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He was cold and lonely,

They had all betrayed him,

They set him up to kill himself while they got everything of his,

He sent his will off to Gringotts and the apparated to Riddle Manor.

Once there he asked to be shown to Voldemort they were suspicious he knew that, so when they took his wand off of him he wasn't surprised.

They walked him to a set of large mahogany doors with two entwined snakes carved into the wood and pushed him through them.

Inside he came face to face with Voldemort and said in a determined voice, "forget the war, forget the bloody prophecy just kill me and you win."

To say Voldemort was surprised was an under statement he asked why he was doing this but he refused to answer so Voldemort fulfilled the wishes of his once mortal enemy

and on that day Harry James Potter died.