Harry Potter and the DragonSinger #6

Written by Nekomi Myschia

Chapter 6 - Of Fire, Death and Snakebite.. can anyone help Nekomi now?

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Sighing, Harry arrived at the other end of Platform 9 and 3 quarters. He looked around, wiping a tear from his eye as he did so, his stomach churring uneasily at the idea of what he was going to do, and saw Uncle Vernon's car in the distance. He saw Uncle Vernon himself standing beside it, his arms crossed and not looking too happy.

But whatever Uncle Vernon was thinking, Harry could live with it. Because gone where the days when he had to listen to every single thing he had to say. He was going on the run. Like he had attempted to in his 3rd year, he would run.

Away from Hogwarts, with his broomstick and his small fortune his parents had left him at Gringrotts, he could survive. He'd go under a different name, make sure he was wearing his Invisablity Cloak at all times around crowds, and.. Harry's stomach gave a funny jolt at the thought of this.

But as he approched Uncle Vernon with his heavy trunk and Hedwig in her cage, he felt there was no other way, as he turned the opposite way, threw open his trunk, pulled out his broomstick and invisablity cloak, bewitched his trunk to be feather-light, loaded it onto his broomstick, threw the trunk on his broomstick, put on the Cloak, and head upwards.

All this took a minute, and as Harry, invisable now, flew around to see Uncle Vernon, who was gaping like a fish out of water, still staring in bewilderment at the place where Harry had disappeared.
Harry saw Uncle Vernon grow red, then turn around, start his car and drive off.

Harry supossed he was just going to forget about Harry, which was fine by him. He never cared about him, why worry about where he went? Harry sighed, and flew off into the sky, heading back to London for the bank, and then.. he would begin his life as a outcast..

* * *
"What do you mean he's gone?! Didn't he arrive here?" a raging Professer McGonagall, at the Dursely's house, said angrily to Uncle Vernon, who trembled slightly at the height of her rage.

"Look, Woman, I don't know where that .. boy went," said Unclue Vernon between his clenched teeth. "He was there, then he was gone. Now you, and your ... kind, go and leave my family alone!" with that, Uncle Vernon slammed the door in Professer McGonagall's face.

The Professer had half a mind to curse him into a pig with his rudeness towards her, but decided against it. After all, he had said the infomation which she wanted and needed.
Harry had arrived, but had gone. That meant he was on the run, concluded Professer McGonagall, sighing.

She gritted her teeth as she turned on her heel, and headed towards the train station again. What was she going to do about finding him? After all, they needed him to help Nekomi, and if Voldemort came and invaded her body.. and he powers.. well, that was something McGonagall didn't like to think about.

* * *
Tick, tick tick, the minutes passed as the Grandfather Clocks hand spun, backwards and forwards again, ever the same steady pace as it had been going for the past few hours.

And also the same, was Nekomi's breathing, slow, steady, consistent, her FireDragons still resting their heads on her chest, not moving, though the creatures must be hungry, for they had not eaten for hours.

Nevertheless, they kept watch over her body (as Professer Dumbledore and Madame Pormfery did, rather boredly, waiting for the return of Professer McGonagall) and furled their wings, as their jeweled eyes spun the yellow of suprise as from the door, came Professer McGonagall, her usually neat hair escaping in a few strands from her bun, and she looked quite out of breath.

Madame Promfrey lifted her head from her arms and looked hopefully at the out-of-breathe woman, "Well, have you gotten young Harry back here yet?" she asked hopefully, her face turning into a frown at Professer McGonagall's face, which remained solemn.

Next Dumbedore spoke, a whisper that filled the whole room, "He's run for it, hasn't he Minevra?" and as Professer McGonagall nodded slowly he let out a sigh.

"Ok time for action, no more of this waiting around," he said, glaring sharply at Professer McGonagall, "Alert the staff. The students must return to their homes by the end of this term, as we cannot have a proper search with them here; the teachers need space," as Professer McGonagall nodded and stepped out of the room, Dumbledore turned to Madame Profrey.

"Poppy, I need you to to take Nekomi and her FireDragons, seeing as they won't move from her, somewhere safe, somewhere as far away from here as possible. Stay there for as long till I come for you. Don't allow anyone to enter." At Madame Promfery's suprised gasp, he turned and smiled at her.

"Do this. You'll be safe,"

* * *
(( Hours later ))

Dumbledore sighed and lent back into his chair, hearing and smiling at a call from Fawkes, who appeared to be wanting out from his cage.

Leaning forward, the Headmaster opened his cage, and let the handsome Phoenix clamber up his shoulder, to coo gentley in his ear.

