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Episode 7: Girl Issues

Episode Start

Kent House

July 25th 9:25am, EST

It's been a long two weeks for Kara Kent. I mean sure not having to attend Justice League meeting was fun and all but who knew doing the hero business alone could be so boring. It made her wonder how did Batman do it? I mean he has Robin but before then he was alone in Gotham City and the stories Clark told her was that he liked it. Man where were her friends in her time of need? That's right most of them are in the Justice League.

Man, why can't I have friends my age? Kara then got up from her bed when she heard the doorbell ring. It was probably one of those salesmen again. When will they learn they were not interested in what they were selling? She was finally at the door and opened it. This seller was about to get a piece of her mind until she saw who was at the door. They had long red hair that went to her upper back and blue eyes. Her attire was a pair of blue jeans, white tennis shoes, and a white sleeveless shirt. On her back was a book bag along with a suit case that was by her side.

"Man, you don't look so good." The woman at the door commented while taking in Kara's appearance which was her blue pajamas.

"Barbra, it's been so long since I've seen you." Kara replied giving her friend from Gotham a quick hug.

"I can say the same thing." Barbra replied. Kara welcomed the girl from Gotham into the small house hold.

"So how long will you be able to stay?" Kara questioned wanting to know what to tell Ma and Pa Kent about their visitor.

"Oh, I already ran it by Ma and Pa. I will be staying until college starts in the fall." Barbra explained getting a nod from Kara.

"So, what do you want to do first? We can go down town and grab something to eat, Pa's keeping a horse for one of our neighbors and I'm sure he wouldn't mind letting you ride, or we can-." Kara listed options of what they can do before Barbra cut her off.

"How are you feeling Kara?" Barbra asked the blonde who was trying to hold her composure at seeing a friend who she could vent to.

"I'm fine, no need to worry about me Barbra." Kara answered trying to avoid going into detail.

"Look, I heard the rumors alright." Barbra replied in a serious voice. "I would have come over earlier but my dad needed me to do something. I know it's hard but you need to know that you have friends." While tears started to come down Kara's face.

"It's hard Barbra, I know I can be reckless but I never thought that it would lead me to getting kicked out." Kara explained to her friend who nodded at the information.

"You just have to bounce back Kara. It will work out; you just have to get use to working alone again." Barbra said getting a nod from the blonde who wiped her tears away.

"Thank you Barbra, for being here for me." Kara replied as Barbra smiled. It was always worth seeing your friends happy again after being in a sad mood.

"Now how about we go down town? I know it's a bit early but there's this place I want to find." Barbra stated as Kara had a look of interest on her face.

"What is this place called Barbra? I may have heard of it before." Kara said as Barbra took out a white card with blue lettering and handed it to her. "Spiraling Detective Agency, I never heard of that place before." The duo heard a door open to reveal Ma and Pa Kent walking towards them.

"Hey, that's Naruto's business card." Jonathan Kent said seeing the white card with blue lettering.

"You know him Ma and Pa?" Kara asked the two who nodded.

"He's a nice boy Kara and Barbra. He had a tough lost with his mentor passing away a few months ago. We meant to go visit him to repay him for helping us a while back but we never got the chance to." Martha Kent informed Kara and Barbra who nodded at the information.

"How about we go there and thank him for you." Kara suggested as Martha smiled at the reply.

"Good to hear, oh Barbra let me take the suit case up to Kara's room." Jonathan Kent said before taking the suit case up stairs.

"So how are we going to get there?" Kara asked seeing as she could easily fly them their but she didn't want to be seen as a person who used their powers irresponsibly.

"Don't worry about that Kara; a certain someone is allowing me to drive the company car for my trip." Barbra replied as she pulled out the keys. "But make sure you put some cloths on; I'm sure no one wants to see you in your Pajamas."

"I'm sure there's someone out there who would." Kara said before Barbra laughed a bit. It was great to see that Kara is back to normal.

Spiraling Detective Agency

11:30am, EST

"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Naruto asked Cassandra who made a few hand gestures towards him as she continued to pack her book bag with a few things.

"I know you can handle yourself but you know its Gotham City." Naruto replied as she made a few more hand gestures. She was trying to make her case as to why she should go to Gotham without him.

"Yeah, I know you've been there before. Heck we fought Killer Croc in Gotham but this is different. You're meeting your mother." Naruto said as she zipped up the back pack. Cassandra then faced him and made a few more gestures.

"It's called moral support; besides you know she would kill me if anything happened to you." Naruto replied getting a nod from Cassandra.

"Man, if you don't sound like someone's mom right now." Grant stated while him and Raven walked into the room. The two were coming from the operations room. They were now in their civilian attires. Raven once grey skin was now tanned while her hair was black. This was her blending in sort to speak.

"You're not very funny Grant." Raven replied getting a glare from Grant. She had to be joking; he was one of the funniest people he knew and Raven always shot him down when given the chance.

"Are you ready to go Cassandra? The cabs outside" Kitrina asked seeing as she was going to go to Gotham with her. After all she had to let Catwoman know what she was up to after all. Cassandra then made a few hand gestures to Kitrina who nodded.

"Looks like will see you guys on Sunday." Kitrina replied as she waved bye to Grant, Raven, and Naruto. Cassandra waved bye to the trio as well before leaving the building.

"I take it she has a bad relationship with her mother?" Raven asked the male blonde who shrugged.

"I want to say yes but then again no. Whenever their together it's always awkward." Naruto answered.

"Just who is her mom anyway?" Grant asked as Cassandra didn't go into details about her family.

"Lady Shiva." Naruto answered shocking the two. One of the world's best assassins was her mother. "I'm not going to explain everything to you guys. That's up to-." As there was a knock at the door; which stopped their conversation.

"We're open." Grant hollered from his position as Barbra along with Kara came into the agency. He quickly noticed the blonde was wearing a pair of blue shorts that showed off her well rounded hips and toned legs. She also wore a red shirt that seemed to fit her body. Judging by how thick her hips were, he guessed she may have been a country girl, but then again she didn't compare to her red haired friend. Now her friend had a petite frame going for her. A slim stomach along with a large B cup possibly small C at the most. Small sized hips if he was to compare her to the blonde after all. Oh how Grant loved the way his mind seemed to be able think of females and their body figures sometimes. He would have liked to meet that Jiraiya guy Naruto use to talk about but now he had to push those thoughts aside. Business has just walked in.

"Spiraling Detective Agency; how may I help you today?" Naruto asked using his professional voice.

"Oh, I don't have a problem or anything. My aunt and uncle wanted to come visit you but I'm here in their place. I just wanted to say thank you for helping them." Kara answered as Naruto narrowed his eyes a bit in order to figure out who she was related to.

"I think you need to introduce who you are first. Our fearless leader isn't the brightest apple on the tree when it comes to faces." Grant said joking around getting a chuckle out of Barbra.

"Where are my manners? My name is Kara Kent and this is my friend Barbra Gordon." Kara informed the trio who nodded.

"My name is Rachel." Raven said using her fake civilian name "The jokester is Grant and the blonde wearing the fedora is Naruto."

"Oh, you're related to Martha and Jonathon. I meant to go visit them since they invited me over for dinner but I never got around to it. It's good to hear that they're alright." Naruto replied glad to hear that someone he helped was doing well.

