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"Robotic voice/Demon talking"

Robot/Demon thinking


(Foreign Language)

When in costume they will be called by their costume names.

Mini Episode: Prologue

Episode Start

Unknown Location, June 26, 9:30pm, EST

A male wearing a black bodysuit with silver armor on his chest, knees and shoulders. On their hands they wore black gloves and black boots on their feet. They were walking towards a medium sized building. Their head was incased in a skull helmet which had large black eyes, along with marking for a mouth and a nose. On their head was a white fedora with a black rim on it and they also wore a white scarf. Also the male had silver cufflinks on his wrist and around his ankles.

Time to go to work. The male thought before punching the door to the building open. The flying door got the attention of the people working there. All of them were wearing green cloaks with the Kobra symbol on them.

"Who dares to interrupt Kobra?" A male wearing a black and green cloak demanded. The male with the skull head guessed he was the one in charge of the operation.

"That would be me." The male replied cooly as everyone in the building looked closely at the males attire. Quickly one of the Kobra members seemed to recognize just who it was that came into their domain.

"That's Ka-Ka-Kamen Rider Skull." One of the Kobra members said in shock. That statement got everyone's attention.

"No way man." Another Kobra member commented while looking at the suit closely. "Everyone knows that Kamen Riders are nothing but a myth. I mean they disappeared off the map a year ago." Getting a chuckle from the male.

"I assure you that I'm as real as they come." The man known as Skull replied before going into his signature pose which consisted of him pointing his right arm towards his enemy with his index finger and thumb extended while his middle, ring, and pinky were curled into his hand. "So, count up your sins." As his cold statement went through the room.

"We do not fear you!" The person in charge shouted trying to get the moral of his fellow cult members up rather than down. "We are Kobra you foolish Kamen Rider and if you think you can beat us then you have another thing coming!" As the man pulled out what appeared to be a bo-staff and raised it high into the air. "For Kobra!" As the rest of the group members also pulled out their weapons and charged at Skull who went into a fighting stance and started to take them out easily thus leaving it down to himself and the man in charge who seemed to have realized that his efforts were in vain and tried to leave only to get knocked out from behind by a female wearing a dark blue body suit which had gray armor on her shoulders .On her feet were a pair of dark blue boots, her shins were protected by gray greaves, her face was covered by a dark blue face mask which covered her nose on down. Also they had a utility belt that was similar to Batman's and wore a dark blue scarf as well.

"So what did you find?" Skull questioned as the female disappeared and then reappeared in front of Skull. They held out two 8GB USB Sticks.

"Really, I thought we would get more information." Skull commented as the female made a few hand gestures.

"Well they are getting smarter mentally but physically none of these guys give me a challenge. I mean I can fight these guys hand to hand without having to use any of my special skills." Skull replied as the female made a few more hand gestures.

"We can go over the information tomorrow at the agency Void. Go ahead and take the rest of the night off. Tomorrow is Saturday so you don't have to come in early." Skull informed Void who nodded before making a few more hand gestures.

"You can keep the information. Now let's leave before the League gets here." Skull suggested as the two went their separate ways. For Skull he had a grave to visit before going to sleep.

Forest Area 10:35pm, EST

Skull on his purple and black motorcycle pulled near a tombstone. He got off his vehicle and looked at the tombstone for a few seconds before speaking.

"Well we busted another Kobra facility in Metropolis. You would think that the other heroes would keep an eye out for smaller villain organizations." Skull started before looking at the sky for a bit before continuing. "I mean most of the heroes are now with the Justice League or at least on their waiting list. Where are the heroes who became a hero just to make a difference?"

"If you must know not everyone is with the league boy." A cold voice stated as Skull made no movements to turn around and look at who arrived. He already knew who it was anyway.

"I know that Spectre. I'm just saying you have a lot of Young Heroes popping up now trying to gain this approval from the League when in reality you don't need to be acknowledge by them. If anything they should be thanking them for picking up the stuff they miss." Skull replied gaining a nod from the man wearing a green cloak that covered his entire form.

"Are you jealous of the Justice League?" Spectre questioned trying to understand Skull's point of view.

"Jealous?" Skull said before turning around to look at Spectre. "If anything I'm mad at the fact that with so many heroes being cooped up in a space station that their hometowns are left defenseless." Getting a nod from Spectre at the point he raised.

"Then what are you going to do about it then?" Spectre asked seeing that he knew when the boy had a plan.

"I plan on carrying out my mentor's last wish. I had meant to do it a while back but with villains becoming more cunning I'm not taking that chance anymore or am I leaving it up to the Justice League to solve small problems that can led up to something big without them even knowing about it." Skull stated to the spirit.

"Do you think that the five of you can compete with The Justice League let alone the Teen Titans?" Spectre asked Skull who laughed a bit.

"It's seven of us for one Spectre. Two I have plans on catching up with the League in terms of allies and members. Sure we may not be the biggest group but damn it if we don't make up for it with heart." Skull answered Spectre who chuckled.

"I'm almost certain you would have made a fine Fire Shadow Naruto Uzumaki." Spectre said as Naruto was smiling behind his skull helmet.

"It's called Hokage Spectre and yeah I would have." Skull replied before pulling out a purple and black USB stick from his utility belt. His costume turned grey before shattering. Revealing a eighteen year old male wearing a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt, and a grey jacket. On his feet where a pair of tennis shoes while on his neck was a silver necklace that held onto a orb that had a spiral design and three tomen on it. He also had spikey blonde hair as well.

"You call yourself a detective?" Spectre inquired while looking at his attire.

"It's dress down Friday Spectre. Not that I expect you to know anything about that." Naruto commented before getting slapped in the head by Spectre.

"I maybe a spirit but I can pack a punch boy; remember that." Spectre said before leaving the area. Naruto on the other hand pulled out a seed before channeling chakra into it. A few seconds later a white rose was now in his hand.

Rest in peace Madara Uchiha. He thought while putting the flower on the tombstone. May you're legacy live on inside of me. As he walked towards his motorcycle and went back to his house outside of Metropolis. It had just been another day for Naruto Uzumaki.

End Episode


I had this idea while I was at work. I just had to type it since it just came to me. Anyway Naruto's suit is based on Kamen Rider Skull. You can Google it to get a better look.

Let me know what you think. I guess you can say that this is a little side project I'll be doing while working on X-Namikaze and Second Chances.

Just like my other stories I've outlined a lot of plots for this one as well so once again let me know what you think in a review or PM.


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