Right then, Dumbledore thought, petting Fawke's absentmindedly, the staff have been notified, I have made the call to the Ministry of Magic, Nekomi has been taken away by Poppy..

"Professer?" A voice sounded from outside his door as it opened, and Professer McGonagall appeared at it. "Sir, the students will be leaving next month, its the end of their 1st term courses then.. and.."

"Good. Thankyou Professer," Dumbledore nodded and McGonagall bowed her exit out. Dumbledore resumed his thoughts.
So Nekomi's safe, for the meantime, and..

Dumbledore started, his hands flew up and his bird went squarking up into the air, distirbed and landing on his cage, ruffling its reddish-goldenish plumage.

the bird appeared to have 'said' disdainfully, preening itself vigously.

Dumbledore binked before saying, his voice shaking, "You are telephatic? You can read thoughts? You have never showen these powers before.."

The bird shook itself, a few golden feathers drifting lightly from it's tail to the floor as it did so, and cocked its head at Dumbledore, his eyes of soothing blue studying Dumbledore.

his 'voice' fell short, and he chirped through his beak, staring into Dumbledore's own blue eyes as if trying, trying to say something, but couldn't. Such despration in the birds eyes, which flickered a bloodred for a second, before returning to blue, made the Professer believe that something HAD happened to his bird ..

"Speak to me, Fire God!" Dumbledore ordered, but the bird just chirped and fluttered to his shoulder again, rubbing its head against his cheek wanting to be petted. Dumbledore sighed, relising that it was a mistake to pursue a Phoenix to do something it disagreed to, and sritched his comb, not relising the danger that was coming..

* * *
(( Weeks later ))

Blam! Blam!

The oak door rattled as another handshake slammed against it. Madame Promfrey, shaken up by the sudden noise, jumped. She was in a little rented wood cabin, in the heart of the forests of Nepal. She had been ordered to find the most remote place she could find to hide herself and Nekomi, who was laying on the bed behind her.

Even so, Madame Promfrey had no idea that Nekomi was radianting energy in her state, unable to control her energy, and thus made her easier for the Dark Lord to find. As it was night, and the only light in the room came from a half-burnt candle, Madame Promfrey shuddered, but decided to open it.

Closing her book, which she had took from the libary labelled, "Magical Creatures and their powers", she nervously took her candle from its place, and, quavering, se slowly opened the wooden door.

She heard a hiss, then, as she peered upwards she saw two huge, yellow lamplike- eyes and immediantly fell to the floor, dead from the stare of a Basalik.

The Basalik grinned, or as much as a snake could grin, its tounge shooting out and tasting the air as it smelled yet ANOTHER life inside the cabin, but only one other.
It cumminicated this to its partner, a much smaller snake named Nagini, and she hissed something back, before sliding forwards towards Nekomi.

As they did, the Firedragons, alarmed at the sight of the two snakes, peered directly into the eyes of the Basalik, but did not fall. It appeared they were immune from its stare, something inherited from the twin dragons' father (OOC:Wait for it! He's not a Phoenix. Otherwise, the two FireDragons would be dead.), and something that the Basalik was not happy about.

As the dragons fled out the room, it hissed and started to go after them, but a wall of fire sprung up, alighting from the now-dead Madame Promfrey's candle, which had caught alight the carpet and was now raging. Nagini hissed and bit into Nekomi's arm, her fangs puncturing her skin.

The girl twiched, as the deadly venom of Nagini entered her blood, but did not die. However, as Nagini had only bitten her to preform the first 'step', her breathing remained steady, as the huge Basalik wrapped her around his body and pulled her out of the cabin, suffering the burns of the flames.

The two snakes, (and the two FireDragon's sitting invisable, (another of Harmony's tricks) watched the wood cabin burst into flames, and quickly slithered into the bushes, the Basilik with some trouble as still in it's coils was still holding Nekomi her arm dripping blood as she was pulled away into the night.

The two fireDragons, hissed angrily as they flew in the direction of Hogwarts. It would take the creatures a minimum of 2 days to reach the castle, and they could only hope that Harry had been found.

* * *

"Very good Nagini, Avn, very good," hissed a voice, as the limp form of the DragonSinger lay before him on the ground.

Voldemort hissed, checking her bite on her arm, before saying to his snake, as she slithered up to rest beside his foot, "You bit her? Good, good.. now, prepare for the making of history as the Dark Lord conquers the DragonSinger, the unreconised key to POWER!"

Now in a quieter voice, Voldemort knelt, his slitted red eyes dancing with excitement, as he commanded to the Basalik, "Now move her closer,"