"Well you can still come over if you want to." Kara said as Naruto nodded in response. Free dinner was always good in his book.

"You're Naruto Uzumaki right?" Barbra asked as Naruto nodded. "I heard so much about you from Sasuke who recommended looking you up if I were in town."

"Sasuke knows a girl?" Grant commented trying to get Raven to laugh. Who did nothing but sigh at the attempt. Barbra on the other hand let out a laugh. Thinking about Sasuke she realized he was more of a loner if anything.

"You're still not funny Grant." Raven spoke in her usual monotone voice. She was still not amused by some of Grants humor.

"So, was there-?" Naruto started off when the door to the office opened as a kid about eleven years old came rushing into the room. The group's attention was now on a boy with black hair and blue eyes. His attire was a short sleeved red shirt along with blue jeans and a pair of white shoes. The look of concern, confusion, and a bit of anger was coming off his face.

"Hey, is that the kid?" Grant asked sending the question more to Naruto and Raven since the other two people in the room wouldn't know what he was talking about.

"I think so, is that you Billy?" Raven questioned waiting for the boy to reply.

"Wow, Rachel and Grant are back. It's been three years since you guys left." The boy named Billy Batson answered while remembering how long exactly it's been since he has seen them.

"Man, time flies by doesn't it Rachel?" Grant commented seeing that the one eight year old has grown up.

"For once I'm in agreement with you." Raven replied smiling at the fact that Billy was still around. It made her wonder who else from their past is still around in Metropolis.

"Now that you caught your breath. Would you mind telling me why you are here?" Naruto asked the boy who nodded as he gathered all of his thoughts before speaking.

"My sister Mary Batson has been kidnapped. I'm not sure why but I need some help in finding her." Billy answered the blonde who nodded at the information.

"I'll help you out; if anyone knows Metropolis it's me." Kara volunteered seeing as she has lived in Metropolis for a good half of her life.

"If Kara's going then I'm going." Barbra said adding onto the past statement. Daughter of the commissioner of Gotham City Police Department here.

"Are you sure you two want to help?" Naruto asked before getting up and heading towards the "basement door". Before going through the door he turned around and looked at the two women with a serious expression. "You may not like what we find." Shocking the two women at how quickly his voice went from carefree to serious. It was similar to how Bruce Wayne went from easy going to becoming the serious, always on top of everything Batman.

"I was taught to always help where I can." Kara replied with determination in her voice that she wasn't going anywhere.

"Very well; wait here with Billy. Myself, Rachel, and Grant need to go to the basement to get some equipment." Naruto told the two who nodded in response as the trio went to the operations room.

Operations Room

11:45am, EST

The trio walked down the stairs to see that the rest of the team was indeed busy. Blackfire was wearing her regular attire with a lab coat along with a pair of goggles that was around her neck. Right now she was going to town on the pieces of the second Amazo. Just analyzing what made this thing copy to just the engineering it took to put this thing together.

"I see you're busy Blackfire." Grant commented seeing that she was hacking the second Amazo.

"She's like a kid in the candy store." Shinku replied making her way towards the three as she was wearing a blue jumpsuit that had a bit of oil on it. As she pulled out a white rag and wiped her face with it.

"So, what are you doing?" Raven asked seeing that she wasn't on the computer like she usually was.

"Teaching me how to change oil; along with a few other things." Conner answered as he was wearing a jumpsuit as well with his name stitched in the front.

"Where are Ryu, Kaldur, and Donna?" Naruto questioned not seeing three of their members here.

"Donna and Kaldur went to get a few things from their respective homes since they plan on moving to Metropolis for the time being." Shinku started off getting a nod from Naruto as Ryu appeared in a swirl of leaves. "And Ryu is right here."

"You need me?" Ryu asked with curiosity in his voice.

"Look, were going to be searching for a girl named Mary Batson. She is Billy Batson's sister. What I need from you Ryu is to deliver a set of documents to a friend of mine. She will be waiting for you at our safe house in Metropolis. She'll be there all day so don't worry about rushing." Naruto answered as Ryu had a bit of a confused look as to who Naruto was sending him to see but he pushed those thoughts to the side when Naruto gave him a tan envelope.

"So, will I be needed for anything?" Conner asked as he wanted to get outside and actually do something beneficial.

"Oh yeah, I need you to attend a birthday party for me." Naruto answered once again as he did a few hand signs as a gift wrapped in blue wrapping paper appeared in his hands.

"A birthday party? Shouldn't I be doing something more….active?" Conner questioned seeing no point in going to a party when Ryu was doing something "cool".

"Trust me; Ryu has it easy, you on the other hand not so much." Naruto answered before pulling out a card with the address on it. "This is where the party will take place and who it's for. It starts at twelve thirty so I would change cloths and get to it." Conner then took the card and headed for the backdoor to leave. Naruto was able to get him his own apartment that was near the detective agency.

"Sending the kid off to his doom; how cold of you." Grant commented as Naruto shook his head no.

"Conner needs to get that social experience and sending him to a party is one way of doing that. I mean he's been a lab rat for a majority of his life. I want Conner to know what it's like to be a teenager before being put into this line of work." Naruto explained to the group who nodded at the reason.

"Whose birthday is it todays?" Raven asked as her mind was at a blank.

"Ayame, but that's not the point here. Point being, I'm here to get some equipment before heading out. I don't want to keep out guest waiting." Naruto answered before walking forward to the desk where most his tools were. Realization of whose birthday it was didn't hit the rest of the team until a few seconds later.

"Ayame? As in I'm a kunoichi and I take no prisoners Ayame? Yep, the kids doomed." Grant said remembering the purple haired shinobi from a time they had to work together on a case. Thinking about her now, she probably developed as well but now was not the time for those thoughts. Especially with Ryu standing a few inches away from him at that.

"Looks like I have to go gift shopping after this." Ryu muttered to himself as he was already thinking of what to get her. New kunai's? No he got her that last year. Sai's? Possibly but then again she might not want them. Customized made dagger? Alright Ryu, you're starting to think for yourself here. Not that it's bad of course but still it was time to knock out this mission and then get back to shopping.

"Naruto, I prepared your watch. I have a feeling you may need it." Shinku stated before passing Naruto a golden watch with a black lion in the middle of it.

"I have that feeling as well." Naruto answered while putting on the watch as it glowed blue for a brief second.

"Well I don't need anything except for a motorcycle. You know since mine was destroyed by Blackfire's current thing of interest." Grant complained as Shinku pointed to the black and red motorcycle that was exactly like his previous one except a bit bigger. What Grant didn't know is that she was in a process of making an upgrade for his bike which she had a feeling would be useful for him in the future.

"You're welcome." Blackfire commented seeing as she had Conner and herself remake it along with Naruto's and Cassandra's motorcycle as well.

"Follow me Raven." Shinku called as she was walking to a wall where the X-Force team would place certain weapons. Raven followed the nine tailed demon unsure as to what she wanted with her until she saw it. It being a blade which was sheath in a black colored sheath. The handle of said blade was black with a red line going down the handle. The pommel was shaped similar to a claw that was closed. "I want you to start training with this weapon."

"No, I'm not using his blade of all things." Raven replied saying his with a distasteful tone.

"You're the only one who can use it Raven. Just think of what would happen if you master using not only this blade but the power inside of it as well." Shinku said as Raven shook her head in disagreement.

