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Eric POV

Eric looked up at from the fangbanger he was feeding from, he didn't remember her name and he didn't care either for that matter, after a thousand years of feeding and fucking he didn't bother trying to feign intrest in them anymore, they should feel honoured he would choose them at all, he looked up at the clock to check the time and decided he would have to finish this off quickly if he wanted to be on time. He quickly dismissed the girl with a wave of his hand and set about setting himself to rights, after all he couldn't show up at the lovely Adele Stackhouses home looking like he'd spent the last three hours fucking some random girl, no that wouldn't go down well especially when he was trying to convince her of what an honourable man he was.

He left his bar'Fangtasia' first making sure Hadley was were she was supposed to be- waiting tables with Pam watching her arse every time she bent over, he had a feeling Pam would be keeping her busy for the rest of the night. He headed out of Shreveport towards the Bon Temps exit normaly it would take about an hour but the way he drove it would take roughly twenty-five minutes depending on how he pushed the vette, as he was driving his mind wandered back to two nights ago the night in his office that had brought him to this point in time:


He was sitting in his office going over the invoices of the past few months when Pam; his child and second in command came barging in with her hands on her hips and a smirk that immediatly drew all his attention on her:

"Something you want too share Pamela?"

Not before you promise to buy me the knew fall Prada line, if its true she said.

Eric gave her a piercing look and replied" spit it out I'm not in the mood for this, I've been doing paperwork for the last hour"

Okay don't be such a grouch you're going to love this. she replied in her usaull sarcastic tone.


Oh alright, so you remember that new waitress Hadley? she asked him, he nodded his head. Okay well last night her car broke down so I offered her a lift, turns out she lives in some shit hole called Bon Temps with her grandmother and her four year old son Hunter. So anyway when I got their I decided I was a little peckish so I glamoured her into inviting me inside and to her room anyway she complied of course, hmph like she had a choice. When we got inside the house the boy was waiting for us and he immediatly starting yelling 'I can't hear you'' I can't hear you' and then the little brat started running in circles around me and that was when Hadley intervened and tried to calm the boy down claiming he was gonna wake 'gran' up and the boy stopped but he kept on reapeting those words and I was really starting to get pissed so I grabbed the boy by the shoulders and tried to glamour him...

"Wait what do you mean tried?"

Well if you would stop interupting! she said irrtated by the interuption.

"Continue" he sais with a wave of his hand.

Anyway, I tried to glamour him but it didn't work. So I tried again using more force when the boy asked if I and I repeat" if I was tickeling his brain with my magic mind trick" and by this time Hadley was going on about how the boy was very imaginative but it was clear they way her hands were shaking she was lying and that their was something she obivisly didn't want me to know, so I glamoured her before she rescinded my invatation. The boy got scared and tried to go get his grandmother but I blocked his way and then I convinced him that I was his mommy's friend or else she wouldn't have invited me in and that I had only glamoured her so that we could talk, after he calmed down I lead him over to the couch asked him some non threating questions trying to get him to warm up to me... but she didn't get to finish because she was interupted by a booming laugh that bounced off the walls of Erics office.

"warm up to you" he manged to get out between laughs... " thats the funniest thing I've ever heard, you attempting to get a child to trust YOU" he laughed again" you hate children and trust me it shows"

Do you want to hear it or not I don't have much more time to explain, were supposed to be there soon: she said she saw that he was about to interupt again and cut him off with a withering look he mearly held his hands up in surrender, holding back another laugh.

So yes after I got the boy to trust me, which I did thank you very much, I asked him what he had meant by 'I can't hear you' he told me that it was a secret and that his mommy got mad when he told \
people, I told him that we, you and I, were going to help them but we couldn't do that unless he told me his secret. It was obvious he still wasn't that sure of me so I decided to try a different approach,
I told him that his mom would be happier if we could help him, it seemed to convince him that he could tell me. He leaned over and whispered in my ear that he could hear people's thoughts but he couldn't control it, so he often answered people's questions before they asked them or sometimes he would yell at them cause they would think mean things and then they would say that he was crazy just like his aunt Sookie used to be before she disappered. Needless to say he got very upset after that and started leaking all over the place; she finished sounding quite peterbed.

Eric considered what Pam had just told him in comlete silence, he didn't quite know what to say, he had a telepath living in his area but this of course wasn't the problem. No the problem was that the boy wasn't very old and had yet to be able to control it, they could of course help him learn to control it but there was still the AVL to consider, this situation would have a lot of red tape now that they were out of the coffin. Before the great revalation two years ago it wouldn've been a problem, they would've simply removed the boy from his home and trained him to their liking but now they were out in the open they had to play by the rules and that meant no kidnapping little was personaly why he hated the great revalation it made his job so much more complicated than before, of course kidnapping was still an option but definatly the last resort. Pam had said Hadley lived with her grandmother in a small town that would mean everybody new everybody their and they would definatly notice if the boy was gone and he also seemed to remember something about an aunt Sookie that had disapeared, who the town had compared him to, which would imply that she also had the gift of telepathy. This was something else that would get in the way if they had to take the boy, it would be extremly unlikely that two of this womens grandchildren would disapear in the same town, especi ally after his mother had started working at fangtasia, people would most likely start making accusations of the vampires in the area. He couldn't risk that happening, Sophie-ann would all over his arse if they did and he really didn't want that she was annoying enough. He would look into the girls disapearence just to make sure a another vampire hadn't been involved, perhaps he could use this as a way in with the grandmother or perhaps Hadley herself , surely she would want to know if their was a chance her sister was alive, though he found it extremly unlikely this was the case as their had been no talk of a telepath in any kingdom for over a two hundred years, telepaths were extremly rare. But now, he had one and a bargining chip to get Sophie-ann off his back.
The easist way to get acess to the boy would be to offer Hadley a large some of money and she would take it, they always did. Or he would glamour her into taking it.

