I see your face in my mind as I drive away

Cause none of us thought it was gonna end that way

People are people,

And sometimes we change our minds.

But it's killing me to see you go after all this time.

She sat in the back of the car, trying to regain composer. This was not how she envisioned her night. She sat up straighter in her seat and turned her head over her shoulder to look out the back window as the car pulled out. She defeated watching him standing there but she kept her gaze on him until he was too far to see. She sat silently the rest of the cab ride pulling his coat tightly around her; the only thing of his she had left.

The ride was silent and uneventful, she headed back to the apartment alone with full plans of getting herself a nice glass of wine and watching whatever was on late night TV. It wasn't that early, but sleep was defiantly out of the question tonight. She walked through the front door taking off her shoes in the door way and heading straight towards the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of wine already feeling herself relax at the first sip. She reached through her hair pulling out some bobby pins letting it fall. The next step was to change clothes, she moved to her room easily slipping out of the dress pulling on cotton shorts and an oversized tee shirt, she looked at Sam's jacket, almost debating keeping it on. Instead she tucked it in the back of her closet, tonight was going to be about forgetting Sam Evans.

A stereotypical movie for this situation would have been the notebook. She wasn't exactly in the mood for that, a love story of everything working out alright in the end. She was far gone from a happy ending to her story. Instead she turned on the TV just letting whatever was on fill the empty space around her as she sat silently drinking her wine. She heard her phone vibrate a few minutes away from her; she almost didn't bother to check it but out of habit reached over to it. She breathed a slight sigh of relief seeing it was only Rachel.

Text: Hey, I'm going to be staying Finn's tonight. Are you okay? I can come home if you need me.

She wanted to be alone tonight; she needed to figure out what she was doing, where her life was going to take her. It wasn't exactly the best to do your life thinking over a few drinks and a glass of wine. But something about tonight.. It had made her want to get her priorities straight. She returned Rachel's text with a simple, thanks and okay and left it at that.

Music starts playing like the end of sad movie,

It's the kinda ending you don't really wanna see.

Cause it's tragedy and it'll only bring you,

Now I don't know what to be without you around.

He stood watching her car drive away, and put his hands in his pocket heading back to the party. His heart not in it as it had been before when he started. He felt an arm slink around his waist, and he tried to pull on a smile as if nothing had happened within the past few minutes. "Where have you been?" Katie cooed steering him back towards his table of friends. Rachel seemed uneasy about Quinn's departure whispering something to Finn. He rejoined the conversation about what had been going on with each one of them from the past few years. From what he gathered everyone was doing well, they still managed to keep in touch but talks of Sam's wedding gave them all a reason to see face to face. They made plans to go for lunch while all of them where all still here.

Sam and Katie excused themselves from the glee table and made the rounds, Sam spent the rest of the night sitting at a table with Katie and her old Sorority sisters gushing over the details of the wedding and her dress. To say he was bored would be putting it lightly. He played around with the napkins and silverware on the table. After being shot dirty looks from his Fiancée he stopped his epic fork and spoon battle and excused himself to get a drink asking if any of them wanted anything. They laughed but declined his offer, stating they were clearly capable of getting their own drinks. He rolled his eyes, to say he didn't like her friends would be putting it lightly.

Heading towards the bar, he ordered himself a simple drink and sat down enjoying it away from the table. He was trying to process the moments that transpired before. He had almost forgotten; it didn't seem real. Standing outside with Quinn; that goodbye. It hurt him more than it should have. It was only goodbye, but this one felt as if it was something more than a goodbye. He felt like they'd broken up yet, they weren't even together. He was shocked Katie hadn't asked him about his jacket that was now gone. He stirred his drink around and looked over to the table of his friends, and family. People were slowly leaving clapping him on the back telling him how happy they were for the lovely couple. He smiled but couldn't bring himself to mean it. He didn't understand how after all this time, he still loved her. After everything that had happened between the two of them, he still honestly loved her. It wasn't fair what he was doing here. You love Katie, and she loves you. You're getting married. He tried reminding himself. He'd been so happy, how was it possibly for things to change so fast. He'd been so lost in his thoughts he didn't even realize another person sitting down next time him. "I know what's going on here." The voice said softly. He snapped his head in the direction of the voice. "You need to stop, before you hurt more than yourself." She smiled at him, a fresh drink her hand. "Sam, I see the way you two look at each other; if you loved her you wouldn't be doing this." Rachel said trying to protect her best friend. "You need to know she'll never admit it but she wanted you to chase after her." Rachel said, "She doesn't think she's worth it, the chase the effort. She wanted to know that you'd do anything to be with her and when you didn't show up here she was torn." Rachel took a sip of her drink dabbing the edge of her lips with a napkin. "You're getting married, and she's just getting her life together."

