I went on a vacation and I just came back like four days ago. This is just a short brake from my other stories, I promise to get back to them. But this will be a very short one, maybe 2 or 3 chapters more. Just some thoughts I've been having. I wanted to make a slightly more humorous piece. So Sam is in college like he was supposed to and Lucifer keeps making googoo eyes at him. Castiel is a librarian with an attitude problem and Dean is an ass with an attitude problem. Enjoy.

The devil wears a leather jacket

The day could have gone better.

If only that creep would just stop staring at him.

Sam clicked his pen nervously on the desk as he rummaged his brain through the new assignment they were given. He found he couldn't even grasp an idea under the intense gaze of Lucifer.

Or Satan.

Or the Devil.

Really, they gave him a whole lotta names, although nobody really ever said them to his face. Everyone held something of an, awe, if you will for him.

He was known for a lot of things on campus, none of which were good.

His I.D. card would go something like this.

Lucifer (surname kept in secret)

Age: 27 (oldest one on campus)

Favorite color: blood (?)

Favorite food: soul (!)

Can't be seen without: Leather jacket

Likes: not much

Dislikes: stupid questions (strongly)

Known for:

-bashing a guy's head with a steaming cup of peppermint tea when he requested green tea.

-cursing loudly through the halls while sleepwalking

-fake chocking his roommate Castiel while laughing on numerous occasions

-throwing a girl through the window on the third floor because she 'said something stupid'

-only smokes Marlboro Red

-his blond stubble

Everybody talked about him like he was a demi god or some sort. He was the main attraction on every party, although he didn't do much, just sip from a cup in time. Everyone said he didn't really go to parties, but Sam saw him on everyone he ever went to.

Personally, Sam didn't think much into him.

He was just some guy with temper issues that everybody found mysterious and dark and practically drooled over him. Sam was known for looking like a puppy sometimes, but he didn't drool like one.

But right now Sam was feeling like having an anxiety attack.

Lucifer was boring holes into him with his stare.

Sam's breath started heaving.

-"Luke, if you could explain the solution to the problem I gave you."- The teacher, Zachariah startled Lucifer out of his staring, giving Sam a chance to sigh in relief.

-"Why won't you say my name right?"- Lucifer rumbled through the deafening silence of the room, his tone perplexed, like he really, really wished to understand the complexity of Zachariah.

-"Sam, could you give us the answer?"- Zachariah turned towards Sam, little sweat drops shining on his pink skin like a pig on a chopping board. He was shaking heavily.

Sam felt bewildered. Wow, why is everyone so afraid of this guy? And why was he the escape plan to Zachariah?

-"Well, we could start by-" –But he was cut off.

-"Sam's name is more of a blasphemy than my is! Samael was the original god of demons, not Lucifer. You might want to brush up on your bible study Zach."- Lucifer cut through their words, speaking with low threat in his voice.

-"I am not a demon god!"- Sam was having none of it. He practically called him the devil!

-"This isn't about you, Sam."- Lucifer finally looked back at him, his look stern, but with a dash of something... something else.

-"People please..."- Zachariah stuttered through the growing noise on the class room.

-"Then why did you put my name on the table!"- Sam shouted through the loud murmur of the room.

-"It was just an example to prove a point..."- Lucifer waved his hand dismissingly, as if it wasn't important.

-"Bullshit! You think everything is about you! You think everybody is here to watch you perform! Well, guess what! You get no standing ovation from me!"- Sam stood up grabbing his bag by the way, practically knocking down the door out of the classroom, and out of Harvard.


Dean was trudging through the library, with a heavy footstep.

'Stupid lil brothers, and their school's and education and puppy dog eyes...' –He cursed inwardly, his eyes chasing through the shelves of the library.

-"May I help you?"- A raspy voice questioned behind him.

He turned to the voice to see a... a man. A normal looking, stubbly man. With the brightest set of blue eyes he'd ever seen.

-"I bet you could."- Dean bit his lip in a suggestive manner letting his eyes trail over the man's body. He wore a white shirt with a loose black tie and black pants. Pretty casual for a librarian, though he looked just, yummy in those clothes. They would look fine next to his bed. But his thought were cut off by an accusatory tone.

-"Excuse me?"- Nerdy dude questioned lowly. Dean felt pretty startled by the sudden change in his voice. Was that, was that threat in his voice?

-"Yeah, a little hottie like yourself..."- Dean gave him his best wink, grinning wildly. He could get this guy. Probably nobody ever offered to bed him. He'd be easy.

Or so he thought.

-"You do not get to give me objectifying names. You probably thought that I'm an easy lay right, nobody offers to take him home right? Well, I am to inform you that this is not the best of my days."- The scary nerdy dude practacly growled in his face, baring his at every word. Dean felt a little like pissing his pants, though a strange arousal was settling low in his stomach. Wow. That was something.