He looked back at Pam and noticed her glancing at the clock, ahh she said they would late that must mean she had arranged a meeting for him to see for himself. He had taught her well, if the this turned out to be correct he would definatly get her the fall line, she deserved it, god knows their wasn't a day that had gone buy that he had regreted turning her and he doubted their ever would be. He rose from his chair and put his leather jacket on, grabbed his car keys and ushered her out the door, he quickly went to tell Long Shadow that he and Pam had area business to run so he had reign over the bar.

(the first meeting)

Pam had had to give directions to the house and also warned him not to attempt to drive the corvette down the driveway or he would ruin the underneath because of the state of the driveway, infact most of the house was in need of repair, another reason they would take the money. The arrived at the entry of the drive and Eric parked, they then made their way to the front door and he knocked three times before an elderly women answered. The meeting had gone well he had answered all of Adele's questions and he did notice that only Adele had had questions for him and not Hadley who seemed more than willing to have the boy taken off her hands even though she did a good job of hiding it, he had marveled that she would perhaps make a good vampire but she was much to easy for his liking. The boy, Hunter had seemed excited at the idea of someone being able to help him with his gift and he could even tell from the way Adele's eyes lite up that, that would make her very happy but he could also see that she didn't trust him, he had an eary feeling that Adele had been around a supe or two in her time, perhaps even was one herself even though he hadn't smelt anything unusual it didn't mean she wasn't. Yes he would have to be very careful around her but other than that he had actually quite liked her, she seemed like a genuilly good person and it was easy to see how much she cared for Hunter unlike his mother who had spent the entire evening flirting with Pam even though it was her sons future the were discussing. Eric had decided that evening on the drive back to Shreveport that he would do everything in his power too make sure the boy wasn't removed from Adele's care, he hadn't ended up asking about Sookie instead deciding he would do it the next night when he went to see them. He had a feeling it was going to be an intresting conversation.

(present night- second meeting)

When Adele answered the door she didn't seem suprised to see him even though he hadn't mentioned he'd be returning this evening, she invited him in and took a seat at the dinning room table and indicated he should as well. She offered him a True Blood and he accepted, he let his senses out and found Hunter in bed asleep lightly snoring, once she was again seated at the table she turned her questioning gaze upon him obivisly waiting for him to start, he decided to start off easy and then get too Sookie.

Adele how have been -" I'm well Mr Northman and yourself?"

I'm fine and please call me Eric, I realise it hasn't been long and its okay if you haven't reached a decision yet but I'm curious to know how you stand on me helping Hunter?

"Shouldn't you be asking Hadley?" - I mean no offence to your granddaughter Adele but I honestly don't think she should be the one to make this decision, do you?

"No I suppose not, she never has been very good at taking responsiblity, in truth, Hadley has only just come back into Hunters life."

What do you mean? - "she left Hunter with me when he was only six months old, I didn't hear from again until she turned up hear just a little over six months ago, she told me she sorry for whats she had done and that she wanted to be apart of his life, what she did was very wrong but I have lost enough of my family to last three life times. I will not lose another."

Eric watched as a tear escaped her eye and wondered just how many people this women had lost. It made sense now why Hadley hadn't seemed intrested the night before. She hadn't had time to form that mothers bond with the child and Eric couldn't help but think Hunter would be better off if they didn't, he was much better off with Adele than her. He would make sure Adele was the one compen sated for Hunter. He decided that now was a good time to ask about the girl.

"Adele their is something I need to ask you about?" she nodded her head as a sign for him to continue." Hunter mentioned to Pam that the people in town refer to him as crazy like they did his aunt before she went missing, can you tell me about that?" He watched helplessly as more tears spilled from her eyes he'd never been comfortable in front of crying women but this was different he found himself wanting to comfort her but not knowing how, he also felt bad for bringing up the subject but he had to know.

"Sookie was my son Corbett second child, it became obivbious at an early age that Sookie was different she never liked to be touched or held, when she went to kindergarten she would answer people before they said anything or get upset about things she heard, people became weary of her. Her mother took her to the doctors they ran tests butt in the end just sais that she was very intuitive , poor thing couldn't control it. When she went to school it became excedingly more hard for her, the larger the crowd the worse it was. Not even her own mother believed her, her father tried to help her but he didn't know how, in the end it got so bad that they wouldn't hold her hand or tuck her into to bed, hug her or hold her when she needed comforting. Sookie had been spending more and more time here, she knew I wasn't afraid of her or thought she was crazy like everyone else did. They were really just scared of her, afraid she would know their secrets. One day Corbett and Michelle dropped her older brother Jason off so they could spend some time togther they never made it back, they were killed in a flash flood that night. I took them both in and raised them as if they were my own. By the time Sookie was ten she was getting better at blocking the thoughts out, it was only when she became emotional that she would have difficulty.