"I'm not using my father's farewell gift before we killed him for good. You can take that blade and-." Raven started before being cut off by Shinku.

"Watch it Raven." Shinku warned knowing that Raven wasn't one to curse. Shinku guessed that her father was still a taboo subject for her.

"I'm sorry but I just don't feel comfortable using it yet." Raven said ending the conversation before joining Naruto who was walking upstairs. Shinku could only sigh at how the conversation went. She knew Raven could control this curse her father gave her but it was up to Raven to take control of it. After all we donn't want a replay of what happened last time Raven tried to use it. To say the least; it was a bad day that day.

"Hey Shinku!" Blackfire called out to her bringing her back to reality instead of her thoughts. "I think I found what makes this thing copy." As Shinku went towards Blackfire to see what she discovered.

With Ryu 12:15pm, EST

The second shinobi of the group was currently approaching his location. He would have been there earlier but Metropolis traffic was always a pain, even in midday. Right now he was stopping his motorcycle at a small town house that was in downtown. The house itself looked normal for the most part, minus the mailbox being shaped like a dragon but that was about it. Ryu knowing the drill got off his motorcycle and put his hand inside of the mailbox. He quickly pressed the back of the mail box which scanned his fingerprint. Quickly seeing the brief glimpse of green he relaxed knowing that the security system was off.

I felt so bad for the mail person who had their hand chomped off when they delivered the mail that time. Hopefully paying for their surgery was the least we could do. Ryu thought while recalling the memory. The good thing that came out of it was that the dragon did bite after all but it was still no excuse for a person to lose a hand. Ryu with the files in his backpack was now at the door and opened it.

His line of vision saw the person he was delivering these documents to. They were a female with long auburn hair that went to her waist; her attire was a pair of blue jeans, a pink blouse, and a pair of tennis shoes. The women had a slender but curvy figure to herself. Especially since he was looking at her from behind. The women turned around and gasped in shock. Ryu had the same reaction as well seeing who he was delivering the documents to. It was none other than Kasumi of the Mugen Tenshin clan. Otherwise known as the women he used to protect before she was accepted back into her clan but the unspoken question here was "What was he/she doing here?"

With Naruto and the rest of the group

12:18pm, EST

Currently the group of six was with Billy Batson as they were walking towards the last place Mary Batson was located at. It was the Metropolis Community Center, where children were able to come in and participate in the free activities the organization offered.

"So, are you sure that this was the last place?" Barbra questioned while looking at the medium sized building with a playground on the right side of it and a parking lot on the left. Billy nodded his head yes before explaining more about what happened.

"Yes, I mean I was here when it happened…I should have done something." Billy replied as he had gone to the bathroom when the kidnapping happened. He couldn't even change into his alter ego without raising suspension but then again who would believe a kid was Captain Marvel in the first place.

"Hey no one is blaming you alright." Naruto started off his statement while putting his right hand on Billy's left shoulder. "There is only so much you can do without help."

Before the doors to the Community Center opened up revealing two people Naruto was familiar with. One was a male that had grey hair that was well kept and black eyes. The one thing that stood out on his face was how thick and bushy his eyebrows were. The male wore a blue suit with a white shirt and black tie, a pair of black shoes, and a holster on his right hip. He had a muscular built to him if anything. His name was Dan Turpin.

The women walking with Dan Turpin was a blonde with short hair and blue eyes. She wore a pair of grey shorts with the letters MPD going down on her left thigh. She also wore a pair of white tennis shoes and a white tank top. Around her neck was a necklace with her police badge on it. Her name was Margaret "Maggie" Sawyer and she was a bit ticked off at being called in on her day off but regardless she had a job to do after all.

"Look who it is Maggie." Dan called out while walking down the stairs of the building. "If it isn't the smooth detective himself." As Maggie seemed to smirk a bit at seeing Naruto Uzumaki once again. It was never a dull moment with him around.

"Looks like you are getting a bit old; huh old man?" Grant commented getting a small gasp out of Dan.

"The troublemaker and the bookworm are back in town. Looks like we better be prepared for anything huh Maggie?" Dan asked his commander who chuckled a bit.

"I would say that but I'm just happy their back. Minus Naruto of course." Maggie replied trying to make her own joke at the fellow blonde who got her to ask out her crush. Who knew that Katherine Kane played for the same team as well?

"I take it you guys have history?" Kara asked seeing how they were reacting like old friends almost.

"You could say that." Dan said wanting to end the conversation there. He didn't want to go into how Naruto and his friends saved him when Darkseid was trying to take over. That was a very long story he didn't want to remember.

"So what's going on Mr. Turnip? Judging by yours and Maggie's facial expression I can tell something's wrong." Raven questioned as her empathy had also helped when it came to asking questions.

"Well bookworm." Dan said getting a small glare from Raven. "This is the fourth case in the past week apparently where children have been kidnapped. I had to pull Maggie from her current jog to get in on this case."

"We believe that it could be Meta Human related. Especially given how the children are turning up a few days later." Maggie informed the group who nodded.

"Why are you telling us this? I understand Naruto but why the rest of us?" Barbra questioned especially since information that dealt with Meta Humans was kept away from civilians like herself.

"Oh? So she's not with you three?" Maggie asked while glaring at Dan who seemed a bit nervous. He made a mental note to make sure he didn't say certain information when others civilians were around.

"Have you seen my sister?" Billy asked with a bit of sadness in his voice. Drawing the two officer's attention as they recognized Billy as the brother of the current child they were trying to find. Maggie and Dan remembered that the employee who said that he ran out when they told him Mary had went missing. They guessed he was taking it a bit rough. I mean your twin sister was kidnapped and you didn't do anything has to hurt.

"Don't worry kid will-." Maggie started off before they heard a loud scream. The group saw a person dressed in black was carrying a child. Acting quickly the group pursued the kidnappers only to run into what appeared to be his hired thugs.

"Oh come on." Grant complained seeing the group of ten thugs. Grant decided to take the fight to them rather than the other way around. He quickly punched one of the thugs sending them back a bit before kicking another one that was near the one he had punched a few seconds ago. Grant saw that Naruto and Dan were doing well against their opponents. Naruto being the person to take out his opponents quickly as Dan overpowered his for the most. While the women minus Barbra went after the kidnapper; Barbra on the other hand was taking on three thugs no problem which caused Grant to think about where she learned a few of her moves from.

"He's getting away." Billy reminded the group as they saw a car was parked with a driver in it.

"Not today." Both Raven and Kara said in unison as Raven eyes glowed black for a brief second as a vine grew out of the ground and tripped the kidnapper. While Kara blew a sharp breath sending a small sonic boom towards the car which caused the back tires to pop. Giving Maggie enough time to point her gun at the driver's window to ensure he did not get away.

"Are you okay Ashley?" Billy asked the younger girl who had tears running down her eyes at being kidnapped. I mean she was seven years older after all. What could someone want with her?

"Thank you." Was all Ashley could say as her world had been ratified by this event as the sound of sirens could be heard coming to their locations.

"Will take the situation over from here commander." An officer stated to Maggie who nodded in response. So much for her day off as she knew calls would be coming in about this situation. Especially from Ashley's parents along with those in the community who would be worried about their children.

"You're coming with me." An officer told a thug who had a look of fear over his face.

