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Xxx Unknown POV xxX

Crazed black eyes looked unseeing around her prison. The woman's retinas had been burnt beyond repair, but she was far from blind. On the contrary, she could see everything as clear as day. That foolish Davidoff had thought her brain dead, when in fact she was biding her time. Waiting, always waiting for a day to get revenge on the man who left her to burn. But it was too late for her plans to be put into motion. Kit Bae had beat her to it, leaving only one other option. Destroy the girl and everything she loves, leaving her broken, beaten and utterly destroyed.

The darkness surrounding her suddenly brightened, almost to the point of pain. Hissing, the wraith shielded her sensitive eyes from the unyielding sun. As soon as it had come, the pain vanished. Blinking her ruined eyelids over pure black eyes, her mind's eye recognized the intruder. He had come to visit her several times, always bearing news of the outside world. She didn't actually care, but he made…interesting, propositions. It was a joy to hear the tortures the man planned just for her use.

Breathing a sigh, she stepped forward into his arms. Hugging him minutely, her scarred figure was visible in a small shaft of sunlight. It was hideous. What had once been a beautiful young woman was now no more than a slab of meat, one scarred beyond recognition. The pathetic wraith should have died long ago, but, barely clinging to life, she awoke for one purpose.


No hair grew on the melted body, nor fat to cover the bones. Muscles were clearly visible beneath the beautiful gown her visitor had once brought her. The dress only made the figure more hideous with the thought of actual humanity, when in reality that, too, had died. Only rage had kept the woman alive. Rage and the help of a captive angel she had long ago summoned. That single minded anger was what had brought the man to her in the first place. A long-fingered hand brushed the rubbery cheek, making the thing give a gritty purr of appreciation. None ever touched her by choice, yet this man came over and over again for her help and to brush those beautiful fingers over her ruined face. This wasn't the only reason she was helping him, though. Oh, no. They were alike in many ways, the man and her. Both had been betrayed by those who'd feigned friendship, and lost their beloveds.

"Have you had any new ideas while I was gone?" he asked, caressing what used to be her forehead. At her frenzied nodding, the man gave an indulgent smile and cooed, "You know I love your ideas, dear one. Will you tell me?"

Leaning in, her harsh, whispery voice spoke in his ear. Barely keeping her voice down, it hissed, "Let them burn, one by one. Just like I did. Don't make it easy on them. Torture them, drown them, but don't kill them. Leave that to me, darling. I want to see the life leave her pretty blue eyes. Bring her to me, and you can have the rest. That is all." Having said her piece, the woman slithered into the deep shadows and vanished. Immediately, an emaciated form crawled towards him, panting and sniveling in it's agony. Feeling no pity, the man kicked it to the ground and delicately crouched beside it. "Raziel. Did you change you're mind so soon?"

Suddenly not so pathetic, the figure raised his head and looked the man straight in the eye. A nineteen year old boy with silvery eyes glared up at him and said, "Never." Disgusted, the man spat something in a foreign language and sent Raziel flying into a wall. The angel spat blood onto the floor and whispered hoarsely, "She's at peace, Andrew Baker. I will not make her suffer through the journey back to the living. Leave her soul at rest."

Andrew stared at the bloody angel with loathing glowing in his eyes. Abruptly turning on his heels, he opened the rusted door and left Raziel in shadows once more.

Xxx Chloe's POV xxX

Sighing softly, Chloe watched outside the window of the guest room of the Bae's house. She and Lily had told her father about a sleep over as an excuse for her to spend more time with Derek. Together, it hadn't taken long to figure out what was going threw their respective other's minds. Jealousy seemed to be the only emotion the fighting brothers were aware of, even though both she and Lily loved only their mates. Any attempts to convince them otherwise had been immediately shot down. It seemed the war was at a standstill.

Lily walked through the door, and Chloe turned to face her. Their friendship wasn't an easy one, especially with Simon using Chloe as a means to anger his brother. They got into fights, but managed to get over it. Exchanging glances, she gestured towards the window. Lily immediately understood and stepped beside her. Out in the yard, Simon and Derek were arguing wildly about some stupid thing or another. Lily caught a glimpse of Kit trying to sneak away from his sons, just in case he was pulled into the fight. Seeing the girls watching, he mouthed the word, "Basketball."

They rolled their eyes in unison, then went down the stairs to collect the stubborn boys. "I've got Simon, you get Derek," murmured Chloe. The demigoddess looked like she was about to argue, then decided against it. After the events in the forest over a month ago, Simon refused to be touched by his mate. This pained her to no end, but she accepted it. She and Derek were practically brother and sister, a completely different bond than what Simon believed it to be. He and Chloe, however, were anything but platonic. While she strived to avoid any and all situations involving Simon kissing her, he tried far to often for her liking. It was so annoying!