My daughter Linda died that year, Hadley's mother and she came to live with me as well her and Sookie had never really gotten along. Hadley was a popular girl in school and a cheerleader, not very bright if I'm honest but Sookie was so smart she loved to read and dance, she was the most beautiful dancer, I did everything I could to make sure those children were loved happy and safe. I should've done more." Eric watched her take a deep breath and try to calm herself we were likely getting to the bad part, so Eric did the only thing he could think to do he got up gave her a hug something he hadn't done in more than three hundred years. He sat back down but made sure to keep hold of her hand and rubbed a soothing circulier motion on it. For the first time nearly a thousand years he felt sorry, he felt guilt for making this wonderful women relive something that had caused her pain, he wished there was some way he could give her granddaughter back.

"We do not have to..." - No its fine I want to. Sookie was only fifeeen when it happened, she had dance class after school and she always rode her bike home. She'd been held up in detension for being disruptful in class, it would've been already dark when she left dance lessons, she never came home that night. I waited and when she wasn't back by 8:oopm I drove around looking for her thinking she was hurt but I didn't find her, I contacted the Sheriff. They found her bike along... along with some blood in a ditch... and her back pack but they never found her."

She was full on crying by now, she took another breath and eric thought about stopping her but decided she had been holding in to this for to long and she needed to let it go." She was declared dead three months later when nothing new had surfuced, I didn't blame them, their was nothing to go on in the first place. She's been gone eleven years now, she would've been twenty- six in october."

'Thank you for telling me I know that must' ve been very difficult for you. "-Thats alright, but I am curious as to why you asked?she said.

Given her ability I wanted to make sure it hadn't been a vampire that had taken her. -" And now you know, what do you believe happened to her" she said with hope in her eyes.

"I honestly don't know. It is very doubtful that it was a vampire, but the attack was after the sun had set so I'm afraid I can not rule it out." - If it was do you think there's a chance she may still be alive?

He found himself not wanting too answer her so she would have hope but at the same time he felt she deserved to know the truth. He decided to go with the latter.

"If she was taken by a vampire for her ability it is doubtful she is still human, but she may be a vampire telepaths are very rare, it would be the wisest thing to do. If she was taken for other... reasons then I doubt she is alive, she would've been drained long ago and it would have been for the best, being a pet to a vampire unwillingly is no way to live. Its getting late and you should get some rest, I promise you I will look into this when I rise tommorow and see if their was something the police missed"

"Thank you, reason tells me that she died long ago, but thank you anyway. And I believe I've made my decision regarding Hunter, my answer is yes I would like for you to help." - Thank you I will start first thing Monday evening, let him enjoy the weekend oh and hear is my cell phone number should you need anything else he said handing him a card with the numbeer on it. "Have a good weekend Mrs Stackhouse." he kissed her on the chick and made his way towards the door wanting to be out of this house and away from these strang feelings he was having as fast as he could, but she stopped him by asking him to wait a minute. So their he stood all 6'5 feet of him in a door way in some shit hole town waiting for an old women, why? Why was he not in his bar right now finding another feed before he went to rest? Because she had asked him to wait their. And because after sitting with this women for a few hours and observing her, he felt like she was familier somehow to him.

She returned moments later with a photo in her hand, when he raised an eyebrow at her she laughed, it was a sound much better than her crying, she told him she wanted him to have a photo of Sookie so he would see her as a person, as the bright beautiful young girl she had been. When she handed him the photo he honestly thought he had a heartattack. it wasn't possible. He couldn't take his eyes off the photo before him, it was her. He quickly schooled his features hoping Adele hadn't seen the look of suprise and astonishment that surely must of crossed his face, he said goodnight and rushed out the back door towards his car.

His mind was racing a million miles a minute as he drove, he couldn't even see his surrounding, he heard his phone ringing and immediatly knew it was Pam she would've felt all of his conflicting emotions He just couldn't get his mind around it, he had so many questions. Why hadn't Godric told him? Did Godric even know? What was he going to do? Should he see Godric? Talk to him?Should he tell Pam? Yes he would tell Pam, she would know what he should do and he needed to vent. He quickly sent Pam a text telling her to meet him at his house in Shreveport immediatly. With his new sense of purpose he was able to think more clearly and finally make sense of the jumbled mess that was his thoughts. Sookie Stackhouse was a alive. She was not only blood bonded to his maker but also his vampire child and Eric's blood sister. She currently resided in Dallas with Godric. Her ability must have been kept secret. He also realised Adele could get her granddaughter back. And he would have his answers very soon, he would leave for Dallas after sunset tommorow. He was sure of one thing though, Godric had been keeping many secrets from him and he wasn't sure he wanted to know why!

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