"No!" He screamed trying to resist arrest only for the officers to put the handcuffs on him. "Do you know what Adam would do to me for failing? Please Adrianna…Isis; forgive me." As he was being hauled off to the cop car.

"I really hope he isn't involved with that Kobra nonsense." Dan commented seeing that as of lately they have been capturing Kobra members who would ask for forgiveness. It was a bunch of nonsense in his book. What ever happened to just regular thugs who would rob banks? You know the simple motivations that made his job easier.

"He isn't and I think I just got a lead." Naruto said as Dan gave him a confused look.

"Well you have our cell phone numbers so don't hesitate to call." Maggie said reminding him to call. Naruto had to admit that Maggie was the aunt he never had. While Dan was the cool but goofy uncle he never had growing up.

"Wait just a second here." Grant said gaining everyone's attention. "You have her number…and you didn't tell me?" Getting a sigh from Naruto and Maggie; while Dan just laughed at the statement made.

"So what's the plan then?" Kara asked eager to get back to solving this case. May be so good old fashion team up to take down the enemy was what she needed.

"I have a call to make so excuse me." Naruto answered before excusing himself from the group and headed to his parked motorcycle. He then pulled out his Stag Phone and dialed a number.

"You have a breakthrough in the case I take it?" As Shinku's voice came through the cell phone ear piece.

"I need you to do a look up." Naruto replied as on Shinku's end she went and grabbed a pair of silver glasses with blue lenses. She quickly put them on and pressed a button on the top right of the glasses as she saw the entire room around her disappear as she reappeared in a large library.

"I'm ready on my end; the virtual library is ready for its test run." Shinku stated as she was impressed with how many books were in the library. It was the knowledge of what everyone on this team knew along with information they collected over the years. Anyone could access their database if they wore the glasses.

"Alright look up Adam." Naruto started off as on Shinku's end she said the word Adam as multiple bookshelves started to disappear from her sight of vision until seven book selves were left.

"I still have some book selves left." Shinku replied letting Naruto know that there was some books left over.

"Next word is Isis and followed by that Adrianna." Naruto said as Shinku on her end said the words which caused the library to shift to having two more book selves appear.

"You need more precise words Naruto. I've gotten two more book selves rather than just one or two books." Shinku answered as she was looking at the multiple books. It made her wonder how many Adams they know.

"Thanks anyway Shinku; do you know if Ryu is done with his side mission? I wanted him to do some snooping around for me." Naruto asked seeing as Ryu should be available but then again he knew that he and Kasumi would want to catch up.

"He's still at the safe house and judging by the camera footage they're both surprised to see one another." Shinku answered shocking Naruto a bit. Which meant only one option was that Ryu didn't tell Kasumi he was back in X-Force while Kasumi hadn't told Ryu she was with working for him as an informant.

"Best not to disturb them; once they finish call Ryu and get him up to speed for me. Please and thank you of course." Naruto replied before hanging up the phone.

"So, what's the game plan Naruto?" Grant asked seeing that they had run into a dead end.

"Well we can go see-." Naruto started off while seeing one of Raven's bracelets on her right arm was pulling her apparently. Seeing her quickly pull her right arm back caused Naruto to see what was going on.

"Are you alright Rachel?" Naruto questioned seeing his companion seemed to be acting differently.

"I'm fine Naruto, I'm going to head back to the agency. I need to see if Donna is there; I need her assistance with a project I just remembered." Raven answered hoping that Naruto would pick up on a bit of her cryptic answer.

"Very well than Rachel; take care." Naruto replied as Raven she started her way back to the agency.

"So why is Rachel leaving already?" Barbra asked seeing that Rachel left without saying good bye to the group.

"She had to meet up with a friend of mine. Anyway let's see if we can get in on the questioning at the police station." Naruto answered getting a nod from Grant and a confused look from Kara and Barbra.

"So you work with the police then." Kara concluded as she knew no regular person could witness questioning since those were confidential for the most part if she could remember correctly.

"Not really; only when it's convenient enough but for the most part no. Now let's go before they start." Naruto replied as they made their way to their vehicles and headed towards the Metropolis Police Station.

With Ryu and Kasumi

12:30pm, EST

Fifteen minutes has passed and still the two shinobi's were in silence. You would have thought that something had happened to cause their silence but no. For both of them secrets were about to be revealed whether they liked it or not.

"What are you doing with X-Force?" both of them questioned in unison. They both guessed that was a good starting point.

"I asked you first." They both replied quickly before sighing and deciding to move their conversation to the living room. Kasumi taking a seat on the couch; while Ryu went to the easy chair in the room.

"Okay I'll go first then. I joined X-Force as one of Naruto's spies a year or two ago. I think it was the time when you finally came back to Japan after the team had disassembled. I lied and said I was going to become a model which is what I do on the side but after seeing and hearing about the good you've done with X-Force I had to hop on that opportunity." Kasumi explained as Ryu nodded at the information. It made him wonder how much Naruto told her.

"How much did Naruto tell you exactly?" Ryu asked wanting to make sure of what she knew.

"I know everything Ryu, from Trigon to your battle with Archfiend." Kasumi answered as Ryu had to sigh at least she didn't know about Sonia.

"Oh, well let's fast forward to why I'm back with X-Force now. Long story short Naruto assembled the team back together to view a message from Madara. After that we decided to reform the team." Ryu replied in a simple tone as though he were a bit bored. He wasn't one to really go into details about things like this so he kept it short.

"So do you approve of me being on this team Ryu?" Kasumi asked her former bodyguard.

"I do, I mean were both the same age and you don't need protection anymore. I can see that you've earned your right to be on this team. I mean we don't let everyone join after all." Ryu answered as Kasumi went to hug the shinobi who had to adjust to feeling Kasumi's endowed frontal area as he called it.

"Thank you Ryu." Was all she said before breaking the hug as she was happy that he accepted her being on the team. Now maybe telling Hayate would be a bit easier after telling his best friend.

"No problem. Now-." Ryu started as his phone started ringing. He picked up the phone and answered it.

"Hello." Ryu answered to hearing Shinku's voice come through the other end.

"Are you two finished over there? I need you two for a mission." Shinku asked as Ryu nodded in response to her question.

"Yeah, were ready for deployment." Ryu replied as Kasumi's eyes seemed to widen a bit. Could this be her first field mission?

"Good, look Raven apparently has a hunch or at least a lead as to whom maybe behind this entire thing. She's going to need some back up so please report back at once." Shinku informed Ryu who then hung up the phone.

"You ready for some field experience?" Ryu asked as Kasumi smiled in response. Finally she could get into some real action instead of the usual silent kill type of things she was used to doing but even then that depended on who was after her.

"Let's go." Kasumi said before heading to the door leaving Ryu behind in the house. Judging by her reaction being a spy must have been boring.

Makes me glad I didn't become the teams spy. Was all Ryu could think of before locking up the house and activating the security system.

Downtown Police Station

1:15pm, EST

So far the questioning was going bad. Each person they captured would always say something different. None of their stories were linking up to give them an actual break through to the case of who was kidnapping these children. Right now they were on their last suspect for the unknown time. Hopefully they would scream like a baby but that was wishful thinking.

"Look just tell us who you work for and boom we can get you a lighter sentence." Dan stated making his intentions clear as he sat down in one of the two chairs across from the suspect table.

