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Godric POV Part Two

The king had repeatedly called himself 'the king', that was about the gist of the meeting he had just attended. He, the 'king' had been a tyrant in his lecture to all the sheriffs of his kingdom that nothing was to be done about anything, without his absolute knowledge and authority on the matter. Godric thought this was rather absurd, and had he been in the right kind of mood he might have told the king this, and given him some advice on running a legion of vampires in a human world, but unfortunately for himself and the other sheriffs, he had not been in such a mood, which was probably fortunate for the king he thought with wry a smile.

The tenor of his thoughts was not lost him, he could not remember the last time he had been in such a carefree mood, a mood which had everything to do with his trip to Bon Temps, where he had neglected to visit his child, hopefully Erik had not sensed him in proximity and he would not have to explain himself. He knew that no other maker would ever consider explaining or justifying their actions to their child/ren, and that he and Erik had always had what most would consider a unconventional relationship between sire and sired but he was okay with that, he had never thought of altering it in any way that he could recall.

As if walked into his nest, he received some curious glances from the glamoured humans in the vicinity which wasn't unusual at all, he was an odd sight sometimes, as he did not always blend in with modern society, but tonight he thought he'd done rather well in his appearance. He had chosen a white tunic that covered most of his tribal tattoos and white trousers that were marginally more formal, for his meeting with the king. So what were they staring at…

Determined, though he not know why, he located Isobel, certain she would know, she had a lovely fashion sense, he thought, where he and most of the nest, tried to shy away from anything flashy, Isobel always dressed how she was comfortable which was usually involved a lot of bright-colours, and heels, and flashy jewelry to accessorize – he though she always looked splendid in her choice, though he never actually told her this – certain she must already know.

"Isobel, could you perhaps enlighten me as to why the humans feel the need to stare? I myself find no eligible reason."

She gave a curious glance herself, lingering on his feet, so he too let his eyes gaze there also. He couldn't find anything out of the ordinary though. So again he looked to Isobel for answers, and knowing him so well she didn't need to be asked twice and easily replied.

"they are staring because you are not wearing any shoes, and your feet are caked in dirt." Instead of looking offended as the humans did though, Isobel gave him an easy smile, before bowing her head and walking away.

He pondered her answer for a micro second, wondering where he had misplaced his sandals too, before a light bulb went off in his head, he had lost them the night before when he had immersed himself to dirt to go to ground for the day. To bad too, thought Godric, they were the only pair he owned. Being barefoot felt natural to him, he hadn't worn shoe for the first 1000yrs of his existence, covering his feet just felt unnatural, and he didn't really like to if he could help it. Having not have noticed he'd lost them though, was indeed strange, he was usually acutely aware of his person , he must have been more distracted then he had thought. And he knew exactly what thoughts they had been too, the girl and the mystery that was her Christian name, and possibly her last name as well, he hadn't thought of that before, what was her full name? He himself only had the one name, Godfrey, Godric had only been introduced for a change of style, by his child of course, who now called himself Eric Northman, instead of Erik the Norseman. Godric personally thought the original had more impact than the latter, but had gone along with both changes because honestly he didn't care.

A name, like beauty, is only in the eye of the beholder, not any man can see or know it, to some it would meaningless, to others it would be worthy of bowing down in reverence to – as everyone bowed down to him. He supposed, the name he used, would forever be known as his, it was his title, his history, his present and his future, for all the vampires knew that no other man would dare to use his name, it would only ever be his, and his alone. Sometimes it was a burden to live up to 2000yrs of history and reputation, he wondered if people really thought he would live another 2000yrs, to him it was absurd.

As far as he was concerned he had experienced all that there was, tasted and indulged in anyone and everyone, seen the world rise in revolution and bowed down to true Kings before they met their fate at his hands, why, because he could, and now he didn't want too. Now it was as if the world had grown old before his eyes, he'd seen its rise, and everything in-between, but he didn't wish to see its end, for mankind would surely destroy it soon. Though to be fair soon to him, was a few hundred years…

As if his tiresome thoughts had weakened him, he retired to his bedroom, and indeed that's what it was for all it contained was a bed, a wardrobe (that remained empty for the most part), a bedside table and lamp, and a shaded out window, that really was a security risk, but Godric refused to sleep in a windowless room if they would force him to have a room, it would be of his standard.

