Harry Potter and the Dragonsinger

Written by Nekomi Myshica

Part 2- A rare Dragonsinger? Nekomi? Whats so bad abou that?

* * *
As the people approched, Nekomi opened her mouth and letting out a series of sharp chirps, cooes and other calls.
But, the dragons umbelievably seemed to understand the girls 'speech' and answered with their own calls, and they umbelievably left Harry's robe alone (they had been ripping the hem) and flew over to Nekomi and landed on her shoulder, the green one on the left, the blue one on the right.

"Yeh o'right, Harry?" Hagrid had come over, and stared at Harry as though he was seeing him for the first time. Harry nodded shakily, still wary of the dragons that were sitting on Nekomi's shoulders, and baring their fangs and unfurling their wings in a show of their dislike.

Nekomi, however, pushing her purple hair from her face, was the next to speak, and she narrowed her eyes in intense dislike at Harry. "You, boy," she growled, as her dragons chirped their support. "You stalking Melody and Harmony? They not attack for no reason,"

As Hagrid's suprised eyes turned on him, Harry raised his hands in order to defend himself. "Hey, hey , hey," he said, as the 'Dragonsinger''s eyes burned into his. "I didn't stalk them! I only wanted to find out where that song was coming from.. it was beautiful.."

As he finished, Nekomi seemed to 'judge him.' She cocked her head, and her dragons did the same, making Harry stifle a giggle and Hagrid chuckle at how alike they seemed to be.

'You honestly like firedragon song?" she said, glaring at Harry, not sure what to make of him. "You like their song?"

"Of course I do!" Harry said rapturesly, as his hair was buffeted by the wind, and a chill ran down his spine. "Why would I be outside so early if I didn't like it, its freezing.."

Harry seemed to have made a good mark on Nekomi. She gave him a sly grin, as Hagrid began to approch Harry, taking off his moleskin coat, probley wanting Harry to wear it untill the two went back into the warmth of the castle.

But Nekomi, with a chirp, stopped Hagrid with a raised hand, "Melody," she ordered her dragon, who gave a peep. "Flame Meldoy! Warm up the boy who gave you such a compliment,"

As the green dragon fulred his wings, Harry wondered what "Flame" was. But, as he saw the dragon flap off Nekomi's shoulder, and land on his, he felt a warmness that chased away the cold almost immediantly, if not sooner.

It seemed as though Nekomi's dragons had powers, speical 'abilities' you might say, and obviously 'Melody' had the power of fire, and warming up people.
Then if that was the case, it came as no suprise to Harry as Nekomi bowed under the howl of the wind, and shivered. No wonder, all she wore was a sleeveless robe, even if her gloves and boots did come up to her elbows and knees.

Now that Harry had voiced that he was warm, as the Firedragon stood chirping on his shoulder, Hagrid advanced on Nekomi, draping his coat around her shaking sholders.

"Thankyou, Hagrid," she muttered, pushing stands of her purple hair out of her face, "I should return now. I have a couple of hours before training.."

"No problem, Nekomi," Hagrid smiled, winking at her, "Return my cloak, just get onna yer firedragons to deliver it, ok?"

As Hagrid trudged off, Harry turned to Nekomi, who laid her eyes on him. "Go now, Harry- kun, for Melody shall not enter the castle,"

This suprised Harry, as he now knew from Hermione, that that was a Japanese term. Kun meant boy, san meant everyone and chan ment someone speical. He was suprised as she also chirped to her dragon and walked, talking long strides, with the coat wrapped tightly around her, her other dragon Harmony perched on her shoulder.

As Nekomi walked into the castle (she seemed to have gotten there mightly fast, as just a few minutes ago, she was standing a bit off from Harry) her firedragon flapped off her shoulder, and again that beautiful melody came again from its throat, as it flew off, somewhere, Nekomi still with Hagrid's massive coat.

Melody, from Harry's shoulder, chirped sharply, and it seemed that it breathed fire from a second (it actually looked quite funny, a green dragon breathing fire) before Harry, now totally warm, turned to it and rubbed its head, which suprisingly wasn't scaly, more like silk? and thanked it.

It opened its 'beak' and emitted the wonderous song again, before, like Harmony, flew up and off Harry's shoulder, flying out of sight in the direction that the other dragon had gone.
Harry stood watching, amazed, untill a gust of cold wind remindeed him of the coldness, and he hurried to reach the warmness of the castle.

* * *

"So Harry, you find out what that sssound was coming from, eh?" asked Dean after breakfast as the group of Gryffinders (who had gotten their timetables for the year, "Oh Good, I'm starting my new subject today!" said Hermione) trudged off to there first lesson, which was *sigh* Divation, which clues you into why they were trudging.

"Yeah, they were Nekomi's firedragons," said Harry dully as they approched the staircase and began to climb them.

Everyone seemed to stop, making Harry uncomfortable as they all stared at him. "What?" he asked, before questions were heaped on him.

"Nekomi has dragons?" asked Ron in disbelief, letting his mouth hang open at Harry's nod. "But, if they're her pets.. I thought you were only meant to have a rat,cat, toad or owl.."

But Hermione seemed lost in her thoughts as the group reached the end of the staircase, and approached the hatch that would lead them into the Divation classroom.