"Or we just charge you with kidnapping and you and your friends will have a nice time in Metropolis Prison." Maggie added on as she sat down besides Dan as she looked at the case file on the table.

"I can't afford to say anything alright. The boss I'm working for is no pushover." The suspect replied in a calm tone. There was no way he was going to speak to the police of all people.

"Are you implying we can't take him down or something because I'm sure that we can." Dan replied getting a laugh from the suspect.

"Please, you need one of those superhero types to take him down." The suspect answered as Maggie and Dan looked at one another before nodding.

"What kind of superhero type? Are we talking Batman here or Superman?" Dan asked seeing those two were the most well-known superheroes.

"Superman of course; I mean what can people without super powers do against my boss?" The suspect answered.

"So what's there costume? Every villain has a costume of course." Maggie said pressing on the superhero conversation.

"Of course it's black, a bit of yellow, a thunderbolt on his chest but that shouldn't be your concern." The suspect replied coolly as in his mind he hadn't spelled the beans. I mean how many people wear black and yellow costumes. Okay he had to admit maybe the thunderbolt was a slip but there are heroes who wear thunderbolts too.

"Next question; I'm sure your boss has a secret base right? Do you know where it is?" Dan asked seeing if he could trigger another conversation.

"Like I'm going to tell you that? I mean what type of bad guy does that?" The suspect answered waving off the question.

"Listen." Maggie started off in a aggravated tone. "Whoever your boss is bound to slip up and once they do. You and your boss will be able to have a private reunion courtesy of me. Now where is your boss?" That just caused the suspect to laugh even more.

"You guys can never take on Black Adam. You police men are so crazy." The suspect replied before realizing what he done. "Please, no I beg of you don't tell him I said it."

"Too late for that "bad guy" we have a lead and it's all thanks to you." Maggie replied coldly before she and Dan left the questioning room.

"Black Adam is behind this." Kara said letting that sink into her head for a few minutes. Fighting him head on was a worst case scenario without anyone else backing her up. I mean yeah Barbra had great martial arts skills and was pretty smart but Black Adam wasn't Killer Croc. Black Adam was one of the few to give a person like herself a run for her money and then some.

"Isn't he Captain Marvel gone wrong or something like that." Grant commented trying to remember the villain's power set. Oh boy this was going to be a long day from here on out.

"Look Billy, Kara, and Barbra; from here on out me and Grant will be doing things our way." Naruto stated getting a confused look from Kara and Barbra but a nod from Billy.

"It's nothing against you guys of course." Grant started to add on while looking at Barbra for a bit. "But this is where things get a bit rough and we rather not have that on our conscious. You understand right?"

"Just bring back my sister guys. That's all I ask." Billy said in a sad tone but in his mind he already had a plan now that he had a lead.

"We understand Naruto and Grant; will come by tomorrow and ask for a follow up." Barbra replied getting a nod from Naruto and Grant who left the police station. Billy, Barbra, and Kara left the station as well.

"Do you want us to walk you home Billy?" Kara asked seeing that this event had to be rough on him. He quickly shook his head no.

"It's fine, were approaching a bus stop. I can catch the R27 and it will drop me off three minutes away from my house." Billy answered trying to put a positive tone to his voice. As they were now at the bus stop.

"Alright then Billy, you take care now alright. I'm sure things will work out." Barbra said as the R27 bus pulled up to the stop.

"I'll be just fine so don't you worry." Billy responded before getting onto the bus which then closed its doors and pulled off.

"It must be eating him up inside." Kara commented as getting a nod from Barbra as they watched the bus drive down the street.

"He tries so hard to put up that brave front. I feel like we should follow him." Barbra said throwing what she thought out there as Kara shook her head no.

"I rather focus on getting his sister back. We know Black Adam is behind this so let's find him and stop him." Kara replied getting a nod from Barbra. It was time to suit up and find Black Adam.

With Billy

1:30pm, EST

Billy had just gotten off of the bus. Was he about to go home and call it a day? No, what he was about to do was go find Black Adam and get his sister along with those who have been kidnapped. Running into an alley way he looked around to make sure the coast was clear.

"Shazam." Billy shouted before a bolt of white lightning hit him directly transforming his entire body from that of a eleven year old to that of the hero known as Captain Marvel.

I'm coming to stop you Black Adam. You can count on that. Captain Marvel thought to himself with determination before flying off.

With Kara and Barbra

2:00pm, EST

After a quick costume change both Supergirl and Batgirl were in action trying to find the location of Black Adam. So far they were having terrible results. As Supergirl was flying in the air. With Batgirl was jumping from building to building.

"You see anything?" Batgirl asked seeing as Supergirl was using her X-Ray vision to try to see any sign of Black Adam.

"Nothing." Was all Supergirl could say as she was having no results before stopping midair. Batgirl noticing this stopped her roof jumping to see what was going on.

"You okay there Kara?" Batgirl asked using her real name to try to snap her out of a trance.

"I see something, looks like a Raven." Supergirl reported seeing what appeared to be a Raven appearing on the roof. The Raven then shifted to that of a female with long purple hair and grey skin. Supergirl noticed the violet-blue iris the women had in both eyes and wore a silver cloak which had a yellow emblem with a raven in it on it. "It's definitely a woman."

"Good or bad?" Batgirl inquired so that she could rack her brain about who the hero or villain would be.

"I've never seen her before." Supergirl answered as she saw two more people appear on the roof in a swirl of leaves. One was a male who had a muscular built, brown eye, and was dressed like a ninja. The second person was a female with long auburn hair and hazel eyes. The rest of her face was covered by a black face mask as she too was dressed like a ninja. The main difference between the two was that the male's attire was black with red while the female was black and blue. Add onto the male having a sword on his back while the women had a pair of Sais on her waist.

"Wait are those ninjas?"

"Okay, let me take a look." Batgirl replied before detaching a square object from her belt. Once pressing a button the square object shifted to that of a pair of binoculars with the bat symbol on them. Putting the binoculars in front of her eyes and zooming towards the roof top her best friend was talking about she was interested in the vigilantes on the roof. So far she was seeing two people being the females rather than the male which confused her a bit. "I thought you said there were three?"

"There were three until two people were spying on us." A cold voice answered as the duo turn around to see the male ninja behind them. Both girls seeing the male up close had to blush. That shirt showed how ripped he was along with showing how many weapons he had on him.

"We were trying to find Black Adam for a friend who lost something close to them." Supergirl answered getting a nod from said ninja.

We could use the power Supergirl brings. I mean Donna and Kaldur are at least thirty minutes away. Nightwing did say Batgirl was a more balance fighter similar to Kaldur and while Supergirl doesn't have the power of a god on her side she still can hang with the strongest of them. Ryu thought while debating on whether or not he should allow them to go along. I mean the one con was that someone else outside of their contacts and allies would know about them but the pros at the time seem to outweigh said con.

"Alright, my team and I are about to storm where Black Adam is hiding. We could use all the help we can get right now. Seeing as were working towards the same goal we should be able to put forth our best efforts to stop him." Ryu informed the two heroines who nodded at the answer before continuing. "All I ask is that you follow my instructions. You're under my watch which means you are my responsibility which means we get the job done at the end of the day."

"We understand, all we want to do is stop Black Adam." Batgirl answered getting a nod from Ryu who was going through a few hand signs.