-"I suggest you leave."- The guy growled right up Dean's face.

Dean didn't know what to think. The guy, the hot guy, just gave him the harshest rejection he ever took. But wait, he never got rejected! Like, what's his problem?

-"Okay."- Dean replied in a mousy voice, made his way from under the dude's stare and quickly scrambled out of the library.

Like seriously? Seriously! Dean Winchester just got rejected?

And out of all the people it was this, rumpled guy looking like he hadn't seen the sunlight in years? It could have been some blond bomb shell with the tits and everything. He could have forgiven that. Or like some gym bunny that thought too highly of his balls to have them fondled by him. He could have over looked that too. But this? The guy looked like a homeless person wannabe!

And he got rejected by a homeless person.

And what did he do wrong! He made a nice comment about his looks...

Well, maybe not a nice comment... 'Hottie' wouldn't classify as an appreciation of his beauty wouldn't it?

But it worked on everybody! Everyone liked to be called a hottie! It's not even dirty!

But apparently nerdy dude is too high and mighty to be called a hottie!

Fuck him!

He's not, he's not even good looking...

He slammed his car door shut apologizing silently to the Impala. He turned the key, the car roaring back to life.

Oh, who is he kidding...

The guy was a scruff muffin...


Sam needed this party. He needed to just relax and enjoy himself this night. The incident with Lucifer a couple of days ago left him more rattled then anything in a long time. He didn't have any more classes with him for the following week which was like a breath of fresh air. No more creepy staring from Satan! Woot!

But he wasn't relaxing, not really.

These kind of parties were not his way set up.

His idea of relaxation is a bar, his brother, or Gabriel his best friend, a stack of cards and a couple of beers.

And this, this was just... Suffocating.

Too many people, making the big house seem so small, loud unintelligible noises from everywhere, somebody throwing up on the roof, very familiar type of smoke filling his lungs.

Too much you know?

And that Ruby, oh God, she's been trying to drag up to a room upstairs for half the night and if he just sees her one more time he's gonna snap. Fo real.

-"Hey, uh, I'll just head back for a minute, catch some air, okay?"- He shouted back to Gabriel, though it went very muffled from the music.

Gabriel just nodded although he didn't seem to catch anything for his eyes were fixed on something else, or somebody else entirely.

Sam cursed inwardly and squeezed himself through the crowd and out the back.

He took one deep, deep, audible breath from the nights cold. The backyard was empty, some trees surrounding the bulding.

Or so he thought.

-"Hello, Sam."- An awfully familiar voice spoke from somewhere near him.

He turned to see the shine of a leather jacket and a lit cigarette make their way towards him. The light finally illuminated a face...

Satan's face.

Sam's inner voice went into a rampage of blasphemous words.

-"Yeah."- Was Sam's short reply.

Lucifer laid his back against the cold wall next to Sam, puffing away at his cigarette.

All the while Sam's head was working on the master escape plan out of this situation.

-"Do you mind if I smoke?"- Lucifer's voice cut smoothly through the night air.

-"What would you do if I said that yes, I did mind?"- Sam really wasn't in the mood. Lucifer wasn't gonna listen to him no matter what. He was the so called 'rebel'.

-"I would stub out my cigarette."- Came the short reply from Lucifer, sounding matter-of-factly.

-"No you wouldn't."- Sam huffed out stubbornly, despite his surprise at Lucifer's words.

-"Yes, I would. I would never want to make you feel uncomfortable, not intentionally."- Lucifer offered calmly next to him.

Sam raised his eyebrows at him. Lucifer kept his poker face.

-"I guess you dropped that policy at Zachariah's class."- Sam murmured more to himself, than to Lucifer.

But Lucifer caught that.

-"I apologize for what happened that day. I was merely making a point. Although, I am sorry for your discomfort. I hope to be forgiven."- Lucifer spoke quietly his voice softer than usual.

And who the hell picked his words like that?

-"It's okay. I get it."- Sam affirmed quietly, looking at his feet.

The stood against the wall in silence, though it didn't feel uncomfortable. It was strange but not uncomfortable.

-"I would love to take you out."-





Did Lucifer just say...

He couldn't.

He didn't.

Did he?

-"Did you say something?"- It felt stupid to ask, it was probably the wind just making noise, but he had to be sure that Lucifer didn't just say that.

-"I did. I said I would love to take you out."- Lucifer spoke as soft as a pillow. It suited him in a very strange way.

-"Wha... What do you want from me Lucifer?"- Sam's voice came out strangled. He just...

This wasn't happening.

It couldn't.

It didn't.

Did it?

-"I want you to say yes."- Lucifer said with quiet earnest in his voice. As if he was trying to keep it down.

-"I-I... Hell no!"- Sam shouted through his momentarily insanity.

He turned his back on the wide eyes of Lucifer and slammed the door behind him, once again in the suffocating house.




Just happened?

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