"Hmm.. Nekomi HAS gotten away with a few things, for example, her robes, it says on the form that.." she fished around in her robes for a moment, and came up with a very crumpled looking form that Harry had recieved as a pricelist for items he would need for the year, "..students are to be robed in PLAIN black robes, no exeptions. This is for various reasons." She read the last bit off of the paper.

Ron, who was just climbing up the ladder to the hatch, gazed back at Hermione unbelievably. "You still have that thing?" Ron asked her increduasly.

"Oh yes," said Hermione," Incase I forget anything.." Harry noticed red tick-marks on the paper the Hermione was holding.

Ron disappeared into the trapdoor in the roof, muttering and shaking his head. Hermione, meanwhile, turned back to Harry with a look of avid concern on her face.

"Harry, you said shee had firedragons? WERE they firedragons or just dragons?" she asked, folding the paper up and tucking it into her robes as she spoke.

"Yeah.. Nekomi said they were firedragons anyway.. they could sing, and she sorta controlled them by chirping and stuff... she sung a bit too.." Harry said, shifting his weight uncomfortably. Hermione always wanted to be in the classroom first.

"Hmm.. Harry, I think Nekomi may be a Dragonsinger.." Hermione said stiffly, looking aroud as if Nekomi herself could hear her. "But then.."

Hermione was about to say more, when a huge eyed person appeared out the top of the hatch, and said in a very misty voice, "Well, Harry dear, are you coming in..?"

To Hermione, she said coldly, "Dear, you aren't attending this class, are you not?"

Hermione blinked. "Oh! Yes!" she said, blushed, and hurried off back down the staircase to her classroom. Harry was confused as he climbed up the weak ladder, hoping it wouldn't break under his weight, it appeared that Hermione had forgotten about her class. But, no, they couldn't be right, could it?

* * *

"Today, students, I will be testing your knowledge on.." Professer Twealney said in her soft voice, gazing around the room to land her eyes on Harry. ".. palmistry."

From the front 2 armchairs, Paraviti and Lavender squealed, after all, they were good at the thing, a matter which Harry nor the rest of the class, were that intrested in. Ron himself was staring ahead like a zombie, and Harry elbowed him so they could begin the lesson.

"Yes, I know we've already gone over this topic lightly before," Professer Twealney said, as a few people exchanged glances behind her back.."But.."

As Ron began and opened Harry's palm and tried to see what the lines on it meant, Harry rested his chin on the table, and closed his eyes. The fire burning in the corner, and the thick smog of the perfumes invaded Harry's brain, and he drifted off into his thoughts, at what Hermione had said. A dragonsinger? What was that anyway?

* * *
At lunch, durning the pumpkin soup that was served out, Dumbledore stood up.

" Students," he said, and the Hall grew quiet at once. "Quidditch 'tryouts' will begin next week. Unfoutunaly, I had forgotten last night. I know some of you have been particularly eager," he glanced over towards the Gryffindder team, no doubt looking at Fred and George. ".. so pleasse let your minds be at rest."

Nearing the end of his 2nd bowl of soup, Harry leaned towards Hermione," Hermione, what did you mean by when you said Nekomi was a 'DragonSinger' or something.."

Hermione, shocked at Harry, stood, and motioned for Harry to do so too. Without a word to any of the Gryffindders at the table, she walked out, Harry doubtedly following her.

There, with silence pursuing them, they walked up to the libary, and it was not untill herself and Harry were in the furtherest, queitest table in the libary did she speak," Harry, listen. Do you know what a Dragonsinger is?"

At Harry's reply, a shake of the head meaning 'No', she said, just above a whisper, " A DragonSinger is someone, usually female, of great importance. Not only can a Dragonsinger sing most beautifully, but she is usually accompied by Firdragons. Firedragons are rarer, more prized then even gold to some men. It is said that a Firedragon is born of a Phoenix and a Dragon. Thats why a fire dragon can sing so beautifully, like you said you heard this morning."

Harry just nodded, and Hermione continued. "Now, Dragonsingers are usually born only once every, lets see, once every 10 centeruries. So, they're rare. But Dragonsingers are also something like Animagi. They can change into a Dragon or a Phoenix, but I'm not too sure about that, I'll have to read about it some more.."

Hermione stopped to draw breath. "So our friend Nekomi is a Dragonsinger. Not only that, but a dragon singer is pure, like a Unicorn, meaning that the pure force can drive away evil. Do you follow?"

Harry nodded. He was following what Hermione was saying, but believing it was a different story.

"So, umm.. last year, the Dark Lord rose, and umm.. we're trying to fight him, so Dumbledore must be trying to gather every ally he can, and a DragonSinger is perfect for helping destroy a Dark wizard. Now, since there are probely no other DragonSingers around in last century, nor in the next one after that, so shes the only one alive, so he got her. But, Harry, with everything that is wonderful about a DragonSinger, there is also a evil.."

"What are you doing, talking about me?"

Harry and Hemione froze at that voice of deadly silk. Nekomi was standing in front of them, and she wasn't looking very friendly.

"I repeat myself, what is it that you must talk about me?!" Nekomi shreiked, her voice rising.

* * *