Summary : (Drarry) If I can't have you, I rather not remember having you at all. (Warning : First HP story. Lots of angst. Lime? M-rated.)

A.N : This is written on Harry's POV.


I still remember you. I dream of you, even though I am engaged to Ginny now. I remember how soft your hair feels though all this time I thought you used hair gel. I remember how you could smirk and make me melt.

"Oh, sorry."

I walked into someone, having been thinking about you.

"It's alright. Hey… you look familiar."

I looked up from picking the squashed bread.

It was you. You in all your glory. You looked… happy. Distant and different, but happy. Your clothes were baggy and you gelled your hair back but… you looked glad.


"Who are you?" Wow, you could act good.

"Stop playing."

"Dude, I don't know who you are… but I've seen you in the news before." You used the word 'Dude?' What the hell?

"Draco, come on."

"What the fuck? I think I know you but I don't. That's crazy, huh?" You laughed that beautiful laugh. "Anyway, you have a good day now." Holy shit, you were not kidding. Your eyes told me everything and now… they told me literal, obvious confusion and happiness in between.

"Goodbye…?" I watched you walk away.

You forgot me. You fucking forgot me. It's been a month since then and you've already forgotten me.


"What if I have to leave you one day?" I had asked you. We were sitting in the room of requirement, cuddling after an awesome love making session.

"You won't. Who would leave Draco Malfoy?" You flexed.

I laughed, "Yeah, but still."

You paused in thought. "Then I'd be mad. I'd chase you but if you've gotten so far then… I rather forget everything."

"What do you mean?"

"I'd ask Pansy to Obliviate me of my memories."

"That's stupid."

"Yeah, but who knows how desperate I would be then."


-end flashback-

You did. You did what you said you would do.

You forgot me.


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