Title: Choices

Author: jeffhardyfan722

Rating: PG

Characters: Nick, Natalie, LaCroix

Author's Note: This was inspired by a 30 minute challenge found in [info]fk_fanfiction

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story.

Nick, Natalie, and LaCroix all stood in the dimly lit room awaiting those who had summoned them here. Nick and LaCroix were both very curious to learn why the enforcers had included Natalie in the 'invitation.' A door to the side of the room opened up and three enforcers filed into the room. They moved towards the stone platform that held three regal looking high backed chairs, each moving up the small steps onto the platform and to their chosen seats. The middle enforcer looked to his left then to the right, receiving a nod from each of those enforcers to begin the session.

"Lucien LaCroix you have been called here tonight because you are his master and these proceedings will affect you as well," the enforcer said in an authoritative voice as he pointed at Nick.

LaCroix nodded slowly, still wondering as to the nature of this gathering.

The enforcer then turned to Nick, "Nicholas de Brabant you and your party have been summoned here because the members of our community have expressed great concern over the fact that this mortal woman who stands beside you knows far to much about our kind and we as the enforcers agree with them. Therefore, it has been discussed and judged that you must chose here and now to either turn her or kill her.

"Nick," Natalie gasped in disbelief as tears rapidly filled her eyes and began to stream down her cheeks.

LaCroix just stood there with his hands loosely clasped in front of him and his lips twisted in an evil smirk wondering how his wayward child was going to handle this situation.

Nick was outraged and began listed all of the reasons how this decision was unfair and how if it wasn't for Natalie the entire vampire community would still be living in fear of the fever that had plagued them not to long ago.

The enforcer merely waved a hand to ward off anymore of Nick's protestations, "None of this matters not. You must chose her fate now."

Nick looked over at Natalie who was sobbing openly now, "What do you want Nat," he asked softly as he pulled her into a comforting embrace.

It took her a few minutes before she was able to answer, "Turn me," she whispered eventually.

"Nat are you sure? You have heard me speak of the things I have done...of the people I have killed just to survive. Think about this, having to drink blood to survive. Being forced to leave family and friends over countless lifetimes," Nick stated.

"Well it's either that or die permanently. The only bright side I have to this is that I'll be with you forever," Natalie responded.

"If that's your choice. Though I don't think that I can do what you want," Nick admitted sadly.

Nick turned to the enforcers, " I have decided to turn her. Dr. Lambert will be a great addition to our community."

"Very well, but you do realize that we just heard you admit that you couldn't turn her. So, Dr. Lambert who do you have in mind to be your savior," the enforcer asked Natalie.

Before Natalie could even begin to answer LaCroix had grabbed her and bit into her neck taking just the first step into creating his newest child.

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