He wasn't sure what to say, he' wanted to chase after her but he'd always thought it was better to give her space. Let her figure out what she wanted. It was always about her, he was always trying to think of what was best for her. He thought it was space she wanted not for him to follow her. He mentally kicked himself, he wanted to run and tell her she was worth it, that she was always worth it but it was too late. He nodded at Rachel that was all he seemed able to do as he took another sip. "I just can't, not have her in my life." Sam said finally. For a while he felt as if something was missing in his life, and he was sure it was her. Anything from her, her friendship her love anything would be fine. He needed to know her, but have her. "But there's nothing going on here Rachel, you don't need to worry about anything." He said getting up and going to rejoin his Fiancée.

"So, what did I miss?" He asked sitting down rejoining the group of giggling girls clearly out of his element but more relaxed thanks to his drink. He slinked his arm around Katie's waist and tried to follow along with their conversation.

"We were just talking about the Wedding." Katie said casually as she kissed Sam on the cheek. "It's going to be so much fun." She squealed going back into details with the rest of the girls. Sam laughed at her enthusiasm and decided she had enough for the both of them as they went over color scheme and seating again.

The conversation was dying down, and everyone was slowly starting to leave saying their goodbyes. Once everyone was pretty much gone Katie found Sam, to tell him her plans for the rest of the evening. "I hope you don't mind but, Jackie and a few other of the girls got a penthouse suite and tomorrow we are going for a spa day so I think I am going to stay there tonight, If that's okay with you?" She asked pouting as if she expected him to beg her to stay.

"Oh." He said having blown off plans with the guys in fear she might overreact. "No that's fine; I think Puck and Mike wanted to go out for drinks after Mike put his kid to sleep." Sam said shrugging, he actually wanted to spend tonight alone and now it was working out that way he figured he might as well reconnect with his old best friends.

"That's perfect." Katie said getting on her toes to kiss him. She smiled leaning her head against his chest for a few moments, as her friends a gathered there things to leave together. "Sam." She asked before leaving. "Where is your jacket?" She raised an eyebrow looking around the empty room scanning to see if maybe he left it on a chair.

He pretended to look for it for a moment and shrugged. "I guessed I lost it." He said taking her and leading her outside saying goodbye as they parted their separate ways.

And we know it's never simple

Never easy

Never a clean break, no one here to save me.

You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand,

And I can't


Without you,

But I have to,


Without you,

But I have to.

He didn't remember much about leave the bar that night. Puck had said this was to make up for him and Mike not being able to go to his Bachelor party which scheduled for a few weeks before the wedding. He didn't mind; glad to have them with him again for now. When the three of them got together it was like they were back in high school. They were certainly drinking as if they were in high school. It was nearing the end of the night and they were running out of things to toast there drinks to feeling giddy. The alcohol in him made him feel as though he was invincible. "To love!" Mike said raising up the shot glass, it took them each moment a to meet the glass their coordination off. "To lost love." Sam said taking his shot, and Puck shot him a confused look.

"I think you mean lots of love." He said after draining his glass.

"No, lost. I lost her." Sam said incoherently. "I need to see her." He said his hands going to his phone.

Mike raised a confused eyebrow and looked at Puck for some sort of clarification as to what the hell Sam was talking about. "No, Katie is just with her friend's tonight man." Puck said slapping his friend on the back as he waved for their final round of shots.

"Katie?" Sam asked shaking his head. "No Quinn."

Puck raised both of his hands signaling it was Mike's turn to try and talk to Sam. "What about Quinn?" Mike asked confused just wanting to do another toast, this time to bacon.

"I love her." Sam said standing up from the bar. "I love her." He repeated nodding his head trying to get his point across.

"Alright." Puck said, forcing him back in his chair. "Last shot then we are taking you home." He said allowing Mike to get in his toast for Bacon.

The three of them took the shot and sat at the bar for a few more moments. "I love her." Sam said again, and Mike and Puck weren't sure what to say. Sure they liked Sam and Katie but they were also friends with Quinn.