"My name is Ryu by the way. Now let's get started." Ryu said before finishing his final hand sign which caused the trio to disappear in a swirl of leaves.

With Naruto and Grant

Mid town Metropolis 2:00pm, EST

After calling Shinku about learning who was behind this everything was making sense. Adam was a reference to Black Adam's real name which was Teth-Adam. Adrianna was actually Adrianna Tomaz who was his wife who had sadly passed away. Isis was the super heroine she transformed into. The thing was how all of this made sense. What exactly was this super villain who went into hiding be doing with kidnapping children?

"Naruto and Grant, you're approaching the building where Raven said her bracelet sensed a majority of dark magic." Shinku informed the two as they saw the building in question. It was fairly old building; if Naruto remembered correctly. It was scheduled for demolition in early August last time he checked. "Raven, Ryu, and Kasumi are already on top of the roof waiting for your signal."

"Thanks Shinku, in case you don't know by now you're awesome." Grant replied hearing a giggle from Shinku.

"Just be careful, there's no telling what Black Adam has been doing in there." Shinku warned as the two pulled up to the building and parked their bikes.

"Don't worry Shinku; I have no intention of rushing in recklessly." Naruto answered as the two got off their bikes and proceeded into the building with caution.

"So how exactly are we going to play this one?" Grant questioned as the two started looking at the structure of the building. So far the building was looking like it would just collapse but they both new this wasn't the case here. These kidnappings have been going on for a week or two at most and the children were turning up so where was Black Adam keeping the kids? Heck where is Black Adam to being with?

"See what his plan is for one. Two try to negotiate with Black Adam; I rather not come to blows with him unless necessary. Top priority here is finding these kids and getting them out of here." Naruto answered while seeing no secret passage way before hearing a loud click. He turned around and saw Grant opening what seemed like a passage way.

"Well let's get going then." Grant said before heading down the stairs as Naruto followed suit. A few seconds later after Grant and Naruto left the area. Raven and Kasumi appeared inside the building waiting for Ryu to catch up with them.

"Looks like Naruto and Grant are ahead of us." Raven noted seeing the passage way open.

"Do we have a plan here or are we making it up as we go along?" Kasumi asked unsure as to what strategy they were going to use.

"We always have some type of plan. First we-." Raven started off as a swirl of leaves appeared in the room as both Raven and Kasumi saw Ryu with two newcomers confusing them.

"That felt weird." Supergirl and Batgirl said in unison getting over the body flicker Ryu used on them.

"Why are these two here?" Raven asked up front not liking a last minute change.

"I figured we could use these two power sets until back up arrives. I would really hate if our possible clash with Black Adam went out of hand and draw attention to us." Ryu answered getting a nod from Kasumi but Raven looked at the two with a critical eye for a few seconds. Unknown to the two women, Raven was sensing their aurora which usually gave off a person's intentions. A trick Doctor Fate taught her two years ago.

"Alright, I see that their intentions are pure. I'm sure they know they're under your watch correct." Raven said getting a nod from the two women.

"Indeed, meet Raven and Kasumi. My other allies who are here to help finish this." Ryu informed the two new women who nodded at the introduction.

"Let's get to it; they're already ahead of us." Raven stated to Ryu who nodded as they made their way down the stairs.

With Naruto and Grant

Unknown location; 2:15pm, EST

The two were now finding themselves reaching the end of this tunnel they were currently walking in. So far no danger or anything like that has appeared to oppose them but then again Black Adam was more of a hands on villain. So Black Adam sending others to attack just wasn't his style at all. Finally reaching the end of the tunnel they saw their opponent. Apparently sitting on his throne as though he was waiting for us all this time. On the far side of the room the duo could see the children that were currently sleeping in pods of some sort.

Looking to Black Adam's right they saw another chair besides him which seemed to be a bit lower than Black Adam's own. The shocker was the two metal beds that had one girl with black hair and was wearing what appeared to be a pair of jeans, a red shirt, and white shows. On the separate bed they saw what appeared to be ashes for some odd reason. Deciding to ask questions to make sense of this all Naruto stepped forward with Grant beside him.

"Black Adam, just what exactly are you doing?" Naruto questioned seeing that none of this was adding up in his mind. Black Adam then stood up and cleared his voice before speaking.

"What I'm doing is none of your business. I'm shocked that two mortals are here in my presence who thinks they can stop me." Black Adam answered expecting them to be intimidated by the tone he was speaking in.

"Look if this is about your wife then I apologize for her death but even a person of your stature must know-." Naruto started off before Black Adam cut him off completely.

"Silence!" Black Adam shouted before continuing his point. "Just what exactly do you know about lost huh? The pain of not having what should be rightfully yours."

"I don't know about rightfully but I do know loss. That's a given." Naruto answered while The Village Hidden in the Leaves briefly flashed in his mind.

"Look." Grant started off before stepping forward. "We don't want to fight you Black Adam. We wish we could bring people back to life but we can't and this is something you need to accept. I mean what is the point in kidnapping these children. I mean none of them have powers; they don't resemble Adrianna in any way, or have caused you any trouble. Look big guy just give up now and call it a day."

"I will revive my wife you insolent fools." Black Adam started off while flying towards the teenager on the table. "By any means necessary."

After saying that the girl on the metal bed started to stir a bit. Realizing that she wasn't where she was supposed to be at this hour. Both Grant and Naruto got a good look at her and noticed she looked exactly like Billy which meant she was Mary Batson. Billy's twin sister who looked to be in good condition.

"Where am I?" She questioned before seeing Black Adam smiling above her.

"Just stay calm and-." Naruto started off before hearing the words "SHAZAM" coming from Black Adam and the girl in question. Confused as to what just happened the teenager now had a body of a grown women with curves and all. She was now wearing a pair of black form fitting pants, a form fitting long sleeved black shirt with the insignia of Black Adam going across her chest, black boots, and to top off her look she now had a yellow sash that was on her waist.

"Who knew a brat would be Mary Marvel." Black Adam said aloud seeing the results of black magic.

"Get away." Mary Marvel said in a growl before punching Black Adam sending him flying back in his throne chair with a loud crash.

"You know we only have one option left right." Grant informed Naruto as he pulled out his signature X-Phone and flipped it open.

"Oh I know, let's get it done." Naruto replied while putting a silver disk into his watch which caused his watch to start to glow silver.

"Things are about to get rough ladies and gentlemen so stand back and get ready to be amazed." Grant said while pressing the number five three times before closing the phone shut as a silver belt appeared on his waist.

"Stand By." A robotic voice said from his phone as a noise started to emit from it.

"I miss you and your prefight humor Grant." Naruto said as he took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a few seconds. A few seconds where he would clear his mind and get ready for whatever was about to happen in the next few minutes.

"I think everyone does but don't want to admit it. Henshin." Grant said before sliding the phone into the slot on his belt as a holographic X covered his entire form for a few seconds as his Red-X suit was now on.

"Complete." The robotic voice from his phone said as the Red-X suit was now ready for action.

"Henshin." Naruto shouted before turning a dial on his watch. As a gust of wind engulfed his form for a few seconds as his attire was now a silver cloak with a black lion emblem on it, black pants, a silver vest which hid his black shirt, a pair of black boots and black gloves to boot. For weapons on his back was a black and silver shield hidden from everyone's view thanks to his cloak along with his own shinobi utility belt which held his kunai's, shurikens, some trip wire, a ink brush, and small sheets of paper. On his face was a mask that had a lion's face on it.

