Part One|Morning After Surprises

The pale sunlight that shone through the small window at the top of the wall began to spill into the room. It was daybreak. All was still, which was expected; hardly anyone was awake this early at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on a Saturday, save for a few Quidditch players. A pale skinned, red headed figure lay in a bed, his chest rising and falling with his breaths. The sun lit up his hair and made it gleam even brighter than it already was.

As the minutes passed, the sun's light spread from not only the ginger's hair, but down to his forehead, and then gradually into his eyes. Squinting, he shifted in his sleep uncomfortably, attempting to find a spot where the light was reduced. Failing, he lazily brought his arm up to block the sun, and he opened his eyes a small crack. Using his toes, he grabbed onto the curtain of the four-poster he was in and jerkily moved it until it blocked out the sun.

He laid his head back onto the pillow and let his arm fall to dangle off the side of the bed. Ron knew that there wouldn't be any point in attempting to fall back asleep. Once he was up, he was up. On most days he would change into some day clothes and go down to the common room to do school work, which more often resulted in him playing chess or hangman with any other Gryffindor early risers than any actual school work getting done.

But today, today was a different scenario. He was perfectly content with lying here in the bed, the sheets half tangled around him and with only the blanket to completely cover his body. He looked down at the figure that was nestled in him. She was a blonde with a short cut and unnaturally straight hair. She had a small, pixie like face, pointed chin, but with soft features. The quality that stood out the most on this girl, though, were her deep, clear, crystal blue eyes.

Ron grinned in personal pleasure. He was still beside himself with shock. He wasn't even sure how exactly it happened. He had headed down into the basement of the school late into the night, his prefect status allowing him to be up at such times and not have to worry about being caught or punished. He had been arriving to the picture of the bowl of fruit which marked the entrance to the kitchens when a girl walked out of it. Ron had been stunned by her appearance. One, he was sure not many others knew about the way into the kitchens, and two, he'd never seen a girl so gorgeous in his life. How had he missed her in his six years of attending Hogwarts? She didn't appear to be that young.

She noticed him right away. Approaching him with confidence, and before he was able to utter a reprimand for being out so late, she attacked him. Next he knew, he had found himself in a bed with the girl, having experiences that he'd never had before. The only distinct thought that he'd remembered having during this was how he'd never done anything near this with Lavender. Nothing near this.

Ron smiled as the memories of the night before washed over him, dimples darkening the side of pale face. He took his glance from the girl resting in his left arm to his right arm which was still hanging off the side of his bed, for he had just become aware of the fact that he still had the Gryffindor tie clutched in his hands. He released his grip and watched as it fell limply to the ground, landing on scarlet and yellow robes. Not bad for a Hufflepuff, he thought. He then looked up to the bedside table. It was empty except for a fish tank. It was filled almost to the brim with crisp clean water. Fish food stood in a small canister next to it. The only thing that was missing from the whole thing was, well, a fish.

Ron hardly had time to really think that through because the girl began to stir in his arm. Smiling, he looked down and watched her as she slowly woke up. Gradually she opened her eyes, blinking in the sunlight that had managed to get around the curtain. She was about to stretch, but then stopped suddenly as her hand bushed against the side of Ron's face. She stared straight in front of her at Ron's chest, and her eyes slowly traveled up his body to look at his grinning face. Her blue eyes pierced his green ones. Smiling sheepishly, Ron said, "G'morning, beautif-"

Ron's greeting was cut short by the sharp stinging that suddenly slammed his face. It took him a second to realize that the girl had slapped him across his cheek. "What the bloody hell was that for?" he demanded of her. For an answer, she slapped him again across the other cheek. Scrambling wildly to get out of any more harm's way, he tried to jump off the bed, but due to the fact that his body was completely twisted in the sheets, he just managed to fall off the bed backwards, slamming his head against the bedside table in the process. The fish tank tipped to one precariously, and then crashed over the side onto Ron's head, leaving him soaked and surrounded by broken glass. The water was the least of his worries, though. The girl was boiling into a full blow rage.

"BEAUTIFUL?" she screeched as she jumped off of her bed. The fact that she was naked added to her anger. She ripped a bath robe off of the hook next to her bed and hastily put it on. "I'D PERFER TO KNOW YOU BEFORE YOU START THROWING OUT TERMS OF ENDEREMENT AND SLEEPING IN MY BED NAKED, PEDOPHILE!"

His face was flushing a deep crimson from embarrassment, but, beyond that, Ron was bewildered. Had last night been a dream? Had he sleep walked his way down into the Hufflepuff common room and up into this girl's bed? It could have been possible. But I don't know their password, he reasoned with himself. Not even his subconscious was creative enough to be able to guess their password correctly.