"I think it's time to get you home." Mike said trying to be an adult. "Uhm, wherever that is." He said not really sure where they were supposed to be dropping Sam off. They conversed for a few more moments realizing they were all going in different directions and sharing a cab would be ridiculous.

"Alright." Puck said putting his hand on Sam's shoulder. "We are going to put you in this cab, and you are going home okay?" Puck said trying not to laugh at his friend's dopey expression. "No going to Quinn's. No." He said shaking a finger in his face.

"Yeah, what he said." Mike said getting into his cab.

Sam hadn't been thinking about going to Quinn's but with the idea planted in his head he gave his friend a dopey smile and the three of them parted there ways.

Never wanted this never wanted to see you hurt

Every little bump in the road I tried to swerve.

But people are people

And sometimes it doesn't work out,

Nothing we say is gonna save us from the fall out

Quinn sat her legs bent up to her chest under a blanket watching some late night infomercial. She wasn't exactly paying attention to what was going on, on the screen as she brought her glass up to her lips. It was nearing the 2am mark and she had been left alone with her thoughts for a few hours. She was ready to call it a night as she reached for the remote turning off the television. She finished the remaining drops of her glass and rested it down on the table, sitting in silence.

She moved from the couch taking her glass with her and ran the water cleaning it up and resting it down on the counter. She leaned against the counter for a moment and could have sworn she heard a faint knocking come from the entrance way. It was too late for visitors, and Rachel never forgot her key. It made her feel a bit uneasy as the noise progressively got louder. She tiptoed over to the door grabbing a nearby umbrella as means of protection. She hesitantly put her hand on the doorknob and opened it a crack just peaking out. She let out a sigh of relief, glad it was someone she knew and not a random 2am killer. She dropped the umbrella back down and crossed her arms over her chest. "You can't be here right now." She said to a clearly drunk Sam.

He was standing in the doorway, one arm rested on the doorframe the other hanging at his side. He had a goofy expression plastered on his face. He was still marveling at the fact his feet had managed to work long enough to lead him to his door. "I wanted to talk to you." He said swaying slightly as she motioned for him to come inside.

This was certainly not how she planned her night. She uncrossed her arms brought her hands up to her temples watching as he stumbled through the apartment and made himself comfortable on the couch. She reached for her phone quickly dialing both Finn and Rachel, but who seemed to ignore her calls. "Hey Rach.." She said figuring she'd leave her a voicemail. "Uh, Sam's here.. at the apartment and he's really drunk." She paused for a moment to look at him he had just taken off his shoes and was about to go for his pants. "Please keep your clothes on." Quinn said covering the phone and shooting him a look. "Rach if you could just come over here when you get this please.." She said not sure what else to say as she hung up the phone and went to go deal with Sam who was making himself at home in her living room. "Why are you here Sam?" Quinn asked once she was standing near him.

"I was so dumb." He said sitting on her couch with his head in his hands, his clothes still on his person. "I should have, Rachel told me what you wanted." His words were coming out mumbled, his brain was moving faster than his voice allowed him to speak.

"What I wanted?" She didn't understand.

"For me to, chase after you." He said looking up at her. "Isn't that what you wanted?"

She tensed up a little at his response. She always knew what she wanted, in fact in the past she'd been known for manipulating situations to get just what she wanted. This wasn't the state she wanted to tell him in. He was clearly, intoxicated with his speech slurred and swaying movements. "I don't know what I wanted.." She answered, she had just needed to get away.

And we know it's never simple,

Never easy.

Never a clean break, no one here to save me.

You're the only thing I know like the back of my hand.

And I can't ,


Without you,

But I have to.

It was New Years Eve they were 19 years old and the countdown had just begun. Sam made his way through the party to find her, she wasn't acting like herself tonight, she seemed distance and detached. He tried not to think about it too much and just enjoy his night with her. He spotted her standing outside alone and approached her slowly. "What are you doing out here?" He asked over the screams of the countdown now on 20.

"Just thinking." She said leaning into him as he put his arms around his waist.

"Thinking of if you can stand another year of me?" He asked moving so they were facing each other now. He rested his forehead against hers. She didn't respond to his statement she just shook her head at him, as if he was being silly. "You know what happens once they reach one?" He asked the countdown now slowly making its way down from ten.

"What?" She asked biting her bottom lip.

