You asked for it so I wrote it.

Only 145 words but it's a filler chapter sorry

Chapter 2 of What Serena to Jayden about Emily

I knew it was next week Emily's birthday and I wanted to surprise her by coming to the city, but I didn't know where the Tengen gate was at, so I called Mentor Ji on his samuraizer.

"Hello?" Mentor Ji asked through his samuraizer.

"Hello, Mentor Ji" I said "I'm Serena, I wassupposed to be the Samurai Yellow Ranger before I was diagnosed with –"

"Aah! Serena, how are you doing?" he asked.

"I've been good the doctor says I'm doing better that he thought. He says I can travel now" I said.

"That's wonderful, Serena!" Mentor Ji cut in said happily

"Thank you Mentor, I was wondering if I could get the address for the Tengen Gate." I said

"Of course, Serena" Mentor said

"Thank you, Mentor" I said, "and I'll see you soon!"