"Oh you don't have to be afraid my victims," Albus Dumbledore says as he walks around the group like a hawk, " I assure you your demise won't be painful. I am merciful aren't I?"

"What makes you merciful now? Your total lack of disregard for the lives of others," Tonks mutters sarcastically.

"Quiet Tonks," Remus whispers to her.

"No, let Nymphadora speak. Let everyone speak its time to get all questions and answers out in the open," Albus said.

"Well I think we only have one question Dumbledore," Sirius said, "Why did you do this?"

"Yes, tell us," Kingsley said.

Albus leads them over to another room, into the study. They all sit down except for Albus. Arthur and Molly sat on the loveseat, Remus and Tonks crammed on the only armchair, Sirius on the the arm of the chair, and Kingsley sat uncomfortably on the desk in the corner. Albus stood in the middle looking at everyone like nothing has changed. Lastly he looks to Remus and Tonks in the chair.

"I see Remus that you and Ms. Nymphadora Tonks have finally admitted you're feelings to the other. Does that mean I might hear wedding bells in the future?" Albus asks.

"What difference does it make Albus since you told us that you were going to kill us," Tonks says.

"Don't be mean Nymphadora. I'm sure that where you are all going you'll be very happy there," he replies as he crosses his arms behind his back.

"Get on with it Albus," Arthur says.

Albus walks up to him and tells him, "Very well. Now where to begin?"

"How about why you chose all of us?" Sirius says, "Or about the reason you had my cousin kidnapped? Or why Hagrid?"

"Oh yes, the lovable Hagrid," Albus says as he now walks over to Sirius, "Well I suppose I should start with your first question Sirius."

"Then get on with it," Sirius impatiently tells him.

"Sirius! Calm down!" Remus demands.

"Why Remus? According to this great man, this great wizard, we are all going to die."

"Calm down anyway."

"The voice of reason within the last of the Marauders," Albus mocks, "You really are right Remus Lupin, but why don't you let me start with my explanation.

Albus goes around the room one last time and then returns to the center.

"The reason for all of you here, should be quite simple really. In fact I'm surprised all of you clever beings didn't see it when this meeting started. I couldn't have Hagrid here with me by himself now could I? Since there was all of you here as well then there would be someone to blame. Which is also another reason for all the clues."

Remus whispers something into Tonks' ear.

"Do you still have Mad Eye's eye with you Tonks?"

"Yes," she answers, " I know that face, you have a plan don't you?"

"Yes but it depends if Albus does as I suspect him to."

"Then what about the reason for killing Hagrid, for all the killings committed tonight?" Molly asked.

Albus turns to her and said, " For one reason reason, for one person only."

"And who is that?" Kingsley asked.


'Whos' and 'whats' go around the entire room until someone asks who the hell Ariana is. Albus tells them that she was beautiful, smart, gifted and was very dear to him.

"Ariana is my sister. Yes there were rumors, lies that have been around for years that she is dead. That is true. There are also lies on why she never attended Hogwarts. That I will not say to you but Hagrid knew. The children, none of them knew. Hagrid however knew too much and I feared he would do something hasty once he had the chance. I couldn't risk being turned in or something more dreadful so Hagrid had to die."

"And the kids who came? What was your reason for having them killed?" Arthur demanded.

"I told them if they didn't help me that they wouldn't graduate. It worked on Lavender but not Ron. With Ron I had to threaten Herminone Granger."

He said nothing happened to her when asked if anything did. As Albus finishes telling them all his reasons for this he extends his arms as if about to embrace someone and says,"Now which one of you am I going to kill first?"

"On the count of three," Remus whispered to Sirius and Tonks, "One...Two...Three..."

"Stupify!" Sirius, Remus, and Tonks shouted at the same time as they pointed their wands at Dumbledore.

All three of them quickly shout directions at everyone else. Tonks goes over to Molly and Arthur.

"You two go to the underground prison where I was kept and get the bodies of everyone killed tonight! Got it," Tonks told them.

Sirius went over to Kingsley.

"Kingsley, you take Dumbledore's body to the ballroom and guard him there as well as the limbs. We need to keep the evidence in the one place," Sirius told him.