"I get to kiss you." He said smiling although he had other plans then kissing her, the small ring in his pocket felt as if it was burning a hole through the material of his pants, he was about to pull away from her, but she pushed him away first.

"Sam.. I'm pregnant." She said although she wasn't sure why she let them out at that moment. She couldn't look at him her eyes on the ground as if this was all her fault. She waited for him to leave, to run away, to yell, to do something.

People were cheering and screaming around him bringing in the New Year, yet he seemed not to hear any of it. He stood there his arms falling to his sides when she pulled away. "Are you.. Are you sure?" He asked suddenly feeling scared the ring in his pocket completely forgotten.

She allowed him to pull her in close again as she nodded her head, letting him know she was sure. "I don't.. I don't know what to do it." She said softly as she buried her face into his shirt.

"It'll be okay." He whispered to her as he rubbed her back. "It'll all be going."

And she believed him.

It'll only took him a few weeks to get her excited for the new baby and the next chapter of their lives. Sure they were currently living in a one bedroom apartment outside of the campus, but when Sam was excited about something it was contagious. The happy weeks turned into Months. Although she claimed that at three months she was huge Sam reassured her it was still unnoticeable, you couldn't even tell, like it wasn't even there… and then it wasn't.

Three months into the pregnancy Quinn lost the baby, and herself. She became introverted, now only keeping to herself. Sam was crushed but not to the point where he didn't go on with his life. Still he stood by her through all of this, and watched as she slowly got back to herself. Months passed and by December it was like the whole thing had never happened. They rarely talked about it, it was too hard for both of them, but what they could come up with was everything happened for a reason.

Finally, he brought himself to ask her to marry him. The timing was right and he made sure everything that day was perfect. When she said no he was crushed. She ran out on him, and he chased her down finding her at the Lima bean of all places. She was sitting alone with a untouched cup of coffee before her. He pulled out the chair across from her and sat down. "Are we going to talk about this?" He asked as she refused to meet his gaze.

"I can't do this anymore Sam." She said her eyes glued to a spot on the table. "I'm sorry."

"I don't understand.. I thought everything was fine?" He asked hurt clear on his face.

"I'm going to New York Sam." She said getting up avoiding his gaze, knowing that if she sat there for too long he'd change her mind. "I just need to be alone for a while." She said it hurt her to say those words but she didn't show it. He'd been amazing to her these past few months, but he wouldn't understand this. She couldn't look at him, and not think about what happened a few months ago. She couldn't tell him that was the reason why she needed to go. He had been great to her, he didn't deserve this. "Please just understand I need this." She said not expecting him to understand as she took a moment to look at him before looking away.

He didn't know what to say, what words would make her stay. "If you're sure this is what you need.." He said getting up from the seat across from her. "I guess.. I'll be seeing you." He said getting up leaving her to her thoughts. He stood outside the Lima bean for a moment, while she watched him. He ran his fingers through his hair his eyes shut and turned to reenter, but he caught himself at the door and turned away, walking in the direction of home.

The next few weeks she packed her stuff; and she was gone. There was silence between the two of them in her remaining weeks. Sam finding nothing he could say would make her stay and she was ready to start over, a new life. "I'm going to wait for you." He reassured her before she left. He stood there at the door as she got in her car letting her leave, giving her what he thought she needed.

He tried calling her, texting her throughout the months and sometimes she'd answer most of the time they were left ignored. He didn't mean to give up on them. But one year passed, then two.. Then he found himself at the age of 25 rethinking his life. He wasn't going to be young forever. Quinn was his past and it was time for him to move on and that's where he was now.

It's two a.m

Feelin' like I just lost a friend.

Hope you know it's not easy,

East for me.

It's two a.m

Feein' like I just lost a friend.

Hope you know this ain't easy,

Easy for me.

"I wanted you to chase after me Sam." She said finally unable to stop herself from crying. "You didn't even put up a fight.. You just let me go." She said breaking the silence that bad been going on between them for the past few minutes.

"I thought you wanted to be alone." He said standing up to be close to her. "You could have told me."

"I could of, but talking about the past doesn't change it Sam." She said taking a step away from him, as he was hovering to close. "You're drunk, you need to lie down." She said changing the subject as she made her way to the kitchen getting him a glass of water and Advil knowing he'd defiantly need it tomorrow. She took advantage of this moment to get herself together wiping the tears away from her eyes. She'd seen him drunk before so none of this was new to her. He was usually a pretty needy drunk. She handed him the water and Advil, and stood in front of him again awkwardly as he took the pill. "I'm going to go to bed.." She said afraid that if she stood out here to long he'd start another conversation. "You can sleep out here.. Do you need a pillow or anything?" She asked.

