three of them.

"Well Cool Guy you sure know how to make friends." The woman said.

"Who are you?" Hakuba asked.

Kaito was looking at her. He had seen her somewhere before. Conan was staring at her with a guarded expression.

"Who am I? A secret makes a woman, woman." The woman said a finger lifted up to her lips…


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