Blue eyes solemn yet full of tears, Chloe grasped Derek's hand tightly in hers. Barely two months after their freedom began, and already four funerals had taken place. The twins, Sam and Victoria, were together for all of eternity in a single grave. After hearing their story, the teens would have it no other way. Pink roses were placed at the foot of the gravestones and among them a single red one, to thank Sam for all the blood he had shed protecting the others from torture. It was all they could do, but it would never be enough.

Jason was buried in his family's mausoleum. Stone angels towered over them, heads bowed in prayer or sorrow. One of the bravest, funniest supernaturals any of them had ever known, he had been mourned by everyone who knew him. Crowds of people wearing black had shown up to watch the ashes of an old friend being placed on a mantel in the brilliant marble tomb. One of the mourners was Kit, arm wrapped around Kayla as he tried once again to forgive himself for causing his companion's untimely demise. Clutching her close, he relived the screaming and smell of burnt flesh as a way to make himself suffer, Kayla slapped his chest and growled a warning under her breath. Taking the hint, the sorcerer stared straight ahead.

At last, they reached the site of the last grave. Here, perhaps, lay the best of them, who against all the odds managed to do the right thing and at the same time lose years of pain, both old and fresh. Lady Shipa, wearing a flowing black dress that didn't seem to touch the ground, and Niall, who was surprisingly sombre in a fitted black tuxedo and red tie. Tears flowed freely from their eyes, for the lost life of family. Placing a bouquet of black roses against the shining stone, they both glided into the woods and vanished without a trace. None had even noticed their presence.

Two more mourners stepped up to the tombstone, Chloe clutching daffodils and Derek playing idly with a broken pair of shackles. Placing them on the ground in front of the freshly churned earth, he whispered respectfully, "You're turn, Chloe."

Swallowing heavily, the little necromancer stepped forward and whispered, "Oh, my friend. Why did you have to die? I wanted so badly to have a sibling like you when I was growing up, but…it doesn't matter. For what you did for us, all of us, there are no words to say. I speak for everyone when I say we'll miss you. Always." Dropping her flowers, she turned to the people waiting for her.

A single white Calla lily floated on the breeze as Simon let it drop from his fingers, tears flooding his eyes. Whispering a few words, he turned to Lily and asked quietly, "Ready to go?"

For the name on that stone wasn't hers.

Raziel Solomon Lazarus

Beloved friend and faithful guardian

May the angels watch over you

Just as you did for them

Unknown - Oct. 13th, 2011

R.I.P, our healing angel


Simon whimpered as Lily's breathing faltered. Cradling her to his chest, he whispered fervently, "I love you, Lils. Don't leave me. Don't leave…" choking, he sobbed brokenly over his mate's mangled body. Feeling someone tugging at his arms, he looked up to meet the deep silver eyes of a nineteen year old boy who looked to be the poster child for famine in Africa. Simon looked into those orbs and saw life. Hope for another day of living. As he kneeled in awe of that hope, Raziel gently slid Lily's heaving body away from him. Placing a hand over her head and heart, he whispered, "A life for a life, sister. Take mine."

Gently closing his eyes, the healing angel felt his life force slowly trickle away. Slumping forward, he slipped the knife out of Lily's chest and placed his now cold hand over the wound. Finally, after he'd given all he had, Raziel fell to the ground and welcomed the first peace he'd known in centuries. Simon, now squeezing a very much alive and uninjured Lily, whispered a broken, "Thank you."

Chloe, who watched it all happen, let out a bloodcurdling scream when Raziel fell. Tears poured down her cheeks at the loss of the brother she never had. Derek held her back, cooing, "It's over now." After brushing his lips against hers, they were both left in a melancholy daze in the destruction all around them. Blinking, their lips hesitantly met again then turned into a fiery, passion filled kiss that lasted almost a full minute. Simon and Lily were in their own little world, exchanging small touches and wordless looks. Together, they silently mourned for the loss of their guardian angel.

End Flashback

As he turned to leave, Lily's slender fingers looped through his own and she whispered softly, "Let's stay a while longer." Smiling up at him, she pressed her lips to his.

Breaking away, he looked into her eyes and revelled in the pure love of his goddess. For now he knew, she was his alone.

The End!

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