"So the "Ghost" is back huh?" Red-X asked seeing Naruto's new attire.

"Of course; back and upgraded with state of the art gear." Ghost replied before a boom was heard as they saw both Mary Marvel and Black Adam clash in midair.

"You sure we can't just let them fight. They seem to be weakening one another pretty well." Red-X commented as Ghost shook his head no.

"Nope." Ghost replied before going into his fighting stance as Red-X did the same.

"I guess it would be X-Force ready now huh?" Red-X said getting a nod from Ghost before Red-X did his signature motion which was a wrist flick with his right hand. It was him loosening up his right hand before battle.

"Go!" Ghost shouted before the two went into action. Ghost deciding to take on Black Adam; while Red-X decided to dance with the female in the room.

"You don't want to dance with him beautiful. I'm where it's at." Red-X stated before throwing a few explosive X-Shurikens at her causing her to fall back a bit.

"I'm ending this Black Adam." Ghost informed his opponent who seemed to have a sense of excitement. Was Black Adam happy to finally have a fight?

"Then come at me with whatever you have." Black Adam roared as Ghost hit Black Adam with a powerful wind engulfed fist which sent Black Adam spiraling down to Earth.

With Red-X

2:30pm, EST

Man, what exactly was I thinking fighting the eleven year old? I mean it's in my strategy to flirt with any female opponent but man it feels so wrong. Grant thought while being on the defense at the time. Who knew a eleven year old hated being called beautiful? Then again after shifting into an older and much more matured form he thought they would see it as a complement but that wasn't happening.

"Stop running away." Mary Marvel ordered as she continued to pursue her opponent.

"I can't help it, it's a thing called strategy." Red-X replied before throwing a smoke screen pellet onto the floor with hopes that would confuse his opponent as he went to higher grounds. He was able to perch himself on a ledge in Black Adam's fortress. Red-X felt that the ledge he was on wasn't stable but it was enough to give him time to think. Right before he could he saw the smoke screen being blown away by Mary Marvel as though it was fanning away smoke from a cigarette.

Can't let her interrupt Naruto's fight now can I? Grant asked himself before leaping back into action with a fist full of X-Shurikens in hand. He fired them off with rapid succession and was able to get Mary Marvel's attention once more.

"Die." Was all she could say before sending bolts of lightning towards Red-X who quickly got out of the line of fire and teleported to another ledge he saw before jumping off of the previous one.

"That's new." Red-X said before pressing a button on his left wrist as a holographic computer appeared. Trying to do a quick look up of Mary Marvel's powers he saw that her shooting lightning was something new. Quickly closing the holographic computer Red-X now had to be on his feet while dealing with Mary and her possible new powers. Turning his attention back to battle he saw Mary Marvel was coming towards him and fast. Throwing a flash pellet he hoped for the best as he turned the dial on his belt which caused him to appear cloaked. Mary only saw her opponent disappear in a blinding light that temporary blinded her.

I hope back up gets here soon. Grant said to himself before seeing a blue and red blur hit Mary Marvel sending her down to the concrete.

"Red-X, you can come out now." Raven stated as Red-X jumped down to Raven's side and uncloaked himself surprising Batgirl who was with Raven.

"About time you got here; man you guys are late as ever." Red-X commented as Raven smiled under her hood at Red-X's comment. Raven would never admit that she missed the banter they would have when they were paired together.

"They were bringing me along." Batgirl answered surprising Red-X. Oh man hopefully Batgirl has forgotten about that Italy incident. I mean he didn't know the diamond was real in the first place but this was another story for another time.

"Bring us up to speed." Raven stated as Red-X told them the basics. Mary Marvel was Billy's sister, Black Adam is pretty much insane, and the children were in some type of pods that seemed to protect them.

With Ghost

2:30pm, EST

You would think with the wounds Black Adam now was sporting would make him stop fighting but no it's completely the opposite. Especially when said person had a healing factor which was slow compared to his own.

"You will never defeat me." Black Adam said before flying towards Ghost at a fast speed. Ghost then felt a familiar presence behind him and decided to play it close by going through a few hand motions.

"I was only buying time." Ghost replied before Black Adam had flown through his opponent as though he wasn't there only to collide with a dragon that was made of fire which sent him back. To make matters worse a bolt of blue lightning had hit him square in the chest.

"Nice to see you guys finally make it." Ghost stated as Kasumi stood on his left side with Ryu on his right as the trio was looking at Black Adam who was slowly rising back on his feet.

"It's always an honor to work with you Ghost." Kasumi replied.

"We're going to have to talk later. You do know that right?" Ryu said as Ghost nodded in response.

"I thought she had told you but I was mistaken apparently. Anyway major question of the day is; why is Supergirl and Batgirl are here?" Ghost questioned seeing the two heroines helping Red-X in his fight against Mary Marvel.

"We could always use another power house Ghost. You know when Donna is too busy and when you're away. I'm not saying let Batgirl join the team or anything but as it stands we need someone like Supergirl on the team when you or Donna aren't around." Ryu explained as Ghost nodded at the points being made.

"Let me think about it a bit more. She's not going to join today or anything but maybe down the line. Let me see how she does here in this situation before-." Ghost replied before seeing a red and white blur hit Black Adam and sent him back to the ground.

"Captain Marvel." Kasumi said getting the heroes attention. Judging by his expression he was angry.

"You will pay for what you have done Black Adam." Captain Marvel stated as his fist was glowing a bright yellow. Acting fast Ghost quickly appeared in Black Adam's defense with his shield in a blocking position as Captain Marvel's fist hit his shield causing a sonic boom which blew everyone except Ghost and Black Adam back.

"What are you doing?" Ghost said in an angry tone to Captain Marvel who bore an angry expression at the fact that his attack was stopped.

"Stopping him once and for all." Captain Marvel answered truthfully.

"This isn't like you Captain Marvel and you know it's true. You're never one to let your emotions get the best of you." Ryu commented as Captain Marvel shook his head no.

"You don't understand he has my sister and if anything happened to her-." Captain Marvel answered as tears started to run down his face a bit. That's when it hit Naruto like a ton of bricks or something a bit heavier. Billy Batson was Captain Marvel. It made sense when you think about it. Mary Batson being Mary Marvel was one clue. How three years ago Captain Marvel was able to help Naruto and the team when they were Fawcett City and here Naruto called himself a detective.

"Will get her back Captain Marvel; this much I can promise you now let's finish this." Ghost replied before Black Adam punched both the heroes sending them upwards. Reacting quickly Kasumi and Ryu hit Black Adam with a fierce combination of punches and kicks. Not enough to put him down but the quick onslaught was too much for him to block.

With Raven

2:40pm, EST

Thanks to Shinku they were able to figure out how to free the children from the pods they were in and teleport them to safety being the police station. Shinku had already called Maggie ahead of time to inform her of the children being teleported to their location so that part of the equation was solved. All that was left was figuring out how to get that dark magic out of Mary Marvel or at least knock her out.

