Who Killed Who

On a dark night in an old mansion a few of the Order of the Phoenix member were having a meeting. At the meeting so far was Albus Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Hagrid, Alister, "Mad Eye," Moody, as well as Arthur and his wife Molly Weasley, Severus Snape, Kingsley, and the currently absent Nymphadora Tonks. They were all waiting for Tonks however unlike his character Dumbledore had said that they should go ahead and start the meeting.

"Albus, I think we should wait a few more minutes for Tonks to show up," Molly piped up.

"I agree with Molly," Arthur agreed.

"So do I," Remus and Sirius said.

Severus just stared daggers at the latter two and crossed his arms as he says from the end of the table sitting next to Dumbledore.

"Sir, I implore you not to listen to the latter two. I think we should really start the meeting now. If that pink-haired brat misses the meeting and what we're discussing then that's her problem," Severus says.

"Thank you for you input Severus, " Dumbledore begins, "But since you are in the minority on this subject then I'll have to go with the rest of the group. I'll allow ten more minutes for Ms. Nymphadora Tonks to arrive before starting the meeting."

Severus begins to mope a little about this and Sirius makes s remark at him:

"Don't keep whining Snivelus. I'm sure someday someone will agree with you on something insignificant like your chemistry set."

"Or maybe I should let it slip that the Dementors had let a prisoner escape Askaban. Then Mr. Potter would be without his criminal godfather," Severus retorts.

"Enough!" Dumbledore said, "Sirius, sit down. The same for you Severus."

The two comply and they all continue their wait for Nymphadora Tonks. About five minutes later they all hear a knock at the door and Sirius pushes Remus to get up and open the door. Molly offers to, Sirius insisted Remus get it, but in the end it was decided that either Kreacher or Dobby answer it. Out of the two of the elves Dobby went and answered the door.

"Kreacher won't open the door for a filthy Mudblood."

"That's enough of that," Sirius exclaims and Dobby goes into the massive hall and opens the door.

As he opens the door he notices Tonks is dripping wet from head to foot.

"Hello Nymphadora. Dobby is most pleased that you're here," he says as he gives her that happy child like smile.

Tonks smiles back at him. She couldn't get mad at him for calling her by her first name but her hair did turn a color between a light pink and orange shade.

"Hello Dobby," she says as she returns the smile, "Are you doing good?"

"Most excellent, Nymphadora."

"How many times do I have to tell you Dobby. Please call me Tonks. Wouldn't you prefer to be called Dobby or any other name than Nymphadora," Tonks says emphasizing distaste for her first name.

"Dobby will try Tonks. Shall I show you to the meeting."

"Sure. In fact that was what I was going to ask. Where's this meeting being held?"

"Oh, in the lounge of this great house."

"Really well then where"

Just then Remus Lupin shows his face from behind a corner wall. As he sees Tonks he shouts into the room that she's here.

"Tell Nymphadora to get in here now!" Mad Eye shouts back.

Now Tonks' hair goes a bright orange and Dobby and Remus can't help laughing at this. Remus walks up to Tonks and takes in her dripping wet appearance. Everything from her own customed Weird Sister's shirt to her black sneakers were soaking wet.

"Oh you don't like my new style entitled wet chic?" Tonks told him.

Remus stammers.

"No...I mean yes."

Dobby and Tonks laugh at this.

"Its raining hard outside. A few times I thought I'd be struck by lightning," she told him as they walked to where the meeting was being held.

"Can I take your jacket.. I―I mean coat... I mean..." Remus stammered once more.

Again Tonks laughs at this but says no. By then they were already in front of the doorway where the meeting was. Sirius whistles at the two of them, Molly and Arthur whisper at this, and Mad Eye as well as Severus cleared their throats by coughing to show their impatience and disapproval. Then Remus and Tonks take their seats and the meeting begins.

About an hour or so later the meeting ends and they all have dinner. Most of them could barely stomach Kreacher's food so they all either settled for Fire Whiskey, Pumpkin juice, or coffee. However the peacefulness of this doesn't last and their interrupted by a loud sound.


Thunder strikes and lightning lights up the black cloudy rainy night sky. As a result the lights go out suddenly and everyone scrambles around looking for some sort of switch or something to turn the lights back on.

"I've found it!" Arthur calls out as he turns on the light.

"Oh my God," everyone gasps, well all except Dumbledore and Severus.

What they were all gasping about was the limp, unmoving body of Hagrid lying in the middle of the dining room. I his chest was a growing bloodstain. Dumbledore was the first to actually go near him and listen for any kind of heartbeat. After a few moments he says:

"He's dead. Hagrid is dead."

This is a heavy blow and no one knows how to say anything. Finally someone has to speak and it is Dumbledore again.

"It is clear someone here is a murderer," he says in his commanding yet almost all- knowing voice, "But before we figure out who it is we should move the body."

"Where," Arthur asks as he holds his wife.

"I suggest the ballroom."

And so Arthur and Sirius as well as Remus carried the body to the ballroom and laid the dead body on the sofa in a weird sitting lying down position. Molly asks what they're going to do now.

"Well we can safely say that it was a knife that killed him," Kingsley announces.

"Well said," Mad Eye agreed gruffly.

"What we need to do is find out who the killer is. We should also keep in mind that the killer is likely to kill again," Severus said.

Dumbledore agrees as well.

"I suggest we split up into pairs while one of us stays with the body."

They all agree to this and split up into the desired pairs. Sirius and Remus as one, Severus and Kingsley as another, Mad Eye and Tonks next, and of course Arthur and Molly together. It was decided, by Dumbledore himself, that he should stay with the body. Others try and object each saying that they'd be willing to stay with the body however Dumbledore insisted.

"No I insist. Plus someone needs to stay close to the body and make sure nothing else happens to it.


Thunder strikes again the same with the lightning strikes which turns off the lights again.

"Lumos," most people said and their wands lights up the room.

"Oh My God," Tonks said as she walks near the end of the room.

"What?" Remus says.

Despite the grave situation Sirius still has time to let out a snicker.

"The body's gone. Someone moved Hagrid's body!" Tonks tells him.