He shook his head no, but even so she still went to her room and grabbed him a spare pillow and blanket. He took them gladly and decided he should be comfortable when he slept unbuttoned his dress shirt putting it on the floor along with his pants. That left him in his boxers and an undershirt. He curled up under the blanket; Quinn was already in her room.

She couldn't wrap her head around what she was feeling. Finding it hard to sleep knowing he was close. She was ready for him, figuring out what she had wanted yet he had moved on. Once she finally started accepting that he was sleeping on her couch. She tossed and turned and finally found herself falling into a light sleep.

He didn't want to bug her, but he couldn't sleep on her couch. He laid there tapping his foot, the alcohol still in his system. He stood up stumbling slightly and moved as quietly as he could to Quinn's room. "Quinn." He said poking in the arm. "Quinn.." He repeated when she ignored him turning over. "I can't sleep." He said like a child sitting on the side of her bed.

She didn't answer him, hoping he'd go away. She was just finally getting to sleep and she'd like to get her in her eight hours. He was persistent though. "Sam, go to sleep." She said rolling towards him, and she couldn't help but laugh at the man sitting on her floor.

"I can't, Can't I just sleep in your bed?" He asked already moving to the other side of her bed and lying down. "I promise I won't touch you or anything." He said holding his pinky to give her a pinky promise.

"Fine." Quinn said rolling her eyes and turning away from him, there was no point in arguing she knew he wouldn't give up. She didn't even complain in the middle of the night when his arms somehow managed to find their way around her. Instead she looked at the sleeping boy, remembering what they had. How every night had ended like this, the safety of his arms, how she missed this. Instead of pushing him away like she should have she leaned in closer.

"I love you." He whispered to when he felt her lean closer. "I always loved you."

"I love you too." She said for the second time to him, although she knew this time he probably wouldn't remember.

And we know it's never simple,

Never easy.

Never a clean break, no one here to save me.

I can't,


Without you,

But I have to,


Without you,

But I have to.

Regardless of the Advil he'd taken the night prior he still woke up with a pounding headache. He couldn't' remember how he got here. He removed his arms from around her as gently as he could and sat up sitting on the edge of the bed. He leaned his arms on his legs and held his head in his hands. He tried to piece together last night, and if he had made a mistake that would potentially ruin his upcoming marriage. He couldn't keep doing this with her, whatever this was. She was right talking about the past didn't change it. He'd realized now what her goodbye at the Party had meant. It wasn't just a goodbye for the night, but a goodbye from his life. He'd been so sure about everything before returning to Lima and here he sat trying to piece things back together.

She felt the heavy arms move from around her waist, and although she knew nothing had happened the night previous she still had a sinking gut feeling about all of this. She pretended to sleep as she felt his weight move to the edge of the bed. Why wasn't he leaving? She wondered opening her eyes slightly so she could see him. His back was turned to her and his hand was hung in his hands. She sat up stretching out her arms, making a slight noise to let him know she was now awake.

"Hey." He said turning to his side so he was facing her. He tried to piece the end of his night together, missing some key parts from the bar and how exactly he had gotten here. He had been thinking about her, and seeing her apparently he'd made his way there. He remembered making her cry, and then falling asleep but that was really it.

"Hi." She said returning his greeting, unsure of what else to say. She was defiantly not going to bring up last night. "You should probably leave soon." She said getting up from the bed and digging through her closet for his jacket. She left the room momentarily and collected the rest of his clothes putting them next to him on the bed.

"Yeah, You're probably right." He said going through his pants to find his phone. He was a bit surprised to see he had over ten new text messages.

Text from Puck: U BETTR HVE GONNNNNE HOME…. have fun dde! ;)

Text from Katie: Morning Baby! How was your night?

Text from Katie: Sam?

Text from Katie: Are you okay?

Text from Katie: Why aren't you answering?

Three Missed Calls from Katie

Text from Finn: Dude, were r u? Katie's freaking out.

Text from Finn: I covered for you. U better not be w/ Quinn.

Text from Finn: UR w/ Quinn aren't U?