Walking to the argument, which now involved shoving on Simon's part and growls on Derek's, Chloe grabbed Simon and started tugging him towards the house while Lily led Derek into the forest. Snorting angrily, she shoved Simon onto a couch and stood in front of him, absolutely fuming! This was the third time in barely a week that the girls had needed to break up a fight before it turned to bloodshed. Hell, they'd even memorized the lectures! It was like being a mother without the actual super cute baby.

"Simon, do you know how many times I've had to separate you from Derek this past month? Eleven. Eleven times, Simon! Why can't you understand that Lily isn't in love with him? She loves you and only you…" but just like all the other times, he paid no attention to her, instead glaring into forest where his mate and brother had disappeared. Chloe sighed and simply walked away, feeling a headache building. Running her hands over her face, she decided a nap was in order. For the past four days, it had been getting harder and harder to fall asleep. There was this sense of foreboding that woke her up screaming in a cold sweat. So, instead of scaring the life out of her father, she was sleeping here for the night. In the worst case scenario, Kit would have to drug her or use a sleeping spell to give her the needed rest.

Taking a detour to the bathroom, Chloe turned on the water and splashed at her face. Looking tiredly into the mirror, she knew she was going to see a plain-faced girl with dark bags under her eyes. But what she saw was anything but herself. Staring at her in the mirror was a tall…thing with pure black eyes and nearly no skin to speak of. Before she could even scream, the figure was gone. Breathing heavily, Chloe looked around frantically, then calmed her racing heart. She was seeing things. That had to be it. Not enough sleep can cause delusions, everyone knows that. Practically running to her room, Chloe dropped onto the bed and, despite her scare with the mirror, fell asleep instantly.

Chloe's Dream

She woke up in a dark, damp cave. Looking around, Chloe realized the entrance must have been blocked off long ago. A rattling of chains made her squeak in terror. Slowly turning around, she came face to face with the poster boy for famine in Africa. Every bone, every muscle was defined by pale, stretched skin. It was impossible for him to be alive. Or so she thought until she saw his eyes.

Silver orbs pierced right threw her as she gasped and fell to her knees. The boy sunk to his own with a grace that betrayed his current state, seeming to have a faint inner glow that warmed her to the bone. She could see now that the chains he wore weren't made of metal, but bone. Human bone. Shaking, Chloe reached a trembling hand to touch them, then squealed when it went numb. Shaking it out, she asked with surprising force, "What happened to you?"

The boy seemed to be ignoring her right now. Instead, he spoke in an echoing voice that was anything but frail. "I am Raziel, a healing angel. Years ago, I was captured and tortured by a necromancer. To this day, I am still under her command, but I come to you, Chloe Saunders, with a request and a warning. I beg of you to free me, if you can, for your power is far greater than my jailer's. My warning is this…run while you can, before she can find you. Beware the one who calls himself your friend. He is only there for revenge. He will kill you if he has a chance. That is all I can say. Please, Chloe Saunders," suddenly, he stopped and hissed, "She is here." His mouth opened in a wide scream as a heavy fog obscured him from view. Pain stabbed at her head so violently, Chloe couldn't help but scream in agony. A croaking voice cackled, "You will never leave this place, betrayer! You share his fate!" The pain grew steadily until she was no more.

End dream

Xxx Lily's POV xxX

After lecturing a very contrite Derek, he and Lily decided to spar with the pack. Tumbling through the long grass with the former alpha, the werewolf was laughing like a child. Lily was pleased with herself about the change in his mood. These days, he was always grumpy and moody about fighting with Simon. He didn't seem to like it, but couldn't help himself when he saw what Simon was doing with his mate. Turning away, Lily decided to check on the pups instead. They had been born three weeks ago and were utterly adorable. She was their unofficial nanny. Crawling into the little cave the wolves had found near their home, she cooed affectionately to their mother, the red wolf who had first submitted to Derek. Letting out a soft grumbling purr, she took one of the four pups from it's mother's side, laid down and set it on her chest.

Sighing in contentment, she stroked it's downy ears as it snuggled closer to her. Getting a sudden bad feeling, she put the pup back next to it's mother and growled a warning to her. Ears perking up, she snorted in response and shuffled the pups behind her. Lily crept out of the cave and the feeling grew stronger. Scenting the air, a breeze brought the smell of old barbecue to her nose. Muttering worriedly, she caught Derek's eye. He smelt it too. "Road kill?" he asked, confused. Shaking her head no, she whispered, "It feels…wrong." Derek nodded his agreement.

A familiar scream tore them from their musings, sending them running towards the house.

Lily shrieked, "CHLOE!"

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