Supergirl sure can take a beating. Raven noted seeing the Kryptonian trying to stand up after taking a beating from the elements Mary Marvel threw at her. Red-X and Batgirl were trying to give Supergirl a breather by distracting her but that plan could only go on for so much time.

"Give up and die already." Mary Marvel shouted seeing no point in Supergirl trying to fight.

"No, I have too much to live for." Supergirl started off as she was back on her two feet and went into a fighting stance. "Too much to prove to everyone here and I will show them I have what it takes."

"Then allow me to take that life of yours then." Mary Marvel said coldly before a loud boom was heard as Mary Marvel was sent to the ground thanks to a hammer of some sorts which seemed to be able to levitate on its own.

"If you wish to take a life then try ours." A voice shouted as Batgirl and Supergirl show Donna in her full armor costume with Kaldur otherwise known as Tempest being beside her. He was using his water bearers to manipulate the water below his feet creating what he called a "Water Slide"

"What's the game plan Raven?" Tempest asked while landing besides the sorceress.

"We need to rid her body of dark magic or at least knock her out. That's what's causing her to be in this berserk state of mind and to add on her powers are becoming stronger the more we fight her as she gives into her rage." Raven answered as she had been observing the battle for quite a while and was able to make a few conclusions.

"Knocking her out seems so easy." Red-X said with sarcasm in his voice.

"Could your friend with the hammer do it?" Batgirl asked as Raven nodded.

"Probably but I don't know what affect her magic could have on Mary. That's why I haven't been doing anything because I'm not sure how my magic could affect her as well. For all I know it could cause her emotions to peak to an all-time high and that's the last thing we need." Raven answered as Mary Marvel was now trying to fight Donna but only met Mjolnir to her stomach which sent her reeling across the room. Donna taking the few second break went to see if Raven had a plan to ending this battle.

"How did this all being Red-X? Her transforming into Mary Marvel that is." Raven asked seeing that may shed some light on their situation.

"Both her and Black Adam said Shazam and boom that happened." Red-X answered seeing no point in that until Raven got an idea.

"We need Captain Marvel here now. I have an idea but we need him if it's going to work. Donna can Mjolnir take in any magic and redirect it?" Raven asked quickly as her plan was forming in her head.

"I assure you whatever the task maybe Mjolnir will surpass it." Donna answered as Mjolnir glowed blue for a brief second as though it was agreeing.

"Here's the plan; we-." Raven said before a clap of thunder gained their attention. As they felt water rain down on the area they were at which caused them to wonder. Just what did the others do in their battle.

With Ghost, Ryu, and Kasumi

The trio was getting ready to wrap this battle up once and for all. They were tired of seeing Black Adam not staying down after hitting him with combination techniques that would bring most villains to their knees or flat out beat them.

"Storm Breaker time guys." Ghost ordered getting a nod from the duo. Oh how this combination of techniques were down right dreadful.

"You will never beat me. You humans can never touch a person such as I." Black Adam informed them as they just shook their heads no in response.

"And that's where you're wrong. Strom Breaker go!" Kasumi said before going through multiple hand signs as the boys followed suit. Black Adam deciding to end this quickly started charging towards Kasumi only for another Kasumi, Ryu, and Ghost to appear and fight him which confused him. They had the power to multiply but didn't use it before. You don't understand how insulting this was to a person of Black Adam's stature.

Water Style: Water Dragon Technique. Kasumi mentally called as the water in the air started to shift to that of a Chinese Dragon before it started to coil around her.

Lighting Style: Lightning Dragon Technique. Ryu mentally called as well as he felt the Ki in his body start to pour out and take shape of a lightning Chinese Dragon.

Wind Style: Wind Dragon Technique. Naruto said as the wind around him started to spin around him as it too took form of a Chinese Dragon made of wind.

Now. All three ninja's thought together as they sent their separate Chinese Dragons towards Black Adam who had braced for impact only to see the three dragons swirl around him before going upwards causing him to laugh at the attack. All he felt were a few rain drops.

"Now it's mine-." Black Adam started off before hearing the loud clap of thunder as his eyes drifted upwards to see a grey Chinese Dragon come down on him full force as he tried to get out of the range of the attack but he saw that the clones were holding him down. Thus leading to him taking the entire attack without moving.

"That clinched it." Ghost commented seeing that Black Adam was now unconscious as the bit of rain was over thanks to the attack.

"Captain Marvel; bring Mary over here. We have a way of saving her." Raven ordered getting a nod from the hero who led Mary Marvel towards their location.

"Miss me." Red-X said before throwing a flash pellet as Batgirl did the same at Mary Marvel who had fallen for the same trick again. Before Mary could recover she was hit by Supergirl who had to admit it felt good getting a good hit on Mary Marvel who was sent to the Earth once again. Tempest did his job which was to make sure she would be restrained to the ground thanks to his water manipulation keeping her grounded.

"Cast off." Donna ordered as the armor on her was now blown away as she started to spin Mjolnir rapidly.

"SHAZAM." Captain Marvel shouted channeling that energy into his hands before blasting it towards Mjolnir who started to absorb the "Shazam" magic.

"Time to end this." Donna said before letting out a war cry before hitting Mary Marvel with the Shazam powered Mjolnir which caused a blinding yellow flash to happen in the room. Once the flash died down they saw that Mary Marvel was back to normal but noticed that her body wasn't that of a eleven year old. It was that of an eighteen year old.

"Is she going to be okay?" Captain Marvel asked trying to keep his composure while seeing his sister in this type of state.

"I'm a healer; she will be in the greatest care Captain." Raven vouched getting a nod from Captain Marvel who looked like he was beat.

"How can we get into contact with you? I mean you guys seem to work in the shadows after all." Batgirl asked as Ghost gave Batgirl, Captain Marvel, and Supergirl a sheet of paper with a few symbols on them.

"The symbols are drawn with a specific ink which will change depending on what I do to the main paper." Ghost explained while holding up a sheet of paper and writing something on it which caused it to appear on all three of their sheets.

"Will contact you if something urgent happens. So until then just trust us alright." Red-X said getting a nod from Batgirl specifically.

"I hear sirens coming." Supergirl informed the group who nodded.

"Will get out on our own." Raven said before black energy engulfed X-Force and Mary Marvel minus Ghost and Red-X.

"I need my bike so come on Ghost." Red-X said getting a laugh from Ghost as Batgirl, Captain Marvel, and Supergirl left the area as well . It was another day for the X-Force crew.

Spiraling Detective Agency

8:00pm, EST

Naruto was currently sitting at his desk relaxing. So far Mary Marvel was making a good recovery. I mean yes she is stuck in her older form for the time being but at least she's eating food and taking it a bit better than he expected her too. His thoughts were currently on Ryu's opinion about Supergirl.

I have to say maybe I was wrong about Supergirl. I mean today she showed that she can take orders and showed that she could focus her strength without damaging the surrounding area. But I'll look more into that later. As the rest of the team minus Raven, Conner, Cassandra, and Katrina were watching television. A few seconds later Conner came through the front door with a smile on his face, something Grant was quickly to question him about.

"So, who did you get it on with?" Grant asked before getting hit by both Donna and Blackfire.

"Huh?" Conner asked not use to Grant's street words.

"He means what are you grinning about?" Ryu said putting it in easier terms.

"Well there was this girl named Megan." Conner stated before going into details about the party he had attended. For the X-Force team it had just been another day.

End Episode


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