Quinn stood in front of the mirror reassessing her outfit for what seemed like the millionth time. She played with the curls of her hair pulling them back and then letting them fall. Her roommate Rachel Berry paced nervously behind her. "I'm not so sure all of this is good idea." She said again talking animatedly with her hands. "I mean, you haven't seen him since like what December of last year? Do you really think it's wise to… to do this to yourself again?" The small brunette asked unable to looking the blonde in the eyes as she went back to her pacing.

"You act as if I am going to see him, and just fall madly in love with him or something." Quinn said stifling a laugh as she twirled her hair around her finger choosing to just leave it down. Maybe she was secretly hoping that, he was still always on her mind. She had been the one to end things between the two of them, she regretted it the moment she ended it. She wanted him to fight for her, to chase after her. She waited for him to stuck on pride to just go after him herself. Her stomach sank slightly, as if maybe this would be the moment, maybe this years after was him chasing after her. She was lost in thought but Rachel's rambling brought her back to where she needed to be.

"All I am saying, is I don't want to see you get hurt.." She said biting down slightly on her lip as if she was keeping something from her. "Just, don't expect too much from this." She said, the weight of the secret crushing her, she wanted to tell her. She knew the real reason why Sam Evans was back in town, and Rachel knew she wasn't the one to tell Quinn. "Oh!" She squeaked distracting herself with the clock. "Look at the time you better go!" She said practically pushing Quinn out the door.

She brushed off Rachel's weird behavior it was something she just learned to live with these days. "Oh, you're right!" She said giving herself a finalizing glance, and deeming herself ready. "Wish me luck." She said as she was making her way towards the door, she gave the smaller girl an excited hug and headed for her car. Rachel just smiled at her fried, closing the door behind her, she was defiantly going to need more then luck.

Traffic wasn't too bad and that was saying something for New York traffic. She had agreed to meet him a little coffee place she'd grown to love, she loved everything about New York it was defiantly her city. After graduation she stayed in Lima for a year going to a college close by so she could still manage her relationship with Sam, and keep friendships with the friends that had lingered behind. Everything was fine, they were happy until that fateful day in December.

It was a few days before Christmas and Sam had been pestering her about the perfect gift. She knew anything he would get would be fine but he just wouldn't take that for an answer.

"Come on, tell me what you I want this year to be perfect." He said following her around one of the stores in the mall. "Something like this?" He asked picking up the ugliest sweater he could find. He knew she would never be into it, but her suggestions so far were not leading him towards anything that screamed 'best Christmas ever!'

"Ew, gross." She said scrunching up her nose and sticking out her tongue at him. "Sam you know what I mean, anything you pick out I am sure I am going to love." She said as she ran her hand over the fabric of different dresses trying to pick out a dress for the holidays.

"See, you say anything but I still feel pressured." He said slinking his arm around her waist, as he trailed around the store with her until she picked out the perfect dress.

"Don't be, I promise I will love and accept whatever it is." She said giving him a kiss on the cheek as she ran off to go try various dresses in the changing room, she was certain she heard a groan from his direction.

That was the last they spoke about gifts, until Christmas. She'd awoke Christmas morning to find he was already downstairs shuffling things around. Coming down the stairs, she called out to him, "Sam how do I—" She was going to ask how she looked all dressed up for the festivities that would follow with the day, but her eyes fell on the living room and it brought her to silence.

He'd heard her coming downstairs and that was when he set his plan in motion. He'd decorated the entire living room in lights and fake snow littered the floor, to make up for the lack of snow on Christmas this year, it seemed to snow ever other day but today of course. He was kneeling on one knee a small ring box in his hand as he waited for her to enter.

Everything she saw just took her breath away, she knew it was suppose to be romantic and perfect but she couldn't breathe. It was as if the walls were closing in on her. "Sam I.." She said looking at him; a he knelt there grinning like a fool, expecting her to say yes. But she couldn't do it. She clapped her hand on her mouth and tried to stop the tears from falling. "I have too.. I need to go." She said grabbing her coat of the hook and bolting out the door.

She cut the engine of her car and gave herself a quick look in the mirror before heading into the coffee shop. She wasn't sure what she was expecting from him, why he wanted to meet up. She knew it was foolish to think this was him chasing after her like she had wanted, she felt the butterflies in her stomach as she spotted the familiar blonde already sitting a table . She got herself her usual and met him. She went to go say hey, but the words got caught in her throat, words seemed to fail her once she saw him face on.

"Hey." He said sheepishly giving her a half smirk as he stood up to give her a proper greeting, his arms reached around her bringing her into a hug.

It was the hug she usually received from him. It was as if he was trying to be careful not to touch her, or get to close to her. Her body stiffened as he pulled away and she took the seat across from him. "So, how have you been?" She asked stirring around her drink just to give her hands something to do. Things were usually comfortable between the two of them, easy to talk to no secrets. She knew she broke that between the two of them. She took a sip of her coffee, waiting for him to answer he seemed anxious or something.

"Good.. That's kind of why I wanted to see you.." He said, he could tell she was confused by his that. But it was true he was beyond good, everything for Sam was completely fantastic. His eyes avoided hers when they talked, he focused in on her eyebrows or a little below them. He knew one look into her eyes and everything would go from being fantastic to confusing. He knew it'd be best to just tell her, get everything out of the way, why he was here and needed to speak with her after months of silence. Finn had told him to abort this mission that it was unneeded but he didn't hear him.

"So tell me again why you are doing this?" Finn asked flipping through channels, on the TV . "I don't see why you need to tell her at all, she made it clear she you know didn't want to be a part of your life anymore." He said not bothering to look at Sam.

"I know, but I feel like I need to tell her." Maybe, he was secretly hoping that seeing her would prove to him that what he was doing was right. "Finn, I already called her it's pointless trying to talk me out of it." He said shrugging, "Besides it's the right thing to do."

"If you say so.." Finn said shaking his head he'd never understand Sam's logic.

Quinn smiled a bit confused at what he was trying to say. "Oh?" She asked taking a sip of her drink as she crossed her legs anxiously tapping her foot. "So, why did you want to see me?" She asked wanting to get too it.

He looked at her, he was ignoring those eyes but his gaze fell on them and they looked confused and searching. "I wanted to tell you that.." That I am getting married in four months and want you to tell me not to do it; that I am getting married I couldn't be happier; that I am… I am… His thoughts were going crazy; he knew what he wanted to tell her what he needed to tell her to feel something end between them, but instead of thinking with his head he went with his heart. "I was wondering if maybe, you wanted to go out to dinner later?"

She was not expecting him to say that but a smile broke across her face. "Yeah, Sure. I'd love that."

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