This all starts when the Potter's are all in Hogwarts, James is in his 6th year, Albus is in his 5th year, and Lily is in her 3rd year. There have been some death threats to the Potter kids, so Hogwarts is getting protection from a certain vampire family.

Lily's POV

Today is the day that I'm starting my third year at Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry! I'm so excited to see my friends again. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. I'm Lily Potter and am a mix of my mother and father. I have my grandfather's hazel eyes. I have my dad angular face, defense against the dark arts skills, and seeking skills. My hair is all my own though, I have mahogany hair color. James kind of looks like me but older and he's a guy. The thing is that he acts a lot like dad and Uncle George put together, which isn't a good mix. Albus looks just like dad in every way, but he doesn't act like dad did when he was younger. Al is actually responsible and listens to school rules, this is why Al is a prefect and James isn't.

"Lily, hurry we are going to be late for the train!" Al yells from the base of the staircase.

"Coming," I yell, grabbing my trunk and owl and heading down the stairs.

We make it to the train station and meet up with Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. "Hello, Lily. Hugo is already on the train…if you want to see him," Aunt Hermione tells me. Just for some background information Hugo and I had a row a while back in our second year when I caught him after dark and told him to return to the dorm he snapped at me and we haven't talked much since. I still don't know why he was angry with me, but oh well. "Lily, you're going to miss the train!" Rose yells waving me onto the train.

"Thanks, Rose, I completely zoned out," I tell her jumping on and falling backwards onto the floor. The thud never came because someone catches me. Rose's face went pale because when I look up to see who caught me it was none other than Scorpius Malfoy. "Watch where you're going, Potter, you might get hurt," He almost sounds concerned.

"Keep going, Malfoy, or I might have to give you detention," Rose threatens. He backs off and goes to the Slytherin's compartment of the train. "That was weird," I comment. "Hey, Lily, it only gets weirder, it turns out that Hogwarts is hiring protection for us!" James says running down the train.

"James, you couldn't have waited to tell me this off the train?" I ask him and shook his head.

"James, just go back with your friends and I'll go and find mine." So I go down the compartments till I find Artemis Longbottom, Lena Longbottom, Izzy Ride (A/N give you a virtual cookie ifyou get the reference;), Kyle Griffiths, and Amanda Kimo.

Artemis is Neville and Luna's oldest child, he is in his fourth year and is a Ravenclaw just like his mother, and he has short blonde hair, stormy grey eyes, and a long lanky body. Lena, has dark brown hair, light blue eyes, and is a klutz like her father, but she is in Gryffindor, and in my year!

Izzy is in her sixth year, she has raven black hair, an olive skin tone, her eyes are almost black, basically she is a really dark person, in Gryffindor, and also muggle born. Kyle Griffiths is in his sixth year at Hogwarts and has strawberry blonde hair, bright sightless blue eyes, even though he is blind he is one of the best wizards in his class, he and Izzy are best friends and are dating now, he is also in Gryffindor and muggle born.

Amanda is our only friend in Hufflepuff, she has sandy brown hair, brown eyes, short, but awesome all the same, she is in her third year like me.

"What took you so long to get here; we were all starting to worry about you," Amanda says hugging me quickly and then Kyle speaks, "Scorpius had to do with it, I'm guessing."

"How did you know?" Rose and I look at Kyle astonished. "I heard the vibration in his steps as he stormed away," He says like it is the simplest answer in the world.

"Where's your bother? We need to start talking about what pranks we are going to be pulling this year, while keeping up with the work load of a sixth year," Izzy questions me with grin. Kyle, Izzy, and James are worse than Uncle George, deceased Uncle Fred, and Lee Jordan. Izzy is basically invisible when she wants to be, Kyle can hear people coming from a mile away, and James has the cloak and the map handed down by dad.

A couple hours later the train stops and we all get off and head to the main hall where we all had to go our separate ways. Luckily, Izzy and Kyle let me sit near them because most third years hate me. It is all because I am the daughter of Harry freaken Potter (AVPM reference right there). Professor McGonagall is the new headmistress here and is doing a really great job at it.

So, after the sorting was over the new defense against the dark arts teacher is introduced, "Serenity Singling is your new defense against the dark arts teacher. Treat her with respect like all your other teachers," McGonagall orders us all, even though half of the students won't listen to her. The woman that stood up looked like she was in her early twenties with sliver blonde hair, hazel green eyes, and extremely tall. "She isn't going to last more than a week here," I hear James mutter to Kyle.

"This year there will be a change there will be some security on campus. I would like to introduce you to my kids," As Professor Singling says that, the main hall doors open and three teens walk in. One looks exactly like her mother but she has dark green eyes she has to be the oldest. Then I look to her left and there was a guy, he has dark brown hair, light hazel eyes like his mother but other than that he looks nothing like her. Then on the girls right there was a young girl she was a mini form of her sister.

There was hysterical laughing from the Slytherin table, soon followed by most of the hall. The Gryffindor table remained silent. As the boy got closer to the teacher position he yells to hall. "Quiet down you lot. I understand that we don't look like much, but hear me now we are more than a match for anything that comes your way. If you think that you can get past us, you're wrong, my sister and I will give you a detention faster than you can say Quidditch." The room gets quiet and the hall is dismissed.

I see James drooling over the new protection. "James, snap out of it. Oh, who is the new captain of the quidditch team anyway?" Al is the keeper, James and Izzy are the beaters, the chasers are Kimberly Jordan and Trevor Carter, and I am the seeker.

"I am!" Izzy says from behind us. "That is awesome Izzy!" I exclaim but I could tell that James was upset about it. "James, you're in detention way too many times to be the captain and you know it, otherwise you would have been the captain," Izzy reminds my brother about his bad record with detention. "I'll be right back," James says walking in the other direction.