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Dear Mum,

Hey, Mum, how are you? How's Dad? I really miss you both. It's been about a month since I sent you my last letter and for that I'm very sorry. Between quidditch practice and my classes I haven't had any time to write a letter. I don't know how you did it from your fifth year to your seventh. Just so you're not worried, my grades haven 't dropped and I'm still the top of the class. That's what I get for being a Ravenclaw. I must tell you that I'm really annoyed with Vladimir Krum. He keeps trying to sabotage me! I swear Aunt Rose is telling him to do this. Yes, I know about yours and Aunt Rose's feud. The gossip on your side of the family is ridiculous.

Anyway, he's really been trying to get me into detention by baiting me. He even brought up the old rumors that Malfoy's have vela blood. So, obnoxious, it was very stupid. Most to the teachers have heard this already and ignored it. Of course the new Headmaster hasn't so he put Vladimir in detention. He's even tried to push me off my broom in the Slytherin versus Ravenclaw match!

If you could, and I know that would be asking a lot of you. Could you please talk to Aunt Rose or something because this is getting bad! I could have fallen off my broom and died!

Oh, I have great news. I have a date to the ball this year! You'll never guess who it is. Okay you might, it's Sky Griffiths. I bet you're just full of yourself now. You were completely right about him having a crush on me. You have no idea how pleased I was to finally get a date to the dance. Mum, can you please talk to dad about this? I know he doesn't like the idea of me dating, especially Sky. Dad's mentioned that he thinks Sky's a hooligan more than once.

Can you see if you can get me a letter from Xavier? I haven't heard from him in over a month. Have the French changed my brother for the worst or something? He used to write to me, or is he too cool to write to his older sister…wait did he get a girlfriend? You have to write back really soon.

Love your Daughter,

Giselle Harriet Malfoy

My daughter Giselle is sixteen and really takes after her father, she has his facial features, silvery blonde hair, flawless figure, brains and music skill. She plays the piano in national level competitions. She did inherit the famous Potter seeker skills and has a mixture of hazel grey eyes, a perfect mixture of Scorpius' and mine. My son Xavier is a near perfect mixture of both me and Scorpius. He has honey blonde hair from his Grandmother, it's highlighted with natural reds in the sunlight, he has bright green eyes from my side of the family, is built just like my brothers, and loves to read. He just turned thirteen and has realized that sending letters to his sister isn't what his friends in the French academy kids find acceptable.

Yep, my son is the first Malfoy to not attend Hogwarts. He wanted to have a clean start where no one would bother him for being a Malfoy. Since, my house is fluent in French he went one of the many academies there. He is adjusting well, but he's not used to speaking French all the time. Speaking of my son it seems like a letter has just arrived from him. I open the window and take the letter from the owl and set it on the table.


Before you ask, I'm adjusting well with French life. It's nice to write something in English, I haven't had anything like this in weeks. I'm starting to worry that I'll forget it…anyway I miss you all. I'm going to be writing to Giselle really soon. I have the letter in my hand actually, I'm just waiting for Henry to return with your reply. Thank you for the chocolates and Happy early Birthday! I'm reminding Giselle that it's your birthday in my letter. For a Ravenclaw she is very forgetful.

~Xavier Alastor Malfoy

After reading both of my children's letters I decide a few things, one I need to talk to Rose about her son's attitude towards my family, two I'm going to need to talk to my husband about my daughter's boyfriend, and three see if my lovely husband won't kill her boyfriend.

I really hope that Scorpius doesn't try and kill Sky. Skylar Griffiths is the spitting image of his father, Kyle Griffiths, from his hair down to the lanky build, except for his inky black eyes that he got from his mother Isabel Ride. Skylar also happens to have a twin sister Jade who is in a goth stage at the moment. Dressing in all black just like her mother did at her age. Izzy keeps telling me that she doesn't know what to do with her.

I'm broken out of my revere when I hear the front door open. "Lily-love, I'm home!" Scorpius shouts through the house. I smile just hearing his voice. Just knowing that he's awake and alive is great. The three weeks during his sixth year and fourth when he was in a coma changed my outlook on life. I had to live my life to the fullest with Scorpius not knowing when one of us could die.

"In the kitchen, Giselle wants me to talk with you about something," I reply and a few seconds later I hear Scorpius enter the kitchen.

"What did she want to talk to me about? I mean she could have just sent me a letter," Scorpius grumbles setting his violin case down on the floor. Scorpius has opened a music shop with his mother after retired early from the orchestra after our children were born. They have two major shops one in Muggle London and one is Hogsmeade a few doors down from my Magic-care shop. I think that both of us have become extremely successful at our jobs, but we still manage to see enough of each other.

"Well, Giselle got asked to the ball by Sky and she wants to make sure that it's okay with you," I explain to him calmly waiting for him to explode with anger, but it never comes. Instead, he starts laughing.

"I was wondering when he would get up the nerve to ask her out. You see, he asked me if he could take her to the ball before he got on the train before winter break. Since he was such a gentleman about it I said he could," he explains to me between chuckles.

"Oh, by the way, my mum and dad were wondering when we're coming over for tea next week," Scorpius reminds me.

Just thinking back on the last few years where his father was suffering from cancer…luckily he pulled through and is back at work like nothing ever happened. My dad is watching him like a hawk and Astoria is bringing him to monthly checkups.

"I think we'll go on Wednesday…I have to work at the Healing Clinique the rest of the week for Victoire, who is going to France with her mother for the week," I groan just thinking about all the work that I'll have to do.

"You'll get over it. Now, let me read the letters from my kids," Scorpius says grabbing the letters from the table.

After everything that's happened in the past few years just seeing Scorpius here, reading the letters from our kids, is the perfect ending for me. I'm his lily and he's my scorpion…

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