Pushing back the fiery mop of soaking wet hair out of his eyes, Ron gingerly stood up, taking care not to step on any of the broken glass. He noticed that he was shivering violently from the cold room and water. The blankets had been warmer than he'd thought, "HAVE SOME DECENCY TO PUT ON SOME CLOTHES, YOU DESPICABLE FREAK!" She was now standing in the middle of the room, screaming swears at the top of her lungs. Someone was bound to come and investigate soon. Ron picked up his school robes and, shaking off the glass, tied it quickly around his waist. Not a moment after he had tied it as securely as he could get it, the door to the dormitory opened.

To Ron's surprise, it was Hannah Abbot who entered. She didn't look surprised to see the other girl in this state. Raising her voice louder than the girl's, she said "Shut it, Dory." The other girl, Dory, listened automatically. She stared at Hannah with a look of mild confusion, and then walked to the mirror that was across the room and began to fix her hair. Ron's shock from the girl's reaction was hardly anything compared to Hannah's when she spotted Ron. She stood looking at the redheaded boy for a complete minute, her jaw hanging loosely open. She took in his lack of clothes, wetness, and the state of the bed. She slowly put it all together together. "You broke the tank," she muttered. "Reparo! Augamenti!" The pieces of the tank sealed itself together and clear water was replenished into it. Walking next to Ron, she picked it up and placed it back on the table.

"So I see you've met Dory." Hannah said, walking back to the middle of the room. Ron just stood in bewilderment. "It's odd; she usually goes for guys younger than you, though. She hasn't brought in a guy our age before." Noting Ron's expression she added, "This isn't the first time. It's happened three or four times a year since our fourth year. When she does, we usually camp out in the common room. That's why we never came up here last night."

Ron, taking this all in, managed to squeak out, "What the bloody hell's wrong with her?"

"She has short term memory loss," she laughed bitterly. "Came off the bad end of an oblivation charm when she was really young. Something about an uncle and a bet and at times she swears a llama was involved." Ron only stared at Hannah as she cast a wary look at Dory. "Her memory comes and goes as it pleases. It's unfortunate, really. She's really bright."

Ron was coming back to his senses. "This is all really bloody weird," he muttered. "Shouldn't she be in Mungo's?" He walked out away from the puddle of water that he was still standing in and leaned up against the back of Dory's bed. She was still looking in the mirror. Ron studied her for a few moments, and then turned his attention back to Hannah. "Why haven't I seen her before?" he asked in a slightly demanding tone.

"Hey, it's lucky if she wakes up knowing who she is. As long as she gets to some class, they consider it a success."

"And the fish tank?" Ron's blurted out, only now thinking how it was odd that Hannah had attended to that first.

"Now that, that is a funny story," Hannah said in slightly quieter tones. She had a mischievous grin on her face. "You see, Dory, she's an Animagus."

Ron's eyebrows raised. "How'd she do it?"

"She doesn't remember."

"Well when did she do it?"

"She doesn't remember that part, either."

Ron was becoming more and more irritated with this girl. "Well, what does she turn into?"

"That I do know," Hannah said. "A fish."

"A- I'm sorry, a what?"

"A fish," Hannah repeated. "A Regal Blue Tang, specifically." At Ron's raised eye, she added, "You know, the deep blue one, with the black markings and the yellow tipped fins."

Ron still had no clue what that fish was, but he just nodded dumbly. "Why… Let me guess, she doesn't know." Hannah only smiled. "Well then. Can I, er, go?"

"Sure, you're free. I'd suggest putting your clothes on first." Hannah smirked as Ron realized that he was still only wearing his school robe around his waist. Flushing with embarrassment, he went back around the side of the bed and gathered his jeans and shirt. Hannah turned to give him privacy, and he quickly shoved his body into his clothing. He then walked passed Hannah and started to open the door. "Okay, I'll be going-"

"Hi, you're new!" came a sing-song voice from the other end of the room. Ron turned to see Dory looking over to him. "Have we met? Because you see, I have short term memory loss and I don't remember a lot of things half the time. I'm Dory! Who are you? Have we met?" Ron looked to Hannah who looked gleeful.

"He's Ron, Dory, and he has to go now. I'll see you later," she added, making motions for him to go.

Ron was grateful for the chance to be able to slip out. He shut the door behind him and then bolted through the common room and out of the portrait hole, gaining some confused stares in his wake. As the portrait hole shut, Ron leaned on the wall, breathing heavily. What had he gotten himself into?