"Tonks and myself will get Kreacher," Remus said, "Sirius will go get help."

And so they all split up for the umpteenth time that night and went about their plan.

Molly and Arthur quickly ran to the basement and to the passageway where Tonks was kept earlier. The darkness was stifling and even when they lit their wands they could still see very little.

"What do you think will happen Arthur, or what's waiting for us at the end of this passageway?"

"I don't know," he replied, "From what Sirius and Remus said was that it was dreadful beyond words."

They two of them continued on their way to the prison. At one point as they moved their hands along the wall to keep balance something unknown slides into and onto their hands. Something disgusting, unnatural, and dark. That made them hurry up faster and faster into they were sprinting to the end of this passage. Finally the come to the ending and see the horror their friends told them about.

It was just like how Remus, Sirius, and even Tonks had described it and Arthur and Molly were awestruck. The noose was especially spellbinding. It caught their attention and made them wonder what macabre act this was intended for. Suddenly Arthur notices what's on his and Molly's hands.

"Molly look at your hands!"

She does and what's on both her's and her husband's was a weird ashy blood, slime substance never known or seen before this night.

"Arthur! Molly! Come and help me with this great coward!" a voice calls to them.

They look around and see that its Mad Eye with Severus looking broken and defeated. The two of them hurry over to Mad Eye and it takes all Arthur can do to hold his wife back from attacking the man who tortured Tonks.

"Incarcerous!" Mad Eye shouts with his wand pointed dangerously at Severus. As he pick him up and swings him over his shoulder he says to him, "You're lucky I don't use the Killing Curse you bloody traitor."

Mad Eye asks Molly and Arthur what they're doing here and they tell him that they need to gather the bodies of those who died tonight and bring them to the ballroom. Molly gets the body of Lavender while Arthur gathers up Ron's body and and levitates Hagrid's body out of the prison. Mad Eye follows behind them making sure they're not being followed or watched.

"So did you find out who the murderer is?" Mad Eye asks.

"Yes," Arthur says, "Albus Dumbledore. It makes perfect sense Mad Eye and Molly can tell you, she's the one who figured it out."

"And the motive why?"

"Ariana, Dumbledore's sister," Molly answered.

So the three of them with all the bodies they were carrying make their way back and wonder how everyone else was doing.

During all that time Tonks and Remus run as fast as they can to the dining room where they suspected Kreacher now was.

Brilliant plan Remus, now where's that horrid house elf," Tonks says.

"He should be here Tonks," he says before he calls out to Kreacher as they head inside the dining room, "Kreacher. Kreacher. Come out now. We need to talk. Kreacher."

Hesitantly, after a few wasted minutes, Kreacher comes out of a normal cupboard. He walks over towards Remus and Tonks and cracks his knuckles and tells another insult under his breath.

"Yes," Kreacher says.

"We need to know what you've done with Dobby's body," Remus demands, "Tell us now."

"Kreacher does not know what the wolf and mudblood are talking about."

"Don't you you you little monkey," Tonks angrily says to Kreacher, "Tell us or you'll end up like Bellatrix."

Tonks points her wand dangerously at the elf and Remus does the same.

"Tell us Kreacher," Remus says.

Kreacher begins to bend a little but asks them a question.

"If Kreacher did have Dobby's body, how would you know?"

"Lets just say a lot of torturing was involved," Tonks said.

Kreacher gives in and tells them what they want to know.

"Kreacher kept the body. Headmaster said he was going to destroy it along with the others. Though Kreacher and Dobby did not get along much, Kreacher couldn't stand the thought that Dobby would be lost forever."

"Where's the body then," Remus asked venomously.

"The last place found. Just buried a little deeper," Kreacher told them before going back into his cupboard. The last thing they heard from him was, "Filthy mudblood."

Remus and Tonks leave and head straight for the kitchen.

"Back there Tonks you definitely sounded a bit like Bellatrix when you said that," Remus tells her.

"How else would I get that damn elf to talk?" Tonks replies with a charming sort of smile, "Now lets go get Dobby."


