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Author P.O.V.

"Yes! No more filming for the day!" Carlos exclaimed when the producer had told him and his three best friends that they had the rest of the day off.

The Latino high-fived his tall, tan, brunette friend, James.

"Let's go enjoy our hot tub guys!" Carlos exclaimed. "Race you!"

The small Latino tapped the hockey helmet he always wore on his head twice, and then took off at the speed of light as his three friends sighed and shook their heads.

"Well, it's not much of a race for Carlos if he has no one to beat," James remarked. "Shall we go guys?"

The tall blond friend ran a hand through his hair and replied, "You two can go ahead if you want. I think I'm gonna go take a stroll in the park."

"It is a really nice day," Logan agreed. "Mind if I join you, Kendall?"

James smiled to himself. Somehow he had expected his small brunette friend to follow their green-eyed leader's lead.

"No, of course not, Logan. In fact, it'll be more entertaining with a friend there," Kendall replied after smiling his goofy, crooked smile. "Care to join us, James?"

James chuckled to himself. He couldn't help but think that Kendall was only being polite. That he really just wanted to spend time with his best friend Logan alone. Plus, his observant friend should have known that he wanted to join their small Latino friend in the hot tub. That's just how things always worked out. Kendall and Logan did their thing while Carlos and James did theirs.

"No, I think I'll go join Carlos. A dip in the hot tub sounds pretty nice right now. You two have fun!" he exclaimed, and with a wave to his two friends and a flip of his perfect light brown locks, he took off after his Latino friend.

Somehow, the bushy-eyebrowed leader knew that his self-proclaimed "pretty boy" friend James would say that. So he turned his attention to his small, spiky-haired, chocolate-eyed, brunette friend.

"Well, come on, Logan. The park awaits!" Kendall exclaimed as he carelessly slung his arm over his small brunette friend's shoulders.

As the two friends sauntered toward the park, the air around them was filled with casual chatter, contagious laughs, and probably a little bit more physical contact than casual buddies.

But that was just how Kendall and Logan's friendship was. It was different, unique, special. It had a special meaning to both of them that sometimes they weren't even aware of, though practically everyone else around them was.