Resting on his bed waiting for dawn to come and go again, he was struck with a strange desire for tomorrow to be different somehow, like when he met that girl the evening before. It was a curious emotion for Godric, he could not rrember when he last desired for a difference in his life, even though it had become rather mundane over the last century – he had still been content with it, until now. Yes, he had decided it was time for something new, since he did not appear to be facing his true death at present, he would find something worthy to satisfy his desire for a change, and he had a feeling it wasn't a something, but rather a someone, that had evoked this notion, and with that he closed his eyes and went to rest, with a dancing figure beneath his eyelids, that was only his to see – Godric was unaware that his final thoughts were whispered aloud

"Goodnight my angel"


The next evening Godric walked with purpose he had not possessed in a long while, he was looking through the gathering of humans and vampires that always took place without question as soon as the vampires rose from there sun induced slumber, mainly to feed, but most members of Godric's nest also had day men or woman. Someone to keep track of affairs during the day and run errands for them, they were kept studiously glamoured for obvious reason most of the time, with one exception, Scrooge. Godric was fairly certain that wasn't the human's real name, but that's what he was known as, so he didn't dispute it – Scrooge was Stan's day man, but he was also sometimes employed by other vampires, with Stan's permission, to track certain humans down with the purpose to gain something for said vampire. His un-altered knowledge of the vampire world made him useful and gave him an edge with other humans.

It was certainly rare to not glamour a human, who works for you, but it seemed to make Scrooge more loyal to them, for trusting him to keep their secrets, and if Stan, the vampire with the least amount of trust, trusted this one, he could too.

With this in mind, and tired of searching, honestly why were there so many humans here, he sat by the fire place waiting for the opportunity to flag down Stan or Isobel to retrieve Scrooge for him. He hadn't been waiting long when he saw Stan and waved him over. Not one to bother with pleasantries he went straight to the point.

"where is Scrooge this evening, I am need of services."

Stan seemed somewhat perplexed about why he would need a human to do him service when he had every vampire in the room willing to please him in any way, and in knowing so, blatantly asked what he had obviously been thinking.

"surely whatever it may be I can serve you sheriff."

"I see, you do trust this human then, for surely you would refuse me for no other reason, knowing that to deny me, is to insult me and it would surely cost you your life."

With this said, Stan paled if that was possible, and started to stutter out an apology, but this wasn't what Godric was really paying attention to, though it did amuse him. No, everyone at some point had taken notice of his exchange in words with Stan when he mentioned Scrooge, all curious as to what they're sheriff desired to be found, and had become more intrigued with his response to Stan's answer. Godric was known mainly for few words and very rarely did he threaten a member of the nest with his life. Yes, he was ware he was acting out character, but he did not think it was a bad thing, but another curious development within the last few days since his meeting with the girl. But still, he need not explain himself to underlings.

"do you trust him?" He asked again speaking over Stan

"of course Sheriff, as much as I could trust any human."

"Good, then you bring him to me immediately." And with a flick of his wrist Stan moved at vampire speed to find Scrooge.


What felt like seconds passing to Godric, was in realty several minutes, when Stan returned with Scrooge, dragging him roughly by the arm at a speed the human was most likely uncomfortable with.

"Sheriff" Scrooge said bowing in front of him as if were king

Before replying in anyway, Godric dismissed everyone else from the room leaving them alone.

"I am in need of information regarding a human at this address; she is approximately 16yrs of age, blond hair and attends a dance class at the local studio." Godric handed him a piece of with the address he followed her to on it.

"what do want to know exactly?" Scrooge replied

"In a word; everything, and everything you find you bring straight to me, I will double your usual fee, for your discretion, including from Stan!"

Making his position on this information clear to the human, he rose from his chair and exited the room, without further acknowledgment to the human. Exiting the house all together to avoid an inquiry form both Stan and Isobel, he took to the sky headed in no particular direction but with the need to feel weightless, as his current position seemed to be weighing him down emotionally.

He had said he would leave the girl alone, that she'd be better off without him, but then it had occurred to him; how did he know she was better off, really? What kind of life did she have, was she happy, was she bring treated fairly and with consideration, being used for beauty?

He needed to know the answers, not knowing was making him restless, and he told himself that he was indeed being responsible by sending the human to gain these answer instead of going back there himself, which he would have enjoyed, but this way it would be less personal and he told himself he would be able to take in any information Scrooge would bring him and remain objective and impartial. Yes, it was the easiest way, just not for him.

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