Text from Finn: UGH. Me n Rach R comin over there.

He would have texted back Finn although from the closing of the front door Sam was sure him and Rachel were already here. He was in no mood to move at the moment, everything was spinning and the loud noise from the door shutting caused him to wince and grab at his head. He sat on the edge of her bed massaging his temples.

After hearing the door close, for some reason it set Quinn into full panic mood. Although nothing had happened between the two she knew what this looked like. She quickly grabbed a dress from her closet and stripped of her pajamas throwing it on and ran a brush through her hair. "Get dressed." She hissed at Sam. Hearing the footsteps approach her door.

"Stop yelling." He said still rubbing his temples. "Please." He added when he saw the pissed look on her face. She opened the door before Rachel could get to it and closed it loudly behind it hoping he'd get the message to put his damn pants back on. "Rachel, Finn." She said smiling trying to conceal what was on the other side of the door. "Uhm, How was your night?" She asked.

"Your dress is on backwards." Finn said simply, "I know Sam is here." He pushing past Quinn and going into her room, not at all surprised to see Sam sitting on the edge of her bed in his undershirt and boxers. He sat down next to his friend. "What are you doing?" He asked Sam silently keeping the conversation between the two of them.

"Nothing happened." Sam said, glad Finn was using a quite tone with him, although his words still made his head pound. "I just, I don't know things got a little hectic last night." He admitted. "Nothing happened between the two of us.. I just ended up in her bed that's all."

He knew his friend was telling the truth. "Okay, but do you know how bad this looks?" He asked Sam. "You're getting married and you're messing around with an ex. I thought we talked about this. You said you were over her." Finn said trying to understand Sam.

"No, I said I moved on." He said correcting Finn.

"There's a difference?" Finn asked but clearly didn't want to go into it. "So.. What about Katie.. and the wedding?"

"I gave her my word didn't I?" Sam said to Finn, as he stood up slowly and began putting his clothes on, feeling a bit of déjà vu. "In my world that's that." He had his pants pulled on and was working on the buttons of his shirt.

"I really hope you know what you're doing." Finn said shaking his head at Sam. "Don't lead her on; you know what she's been through, what you both have been through." He added unsure of what advice to give his friend. "You know, marriages are based on trust.." He said going off on a tangent. "What are you going to tell Katie?"

"I don't know." Sam said, knowing Finn was right, he had to tell Katie something. He'd figure it all out later. He found himself reaching for his phone, and sending her a text.

'Dinner later?' He'd asked, and she was quick to respond with a yes and that she'd see him back at the hotel later.

He wasn't sure what he was going to tell her yet, or if he was going to tell her anything at all, but he knew he owed her something.

Quinn and Rachel were in the living room and Rachel was going on about how Finn's apartment was not fit to habitat a girl. "Serious hygienic problems Q." She said, but this was all typical Rachel she hated Finn's apartment but loved spending time with Finn so she made a compromise where they balanced their time between each apartment. Of course Quinn suggested the easy thing would be for her and Finn to just move in together, but neither one of them was ready to take that step so for now they found a balance.

"So, tell me about last night." Rachel said sitting down and wrapping her arms around a throw pillow that was on the couch. "I mean, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to I just… Did anything happen?" She asked clearly interested.

"Nothing is going on between me and Sam, so no." She said sorry to disappoint her friend. "He was just drunk and needed a place to sleep." She wasn't sure if she wanted to go into the details of their night, as she wasn't even sure herself what they had meant.

"Oh." Rachel clearly let down hoping for some juicy gossip, but before she could try and get anything else out of Quinn the boys emerged from the room. "Finn and I are going to drop Sam off and then go get lunch if you want to come." She offered to Quinn who politely declined, and then the three of them were out the door. She relaxed for a moment, until she heard the door open again and Sam walk through.

"Sorry, I forgot my jacket." He said going to her room to retrieve. He stood there for a moment in front of her. "Look.. about last night.." He began.

She swallowed and shook her head, she did not want to bring up anything from last night, she hoped he had forgotten it all. "It doesn't matter Sam." She said putting a smile on her face.

"Okay, if you say so. But I'm sorry, I should have shown up to your apartment like that.."

"No, it's fine really." She said.

"Still, I'm sorry.. For everything." He said moving in to give her a hug, before leaving her alone in the apartment.

Sorry, Oh, Sorry,

Sorry, Sorry,

Sorry Sorry,


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