So the two of them hurried into the kitchen and opened the ominous freezer once again. They dig and dig in the freezer, throwing out the pointless junk inside it. Like all the bags filled with who knows what. When they look around them they notice that they practically threw out all the contents of the freezer.

"Is there anything left in the freezer?" Remus asked, "Perhaps Kreacher lied."

"Yes, but what better place to hide an elf's decaying body in a freezer?" Tonks said as she continued searching, "Remus, get over here. There's something we've overlooked."

What they had overlooked was a small box black as death. It smelled of decaying flesh. The wood it was made of looked like it was about to come apart because the wood was beginning to chip off in pieces of various sizes. Tonks picked it up like it was diseased and handed it to Remus. They go over to the counter, hold their breath, and open the horrid box.

Tonks looked like she was about to vomit at the sight of it. It was Dobby of course but the stench was worse when the lid was taken off and it looked like the decaying process had sped up.

"Remus, lets get this body over to the ballroom," Tonks said as she tries to stop any vomit from coming up.


And so they run back to the ballroom with Remus carrying the decaying body of Dobby.

Finally everyone is in the same room, well, all except Sirius. Dumbledore was now fully aware and able to move but he was also bound by ropes and Kingsley wouldn't leave his side. Molly asks if Remus and Tonks got what they needed from Kreacher.

"Yes, and its in that box," Tonks said without breathing, "Remus can you set the body down now?"

"So the Cruciatis Curse doesn't bother you so much but the smell of a decomposing body does," Remus chuckles.

Tonks ribs him and Remus takes the body over to a distant corner where it wouldn't be too much of a bother to everyone. Remus comes back to the middle where everyone else was and asks if Sirius has returned yet.

As they wait and wait and wait for Sirius to come they begin talking. Albus, while all this is going on, begins to writhe around and mumble as he tries to get the ropes to come undone. The ropes are knotted too tight, even for the great Albus Dumbledore.

"Don't even think about it Albus," Kingsley threatens, "Those ropes are so tight that not even the strongest giant can cause them to come undone."



"That will be Sirius," Arthur says, "I'll go get it."

Arthur exits the room and goes down the hall to open the massive front doors. He takes a deep breath and opens the door. It lets the rain in and being dragged in by Sirius was the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge. Arthur tells them to come in and then pushes the doors shut. Arthur leads the two men over to the ballroom he wasn't surprised at Fudge's words when he saw the scene in the ballroom.

"Why the hell is Albus Dumbledore tied up? And the horrible stench? As well as the dead bodies?" Fudge asks.

"Well that's why you're here Cornelius," Arthur says, "There's been a few murders that have taken place here and though it might sound crazy, Albus Dumbledore has been the mastermind behind all of them."

"Do you really expect me to believe that one of the greatest wizards of all time committed such a horrible act?" Fudge says disbelieving.

"You must believe it Minister," Molly says, bordering on pleading, "Dumbledore may not have done the act but he didn't have to. He had help, accomplices."

"Tell you git," Sirius orders Severus and soon after to Kreacher who had Apperated into the ballroom.

Both Kreacher and Severus reluctantly agree that they did do the killings. Although with Severus it could be because he was made to swallow the last drop of his truth serum. As Remus and Kingsley were showing Fudge all the proof they had Tonks fished the eye out of her pocket.

"Mad Eye," Tonks said as she saw him turn to face her, "Catch."

She throws the eye to Mad Eye. He catches it and puts it back in his eye socket with a push. He then tells Tonks thanks with a gruff voice and then clears his throat with a cough.

As Remus and Kingsley finish showing Fudge everything, and later the prison where Tonks had been kept and tortured the minister had to admit it, that it really was Albus who had orchestrated all of this. He soon had other member of the ministry and Aurors to come to this hell of a mansion and soon had the Dumbledore and even Severus taken away. When everyone begins to leave, even their friends Remus pulls Tonks back and leads her into the only place where no murders or clues were ever found; the library.

"What is it Remus?"

"Well considering that everything is going back to normal and that the mystery is over, as well as the killer being caught―"

"Let me finish that for you Remus," Tonks says.

Tonks kisses him and they continue this happy ending into the rest of the early morning and the rest of the day.